Me and my best friend’s husband

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Me and my best friends husband
This is a 100{041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6} true story that happened some years ago. Still think about it from time to time and want to share it with you. Names has been changed.
Anna and I met when we both were study as adults in high school. We both needed to raise our grades to study at university. We became friends very quick as we had same interest and our daughters were both born the same year.And they also get along real good too playing. Anna and I shared our thoughts involving future and even when we had troubles at home as friends do. So I knew she and her husband had hard time in their marriage from time to time. They had been together since both were 15 so I guess that´s one reason, now they were over 30.
One time we started a discussion with some classmates involving penis sizes and a girl said that you could see if a man had big or small penis just by looking at their hands,feet and height. We others disagreed with her and Anna told us even though her husband was rather small 5ft5 (1,70) he had a cock that was almost 10 inches(26 cm) and thick too.That fact made me somewhat turned on because the last time I had, had a big one was when I lost my virginity. We never spoke more about it but the thought of his penis was stuck in my mind and can tell you that I always seemed to blush as her husband Joe was around.
One other time me and Anna and Joe were talking about boobs. Anna had really small once and told me the only time they were a bit bigger was when she was pregnant or breastfeeding. I on other hand has always had big once from the start. I got into puberty really early-years before anyone else in my class and grow a big pair. They are now G-cups. Joe said to us even though he liked his wife’s boobs he preferred big once. And when Anna left the room he whispered into my ears
-Just like yours Tina he said and his hand softly touched them.
-I really like yours.
-Joe I said don´t do that. You are married and I don´t want to come between you and Anna.
Anna came into the room and we couldn´t continue our talk. Months went bye and Anna’s birthday came closer and closer. She had invited me to it and I said yes to that. It was going to be a big party with lot of people coming.
On the day the party was going to be held me and my then boyfriend had a really bad fight. Our relationship was doomed and I had already another place to stay and was leaving him in a month. He told me as his dropped me off he was not going to pick me up later that night, I had to ask anyone else for a ride home or stay the night. (He was not invited to the party because he and Anna were no friends at all to put it mildly).
I came really early to the party because i´ve told Anna I could help preparing the food we were going to eat. I just sighed as I gave her a big hug and told about the fight. I hadn´t stopped talking when Anna said:
-Off course you can spend the night at our place. We have lot of rooms and our k**s stays at grand mums tonight.
-Are you sure I asked. What will Joe say?
Anna turned to Joe and asked him. I could see a glimpse of hope in his eyes.
-Yes he said looking into my eyes off course you can stay.
The party started and we eat and drank lot.It was over 50 ppl there and Anna got more and more d***k. I drank some too but not like her. We danced lot too and when a slow dance was on Joe took me into his arms and pulled me really close. I could feel how he got stiff and he whispered in my ears how happy he was for me spending the night there. The party ended and Anna was so d***k we had to lead her to the car. It was full so I had to sit on someones lap and Joe told me to sit on his. I did and as we were going to their place I cound feel his cock pounding and he sneaked a hand under my top and slowly stroked my bra were my nipples were rock hard and pointing out. I sighed and couldn´t understand no one saw what he was doing.
We came home to their house and we both had to lead Anna inside and put her to bed in their kingsize bed. I asked were I could sl**p and Anna said the bed was big enough for the three of us. She turned arround and fall asl**p in seconds snoring. I took of my pant and top only laying in bed with my bra and undies. My heart pounded really hard but didn´t say or do anything as Joe came back from bathroom. I turned on my side and tried to sl**p and somehow manage to do for like 5 or 10 min.
Then I felt how Joe rolled me onto my back and pulled up my bra and started to touch my boobs.
-What are you doing I said.
– Can´t help myself Joe whispered. Have always wanted to touch and suck on your huge boobs Tina he said.
And with that I felt his mouth on my boobs licking and sucking them. I moaned softly not to wake Anna up.
I caressed Joe’s cheeks and ran my fingers through his hair as he continues sucking them. I later found out he sucked so hard that I got big hickeys on both of them. It was pure luck me and my then x-boyfriend never had sex.
I really enjoyed his mouth and tongue against them. My pussy was so wet and soaked through my undies.
After a good 30 min Joe asked me to lift my hips up and as I did he took off my undies and he took place between my legs. He took of his boxers and even before I could have a taste or look at his big cock he sunk into me in a single thrust. I knew from Anna they hadn´t had sex for over three month so I guess that was why he plunged straight into me.
-Ahhhh he said you feel so tight and wet.
-MMM was all I could say.
I was in seventh heaven! I could feel his big thick cock deep down inside me and it still got bigger as he started to pound my very wet pussy. He kissed me and his hands didn´t leave my boobs for a second. Touching, caressing and pinching nipples.. I locked my legs around his hips and he started to fuck me harder. I couldn´t understand that Anna didn´t feeel anything or heard our moans. He fucked me harder and harder and we never stopped kissing.
After a not that long time I exploded in a big orgasm and my contracting pussy muscles send Joe into cumming into me. His cock spit line after line after line of thick slimy hot sperm into me. He stayed on top of me after he emptied his balls and still was kissing me.
-Sorry he said. It was so long ago and I came so fast, but what a load i shot into you.By the way are you on the pill he asked.
