Massage to my teacher

Hi this is Muqeed share my new experience to my dearest ISS readers. Thank you all and enjoy the latest experience with my Shabnam Madam. I have been doing my part time MBA in one of the famous colleges in Hyderabad. There our faculty for advertising is Mrs. Shabnam. She is not slim or not fatty and maintained a good figure. Her most attractive part is her boobs. All of us are ogling at her when she explains the importance of the advertisement. Her butts also round and firm sometime her panty line is visible when she wore a chiffon sari. Whenever she get a chance she stress on MOODS condoms ad and its impact. She is married and she must be around 32-35 years with a milky white complexion. She is little bit on the bulkier side with heavy ass with nice folding on her hips. She is somewhat shorter than me. One day after our class Shabnam madam and me were stepping down the staircase she just slipped and sprained her angle. She was going through an immense pain and she seated on the stairs. I helped her to walk up to the gate. I told her I’ll come along with you to drop in your home and called an auto we both seated. Her face was showing that she was going through a terrible pain. While holding I felt Her hands are so smooth and milky. I can get some fresh smell from her body. I was looking at her boobs, which are very much visible to through her jacket, as if I’m looking outside. We reached her apartment and her husband was there at home.

He asked what happened and I explained every thing. He offered me juice and said thank you to me. I told madam to take rest. We have her class on day after tomorrow. She didn’t come to her next lecture and we informed that she is off so we have to go home. I called her on her mobile and asked her what happed she said “Muqeed sorry I couldn’t come today please convey to everybody”. I asked her “how you m’am now?” She said “I’m okay a little bit swelling on the ankle” “Oh god! Shall I come n see you there” I asked “Don’t bother” she replied. “Any way I’m going that way to my home. I’ll just drop in there. See you” I hang up the phone. When I reached home she was alone there she was sitting on her sofa and watching TV. She asked me sit and she fetch me glass of water. She was limping little bit. “Show me your leg m’am” I asked “Its okay, Muqeed” she replied and she lifted her maxi little up. It was swelling on her ankle. “Your husband didn’t massage you there” I asked She said “he is busy with his annual closing” “If you don’t mind shall I try” I asked her ” get me the Move” She said ” don’t worry Muqeed it is okay”. I said “No way” “Where is Move” I asked “It is in the first drawer” she pointed the shelf in the corner. I asked her to lie down on the sofa and I seated on the floor and started applying move on her ankle.

While I’m applying the ointment she was staring at me. I asked “what time he comes”. She replied he will come around 11’O clock. I don’t know my dick also started getting stiff. I asked her with little courage “m’am can you lift little more your maxi so I can massage from your knee cap so you will more relaxed” She smiled and lifted up to her knee. It was a promising sign for me. I started massaging from her knee and some time purposely touching her soft thighs. I noticed she was getting goose pimples all over her body. My inner voice said ” Fool this is your golden chance”. I started massaging from her thighs. Her breathing become heavy and we felt every breath of each other. The heat generated in the mouth was boiling hot and she was making sounds of pleasure.

Now she was really feeling the heat and I could feel that from her rubbing her legs. I lifted up to her hips. Now I can see her thunder thighs and her pink panty. I began by moving my finger tips from her lips touching her stomach, navel and the middle of her breast on the way. I moved closer and turning her head kissed her right ear & began licking her ear and her body kept moving like a snake and leaping up once in a while, I could feel the heat of her body. I kept sucking her ears and lips fully into my mouth. Her legs were wriggling in excitement and her maxi was half out. Her left hand was moving over her breast in excitement and in between she even had her hand moving towards her cunt from within her maxi and petticoat. Now moving my palm onto her breasts I started caressing her breasts the nipples were hard and the full breasts bursting, my hand moved down to her navel and she urged me to suck her breasts and navel. I started sucking her nipples through her maxi. My mouth cupped her breasts fully and I clasped my teeth gently around her nipples and moved up at the same time. I moved over to her left and now took the same action on her right breast.

