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tagIncest/TabooMe and Danny Ch. 03

I was on edge ever since "the incident" (that's what I'm calling it) the day after Thanksgiving. There were so many lines crossed in the kitchen that morning; so much sin to atone for. It really was a "Black Friday".
What started out as nonchalance about letting my nephew watch me shower had quickly escalated into me making out with him, sucking and fucking my husband for his entertainment, and allowing him to feel me up.
Worse thing about all of it was…I didn't want to stop.
I'm supposed to want to stop. That's what a responsible adult would feel. I'm supposed to recognize how wrong and perverse it is to want to see my nephew's cock, to replay the image of him jerking off to me over and over in my head. I'm certainly NOT supposed to dream about him bending me over in the shower and taking me despite my pleas for him to stop.
I'm sick. I'm a deviant. What the hell is wrong with me?
I have a husband who is everything I could ever dream about in a man. I have a son who is well adjusted and destined to do remarkable things. We have a family life that is the envy of everyone we know. My car is never more than 3 years old. My 5-bedroom house has a luxurious, finished basement. My job is one that I enjoy thoroughly. What more could I want?
And yet, here I was. Lusting after my nephew.
I needed to get Danny alone so we could talk. If we were going to continue playing this "game", we needed to figure some things out. Danny was young, and by the looks of it, inexperienced about women's bodies. The last thing we needed was to detonate our entire lives because he got too eager and pushed the envelope.
The potential fallout due to discovery would be…disastrous.
I wanted to steal a moment with him out of earshot of a certain husband, but that proved more difficult than I'd hoped it would be. I had no one but myself to blame for that, though. My little temper tantrum over Martin having to work on Thanksgiving left him with the impression that he'd been neglecting me. I tried to reassure him that I was just being an unreasonable bitch and that he should pay that little outburst no never mind. But he was insistent. His reasoning was that though I was being extra dramatic, those feelings I had stemmed from somewhere. So, he made it a point to spend all day Saturday with me and catch up on some "quality time".
His plan was to take me shopping earlier in the day, then out for a night on the town. The destination of our evening was a surprise, but he did let me know that he rented a nice hotel room for us to stay the night in.
Was it extremely sweet and romantic? Yes. That's one of the things I love about Martin. As hard and tough as he is, he can turn into a big marshmallow when it comes to me.
However, I couldn't get excited about his plans because I had "other things" on my mind. Any other time, this planned day would be something that would've had my thighs sticky. But now, all I could think about was getting some sort of handle on this thing with Danny.
That morning, when Martin was in the shower, I took full advantage of those 10 minutes. I zipped through my hallway to Danny's room. I was vaguely aware that I still had my night clothes on, which probably wasn't the best idea for the kind of serious discussion that needed to take place. All I had on was a long night shirt that reached mid-thigh. It was obvious that I was braless underneath (my nipples couldn't lie). What was less obvious was the fact that I was also commando.
No, I didn't do this for Danny. I always sleep braless, and mostly sleep panty-less as well. Last night was no different. However, for the intents of this conversation, I should've at least thrown some on when I went to his room.
Hindsight is always clearer than foresight.
I knocked on his door, taking a guilty look over my shoulder like my husband was going to be coming around the corner. Danny must've known it was me because he answered the door smiling. Immediately, his eyes fell to my tits, and that smiled widened considerably.
"Hey Aunt Ronnie. What's up?" he asked my nipples.
I sighed. I needed him to focus. With the crook of my finger, I lifted his chin until he was looking me in my eyes. Then, with a serious face, I said "We have to talk, and we don't have long because Martin's not gonna be in the shower forever."
I brushed past him into the room. By the time he'd closed the door behind us and turned to face me, I was already facing him.
"What's wrong, Aunt Ronnie?" he asked, obviously sensing my urgency.
There was so much that needed to be said in such a short time. I couldn't figure out exactly how I wanted to start this off, or what I wanted to say. My hands were flailing about in front of me and my mouth kept opening and closing, but all the words that needed to come out wouldn't form.
Danny's face fell a bit as he watched me. With sadness in his voice, he said, "I think I know what you wanna say."
"Do you?"
