Massage Therapy Ch. 07

tagIncest/TabooMassage Therapy Ch. 07

Rick drove with great alertness but well above the posted speed limit. He was quite eager to get back home. He'd been away from them far, far too long.
For nearly three weeks, while Rick had been on break from college, he had entered into a new, exciting, highly erotic and completely taboo incestuous relationship with not only his younger sister, Kristin, but also his very mother, Janice. The three had become the most unlikely of triad lovers. While Rick had enjoyed complete and unrestricted sexual access to both his mother and sister, the two ladies had also begun making love with each other on a regular basis, always happy to let Rick observe or join in whenever it happened. There were no barriers between any of them (not even the thinnest of condoms).
Rick could never in a million years have predicted that he could ever have messed around with a blood-relative, let alone two. And who could possibly predict that it would work out so effortlessly! He wondered if such a thing could be possible with other families, if only given the chance. He mused about the writings of Dr. Seuss. Once you actually try the green eggs and ham…
He accelerated a little more, pushing his old wimpy Honda to the limit, willing the cops to be in other places as he raced down the highway.
All three of them had been in tears when it came time for Rick to return to school. All three of them had slept together in Mom's bed every single night since they'd become an incestuous trio. Even on a couple of rare nights when they didn't actually have sex in some form or another, they had invariably still snuggled together, growing almost addicted to each other's touch and inseparable proximity. But real life all too quickly snuck up upon them, and the time had come for Rick to resume his studies.
Rick lived in a tiny studio apartment in his college town, and he was very thankful that Mom subsidized his rent so that he didn't have to have a roommate. His mom had justified that what she was contributing to his rent wasn't much different than the ridiculous rates college dorms now charged, so he might as well enjoy some privacy for the price. Her standing deal, however, was that he had to maintain at least a 3.5 GPA. After getting sexually involved with his mom and sister, Rick had been ready to blow off college altogether, but Mom would have none of that.
"I know most of college is bullshit," Mom had said, surprising Rick with her directness. "But if you're still planning to become an electrical engineer there's no way you can do that without a degree and some actual classes on the subject."
Rick's school was about a day's drive away, and he'd offered to come home on the weekends. Mom may have been his lover now, but she was still Mom. She logically pointed out that as he had a couple of classes on Friday, he wouldn't ever get home until very late, and then he'd have to leave early on Sundays.
"No," she had insisted. "You need that time for your studies. But Labor Day's coming up in a few weeks. You can come home then."
Rick had reluctantly agreed. He knew they still could have a lot of good sex during even a brief weekend visit, but he did need to keep his grades up. Krissy had been in the room with them during this discussion, and she had looked very disappointed. Her innocent little pout was adorable.
To cheer everyone up he had suggested that, when he came home for the long holiday weekend, they could all make a trip to Wine Country. A few years back they had toured Napa Valley and found it beautiful. In September the wineries would be getting ready for "Crush," and the grapes on the vines would be so ready for harvest that one could actually smell the wine in the air. Mom had been a little dubious about the idea. Her kids were not of drinking age (Kristin was only 18, and Richard was just a couple of months from his 21st birthday), but she gave in when Rick pointed out all the other fun activities they could do: the site-seeing, the little shops and quaint restaurants. Perhaps a little bit of scenic hiking, all three of them being in great athletic shape.
He further pointed out that this would be their first time getting out and about as lovers, in a location where they were strangers, and they could thus be less shielded regarding any public displays of affection. This intrigued both of the ladies immensely. During their time as new lovers they had stayed home (and naked) most of the time, but they had occasionally gone out to eat, to shop, etc. Close to home they could easily run into any number of friends or neighbors they knew, so when outside the house it was strictly the traditional "Mom, Son, Daughter" routine.
After driving most of the day, stopping only once for gas, to pee, and to grab a sandwich, Rick pulled into the front drive of his family home a little after 5:00 PM. He got out and stretched his stiff legs and back for a moment before popping the trunk to get his bag. He glanced up at Krissy's window and smiled. He quickly flashed back to that fateful day when he'd come home from school, thinking he had the house to himself for a while before Krissy came home from school, and Mom from work. Thinking he was alone, he had been naked and was just about to head into the shower when he had walked past his sister's room to find her napping.