– No I´m not but have a coil so no need to be worried.
-Ahh good he said.
After a while I needed to go to the toilet to pee and when I sat down I could hear Joe come in to.
So I was still on the toiled emptying my bladder when he stood naked in front of me.
-I need to pee as well he said.
I stood up and wiped myself off and with a cheeky look in my eyes I grabbed his now soft cock and held it so he could pee. I pulled his foreskin back down and he started to pee, but when he started i rubbed it some and it started to grow at once.
– Hey he said wait a second. Then you will clean it with your tongue.
– Yes I said like that.
When he was finished he turned to me and placed a towel on the floor and pulled my head down.
I started to lick his balls, they tasted of salty piss. pussy and sperm but it didn´t stop me.. I sucked them both into my mouth and licked and sucked on them and could hear Joe liked the treatment. Now I really could see with my own eyes how big and thick cock he had. It was so big and the vains on it showed.It stood straight out with a curve slightly to left. He had a big cock head that was abit flat, where pre cum had started to leak from.
I sucked on his balls some more and really got turned on by his moans. Now we could be bit more loud because the toilet was downstairs from bedroom.
-Lay down on your back please Tina he said. Want to taste you too now.
I lay down on the floor and Joe got on top of me yet again but now I had his cock in my mouth and his mouth and tongue close to my pussy. He blew some air on it and separated the lips. His cum was still dripping out but he didn´t mind. He let his tongue slide across it all before licking my clit. it felt so good and he started to suck on it too. My legs started to shake but i continued with blowing him off. I sucked on his head as it was a lollypop and teased it with my tongue. He pushed his hips down so more of his cock came into it. I sucked on it and he slowly fucked my mouth. He really licked my pussy good-never in fact had anyone licking it like him. I moan louder and my legs shook uncontrollable as I came yet again. Joe licked up all my pussy juices with delight as it was pure wine!
-Please stop sucking me he said .I want to cum inside you if you want he said. Your pussy was so nice and liked to fuck it so much, please Tina.
-Well Joe I said I liked it lot too so why not. Want all cum you give me, just as long as you lick me after.
-Sure he said. You taste so nice so I´ll do that.
I stood on all 4 and teased him abit with my pussy and ass. He stood up and played some with his cock head on my clit before sinking into me one more time. He started to fuck me slow and as he pushed into me his saggy balls hit my clit.I drew in some air each time as they did that and could feel how my muscles contracted too. This time he could fuck me much, much longer. His cock completely filled me up and he leaned over and grabbed my booobs again.We fucked for hours it felt like and he gave me orgasm after orgasm
Then we walked into the kitchen and Joe sat down on a chair and pulled me on top. Now I rode his cock and we kissed more. He turned more action towards my boobs and sucked more on them. I rode and rode him and could feel his orgasm was building up again. He looked into my eyes as we both came together once more. It was not that much cum pouring out of him this time but still a good size. Joe kept his words and licked me clean before we headed back to bed. I fell asl**p with his arms around me but was awaken an hour later.
Anna needed help down to toilet and Joe helped her walking down the stairs. She threw up over and over and Joe told her it was best for her if she lay on the couch outside the bathroom if she needed to go again and she did.
He ran up the stairs as Anna dowsed off again .I was awaken with a kiss and he asked if I wanted to fuck more.
-You can feel for yourself I told him. Am I wet enough?
-Yes Tina you are still soaking wet.
-So what are you waiting for I told him.
And for the last time that night he entered my pussy but now we were lying in spoon position. I raise my thigh and he thrusted hard into me. This time he fucked me as hard and fast as he could. My pussy really got a good fuck and Joe’s hand were on my boob again now pinching them hard. After a while he pushed me on my back and I separated my legs wide. He plunged into me again and again. He held hid hands still on my boobs and now he really get on them with his mouth too. He bit me some then licked bit again and so he continued.
-You are my slut now he told me and I need to put some marks on you so everyone can see what a whore you are fucking your best friends husband.
-Joe I told him yes I am your slut please let me be.
My pussy started to be soar after so much fucking but he still drilled that big cock in and out of it over and over and over again. I had orgasm after orgasm again and came so much I told Joe he needed to change sheets. After nearly two hours of raw hard pounding he came. And how he cum……Never in my life seen so much cum until that day and never felt it too.. He must have ejaculated at least 12 times before it stopped. After some cuddling he pulled his cock out and wiped it off in my hair.
-Now you smell like my whore too he said and smiled to me.Put your panties on now and feel my sperm pouring out of you he told me. You must wear your clothes all day and can’t wipe it up or shower until later tonight.
I did as he told and it was sooooo much running down my legs.My panties were soaking wet all day and my trousers too. Luckily I had black jeans on me but could feel the damp spot all day.
As Anna recovered from her d***ken state she had the biggest hangover ever but told us she slept like a baby all night. Joe and I looked to each other and shared a smile..
My pussy was so sore and boobs full of hickeys and bite marks but couldn’t help myself-when I got home I rubbed my clit several times with his sperm.
This was first and last time we had sex. I knew Joe wanted to do it more but as I though of what we done I felt guilty and said no to the best sex I had in my life up to that point! Anna and I went out separate ways though. But some years after I found out by my then boyfriend Anna had cheeted on Joe too, with him………

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