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I married at seventeen as I was pregnant, and the father fucked off. But his family wasn’t assholes like he was, they convinced his brother to marry me. My husband then 22 was a quiet and timid type person, like he was in his own dream world lost in thought. The family are very well off and put family honor above everything. With his brother 19 at the time clearing out, I married his older brother who I hadn’t seen before. I was just happy to be married and not be left to raise my son by myself as my parents died when I was young, and I was raised by the local Pastor and his wife. They weren’t very impressed with me getting pregnant as they said it reflected badly on them. My husband was attending the local university and was suddenly married, which wasn’t much of a change to his life. He went to the university and came home as always and the only different was he shares his room and bed with me. We only had sex on the wedding night, because he was told he had to. But as the weeks passed, we had more and more sex and I think he had taken a liking to fucking me. He read books on pleasing a woman sexually and would try different things to please me, including fucking my ass. Which he was the first ever to fuck my ass. But as the time passed, I became closer to him and sex between us wasn’t a duty anymore it was something I enjoyed doing with him. He done everything to make me happy as his grandmother told that was a husband’s duty. His brother reappeared and teased his brother about being under the thumb of the family. But shut up as soon as his grandfather told him he had to shape up or get cut off permanently financially. Coming from his grandfather he knew it would happen, he put on a show of reforming his ways. But it didn’t fool his grandmother, nor his grandfather but it was enough not to get cut off. He was told to improve further, none of the rest of the family supported him and he said he was being treat like a leper. Now 5 years later I’ve 3 children all healthy and loved by my husband including our daughter my first child, I had twin boys 2 years after my daughter to my husband. My brother-in-law doesn’t see her much at all as he tries his best to keep away from his grandparents and watch him like a hawk when he does visits. His parents likewise watch him, and he knows any misstep they’ll pounce on him straight away. As for me and my husband I consider myself to have the best son of the 2 and he always makes me happy.

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