He nodded and sighed. "Yeah. And I get it. I guess you giving me your panties was a mistake. Don't worry. You don't have to worry about me bothering you. You're my aunt, and I'm your nephew."
I should've just gone with this. After all, he handed me the escape with none of the awkward back and forth. I didn't even have to start it. It solved all the potential problems I was fearing.
But the look of despondency on his face crushed my heart. I couldn't do that to him. Our "thing" obviously meant so much to him.
"That's not why I came in here, Danny."
"It's not?" he asked, a bit of hope in his voice.
I shook my head before I closed the space between us. Then, I grabbed him by the cheeks and very softly, very lovingly, placed a kiss on his lips. Not a hot make-out session like before, but it was not a kiss a normal aunt would give to her nephew.
"No. I'm not here to tell you to stop, but we do need to get a few things straight. If I'm going to allow you certain…liberties…there must be some ground rules in place. Understand?"
He nodded so eagerly; like a little boy who'd been told he could have extra dessert if he did his chores. It was so adorable. I gave him a warm smile before saying, "Okay, so rule number one is obvious. No hanky panky if Martin or Chris are in the room. And no watching me shower if they are even in the house."
"Yeah. I kinda figured that."
"It still had to be said." I said with a shrug. He gave a nod of understanding, so I continued, "Rule number two is really just me letting you know that we won't be having sex. I don't really know the limits of what I'm comfortable with right now, but I do know that I don't want to cheat on Martin. So, I need you to know where we stand on that."
He looked a little disappointed at that, but not too much. He must've known that on some level. I must admit, saying that aloud did take a bit of the mystery out of things, which in turn removed some of the fun. Part of the game was seeing where everything would end up.
But still, it had to be said. We both needed to hear that come from my mouth. I needed to remind both of us that I was indeed married and very much in love with my Martin.
When he gave me another nod, I said, "Good. So, I guess the final rule is that we need a code word between us. Besides sex, we have no idea what we can't…you know…do together. There was a time when you rubbing my backside was completely out of the question. But things keep changing, and I'm not sure what I'm uncomfortable with. So, we need to come up with a safe word so when things are going too far, we know to back off."
He thought for a moment before suggesting, "What about Red?"
"Nah. Too obvious. We need a word that we can say in front of anyone without arousing suspicion but is still out of place enough to not say accidently."
I could see the wheels turning in his head. I was thinking hard on it too. He was the first to get an "aha" look on his face before he said, "Instead of a word, what about a phrase?"
"Like what?"
"Something like…I don't know…I need a glass of water?"
"Oh my god, that's perfect!" He said, smiling at his own genius. "If things are getting too hot, and need to cool off, you can ask for a glass of water. We never say glass of water in our everyday life. You always keep those bottled waters in the fridge. But, if you tell me, Danny, can you get me a glass of water, or I need a glass of water, I'll know you want me to cool things off. If anyone else hears it, they'll just think you're thirsty."
After thinking about it, I saw the brilliance in it. My face must've shown that I was coming around to it, because he smirked and said, "I'm a genius. I know. Just admit it."
And just like that, I was turned on for him. That little cocky display of self-confidence was kind of hot.
"Fine. You're a genius." I said, rolling my eyes as if it were reluctant praise. However, my playful smile let him know that I was messing with him. I liked cocky Danny. Cocky Danny was kind of sexy. I'd stroke his ego as much as he needed to encourage that.
Martin's shower should be ending soon, so with a pout, I regrettably said, "I have to go."
"Yeah. I know." he said, his own disappointment showing. His eyes, however, fell to my tits bulging out from my night shirt. Shyly, he asked, "Can I have a parting gift?"
I knew exactly what he wanted. We had our secret language, after all. I gave him a knowing smirk before bending down and grabbing my nightshirt by the bottom hem. I then lifted it over my head and stood there in front of him in all my naked glory.
His mouth dropped and he let out a breath, like he couldn't believe what he was seeing. He stood there, frozen in place, worshiping me with his eyes like I was some kind of goddess.
I'm not gonna lie. I ate that gaze up. It made me feel so sexy and desired. I wanted to give him more. He deserved more. So, nodding my head towards me, I said, "You can touch me if you want."