She had been topless.
When she had woken and saw him, it hadn't even occurred to her to cover up. Before she'd woken up, he had allowed himself a good long look at her big beautiful breasts. Rather than be shocked that he was looking at her, Krissy had actually invited him into her room. He would never get over how casual and innocent his sister had been about having woken up topless to her staring brother.
He grinned at the memory and felt his cock stir. How far they had come since she'd asked him to give her aching and still growing breasts a massage! He blinked himself back to the present, grabbed his bag and entered the house. He set his things down and looked for any tell-tale signs of occupation. Surely Krissy was home from school by now. And Mom would be home any minute if she wasn't already. There were a few lights on in the house but no other signs of life. This disappointed him slightly, since he had told them what time he'd be home. Perhaps they had gone out for a quick grocery run or to grab some kind of takeout. He shrugged, and his smile returned. He'd see them soon enough.
While grabbing his bag again, Rick took his shoes off at the door and padded in t-shirt, jeans and socks up the stairs. He was heading directly toward his room, but that would mean passing Krissy's bedroom door, which was open. When he got to it he froze in his tracks.
Holy Mother of God!
He was staring at Krissy, who was once again topless but still wearing her school uniform skirt and stockings, and she appeared to be napping. Rick gently set his bag down and peered through the doorway at his unbelievably attractive sister. His cock stirred in his jeans. It had been weeks since he'd last had sex with Mom or Krissy, and he was horny as fuck.
He was highly tempted to quickly strip naked and climb on top of her in her little bed. Part of him, though, also considered that he should just let her doze. Perhaps she'd had a long day at school—
Rick saw one of her eyes open just slightly. She was peeking at him.
"Hey," he said, calling her out on it.
Kristin opened both eyes and smiled. She glanced down at her half-naked body, then back to him. "I saw you pull up in the driveway," she said. "I thought I'd give you a little flashback."
"You're definitely flashing me, all right!"
She giggled and sat up, her oversized breasts swaying with her movement.
Rick stepped toward her as she stood up, and the two immediately embraced and started kissing. They kissed like lovers who hadn't seen each other in weeks, which was quite literally the case, though they were also siblings.
Kristin swooned within the strong warm embrace of her brother. He was kissing her passionately, and she could feel his erection pressing against her. She had missed him so much, and her pussy became moist at the thought of how they could make up for lost time. They could both get naked and start fucking in 30 seconds flat. But in thinking about what might a fun way to welcome Ricky home, she had decided to do something just a bit different.
She broke the kiss and took a step back, giving him a good look at her boobs. "They still get sore, you know," she said.
He grinned at her. "Would you like me to massage them?"
"Maybe…" she trailed off, teasingly. While he watched and waited she took another step back and sat on the side of the bed. With one finger she motioned him to approach, and he did. When he was in reach she started unbuckling his jeans. He lifted his shirt over his head and flung it away just as she got his pants down. His cock tented outward, barely contained within his black boxer briefs. Kristin licked her lips as she started peeling his underwear off of him. She freed his cock, which pointed threateningly right at her face. She stared at it for a long moment, then looked up at him and smiled.
Rick never broke the lustful gaze he shared with his sister as he worked his legs free of his jeans and underwear. Now he was only wearing sox, and she was only wearing her skirt and stockings. He wondered if she had panties on; he could smell her sex.
Kristin looked back down at her brother's dick. She'd almost forgotten just how big the thing was. It had been so long since he'd been inside her; she knew she'd have to get used to it again. In a husky tone she said, "Maybe you can massage my breasts again…with that."
Rick's eyes widened when he saw his sister cup her big breasts and push them together. His dick flexed and started oozing precum when he realized what she wanted him to do. He leaned forward, thrusting his cock between Krissy's impressive mounds. She pulled them apart to allow him to settle in between them. The goo oozing from his tip was enough to slicken her up just enough to reduce the friction. She closed her boobs around his shaft and "locked" him in there with her interlaced fingers.
