Max and the Lamp Ch. 04

tagIncest/TabooMax and the Lamp Ch. 04

Max and the Lamp 04
Max woke at the knock at his door. He blearily opened his eyes. His mom stood in the doorway. She smiled.
"Sorry to wake you, but I'm leaving for work. Wanted to tell you bye, and I love you."
Max smiled at his mom. "Love you, too, Mom. You should have woken me earlier; we could have spent some time together." He winked at her.
"Oh, Max. You're terrible," she said. But Max saw her blush slightly. "Oh, and don't forget, Mrs. Keller needs your help in her garden today; she expects you around 9 o'clock." See you this evening, honey."
"Yeah, I'll be there. Bye, Mom." He lay in bed for a while just thinking. Then he rose and took the lamp out of his desk. He rubbed the symbols and the woman, Merida, appeared. He noticed the hologram was brighter and more substantial.
"Merida, you look different. What's up?" he asked.
"As the lamp gains power, Max, the hologram is improved. It gained much power last night." The woman watched Max.
"Hmm, yes, I bet. So, anything else to add. Any more analysis going on?"
"Analysis is always ongoing. The increase in range is allowing detection of activity in several places nearby."
"Really? Where? Show me," he said.
"Unable to develop enough data to provide holographic projection yet. But the residence two houses west of this location was active, as was the house across the street."
So, the Hennessey's across the street were doing it. No surprise. Mel and Wanda Hennessey were a younger couple with no kids. Two houses west was the Grady house. John Grady was a single man who he'd met. Seemed nice enough, and he had noticed him with a woman every now and then.
"What else will your increase in power allow besides more range to your detection? Max wondered.
"An increase in holographic recall quality. And your influence rating will improve."
"Influence rating? What does that mean?"
"It means the ability to project your desires will get stronger."
"OK. But what does that mean. I could fuck women who wouldn't normally look at me?" he asked.
"Yes, basically. There is one drawback to your increased power, however."
"Drawback? What do you mean?"
"The intensity of your power will affect some partners in such a way they will seek your affection without regard for societal norms."
"Hmm, not understanding that," Max said. "Can you give me an example?"
"I will develop a scenario, using a subject that is a probable fit for this. It will take a few minutes while I analyze and prepare." The woman froze in place.
Well, that's kind of freaky, he thought. It wasn't long until she came back to life. "Ready to show you a possible example based on current data."
Another hologram appeared in front of him. It showed a woman walking towards his front door. She looked familiar, then Max realized it was Wanda Hennessey. Mrs. Hennessey was a short woman with dark hair down to her shoulders. Her face was pretty with brown eyes. She was dressed in a red blouse and black gym shorts. Her breasts were not large but full, and she was in good shape.
She knocked on the door. To his surprise, Max answered. This Max seemed surprised.
"Mrs. Hennessey! What are you doing here?"
Mrs. Hennessey smiled. "Max is anyone else home?"
"Uhh, no, but…"
"Good," she pushed past Max and walked inside. Max closed the door and turned around. Wanda immediately pressed into his body and flung her arms around him, kissing him hard.
"Oh, Max, I missed you. I need you!" She began fumbling with his pants.
The hologram Max grabbed her hands. "Wait, no, Wanda."
Wanda pushed his hands away. She dropped to her knees and pulled down his pants. His hardening cock popped free. She grabbed it with both hands and kissed the head, licking around the glans
"Umm, so good," she said. Then she sucked the head into her mouth and began to bob up and down on it, making gurgling noises. Hologram Max leaned his head back and grabbed her head. Soon, he was fucking the kneeling woman's face. She didn't protest as he pushed his cock all the way in, clearly shoving it down her throat time and time again. Saliva and his precum dribbled from her lips onto her blouse and thighs. The wet grunting sounds the woman made were clear. Max watched his hologram self slam his cock into the woman and hold her as he shot his cum into her throat and mouth. He withdrew slowly. She coughed and cum drooled out of her mouth. She caught some of it in her hands and began to lap it up. The hologram flashed off.
"Holy shit, what the hell was that?" Max asked.
"Some potential partners can become dependent on sexual activity from you and will seek it in a most aggressive manner, as you saw. They may initiate sexual activity without regard for location or who else may be present. The results can be embarrassing."
"Yeah, I can see that. How do I know which partners are like that? Oh, shit, are my mom or sister like that?
"If they are within my range when you interact socially with them, I will usually detect those who have a higher potential to exhibit this kind of behavior. And no, neither of your current partners are likely to become a problem."
