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Mausi fed me her bur – My name is Rohit (name changed). I am from Uttar Pradesh. I belong to rural area and I am 19 years old. My complexion is dark brown and my body is full. My cock is 6.5 inches and thick. What should I do about my aunt? He is 36 years old. He has a dark appearance and dimples that drive him crazy. Aunt has a killer body of 34-28-36. I find that intoxicating youth and now she has become my life by kissing me.

This happened when the whole world was facing the havoc of Corona. I had completed my annual exams and went to visit my aunt’s house after getting free from exams. A few days after the aunt came home, suddenly there was a lockdown. My uncle used to work in Delhi and his only son also studied there. Both of them were stuck there in Delhi. However, Mausa ji was sure of this because he knew that I was in the village to take care of Mausi.

Everything was closed due to Corona. Both of us started spending our days in the boundary wall of the house.

Four days later, when I woke up in the morning, I saw that my aunt was taking a bath in the bathroom. The bathroom door was not fully fitted, so the intoxicating view inside was clearly visible. Seeing the nude scene, I stopped and started watching. In the morning, in the same way, there is some excitement in my mind and my cock was full.

I quietly started watching my aunt taking a bath. Both her mummies were covered with soap suds and she was wearing panties underneath. I started looking at my aunt while caressing my cock. It was a great sight.

When the aunt poured water on her body, both her nipples became clearly visible and the fire inside me flared up. At the same time, my cock, which was standing together, fluttered.

I forgot that my aunt is in front of me… all I could see was a cool hot girl.

Aunty’s naked body, I felt as if I was watching a porn actress naked in a porn video.

I started moving my cock. In the meantime, I don’t know how he understood the movement outside the door and my aunt knew that I was awake and seeing him. Aunt pulled the door, so I understood that maybe aunty sensed my presence. As soon as I thought of this, it was as if my lads were engaged and by whatever means I came from there to the room. My condition had worsened.

Here my cock was not ready to accept without flouting. Whatever I did, I punched my cock and calmed myself. Now my attitude had changed for Mausi. Throughout the day, I just used to look at their nipples and used to caress the cocks built in my mind, wishing to fuck them.

In the morning, as soon as the aunt went to take a bath… I used to see the naked body of the aunt through the slit of the door.

Auntie also kept finger in her pussy and kept pressing her milk.

After two days, there was an opportunity to fuck the aunt in the matter itself.

Aunt and I were playing Ludo that day.

Auntie was wearing a maxi. Whose throat was wide open. I was wearing a loose Bermuda. Wore a top cut vest. My wide chest was probably starting to suit my aunt. She was bowing down and throwing Ludo dias and her pieces were moving. His mother was clearly visible from this.

Then I killed one of the aunt’s pieces.

Aunt immediately said – Oh man, why is he after me, you have killed my cooked food.

I was enjoying seeing aunt’s mother at that time and after hearing from her mouth that I had killed her… I went crazy.

After some time I won the game, so my aunt said – come on, now we will play later. I started looking at him. Now we started talking.

Aunty asked me a strange thing – you will definitely have an affair with a girl, babu?

I was shocked and said – Oh no aunty … there is nothing like this.

Aunt laughed a little.

Then he asked me directly what I was waiting for so long – then you would never have done all that?
Me – what all that aunty?

Auntie – Don’t be too gullible looking… I know everything.

Me – what aunt?

Aunt artificially said angrily – well … you see me bathing every morning since that day, don’t you?

I was scared to hear this and said – no….otherwise aunty!

As soon as I said this, my aunt came close to me and pressed my thigh with one of her palms.

Aunt – I saw you on that day itself, when you ran to the room and were shaking yourself.

Now my condition has worsened – Auntie, I have made a mistake, forgive me.

After sometime the aunt said- Look, you make me happy or else I will tell everything to my brother.
I fell silent and rolled my eyes.

Aunty – don’t say… will you take away my heat?