When Krissy had sat down, putting her head at the same level of his dick, he thought perhaps he was going to get a welcome-home blowjob, but what she offered instead was certainly nice as well! He put a hand on her shoulder, another on her head, and started thrusting. His sister shifted a little on the bed to help the angle, and soon they found a rhythm that got them both moaning with pleasure in no time at all.
Kristin's tits had been the focus of their first time becoming lovers, and it thrilled her to offer them up again as a way to welcome her brother back home. She was amazed at how his dick so easily slid between her bosom. Her globes were big enough so that she could more or less enclose his shaft, and she loved how the tip would pop up and occasionally poke her in the chin. She made a point of giving it a kiss, or even a lick, whenever it got close enough.
"Oh god, Krissy," Rick groaned. "This is so perfect. I love you so much."
"I love you too," Kristin purred, happily providing her chest as a masturbatory platform for her wonderful brother.
"I don't think I'll last long," Rick warned, still steadily fucking her tits. "It's been too long."
She looked up at him and smiled. "It's okay, Ricky. You can let it happen now."
"Oh Jesus yes thank you!" He started thrusting in earnest now, so thankful that Krissy was going to let him get himself off without doing anything to please her in return. They had a nice long weekend to look forward to, and he knew that he would be able to return the favor many times over.
He reached down and put his hands over hers, which were still squishing her tits together over his cock. He pushed them together even tighter as he started fucking up and down with a redoubled effort. His legs started to shake, his breathing became frantic. He had thrown his head back and had closed his eyes, but he suddenly wanted to see this to the finish, so he looked down at her, his eyes wild with passion.
Kristin locked eyes with him and did her best to hold herself steady for his enjoyment. It thrilled her to no end to bring him such pleasure. She felt his body begin to tremble, and his thrusting became erratic. She heard him cry out as he gave one last hard heave, and suddenly she felt something warm and wet and sticky spatter against the bottom of her chin. Then pulse after pulse of more sperm spurted along her chest and neck. Seeing and feeling her brother cum so hard almost drove her over the edge, too, and she started involuntarily clenching her pussy.
As his climax wracked his body, Rick looked down and saw what appeared to be a never ending series of stringy bursts of his semen liberally coating his sister's chest and neck. He hadn't masturbated in over a week, and he was very pent up. Before his ejaculations started to subside, his cum had already started dripping down between her breasts, over her fingers, probably even down her stomach and getting on her skirt.
Kristin knew that she was very well coated with her brother's sperm now, and she loved it. She could feel him slow down and relax his grip. His cock was still quite hard, but it was no longer able to produce much more than a few lingering dribbles of cum. She remained in place and allowed him all the time he need to calm down. But when she sensed that he was getting unstable on his feet she let go of one of her tits and put it on his hip.
Completely spent, Rick finally started backing away, slowly. He had left an unbelievable mess of white goo all over his sister. His utterly sexy and amazing sister. He leaned down and gave her a kiss, still panting. He then let her guide him to the bed so that he could sit next to her. She made no move to clean herself up, and his warm spunk started sliding down her glistening chest in little pearlescent trails.
Rick sat there, trying to catch his breath, his eyes never leaving his sister's sticky tits.
Kristin looked down at herself. "Wow," she said.
Rick just gave her a stupid grin.
"Feel better?" she asked, gazing into his flushed and satisfied face.
"Oh, yes," he panted. "Thank you."
She looked down at herself. "We're gonna have to get ourselves cleaned up now, Ricky."
"Sure thing."
That's when they heard movement at the bedroom door, and the siblings both looked up to see their mom, Janice, standing there. She was holding a small towel and grinning from ear to ear.
"Looking for this?"
They all laughed. The sense of déjà vu as thick as Rick's freshly ejaculated semen.
Janice approached them. She bent down and gave her son a welcome-home kiss with plenty of tongue while handing the towel to Kristin, who started mopping up her brother's seed. Janice straightened again and smiled at her two kids. "Sorry, I couldn't resist."