The maxi she was wearing was half out because of her movements and turning her over I unhooked her top maxi with my teeth. The white bra strap was left untouched she helped her maxi out and there it was her cleavage a full and fabulous sight. I kissed her cleavage licked her valley and pushed her bra upwards with my teeth, I repeated cupping her breasts in my mouth and moving up with my teeth gently around her nipple. The bra was fitting her tight and I pulled and pushed at it until half of her breasts were in and the other half out. I licked the outside part of her melon and the green veins were firming up with every lick, because of the tightness of the bra, I loosened her bra from under her back and took it aside with my teeth. Now I had her boobs in my full view and they were waiting to be worked upon red with the veins full of blood moving in either direction. I cupped her tits into my mouth while I tortured her right nipple with my fingers my rhythmic tongue action made her scream Ahhhh and her body was moving in all directions I continued relentlessly at her tits shifting from left to right and right to left just then she groaned in excitement and I knew she was Cumming.

I pushed her maxi off and inserted my fingers into the valley of love feeling her. She had her legs wide open wanting me to explore her valley, the wetness showed on her petticoat. I lowered her and undid her petticoat with my teeth and pulled it down, next I took her pink colored panty in my mouth and started dragging it out she helped me and I pulled it down too, while pulling I looked upwards and saw the most heavenly sight a clean, wet and red hot pussy the scanty vegetation gave her cunt a swollen look. I moved up and continued my work on her breasts, sucked the rim of her tits every inch moving in all direction and my sucking left a cherry red mark on the rim of her nipple. She helped me remove my Shirt & Jeans and later my Jockey thus my rock hard cock was out in a flash and it was twitching in anticipation. Madam rose to take a peek at my rock hard strong cock and made a sign that she wanted to suck it. I stood up and she came forward to envelop my hammer into her mouth she kept moving her tongue over and over it while I was groaning in desires and excitement. After a few minutes of absolute magic I directed my cock into her eyes, ears and nose and she kept groaning all the time. Her red-hot clit was twitching and her crack, now opened & was inviting, wasting no time I headed towards her cunt. I licked every drop of her juice and started my exploration of her cunt. My tongue found its way into the deepest possible part of her fruit and I started sucking her cunt like I suck grapes, leaving the skin and sucking the juice out.

She was moving her ass up and down in excitement and her hands were pushing my head deeper into her valley. I kept sucking as if there was no tomorrow, my head was buried in her valley and she was now making sounds of a cry, cry of sex, cry of pleasure, cry of pain, cry of heaven. She had tears in her eyes and she turned herself over and urged me to fuck her. Please fuck me she said Please do it. Muqeed please fuck me, I wanted her to wait a bit more and instead of fucking her clasped her boobs together and tried fucking her there, she would have none of it and once again with her legs spread like east and west begged me to enter her valley I moved down and anxious as she was rose to guide my hammer into her valley once in she heaved a sigh of desire. I made my moves slowly and picked up pace, the pace was driving her mad and she clasped my head in a groan and kissed and licked every inch of my face while I was in motion. Her ass moved up and down in motion giving me a rhythm and we kept banging each other for eternity. After having sweated every drop from my body my hammer wanted to explode, the explosion took time because the previous night I had shacked in a fantasy. As I screamed about my explosion she shouted don’t come in, as I was to come she rose pushed me and came over me in a 69 and gobbled up my cock into her mouth. She even gulped my cum as I was licking her cunt which was wet once again. I licked every drop of her sweet cum and my rod was deep into her throat she swallowed every drop she could. She asked, “How dare you to fuck your teacher” “Didn’t you enjoy” I asked her. She laughed and said “who said I need this now every minute. In my life I never enjoyed so much” May this is new beginning for me that day we made love one more time and she was not ready to leave me because it is already 9’O clock.

Now any time her husband comes. I request to all my well-wishers to pray for me to fuck her everyday. All ladies, girls are welcome to encourage me to fuck more. If you wish I will be there for you at any cost. You satisfaction is my motto.