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Saying this, Auntie moved her hand inside my thigh and caressed my cock. My cock was starting to harden. The fear inside me was also starting to turn into courage. When I saw them, the aunt closed her eyes.

I understand that this hot lady is desperate for sex. I moved my lips non-stop and placed my lips on the aunt’s lips. It had just happened that my aunt immediately broke down on me and started kissing all over my face. I too fell on him like a hungry lion for many days.

For about ten minutes we only did lipkiss. Auntie used to stop in the middle, maybe she would start breathing. Now my cock was more yearning. Aunt pushed me and leaning on my chest started kissing me. I put my hand in his gown from below and took it out from above. Auntie was not wearing a bra inside. It seemed that the aunt had come fully prepared to kiss. I started pressing and crushing his charming moms. Auntie started giving a milk in my mouth and I pressed the nipple of that milk of Auntie in my mouth and started sucking the teat while pressing.

She kept on saying ‘Ah…ah…’.

In no time I sucked both the aunt’s milk and turned it red.

Then made them stand up and putting myself behind the aunt, I started mashing both the aunt’s moms. At this time the aunt was only in panties.

My aunt also broke down on me and took off the Bermuda vest on my body and threw it away.

I had become naked and my cock was ready to eat the naked youth of my aunt.

Aunty saw my fat long cock and she started caressing him from above.

I grabbed his hand and pushed him on the bed.

Today Aunty had applied a different kind of perfume, her whole pussy was smelling.

I started kissing with my feet and came on my thighs and started licking my aunt’s body with marble. Auntie started sighing and she started turning her hand on my head. I stuck fingers in the elastic of aunt’s panties and lowered her panties.

Ah… Aunt’s smooth pussy was opened in front of me. A light dusky chute… from which the chocolatey smell was coming. Once I looked at the auntie… then the lustful eyes of the aunt were showing the sensuality of a thirsty woman in front of me. When I lowered my eyes, both of his chicks were just like mountain trunks in front of me. There was no slack in them at all.

I grabbed a milk with one hand and pressed it like the horn of a bus. This time I had mashed the aunt’s milk a little harder, then the aunt’s sigh came out and with this her pussy got up a bit. At that very moment I put my tongue in the aunt’s pussy. Auntie got upset and she pressed my head hard on her pussy.

The whole chute was filled with salty juice. I started licking my pussy and aunt sighed and started enjoying the pleasure of licking my pussy.

Within no time the aunt’s chute left the juice and I cleaned the chute completely by licking it.

Aunt’s eyes had turned red all of a sudden. She was looking at me lying somewhat loosely and was caressing my head.

By now I had become very hot and my cock was about to burst.

I got up and turned to aunt’s pussy and turned 69. Due to this my cock had come towards the aunt’s mouth. Auntie took my cock in her mouth and started sucking.

After some five minutes, my aunt had squeezed my cock and ate the juice.

We both had a fight once.

There was no talk of any kind between us.

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Then the aunt got up and took out a cigarette from the drawer and started blowing smoke.

When he smiled at me, I extended my fingers towards him.

Auntie stuck the cigarette in my fingers.

I started blowing smoke.

After some time, the atmosphere again formed between us and I made my auntie lie down. Once again we started having sex. The cock had stood up, the pussy was hot.

I spread both the legs of the aunt and set the betel nut of the cock in the clefts of the chute. For some time, the cock rubbed on the pussy and immediately pelted it inside. Auntie’s cool sigh came out and the fuck started between us. After banging Auntie in missionary pose for ten minutes, I took out the cock and lay down my head.

Now my aunt sat down on my cock and started moving her ass. I started kissing my aunt. Meanwhile, the aunt laughingly said – I know… I had trapped you by showing my milk. I laughed and said yes and I was stuck. We both laughed and chuckled with fun.

That day we both enjoyed sex only once and in the night Aunty had a great party. We both pulled four legs and enjoyed pussy-fucking twice. The other day I also opened Aunty’s virgin ass, how all that happened, I will write to you next in my sex story.