Me And My Daughters Became Sluts – Part I

Hi readers, I’m Urmilla 42 years old and my husband is a rich Nri based in Dubai he only comes to country once in two or three years and that too for a few days. we had two girls Nisha 24 and navya 22 even though I was a mom of two I’m still looking young and many of my friends commends that three of us are like sisters. My daughters were also sex bombs like me and was having huge tits and big ass like me as I was living away from my husband many of my neighbors and family members were having an eye on me. 
I think many of them were having bad intentions on my daughters also but things went very smooth until that night in which we palanned to go to a cinema. We went for the 6’o clock show, the theatre was one hour ride away from our house. I drived our car due to heavy traffic we were 10 minutes late when we reached the theatre the was alredy started as we were late no balcony ticket was not availiable the only tickets availiable was the low class tickets. I told my daughters.
We could return as I know in the low class cabin there would be no family or ladies and every one there would be low class people but my daughters said it was an interesting film and they don’t want to miss it and insisted me to took the ticket. I took the ticket and rushed to the cinema hall inside the cinema hall as I expected there was no ladies and to our misfortune we can’t find three seats together empty at last we found two seats empty together in a row. The only problem there was two men sitting near these two seats but as they were old men atleast over 55 years.
I allowed my daughters to sit in the two seats between the old men both of my daughters settled in those seats. Now, I started searching for a seat for me. I suddenly saw a face smiling to me. It was our servent’s son Balu smiling to me. He was sitting behind my daughters seat and there was also a seat vaccant near him. I planned to sit near him as I can watch my both daughters and also I don’t want sit between two complete strangers even though the other man sitting right side of me was a stranger of about 30 years. 
I was sure from his looks that he was a low class man. He was not good looking too. We started watching the movie. Now about Balu he was our servant Janaki’s son and was 20 years old. He was a black ugly looking guy eventhough having a muscular body both of my daughters doesn’t like him as many times he and his friends had commented them when they go outside. I had many times warned him for scolding my daughters but every time he says some excuses and escapes from me. I was atleast happy that he was not sitting near my daughters. 
I looked my daughters both of them were fully involved in the film eventhough I didn’t find anything interesting in the film suddenly I felt somethins in my right boobs when I looked I saw the strangers hand on my boobs. He was pressing my right boobs as if he is ignorant of doing so. He seemed to be completely involved in the film. I tried to move away from his hands but after some time his hand again reached my boobs at first he was just touching my boobs over my saree after seeing no strong protest from he started pressing them hardly. 
He even dropped my saree and started squeezing my big tits over my blouse. He began to squeeze both of my boobs roughly. I tried to take his hand away from my boobs but he was stong enough that I failed to take his hands from my boobs. Now the only way before me was to shout and let athers know my miserable condition but if I shout every one in the hall will see me in this condition and me and as Balu was sitting near me the news would surely reach even in our village. The stranger became more confident that he started unhooking my blouse. 
He succeeded in unhooking my blouse quickly. Now he started squeezing my tits over my bra after sometime he unhooked my bra and pulled it above my boobs then he started handling my naked boobs. Now I’m in a position that i can’t even shout. I shout everybody including my daughters will see my  boobs exposed. I blamed myself for discouraging the stranger strongly in the initial stage. I closed my eyes and prayed for the film to end quickly at that time I felt another hand squeezing my boobs when i look around i saw the strangers other hand on his pant just over his dick. 
He was gently pressing his dick with his one hand and the other hand pressing my boob. Now to my surprise the other hand over my boobs was that of Balu. Now my both boobs are handled by two young men then the stranger suddenly unzipped his pant and took his dick out. It was the first dick I was seeing in my life other than that of my husband. He then forcely took my right hand and placed it on his dick. I started to masturbate him eventhough he didn’t asked me to do so. I was thinking that if he cum he would stop groping me in the theatre with my left hand.