Kristin asked, "Did you get to watch us, Mom?"
"I got home just in time to see the, er, happy ending."
They laughed again. Rick looked over at Krissy, amused at how poorly the little hand towel was doing with his mess. He glanced up at his mom again. "You know what we really need right now?"
Both of the ladies shouted: "A shower!"
And then it was a race to see how quickly they could all get completely naked and down the hall to Mom's huge master bathroom. The shower itself was fairly quick, and although there was plenty of touching and kissing, the event was otherwise tame. Temporarily sated by having just ejaculated, Rick's cock never got more than semi-erect despite being in the shower with two beautiful naked relatives.
Immediately after the shower, Rick, who had a passion for cooking, started preparing dinner. After the shower there was just the slightest of chills in the house, the summer weather now waning, so the ladies kept their bath towels wrapped around them for warmth, not modesty. Rick kept a towel around his waist, again not for modesty but to ensure that any random drops of hot oil couldn't scald him down there as he sautéed some mushrooms and garlic as part of the simple vegetarian pasta dish he was preparing. As he worked at the stove, Kristin set the table and assembled a salad while Janice cracked open a bottle of wine. When his back was to them while he cooked, his mother and sister exchanged grins as the each admired his broad, muscular shoulders.
Over dinner the trio bantered about this and that and nothing all that important. Even though Rick had been away at school for the past few weeks, the three of them invariably spoke by phone or Zoom or FaceTime almost every night, so they were caught up on each other's lives. Although they were mother, son and daughter, they spoke with the ease and intimacy of lovers: they finished each other's sentences, spoke crudely and candidly about the random friend or neighbor, hung on each other's every word.
As he observed Mom and Krissy rattle off together about the latest footwear trend, Rick allowed himself to zone out of the actual conversation and take a good look at them. He not only loved his mother and sister, he knew he was also falling in love with them. He had tried to rationalize that he, being a young, horny male, had simply become infatuated by them, blinded with lust by all the lightning hot incestuous sex. Oh, he certainly lusted for them. But he also eventually excepted that he loved them as deeply as a man could for another woman—women in this case. This love only compounded his equally powerful love for them has his dear mother and sister.
He blinked out of his glowing revery and looked at his little sister. She had asked him something, so he gave her an expression of "come again?"
"I said, are you ready for dessert?"
Rick blinked again, a bit surprised by the question. The three of them maintained fairly healthy lifestyles, and they rarely, if ever, had dessert.
"You brought dessert?" he asked. He saw Krissy and Mom exchange a knowing look. They each had a devilish grin. It was contagious, and he grinned as well, wondering what they were planning.
"We didn't bring dessert," Janice said. "It's been here the whole time."
With that, the two ladies stood from the dinner table. With one more exchanged glance to time it, they each hooked a finger into the top of their towels and tugged. Two seconds later they were both naked. Rick had just a little wine left in his glass, and he gulped it down quickly, excited about what was to come.
"We're having dessert in bed," his mom said.
Rick was only too happy to abandon the leftover food and dishes as is as he followed the naked ladies out of the dining room and up the stairs. His towel was tenting out by the time he was halfway up, the sight of their swaying asses mesmerizing him. Somewhere along the way he dropped the towel, and the three entered the master bedroom as naked as nature.
Mom and Krissy guided Rick to the center of the bed and settled him on his back, his head propped up by a couple of pillows. The ladies kneeled on either side of him and leaned in for some kissing. He smiled, thinking, Are they my dessert, or am I their dessert?
Janice and Kristen each kissed Richard and then started moving their mouths up and down his body, kissing his chest, his arms…stomach, legs…and they teasingly avoided the enormous erection he was now sporting. The day before he was due to return home, the ladies had decided that they would have fun making love with their man together his first night back. They would give him the pleasure that most men craved: a classic threesome.
Rick's eyes rolled back at the sheer torturous pleasure of having two women kiss up and down his body while avoiding the one place he wanted them to kiss most. But they had all night, all weekend, and he wasn't in any hurry. He was more than happy to lie back and allow his body to be worshipped by the two women he loved most in the world.

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