He let out a gasp and his disbelieving eyes met mine. "Really?"
I smiled at his naivete. Stepping closer to him, I grabbed both of his wrists and lifted them to my breasts. Then, I placed the palm of each hand on the soft, pliable flesh of one of my C cups.
His kid in a candy store smile was worth it. He bit his bottom lip and squeezed my tits, as if testing their pliability. The more I acquiesced to his touch, the bolder and more comfortable he became playing with them.
His thumb and pointer finger encircled my nipples. He shot me (my face) a glance, as if seeing if what he wanted to do was okay. I said nothing, neither yay or nay. This was his show. I was prepared to let him play to his heart's content.
With my silence providing permission, his fingers pressed together on the nipples that had become taut within seconds of his touch. He twisted them back and forth, like he was carefully tuning the knobs on a radio.
His amusement with my tits pleased me. The way he bit his lip and focused his attention on his targets let me know that he was thoroughly enjoying what he was doing.
I got lost in the moment; so lost that I'd entirely forgotten about Martin. I was standing in my nephew's room, completely naked while he was mauling my breasts like he was my lover. All it would take was for the door to swing open for us to be caught.
Danny's eyes suddenly got a look of mischief. This time, he didn't wordlessly ask my permission for what he was about to do. He just pulled one of my breasts out, like he was situating it. Then, he quickly lowered his head. Before I could stop him, his saliva was wetting one of my distended nipples as he sucked it into his mouth.
I opened my mouth to tell him to stop, but instead let out a moan. It wasn't intentional. It was a natural response to the surge of pleasure his mouth was giving me. Without realizing what my body was doing, I began arching my back and pushing more of my breasts into his suckling.
And, of course, my horny ass started getting wet.
"Danny…" I started to feebly protest, but nothing else came out. My mind had gone blank. When his mouth switched to my other tit that was just begging for the same attention, I was lost. I knew I had to stop this. My brain reminded me that we'd just come up with a phrase of some sort to slow things down. It was on the tip of my tongue. But for the life of me, I couldn't remember what that phrase was.
One of Danny's hands left its respective breast and slid down my quivering tummy. I knew where it was headed. Once again, I had to stop him, but I couldn't. I was trapped there, helplessly surrendering to him. My body was drawn to him, just like when we kissed on Thanksgiving night. I was completely at my nephew's mercy. Despite what I said to him not even 5 minutes ago about sex being off the table, my body was ready to open up and invite him inside.
I wasn't strong enough to ask for a glass of water. It took fate's intervention to stop us. Just as Danny's fingertips reached the neatly trimmed, course hair of my pubic region, a voice snapped us from our lust-filled fog.
"Ronnie? Where'd you go?"
Martin's voice yelling from the other side of Danny's door was like a bucket of icy water being thrown on us. His voice was close. Too close. Danny's door is right by the staircase, so the best-case scenario had Martin heading downstairs to search for me there. Worst case…
There was a loud, hard knock on Danny's door.
My heart just…stopped. I didn't even realize I was holding my breath.
Thinking quickly (much quicker than me), Danny yelled out, "Uhh…I'm not dressed Uncle Martin!"
Realizing I only had a few seconds, I scrambled and jumped into his closet. I'd barely made it inside when I heard Danny's door open.
I just knew this was it. I knew I'd been caught. Praying in whispered tones, I asked God to please, please keep my husband from coming into the room.
"Sorry, Danny. I didn't disturb you, did I?"
I was kind of surprised to hear a bit of humor in his voice. I knew Martin, and I could tell when he's amused. I couldn't tell if I should be relieved by that or not.
Danny's nervous voice answered, "I…uhhh…wasn't doing anything."
There was a chuckle from Martin, like he knew something. However, that amused voice just said, "Okay. My bad." With that, I heard the door close.
I finally let out that breath I was holding. When the closet door opened, Danny gave me a nervous smile. I returned it and pushed past him as I headed out, pulling my shirt down over my body as I did so.
I slowly, carefully, opened his door and peeked out. I saw the top of Martin's head as he descended the stairs. With a sigh of relief, I turned to Danny and gave him a quick kiss on the lips before running out of his room on my tiptoes.
