Me and Aunty Joans Road Trip. | incest story from Honey Windowcleaner

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After months of fixating on my aunty Joan and teasing me with her very mature body, I realized that just coming on her panties was as far as it would go.Still, I wished I would get the chance to get anywhere near what she had under her clothes just once.I could not just stop wishing something would happen, but with her being my mum’s sister, I knew Aunty Joan was enjoying teasing me each time we met.One comment she made early on was not to waste what I was shooting and save it for where it was intended.I guess was to find a pussy to fill with what I had, but on this occasion, maybe not my aunt.Things, though, were about to take a turn for the better, especially for me.Suddenly, my parents decided to take an impromptu camping break and, as I do not normally like camping, I thought I might as well to go.The best thing was that Aunty Joan was invited along as well.The day arrived, and the camper van was packed to the rafters, and there was only enough room for me at the back on the smallest area behind all the luggage.You could only just see my head above everything in the van, but I thought to myself it was not really that bad.Then, my sexy, Aunt, turned up with even more luggage, to which she promptly passed through it into the van.“ where can I sit” she asked.“ you might have to squeeze in somewhere at the back” Mum shouted.Looking at my aunt in her tight blouse and even tighter skirt, I thought all my Christmas had come at once.“ yeah there’s plenty of room, ich up then, “ she said.Only having enough room for me, I just said,” ok Aunty Joan just sit on my lap for now’ that’s when things got interesting, she stepped in and just looked herself on my lap making sure her legs were either side of mine.I had her right backside sitting only in inches away from the largest bonner I had had in age.“ you too comfy “ mum shouted “ yeah we are good” we both replied.Not knowing where to place my hands or the biggest bulge in my pants was the dilemma that I faced.Aunty joan started to chat to mum and for a good hour I tried to avaert my eyes and try to keep my hands from wanting to fondle what was just sat on my lap.Then, all of a sudden dad had to break really hard, aunty joan shot forward the as she lifted me backside upwards, she dropped back straight onto my solid cock.Lifting my hands up, I grabbed the bum cheeks trying to not make it obvious I had a hard on, but I guess it was late.My hard bulge was firmly planted between her open-bum cheeks.“ everyone ok” dad shouted, “ sorry had to break to miss something on the road.”“ yeah we are ok just a bit of a hard landing that’s all” with that she lifted up a little and reaching under herself took hold of my bulge.In complete shock, I gasped at what she was doing as she whispered to me” now that’s what I call an erecrption.” “ sorry Aunty Joan” I said” “ god don’t apologies I’m flattered I can still get a cock to do that.”“ just wish it would go down that’s all.” I said.She then gently rubbed my still hard bulge, while I tried not to blow every drop of cum into my pants.She then turned back facing forward while keeping her bum cheeks planted firmly against my solid hard-on.She then slid upwards, giving me little relief from her crevice.Still chatting to Mum, she then jiggled her backside in front of my face as though to suggest it was here if you wanted it.That was the dilemma; do I go for it and touch her most intimate area or chicken out in case I have read her wrong?.Still, she hovered get a bum over my cocks bulge I had to see if it was what she wanted.So, I took the plunge, I planted both hands on each bum cheek if she screams I am in trouble if not then my god I will be in heaven.Fortunately, she did not scream I had both hands on her back, and I tried to think about what to do next.Nervously, I moved my hands down over her cheeks and lifted her dress up and over onto her back.Again, no resistance from her meant that I had this opportunity to get hold of what I wanted for so long.Still, very nervous, I reached down and rubbed her inner thigh slowly. I slowly made my way up toward my prize.I could tell that she enjoyed my touches as my open hand cupped her moist wet panty gussets.My god, I was loving it aunty Joan’s pussy, only a thin slip of material between her love tunnel and my prodding fingers. Still, she gyrated her crotch against my hand, as my probing fingers were nearly pushed through the thin lacy strip covering her open wanting pussy.I had to get my fingers into her, so I gently moved her panty edge over, which then allowed me full access to her pulsating waiting hole.Cupping my hand over her most intimate parts, I slipped my fingers up into her moist waiting hunny pot.She gasped as I did, making me stop for a spit second. Pushing herself down and making my fingers ever deeper, she suddenly clamped down on my hand.I felt the heat of her wet dripping pussy on my hand probing up into her; she started to quietly moan as I continued to feel her throwing pussy walls ripples on my wet fingers.I felt that she started to grip my hand with her soft thighs as she started to cum on my incursions into her hole.She then suddenly gripped me. Her whole pussy flooded out over my hand, and her juices now poured out, dripping down her thighs.I held my fingers in her for a while, then slowly withdrew from her as she collapsed onto my lap as her orgasm subsided.Pulling her panties back over her still-dripping pussy, she sat on my lap.Turning to me she whispered to me saying” now that I enjoyed, “Smiling at her, I just said, ’ Thank you. I loved it too”.“Now if you want the main event just wait till the return trip.”.

