Massage Parlor Boy

Hello everyone, the massage parlor boy is back again, let me introduce for those who are new, myself Sameer from Bangalore, height 5.11 feet, weight 69kg, brown color, this is my 4th story in n8story, I was busy from past few months so didn’t get the time to upload any new story, I would like thank for your feedback on my previous story.
I received a tremendous response from everyone, today I would like to narrate a story of a woman who is married and stays in Mysore, she is 30 years old, fair colour and a slim body with big boobs, her name is Vandana and she is from shimoga and after marriage stays in Mysore with husband after my previous story in n8story and I got around 30 mails and in that 20 were woman’s most of them asking the charges.
About sex and some of them came to Bangalore to meet me also, one of the mail was from vandana, she asked me about massage and price, I replied to her mail and she sent me her mobile number to discuss on this, we talked on phone for 2 days and then fixed a date for massage, I went to Mysore and place was her home only, she use to stay with husband and her husband has gone to shimoga.
I reached Mysore and gave her a call, she came to railway station and picked me from there we went to her home, had breakfast and then started to discuss about her personal life, she was unhappy with her husband as he use to fuck her once or twice a month and most of the time he spend travelling from Mysore to shimoga for business, so then I asked her, what do you want now?   
She was shy to look at me and answer, she said anything which can satisfy me, then I asked her the bedroom and went to the room and asked vandana to remove her cloths, she was nervous and shivering, then I went near to her hold her hand and I removed her saree and then unhooked her blouse, she was standing with bra and panty in front of me and her eyes were closed, I forced her to open her eyes and finally she did it.
I removed my shirt and pants and I was standing with underwear, she was smiling looking at me, I asked her didn’t you see your husband nude before, she said “no” he never showed his cock to me, she always fucks me with cloths on body and she was never sucked my boobs. I asked her do you like sucking, she said no, I asked her have u seen any porn movie, she said “yes” I hold her hand and pulled toward me. 
I took her hand and placed on my cock, and asked her to hold it, she was surprised and said “No No No” but finally she did it, I slowly removed my underwear and showed her my manhood, and asked her to suck it, first she said no but then she finally agreed and god she is a very good cock sucker, after 10 minutes I cum on her body, she was enjoying it, then I asked her to lay on the bed and took my massage oil.
I applied on her back and unhooked her bra and then applied oil on her boobs, she was moaning and her expressions were almost of porn stars, she was enjoying it, then I removed her underwear and she was covering her pussy  with her hands, I moved her hands away and I applied oil on her pussy and started to rub it, when was moving up and down, then I started to lick her pussy, and she was moaning so loudly that I was aroused to fuck her.
I just inserted one of the finger and she was forcing me to remove it, she was unable to control that pain, I applied some more oil and finally she started to enjoy and all of a sudden she asked me, “Can you fuck my Ass” and her Ass was damn good, big butts and well shaped to fuck, I readily agreed  to do, I took the climax spray and sprayed on my cock and then started to fuck her pussy, she was moaning and she was in heaven.
She was asking me to tear her pussy she reached 3 orgasm before. I finish fucking her pussy, now we are about to start the Anal sex, I asked her “did you ever tried it” she said “no” but I want to try it now, I had asked my husband number time but he refused it, she told it then I turn around her and applied oil on her ass and on my cock and slowly started to insert it, I think just half a inch of my penis tip has entered and she screamed.
I told her it will hurt; do you really want to try? She said yes and then again we tried, she was not able to withstand the pain and she took a cloth and inserted in her mouth to stop from screaming, then again we tried and she was crying in pain, but she still continued and finally I inserted half of penis inside her pussy and she was moving so fast that my cock was paining, then I laid down and asked her to sit on cock. 
The cock was at the ass and slowly she sat and tears were falling on my bare body, finally she succeeded and I fucked for ass for 20 minutes and we tried all the position and that day I fucked her 4 times and the next day I came back to Bangalore and from then she use to call me when ever her husband is out, and every day we talk on phone.