"Well, that's a relief," he said. "I don't need that kind of crazy."
"Indeed. Will there be anything else?" Merdia asked. Max shook his head. The hologram switched off.
Whew, he thought. What was he going to do with this information? He needed to process all this for a while.
But now he needed to get moving. He took a quick shower, grabbed a bagel for breakfast and was out the door. Since Mom was at work and his own car was in the shop after that unfortunate incident with the deer and the tree, he was walking. As he left the house, he saw Mrs. Hennessey putting her trash can at the curb. He waved at her and she smiled and waved back. He noticed she kept watching him until he was around the street corner. Odd, he thought.
Mrs. Keller was a lady in her 50's whose husband had passed away several years ago. She was in good shape for her age, Max thought. She filled her time tending an extensive English garden on her property. She often paid Max a few bucks to help her out on occasion. When Max arrived, she was in her garage, putting tools and supplies in her wheelbarrow. Mrs. Keller, dressed in a flowing, short kimono-type dress, said, "Oh, hello, Max. So good to see you!"
She opened her arms and hugged him close, kissing his cheek. Max was conscious of her warm body. It almost felt as if she was naked under the dress. What the heck, he thought, and returned the hug, making a point to press her body back. When she drew back, she smiled at Max.
"My, you are a growing boy," she said. "In more than one way." She winked.
"Why thanks, Mrs. Keller. I think I get bigger every day," he said and winked back.
"Oh, Max. Call me Lydia, please. Now let's get to work before it gets too hot around here." Max laughed, and soon they were working away.
Max was in the back yard pulling weeds, when he heard a young voice say, "Hi, are you Max?" He stood up and turned. Standing a few feet away was a girl, probably about Jenny's age. She looked Japanese, with long dark hair and almond eyes. Dressed in short denim shorts and a white tube top, she smiled at him. The nipples on her small, pert tits pushed out in her tube top. Max thought she was gorgeous.
"Uhh, yeah, that's me. Who are you?"
"I'm Heather, Mrs. Keller niece. She asked me to come get you? It's time for lunch."
"OK, Heather. Nice to meet you. Let's go, I'm starved."
They met Mrs. Keller in the kitchen. Over lunch, she told Max that Heather was staying with her over the summer. Heather was from Kyoto, Japan, and her parents thought that staying with Mrs. Keller would help with her English, as she was slated to start college in the fall. Max noticed Heather glancing over at him several times. He did the same. Once they caught each other looking and they both smiled. After lunch, Max continued his work. Heather followed him.
"Things are very quiet here," she said. "Not much going on. Kind of boring"
"Yeah," Max said. "We're a pretty small town. Have you met many people so far?"
"No, just a few of my aunt's friends. You're the first person near my age. Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked.
Max looked at her. "What?"
"Just joking with you. Of course, a hunk like you has a girlfriend, probably more than one."
Max blushed. "Hey, quit that!"
Heather stood next to him and put a hand on his chest. "How about me, I could be your girlfriend? Would you like that?" She looked up at him coyly. He felt his cock start to stir. Was she serious, he wondered?
"Heather, we just met. We can certainly be friends. "He remembered Merdia's caution about certain individuals.
She pouted. "Oh, you're no fun." She leaned up and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. She then glanced down at the hardening bulge in his jeans and grinned. "I'll let you get to work. But think about having a hot Japanese yariman for a girlfriend." With that she skipped away to the house.
Max shook his head. WTF just happened? She was just about begging for it out here in the garden. And what the hell is a yariman?
It took him several hours to finish. When he was done, he went back in the house to tell Mrs. Keller. He found her in the study, sitting at a desk in an office chair. She took a drink from a tall frosty glass.
"All done, Max?" she asked, looking over her shoulder.
"Yes, ma'am," he said.
"Max, please, don't make me feel old. Call me Lydia," she said.
Max smiled. "OK, Lydia, but you are not old. You're a very attractive woman!"
Lydia took a drink from her glass and swiveled the chair to face Max. He noticed the way she sat that the dress revealed her legs up to her lower thighs. She smiled slightly. "You flatter me, Max," she said in a low voice. She smiled again and stood. "I guess I need to pay you for the work today." She took some bills from purse lying on the desk and held them out. "Here you go."
Max stepped over to her and took the money from her. "Thanks, Lydia. I can come back whenever you need me." Max said.
Lydia smiled wider, "That's great. I'll call you. Now give me a hug goodbye." She opened her arms. Max stepped into her hug. She wrapped her arms around him closely. He hugged back, again feeling her body pressed into him.