That whole week just seems to drag, Aunty Josn seemed to stay clear of me, so I did not get too excited from knowing something would be happening on the return trip home.Then, the day came, we packed the campervan, as it was on the journey down, I slipped into my usual seat and aunty joan slid along my sideme.The anticipation was killing me, not knowing what was going to happen.She did not give me any idea of what she was planning, so I waited with eagerness to see what was going to happen.Then just before we set off she turned to me saying quietly,“ right the trip down you did good ok, I’ve no panties on so when I say, get that hard cock of yours out leave the rest to me ok, you’re in for the ride of your life.”That was it, I nearly came there and then at the thought of what she had planned.After about half an hour while talking to the mum in the front, she moved herself into position over my lap.Again, both her legs are on either side of the mine with her pert bum cheeks hovering again over my bulging hard cock.She then gestures to me to let my cock loose, which I can easily do.It flopped out of my pants and was so hard that it pointed straight upward.Placing my hands on each cheek, she then reached under herself between her legs, and then took hold of my solid shaft, making me gasp as she directed my bulging cocks tip towards her open wet waiting pussy.The sensations I felt were incredible; I was about to fuck my aunty joan.I could not believe this was happening to me, as she expertly guided me up into her hot wet hole.Then it happened, my cocks tip was just about to slide into her when mum asked, You too ok you are very quiet”.Aunty Joan then pipes up “yeah both ok, just about to get comfy”.With that, I could see that her wide-open pussy started to devour my young hard cock.With my hands helping to lower her down onto my shaft, her hot wet pussy slipped down over my whole hard, full length.The sensation I was feeling was incredible; she slowly allowed her pussy to accommodate what I was giving her, as both my hands helped her move down onto my full throbbing cock.When I was fully inserted, the heat I felt from her was incredible.She was so wet that her juices trickled down my shaft, as she lifted up slowly off my length.I enjoyed the best fuck of a mature pussy that any young person could have.She began to rock forward and backward on my shaft, and I could not say how that felt. She was so experienced in how to use a cock that all I could do was let her take control.I had to hold my breath as I could feel my self began to want to explode my load into her.She began to increase her movements as I felt her own pussy clamped my cock.She was also about to cum, up, and down she was moving ever more quickly as I whispered to her to stop, but she could not as we both let rip.My cock stiffened as a load of my hot seamen shot up into her; she too let her pussy flood as both our juices mingled.She then dropped with my full cock fully inserted, letting us both take what we had to give to each other.I could not believe what happened. I fucked my Aunty Joan.Our orgasms subsiding, she lifted herself off me, my now wilting wet cock plopping out against my stomach.I had to grab a towel to catch our juices, dripping from her open-use pussy.She turned to me to whisper” my god I needed that, it’s been so long since any mans pumped cum into me.”I smiled at her saying” that was fantastic Aunty Joan.”“ Remember don’t say a word ok, this is between me and you”“ I won’t trust me.” I said.From that day onwards, me and my Aunty Joan were very close, closer than anyone could imagine.

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