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The club started pretty much by accident, 5 of us myself John I'm 50, Bob 49, Joe 42, Phil 38 and Neil the youngest of our group was 25, had arranged to meet up at a pub one Saturday lunchtime, all were married except Bob a confirmed bachelor. We never got many opportunities to catch up and actually meet it had become texting and phone calls.
I arrived and Joe was already there, shortly afterwards the others arrived except Neil and as you do we all starting having a laugh and a beer, we had known Neil for a while but he was the youngest of our group by far but had made the effort to speak when he moved into the area and had come into the pub one night and he fitted in. He never striked us as the sort to just not turn up at an organised get together but hey we were enjoying ourselves and things do come up that can change made plans.
So a couple of beers in and Neil arrives to a few lightweight comments got his drink and joins us. Probably another hour had passed the chat was flowing along with the beers when Bob asked Neil why he was so late. He replied he'd had a few snags at home with his wife of 3 years Anne 26, and didnt feel like pushing the pub meet with her, when she remembered she sent him along. Well we were all eager to learn what the snags had been and that seemed to be the topic of conversation from then on. Eventually in a quiet voice he just said Anne had caught him downstairs watching porn on his phone, is that all Bob said and we
Have all probably been caught or close to being caught watching porn and we laughed.
She caught me wanking he said, the lot of us went quiet and just looked at him, school boy error Bob replied always make sure the coast is clear. Your single living alone Joe piped up not like us married guys its so much easier for you to do it at home than it is for us. How far had you got when she caught you said Bob, all of us listening for the answer, well i hadn't cum and didn't either he said she went ballistic and called me names and stormed off, I felt embarrassed and ashamed. FUCK!! someone said.
It was about a minute before I spoke and said to everyone present in our group, right you lot this is as far as it goes ok, not a word of what your hearing is to be said to another sole unless we agree and there is no if's or but's and they all agreed instantly and Neil thanked us.
He then rather stunned us all by asking how often we all masturbated, the looks on my friends faces and probably my own was that of a dog caught in car headlights, again we paused before i took the lead and said 1 or 2 times a week mostly, Bob, Joe and Phil said twice with Neil confidently saying he likes to do it everyday sometimes twice a day.
You could easily tell from the way the chat was going that this was now the interest of all present and it was inevitable that someone would ask when each of us had last stroked ourselves, now bearing in mind where we were and that at anytime someone could have overheard us, I said lets keep it down guys please just as Joe says in the shower this morning. After an intake of breath or was it a gasp Bob and Phil both said yesterday, i looked and they were staring at me so i told them it had been 3 days ago whilst Neil calmly stated yesterday morning as last night never counted because he had never cum. Fuck I said.
Bearing in mind we had all been friends for many years except Neil this was new, nothing untoward had ever been said apart from the usual phowwr look at her, she is stunning or id give it one type of comments, we were now in quite literally new unknown territory conversation wise.
I cant answer how the others felt but i was enjoying this line of chat and secretly hoping for other inputs from around our table and if truth be known a little aroused but would never admit it to my friends.
Phil asked no one in particular what we thought about or watched to get us in the mood when we masturbated, he suggested it so i said it was only fair that he was the first to answer.
Phil said he like looking at scantily dressed women and was always sneeking peeks to just see if anything was on show, along with sounds of others enjoying themselves. Bob liked to read horny stories and imagine he was that person, Joe like both his neighbours and was always checking them out and one day hopes to hear or see something. Myself i explained that i was into watching amateurs and real life happenings in home films and that id also enjoyed listening to them, for which they said that didnt count, my next revelation was that i enjoyed orgasm compilations of both m and f and it drew a gasp!!. Finally we asked Neil what he liked and what he had been looking at last night and to be honest he was the most open of us all probably due to his relatively much younger age, he said he like watching others become aroused and what that entailed such as becoming erect or seeing their pussy lips enlarge and open up exposing swollen clitoris, and last night looking at pics of pregnant married women.