"Ummm, you smell like you've been working. All hot and sweaty and manly," she said, her cheek next to his. Then she drew back. "I look forward to you coming over soon to help me out again."
"Sure thing, Lydia. See you later." Max walked away. He could feel her staring at him. He had a good feeling about Lydia Keller. He was looking forward to visiting her again soon.
No one was home when he got back. He took another shower. When he came out of his room, his sister was just getting home.
"Hey, sis. How was your day?"
"Ugh, Max. Sally and I stayed up too late and work was sooo busy. I'm going to take a shower, and then just want to eat supper and crash."
"Yeah, you do look tired. Mom should be home soon, not sure what's on for supper," he replied.
When Max got downstairs, his Mom was coming through the door.
"Hello, honey."
"Hi, mom," Max went to her and hugged her. He made sure it was tight and he pressed into her soft tits. She stiffened slightly.
"Oh, Max," she said softly. He drew back and kissed her lightly on the lips.
"I'll help make dinner." Max said and Ivy smiled.
"OK, Max, get it started and then I'll get changed. It's just soup I took out of the freezer, and we need to make a salad."
They busied themselves in the kitchen. Max noticed his mom giving him sideling looks and smiling to herself. Max wondered what she was thinking. After dinner was ready, they ate quickly and cleaned up.
Jenny yawned. "I'm heading to bed. I am absolutely bushed. See you guys in the morning."
"Night, honey." Mom looked at Max. "What are your plans, Max?"
"I'm gonna go upstairs and play some XBOX games with Leroy, if he's online, then hit the bed. Mrs. Keller worked me hard today."
He thought his Mom looked disappointed, but she smiled, "Yeah, I'll finish up here then take a shower and relax before bed."
"OK, mom. See you later."
Max went upstairs. Leroy was not online, so he just puttered around on his computer. He looked up the Japanese word yariman, and was shocked to see it meant dirty slut. Did he hear it right? He figured he would have to ask her to be sure. After about 45 minutes, he made his decision. He peeked in Jenny's room. She was sound asleep.
He went to his mom's room and knocked lightly. With no answer, he opened the door and went in. Max could hear his Mom in her bathroom, so he went back. She was standing at her sink, dressed in a bathrobe and with her hair in a towel. She saw him in the mirror and turned.
He walked to her and took her in his arms. He looked down at her and kissed her lips. She opened her mouth and they kissed eagerly. Max could tell she was nude under the bathrobe. He slipped the belt loose and spread it apart. She gasped as he lifted her tits and sucked on each nipple. Her hand went to the back of his neck.
He placed his hands under her ass and lifted her up on the sink. He kissed his way down her belly and licked slowly around her cunt lips.
"MMM, I'm going to eat you pussy, Mom." And with that he plunged into her wet pussy with his mouth and tongue. She bucked her hips and moaned.
"Yesss, Max. Lick my pussy, suck it!" She pressed his head into her cunt.
Max continued to feast on her wet cunt, licking and softly biting her lips as he flicked his tongue in and out. She whimpered as he kept up his actions. Within a few minutes, she cried out and her thighs spasmed around him.
"Oh, baby, I'm cumming!" He stood up and admired her body splayed back on the sink. Quickly, he undressed. His hard cock bounced in front of him in time with his heavy breathing.
"Do you want me to fuck you, Mom?" Max asked
She opened her eyes and looked at him. "Oh, Max, yes. Fuck your slut mother. Fuck me hard!"
He reached under her and lifted her up. The bathrobe fell off. Now they were both naked. He shifted her ass slightly and positioned his cock.
"Max, what…" Before she could finish, Max let her slide down slowly. His cock penetrated her slippery wet cunt easily. His mom made a guttural wail as he buried it to its full length. He carefully walked out of the bathroom with Ivy in his arms, slowly pistoning in and out. He made his way to the bed and backed up to it. He sat down, then fell back, his mom on top, her breasts in his face.
"There you go, mom. Now ride me. Pump up and down on my hard cock."
She began to rock her hips as he held on. Her pace increased and she made a throaty groan each time she bottomed out on his cock. Max felt the soaked tight walls of her cunt contract on his cock.
"Oh, God! So deep, Max. Your cock is so long and hard. I'm going to cum so hard. I'm going to, ahhghhh," she gasped as her grabbed her hips and began to plow into her as hard as he could. That did it for Ivy; her orgasm slammed through her body and she shook like an electric shock was striking her. She finally collapsed on top of Max. Max kept fucking her in a slow rhythm, then turned their bodies until he was on top.
