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This is santosh from Bangalore , I think all of them had been read my 2nd missile operation in blore last week, now a days I am getting a lot of emails from females and males( who want to know the females nos and their add), but due to my work, I couldnt keep in touch with all of them and couldnt write the reply to all of them, just due to over work I had took leave for 3 days to my work in this month after Ganesha festival, and when I opened my email box, there was a lot of emails written by gals, married women’s, and guys who want to know their contact nos and address, as per my promise, I didn’t let their identity to anyone coming to story it starts like this:-

When I opened a mail, I found a email written by married female staying nearby my place kormangala I think all of them u knows its a very popular and very good locality only rich peoples used to stay in that locality, she told that she is married women aged about 35 years and she is having only one daughter 8 months baby and her hubby is into the software field working in Australia since from 3 years, and she came to India just one and half year back and now staying separately nearby her parents and parents in law house and her hubby used to come to India just once in 6 months and used to be in blore for 3-4 days and again he leaves to Australia, and she has missed him a lot and she was suffering from the sex , after that I wrote the reply to her stating that about my name, my profession and my hobbies and I asked her contact no. And add, after 2 days I got a reply from her with her contact no. And address, and she told to call her in the morning after 11am so that she will finish all her work and her daughter will be sleeping at that time, so after 2 days I ringed to her, I had heard a sweet voice “hello who is this’ I said that its me santosh, how r u Mrs. ….. , she said she is fine and she was happy to receive the call from me, and she talked with me for 10 min and she said to come to her house on next day as her parents and parents in law r going out of station due to some function and none will be there, and I said that I will be coming to her house.

Next day after 12.30pm and kept the phone, on that day night I couldnt sleep properly after hearing her sweet voice and dreaming about her cute face, and I wake up in the morning at 4.30am itself but I couldnt sleep properly and again I slept at 5.30am and wake up at 9.30am and had the bath and wear the clothes and went to hotel and had my breakfast and just for making time pass till other one and half hour I went rounding and at sharply 12.30pm I went near by her house and called to her cell and she only pick up the phone and said I can come to her house, went on searching her house, it was situated in posh locality, as I know about that area, I didn’t wonder about the houses even though its a big house, and after 5 min I got her address and I rang the door bell, one lady has opened the door, she was wearing the saree, I said that I am santosh, she invited me inside and lock the door and said me to sit on the sofa, I sat on the sofa, already the TV was running in the hall , the channel was telugu , after 5 min, there was a sound from the upstairs, I lift my head and seen towards the upstairs, one lady was coming, she was coming with the saree, and she came near to me and sat on the sofa, sorry 4 making me to wait as her daughter was not still slept, it took time to make her sleep, and she called her servant, and said to bring 2 cups of horlicks, now I had seen her clearly she was wearing a blue color saree with matching blouse and she was very fair looking while I was looking her, she had given me a smile, and said what u r looking? I said that she is looking cute and no one will tell that she is mother of one daughter, for that she laughter, “baba u knowwhats my age? I am already now I am already 35 years and u r telling that I am still looking like gal?? ” after that her servant came with the tray of 2 cups of horlicks, and she told me take it and she ordered her servant to go to her house and come in the evening after 7pm , after her servant went she closed the door and came inside and sat opp to my sofa, and now she asked about me, and about my profession and my hobbies and about my family , I said about that, after that she said about her family and how she is feeling lonely from one and half year even though she is staying in big house, she is feeling loneliness , while she was talking I started to see her body, her body was good and having a big boobs with big buttocks, she had given me a smile and said what I am looking for? I said that ur body structure is very good and ur hubby is lucky to have a wife like u, for what she laughed and said, u can also become my hubby but only on one condition that this should be maintained secretly as her parents and parents in law will be coming to her house regularly so no one should get doubts, I again promised her that I wont disclose this secret to anyone , and when I started starring her boobs, I found out that some wet on her blouse, she came to know what I was looking and she said that just now itself she had given the milk to her daughter and came, and she stood up and said that she will show her house and she showed all her house and took to one room where her daughter is sleeping, I seen her daughter , she was also very cute like her itself, I said the same thing, she said thanks and she took me to her bedroom and told me to sit on the bed and she switched on the TV and she asked me which programmed I will like , I said anything, she switched on to some telugu channel, as she was telugu, and she came next to me and said that she will change her dress and come.