I ran across the hallway towards the back staircase and went down that way. I ended up in the kitchen, just as he was walking in from the front entrance.
"Here you are!" he said when he saw me. He didn't look upset at my presence, so I concluded that he had no idea I was naked in Danny's closet while he stood a few short feet away.
"Here I am." I said with an innocent smile. "Were you looking for me?"
"Yeah. When I got out, I couldn't find you anywhere. I thought you left."
Shaking my head, I said, "Nope. Been here the whole time."
He shrugged, dismissing his inability to locate me as unimportant. He stepped in closer to me, and in a low voice, he said, "I…uh…think I caught Danny watching porn."
"Yeah." He answered, completely missing the reason for my surprise. Leaning in even closer, as if he were afraid the walls were spying on us, he said, "I went to his room to ask if he'd seen you, and he yelled something out about not having on any clothes. I heard him scrambling around in there, and I got suspicious. I thought he was doing drugs or something like that. But when I opened the door (snicker), I saw him standing there in the middle of his room with a BONER!"
"OH MY GOD!" I exclaimed, though my shock about his boner was more on a personal level than Martin anticipated.
"He was just as hard for me as I was wet for him."I thought to myself as I watched Martin have a good laugh. The irony of him guffawing at Danny's boner, not knowing that it was for HIS WIFE, was not lost on me.
Pressing my luck, as well as having a bit of secret fun with Martin, I asked, "What makes you think he was watching porn because he had a boner? Maybe he…I don't know…snuck a girl into his room and was about to have his way with her."
Martin looked at me with silence for a moment. I was afraid that maybe I took my teasing too far and exposed myself, but Martin suddenly burst out into uproarious hilarity.
"Danny? Sneak a girl into his room?" he asked between fits of his big belly laughter. I couldn't help laughing with him, though mine was once again at that creature named irony.
I gave him a kiss on the lips. Then I changed the subject.
"Where are we going tonight?"
"You'll see." He said mysteriously.
Now that the anxiousness around me and Danny was put to bed, I found myself intrigued by my husband's secrecy. What was he up to?
I'd been with Martin since I was 18 years old. We met at a college frat party; a party neither of us were supposed to be at. I'd just graduated high school and had been touring different campuses to assess where I wanted to attend. This certain weekend happened to be this college. My best friend (at the time) was visiting with me.
Tina and I were just looking for trouble to get into. However, two young, hot, naïve girls wearing short skirts don't have to go searching long and wide for trouble. It will find them.
A hungry wolf in a backwards cap found the two doe-eyed gazelles wandering around the campus like easy prey separated from a pack. Like the hunter he was, he closed in on us immediately. At the same time he was introducing himself, he was sliding a flier into my hands, inviting me to be his date at his fraternity's party later that night.
I thought I was being coy and playing hard to get, but looking back, I saw that I was only highlighting how easy a hunt I was. There was no doubt in either of our minds that Tina and I were going to that party. And though it was lost on me, this guy instinctively knew that either me or my friend was going to be getting hard-dicked by sunrise. His play was to make sure he was the one doing the hard-dicking.
He was so right about that. I was wet from the moment he invited us to party with college guys; just jonesing for a bonesing. He was wrong, however, about WHOSE cock would end up getting wet between my young, nubile thighs. Little did he know, a certain marine was also invited to that party by his cousin who was a fellow brother. He was home on leave for two weeks, and his cousin wanted to show him a good time and get him laid.
Mission accomplished. Martin did indeed get laid that night.
Martin floored me when I first saw him. I'd completely forgotten about the guy who invited us to this party. He was such a deliciously beautiful man, so different from everyone else around him. Not only was he good-looking as all get out, but he had a confidence about him that was genuine.
He stood straight and tall, like a marine, with his shoulders back and his head up. I remember thinking that, even before I knew he was a marine.
Most guys I'd met at that youthful age were on the extremes of unattractive personalities. They were either arrogant assholes or ultra-shy wimps. But Martin's confidence wasn't a show he was putting on. He didn't care about the people around him or worry about how they saw him. He knew who he was. It was just a part of his personality.
I'd never met anyone like him. My young ass was smitten from the very first smirk he gave me.

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