"Ready for some more?" Max asked. She whimpered and nodded. He began to pick up the pace of his strokes. His mom was soaked from her orgasm; he could hear the squish sounds her pussy made as he moved in and out. But she was still tight around his cock and he was close. He began to pound her pussy again and leaned in to kiss her, thrusting his tongue in her mouth. Her gasping breath was hot and fast.
"OH, fuck! Take it, Mom. Take my come in your slutty pussy," he said as he came deep in her.
She gasped, "I'm coming. Fuck, I'm coming again!"
His cock so good in her pussy, he didn't want to pull out. But after several minutes, with his mom breathing heavily under him, he drew his cock put of her. His come slid out and puddled on the bed. "My God," she said, "you came so much. Fuck that felt good!"
"Mom, it was great. You have such a wet, tight pussy."
"Max, Max. Such a thing to say to your mother.
"To my slutty mother who just came on my cock," Max pointed out,
"Yes, and thank you. I can't believe I'm saying it, but your cock is so wonderful. I don't think anyone ever fucked me so hard." She reached up to hold its softening length. "I just hope your sister didn't hear us. We have to be careful, Max"
"Sure, mom. We can't have her finding out about us." I wonder if she would want to watch, he mused. Or maybe take part. Hmmm.
"OK, honey. I'd love for you to stay here and hold me, but we can't risk it. Be quiet and go back to your room. We'll talk later," his mom said.
Max nodded and dressed quickly. Before leaving, he hugged his mom and they kissed again.
"His mom said, "Oh, Max. I can't believe we're doing this. But it's so good!"
"It's OK, Mom. I love you."
"Love you, too"
Max crept back to his room. He was tired but wanted to do one more thing. Inside he sat at his desk and pulled the lamp from the drawer. He rubbed the symbols and Merdia appeared.
"Max. What do you desire at this late hour?"
"Just wondering if you have detected any activity is going on around here?
Merdia smiled. "Aside from your vigorous activity recently?"
Max blushed and shook his head. "No, anywhere else?"
"One moment while I analyze locations." Again, the hologram froze for a few seconds. Merdia opened her eyes.
"Yes, there is. In the house across the street and next door there is ongoing activity. As your activity continues, power levels will allow much better range. I can show you some visual and auditory record, but it is of poorer quality than normal."
"OK, let me see."
The hologram that appeared was grainy and hazy, but he could see a bedroom. On the bed, a man was behind a woman, Wanda Hennessey, he realized, and was pounding into her relentlessly. He held a tit with hand and had pulled her hair back with the other. Max could hear her moans and the man's cock slammed into her.
"Take it, Wanda," Max heard. "Take my cock, you nasty cumslut. Do you like this strange cock, slut?
Strange cock, Max thought. Is that not her husband?
"Oh, yes. Fuck your bitch. You came over to my house and are fucking me now!" Wanda gasped out.
"You like this teenage cock, don't you? I've been watching you all day, prancing around in slutty clothes. Now, I'm going to pound your pussy for teasing me! What else do you want?"
Wanda groaned and said, "More cocks, I need more cocks. I want to suck cocks while they fuck me."
"Oh, you want a gangbang, do you?"
Wanda nodded her head, "Yes, I want someone in all my holes. One in my pussy, one in my mouth and one in my asshole. Ahhh, fuck, I'm cumming! Fuck me!"
"Ah, shit, me, too!"
Max watched as they both came, then collapsed onto the bed.
"Oh, honey, that was so good. I love playing fantasies with you. Let's do it again, soon," Wanda said.
The man, her husband, Max assumed, hugged Wanda. "Sure, honey. Are you sure it's just fantasy? Maybe you really want that stud across the street to fuck your slutty pussy. And maybe he and his friends to gangbang you all night!" Holy shit, Max thought, he's talking about me!
Wanda was silent for a few seconds. "Henry, do you want me to fuck him and his friends? Suck his cock and let him fuck my slutty pussy and asshole?"
The man leaned up and looked at her. "Wanda, I want you to be happy. You seem down lately. Tonight was the most lively I've seen you in a long time. It's like a change has come over you the last few days. I like it."
"I do feel more alive for some reason. But let's just lay here and cuddle. No more talking now."
The hologram blinked off. Merdia watched Max. "I believe your influence range is greater than anticipated at this stage. An interesting development. Have you noticed any other changes lately? Any physical changes?"

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