You could have heard a pin drop all of us busy paying attention so much so we hadn't realised how busy the pub was getting around us and i am sure some might have heard a little of what was being said. I told the group we would have to stop there and the reasons why, when Bob suggested going back to his to continue our conversations over another drink but this time in a much safer environment where none of us would have to whisper. We all agreed apart from Neil who wanted to get home to sort out the problem he had created with his wife. Bob remarked that since she had let him out he would be a fool if he left then asked if he was the man. As we moved to get up i am sure i noticed bulges beneath all the trousers mine included.
It was a 20 minute walk to Bobs house and considering the way we had been chatting in the pub the walk was pretty normal with normal chat but i was hoping to hear much more when we arrived. When we arrived it was reiterated what I'd said earlier that it was to go no further. Coats were removed and drinks given out and seats taken in his lounge, once seated Bob asked all if everyone was happy to continue and anyone wanted to say anything, at this Joe told us that he was feeling horny and in the pub had been aroused which drew our attention and one by one we all admitted the same, it wasn't rocket science why we were feeling that way so I asked them at this point to either stay and take part or to leave, no one moved so my next suggestion was that if we were staying we must all remove our clothes, this became Rule 1.
We started undressing turning away from each other,it felt so surreal here we were 5 friends all male all straight or so i had thought now in a room removing our clothes. Everybody was taking much longer than usual im sure to undress but that was always going to be the case i suppose no one rushing, leaving my pants on I turned around fully to see both Bob and Phil also with pants on watching intently the others Joe was next to turn followed by Neil, we started to snigger as Bob pointed out that we had all left our pants on. Neil said age before beauty and i could feel their eyes bore into me as i removed my pants fully standing there naked my cock i thought looked a little bigger than normal but thankfully still flacid, eyes were on me but now it was Bobs turn and it was quite obvious that he was a little more aroused as his cock looked semi erect and as he removed his last item of clothes yes he was he stood there semi erect uncut like myself but a bit bigger Joe followed again soft and uncut, Phil was looking away not making eye contact and it was obvious why he was not wanting eye contact it was very clear to see he was semi erect and by the time his pants had been lowered and kicked off, his penis was fully erect standing proud and it was the first time i had seen for real an erect cock that was cut and its head fully exposed, I was becoming more and more aroused now myself sporting a semi. Neil the poor sod now had all of us naked now looking at him, removing his underwear you could see that he was also cut but hanging and already looking bigger than us.
Obviously looking but none of us openly wanting to be caught staring we again now took our seats only this time naked in various stages of arousal and on display. Joe asked us to just continue with what ever we did normally when stroking ourselves and that if it helped to maybe talk about experiences or fantasies. Bob arose now fully erect walking out the room all eyes on his 7" as he did so, each person stroking their cocks. When he returned he was carrying a large bath towel which he placed over the coffee table stating Rule 2 that any body who cums must cum onto the towel.
This was the hornyest I had been in years and was now sporting a fully erect 6" uncut cock sat there looking at my mates who until this moment had been straight now all displaying erections and touching themselves in full view of each other.
Having only ever seen erections on film before I was intrigued how everyone was touching themselves and hearing the noises both from their moans and breathing but also from the sound of skin against skin as each person masturbated. Neil was the biggest erect and quite thick and being cut it seemed to accentuate his full firmness.
I was gently stroking myself watching quite openly now the others, giving my self short strokes wanting to relish this spectacle happening right in front of my eyes with the furthest person only about 7feet away for as long as possible, others however were both doing short and long strokes. Bob seeing all erect and hearing the moans now mentioned three further rules and what he said made sense.
Bob announced Rule 3, anybody getting to the point of no return and is almost ready to cum must inform everybody then make his way to the coffee table with the towel and must cum onto it, in full view of the others, who for Rule 4 were to stop touching themselves and must watch whoever it is cumming and once finished may then again start to proceed and retouch their cocks, Rule 5 is whoever has just visited the coffee table must then retake his seat and remain naked naked until all had finished masturbating.
The noise level started to rise abit with moans clearly audible in the lounge, a few of the faces were looking a little flushed and Phil had his eyes shut clearly concentrating on giving his 6" cut cock which was showing signs of precum on the tip his total attention. Phil more or less shouted he was close and stood up, the room fell quieter than it had for a while as we watched him move holding his cock, he only just made the towel before he made that manly groan and unmistakable sound men do just as they cum, his fingers were doing full slow strokes to the base of his cock when he started to cum right in front of us, his first shot of cum probably went 8 – 10 inches followed each time he stroked himself by another much less in intensity than the previous untill there was no more, he wiped the bellend his cock looking good post cum as he passed us retaking his seat as we then all restarted out masturbation.