I unzipped Balu’s pant and started masturbating him also. I want both of them to cum as soon as possible so that they would stop their foul play but my move was wrong as Balu thought this  as a positive response from me and started sucking my left boob. He inserted his hand right inside my saree. His hands first reached inside my petticoat and then reached inside my panties by that time I was a little wet there. Understanding this he smiled to me and then his hand reached my vagina and he soon started finger fucking me. 
To make the situation worse the stranger started  sucking my right boobs right now iam being fingerfucked masturbating two low class people and allowing them to suck both my boobs. I never imagined myself to be in a situation like this. I closed my eyes with shame and continued masterbuting them . To my surprise after some time both of them took my hands from their dicks. I opened my eyes I saw the lights in the theatre were on and the screen displayed interval. 
I am now sitting with my boobs exposed both of them forgot to cover my boobs as they were busy in zipping their pants. I suddenly covered my boobs with my saree without even hooking the bra and blouse. I was wishing to get out of the theatre and go back to the home at that time only my daughters turned back and found me. They were surprised to see Balu sitting near me and they didn’t mind him. They said that they want some snacks and was going outside. I was also wishing to go with them even if they insist to see the film after the break 
I could sit somewhere else but my blouse was unhooked also my petticoat was untied by Balu. I can’t even stand in that condition. I had no other way than to sit in my seat. I asked my daughters to go and have their snacks both of them went outside the theatre. Balu and the stranger were starring at my daughters. I was sure they were thinking nasty about them. The stranger asked me who are these sluts? I said they are not sluts and is my daughters. Balu said to the stranger that they are the main items of our village. 
The stranger replied that both are fuckable whores as their mother and I said that I’m not a whore. They said that now I am their whore and they want my daughters now. I said I would not allow this both of them smiled and said we will make your daughters no.1 sluts in the town then they asked me to stand up and come with them. I somehow tied my petticoat and was trying to hook my bra. Soon they stopped me and asked to come in that condition.  We reached near the ladies toilet. 
There was nobody there as the ladies were very few ladies seeing the movie. Also the toilet was very dirty and was having bad smell. So usually people avoid using it. Balu suddenly took my vanity bag and took my mobile phone from it. He then pulled my saree and started taking my photos with naked boobs as i had not hooked my blouse and bra. He then asked the stranger to undress me. He came near me and took away my blouse and bra. Balu continued taking my photos then the stranger took away my saree an petticoat. 
I’m in my panties only and the front of my panties is wet with my liquids. The stranger said see the slut is already on fire” and he pulled my panties down. Now i am completely naked before two men. The only things that i am wearing is my mangalsutra and my wrist watch. Then Balu asked the stranger to kiss me. He obeyed and he then took many photos in his mobile. Then Balu asked me to call my daughters and tell them to come to the ladies toilet. 
I had no way than to obey them after some times both of my daughters came near the toilet. They were stunned to see their mom naked infront of two guys. Nisha asked what happened? I started crying. Balu said that your mom is in trouble and only you can help her. He said that they want to fuck both of them otherwise they will call people and everyone will see your mom nude.  Navya said they are virgins and can’t do that.
The stranger said that if they shout more people will come and gang bang three of you otherwise only two of them will be tasting you. They were feared and accepted their condition.  Balu took Nisha to one of the toilet and the stranger took Navya to another toilet. Balu told me you are our pimp and stay there and watch if anybody is coming. He also gave me my clothes and allowed me to wear it.  Then they closed the doors of the toilet after almost half an hour stranger came out in his briefs. 
He was having Navya’s clothes in his hand and he kissed me and said what a wonderful slut your daughter is after some time Balu also came out I saw Nisha in the toilet full nude then both of them exchanged the toilets. Balu went for Navya and the stranger went for Nisha after sometime both of them came back they called Nisha and Navya and they came out fully nude. 
They were fully covered in cum Balu took nude photos of them and some photos with the stranger. He said three of us now onwards their slaves and we have to obey what they say. You are free to go now but remember the photos are with them and they will call us whenever they want then both my daughters wore their clothes and we went near our car. The rest of the story I will explain in the next part. Readers your comments expected.