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I said that in this dress u look very sexy don’t change it, she said that no, I will change it and come wait for a while, I said her to change in front of me, she said no I am feeling shy and went out of the room and after 10 min she came inside the room and locked the door of the bedroom, I saw that she was wearing a green color night, and she came and sat next to me and I took her hands and gave one kiss, she said now also she is worried about this matter, as she never cheated her hubby and I am the second person to touch her body, and if anyone comes to know about our relation, she wont be alive, I had given her promise once again, that I wont relieve this secrets to anyone after that I took her hands and given her kiss she didn’t object and I slightly kissed her cheeks and put my hands on shoulder and she also put her hands to my shoulder and I kissed her lips, by kissing her lips, I started pressing her breasts she was moaning ohhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm plsssss do it slowly, plsssssssssssssssssssssss on the dress itself I started kissing her boobs, she said do it slowly as they r having a lot of time till evening 5pm, I told her to remove her nighty, but she told me to remove , when I removed her night was wearing only panty and bra, and I pressed her boobs on the bra itself again she started moaning and she told me to open my dress, I told her to open my dress, she started opening my shirt and banian and my pant, and now I was only in my underwear and she was in her bra and panty, I started pressing her boobs, and she touched my missile and it was becoming hard, and I told her to remove her bra and panty, she told me only to remove while I was remove her bra and panty, she removed my underwear and shagging my missile, I led her to sleep on the bed and started sucking her boobs nipples, I asked her whether the milk is available r not, she said that the milk is available now half an hour back itself she had given the milk to her daughter, while she was playing with my missile I started sucking the milk from her boobs, it was like salt, but I didn’t stopped drinking after 10 min of sucking her right breast, she showed me her left breast, again I pressed her left breast and started sucking her nipples and was drinking the milk, while drinking I started squeezing her right breast and she was mouning very loudly ahhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh press it press itttttttttttttt darling antha palu tageyi ( drink all the milk ) ohhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh after 10 min she started sucking my missile now I had started to go down, she was having a clean pussy and I asked her when did she had shave her pussy, she said that she had shaven in the morning itself, and I started to play with her pussy by this time she was sucking my missile like 5 star chocolate, and she said to insert my missile into her cock, and I asked about the safety, she said that she is in safety periods, not to worry about those things, after that I started putting my missile into her pussy, after 5 min hardly my missile went fully inside, by this time she was mouning very hardly, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I am dieing, pls take it off offffffffff uffffffffffff mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh plssssssssss darling nannu vadileyi (leave me darling I will die) but I didn’t let her while I was pushing my missile into her pussy I started to squeeze her booobs in one hand after 10 min hardly I said that I am cumming, she said that she want to taste my cum inside her mouth, I took out of my missile and cummed into her mouth and she dranked all those cum and said that its too taste this is the first time she is having this cum ,even she didn’t dranked the cum from her hubby as he is not interested in those things, and after that again I started to squeeze her boobs and bit her nipples, and she said its enough now, coz in the night her daughter want to the milk, u can come in the afternoon.

So that I can drink her milk, after 15 min v both went to the bath room and had shower bath and I had soaped her to all over the body including the pussy and she also soaped me all over the body including my missile, and after that v came to hall and she said let us have the lunch, I said I don’t want to that lunch, I want to the lunch which is having with u, for that she again smiled and said, that lunch is always meant for u, u can have it, but that is also limits, after that v both went to the dining hall, and she went to the kitchen and bought the food and v both had the food keeping the food into each others mouth and finished, after that when I looked into the watch it was already showing 5.15pm and she said that its time that her servant might come at anytime and she told that she will call me whenever there will be no one in the house after that I gave a big kiss to her lips and came out of the house before leaving also she told that she is worried about this relationship, and again I had given her promise that I wont relieve this secret to anyone and came out of the house.

Any gal/married women’s and un-satisfied women’s staying in kormangala/btm/indiranagar/airport road/jaynagar/jpnagar can email me, and I will give u assure that I will keep the relationship secretly and guys don’t pm me asking their names and nos