My cock felt huge much bigger than ever as my fingers slid along its shaft pausing every now and then to hold the skin fully back exposing my bulbous smooth head in all its glory before again wanking.
Looking around it was obvious to me and seeing each person intently watching one another that all were enjoying the horny sights before them, I knew from the sensations i was feeling that my visit to the towel wasnt far away but also apparently neither was Joe's who suddenly announced he was going to cum, reluctantly i physically removed my fingers from my solid shaft but also feeling some relief allowing my cock to recover a little from the much needed pause. Eyes now on Joe who had moved to the table saw that he was wanking his cock with full fast strokes, his moans were intense and his fingers a blur as he brought himself to the point of no return, letting out a guttural moan with his cock clearly visible and pulsating as he started to cum. Joe wasnt a shooter but more of a dribler his cock producing a thick white cream that he coached out with several full but much slower strokes to those that got him to this point, but it kept coming out and so did his moans, i was enjoying this so much, only some 2 hours ago having never been aroused in the company of other men now watching my friend of 20 years plus finishing his orgasm and holding his very wet uncut cock as he retook his seat.
The moment i resumed placing my fingers around my shaft and stroking I again felt those sensations I'd felt prior to Joe's announcement come flooding back and without much thought the words came out that I was about to cum. I felt every pair of the other 4 mens eyes watch me on the way to the table, i was stood there stroking my shaft with the tips of my fingers like i had done in private for all of my adult life, when the orgasm hit me i very nearly buckled at my knees as I erupted and am sure the neighbours could have heard my moans as my fingers pumped my cock back and forth each time more cum shooting out until nothing was left. Once I'd stopped producing the white liquid I turned feeling quiet proud of my display and sat down, I knew from experience once Id cum that the desire would be for me to clean and put my cock away zip up and continue with whatever i had been doing before but this time it was different as I just couldn't wait to see the remaining 2 Neil and Bob cum
I was so interested now to witness how much they both came and to hear the sounds from them as they did so. I wondered if it was anything to do with them both being the biggest in cock size as to the reason for being the last to cum, but I was soon to be put out of my curiosity as Neil said Fuck I'm Cumming.
Standing walking past I saw his huge 7.5" cut cock in between his fingers and displaying a wet precum, my eyes were again wide open and yes I was staring. His cock i am sure grew even bigger just before he came, and fucking hell did he cum. It must have been his much younger age but my god his first ejaculation flew straight over the table it was so powerful and was followed by several more good size streams of a very white and thick ejaculate. Once finished he surprised us all by licking his hand removing what had deposited on his fingers, his cock still looked massive and I can honestly say that it was the first time I had ever felt that I wanted to touch another cock, my eyes followed him intently to his seat and I wondered if he orgasmed like that every time.
Four down now with only Bob left, all eyes following his every stroke, listening to his moans willing him on we were treated to a sight of this 49-year-old masturbating for probably a minute before he told us to watch closely standing and moving to the coffee table. Facing us all so we could clearly see without having to move or crane our necks, his breathing was heavy, and his moans got louder but whether this was bravado on his part being the last who knows if it was normal. I'm cumming!! He shouted and then completely removed his hand from his hard 7" cock placing his hands on his hips, his cock was twitching and dancing about, 7" of uncontrolled pulsating muscle then he came. It shot out him groaning and groaning as it did so we watched as he continued to spew his cum onto the towel all hands free it joining the other 4 loads already there, once he had finished cumming he again placed his fingers on his shaft for a couple of strokes removing any excess cum that hadn't managed to ejaculate before sitting down.
At this point looking about all had signs of recovery sporting, limp but not soft cocks.
In the room now our attention was focused more on our surroundings and I could smell the unmistakable aroma of male seaman.
Bob spoke and thanked each of us for the display shown and said that if we all agreed, we could do it again and make it a regular event to which we all agreed, but it was to be our secret and our club the (Masturbation Club).
The End of this particular episode.

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