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Hi all , here is what happened a year ago when I had been to my friends house on a business trip to Belgaun , indeed its an accidental happening as I never had any such feeling to my friends wife , hope you all like it , whatever happened had happened for good or bad .

Sandhya went to sleep in her bedroom and I watched TV for some more time. I felt sleepy and started for my room which was a guest room. We both were alone in the house which was a huge bungalow and was outside the town. While passing by her bedroom I just peeped to see whether she had already slept. Sandhya was sleeping on a huge brass double bed without any covers on her body. She was wearing a thin nightgown which had moved up to her thighs and one of her breast was half out as she must have removed her bra clasp as it must be very tight. The scene was so erotic that I was getting a hard on then and there. However I controlled myself and went to my room for sleeping. I was not been able to sleep. Every now and then Sandhya’s voluptuous body used to dance in front of my eyes and my lust for her was increasing every minutes. After about 1 hour it was unbearable and the animal in me woke up.

I went to Sandhya’s bedroom. I pulled curtains on all windows and locked the door from inside. There was only one blue color bed lamp in the room now. I was aware that Sandhya had taken 2/3 sleeping tablets and hence I was doing this daring. I went up to her bed and bent over her face. My lips were hardly couple of inches away from hers. My breath was very hot now. I slowly put my lips on hers and kissed her. There was no reaction. I removed my clothes and started playing with her body. I pressed her boobs and the mound of her vagina. I moved my hands inside her cloths. The touch of her boobs encased in bra gave a heavenly feeling. I just tweaked the tip of her bra. Nipples felt like small grapes dying to be sucked. I unclasped the hook of her bra. The nighty she was wearing was held by a string at the waist. Just by loosening of the string her Venus like figure was exposed to me hungry eyes. I switched on the tube light. Her glowing naked body was exposed to me. I stood near her drinking every inch of her body with my hungry eyes. I the moved near to her and lied down beside her.

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I took one of her tits in my mouth and started nibbling on it. I kissed her deep and started kneading her breasts. I was also twisting her cunt lips in between and putting my finger inside her cunt lips. I made her lie on the bed on her back. Then slowly removed her panty. I caught one of her legs and moved it away. Her legs were spread wide. Her cunt lips opened like the blooming of a bud. I had a real hard-on now. My dick was throbbing in excitement. I took a pillow and forced it below her hips. I came between her legs and tried to shove my hard cock inside her cunt. But it was dry and I was feeling it difficult to push. I searched around and got coconut oil bottle on the dressing table. I lubricated my cock thoroughly by coconut oil and also poured some quantity on her cunt. Her cunt was dripping with coconut oil now. I lifted both her legs and placed them on my shoulders. Then I pushed my dick in her glistening hole. I had no difficulty in pushing my huge erection in her. I started giving slow strokes and increased the rhythm slowly. The effect of the sleeping pills was getting over now and slowly she was returning to her senses, she felt that somebody is violating her body. She realized

That she is being raped and opened her mouth to shout. I put my hand on her mouth to muffle her voice. I put my lips on hers and pinched her tits very hard. She wanted to scream but my tongue entered her mouth and chocked her voice. Her body was lying motionless as if all her energy has got drained by this sudden violation of her martial laws. Slowly she too started moving her body in the same up down motion matching my rhythm. Her tongue started moving in her mouth playing with mine. I bit her shoulder and earlobes. I was fucking her so hard now that her entire body was shaking though tied. My cock was making a nice plop sound every time it hit her cunt lips due to liberal coconut oil. And driving me more mad. After a long fucking I made her a bitch and inserted my prick from her back. My pole was making thup…thup. ..thup sound. Suddenly she started jerking her body and moans started escaping her tight lips. “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh hhhhhh oooooooooohhhhhhhhh mmaaaaaa…. Oooohhhh …ggoodd”. Then all of a sudden she collapsed on the bed. She drenched my prick with thick cum of her. Her face was buried in the pillow. Her ass rising high in the air expecting a little more of my already fully buried prick. I continued fucking her violently. I fucked her for 25 minutes and emptied my load inside her .

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She was in a state of shock however she climaxed again when I shot my load inside her. I turned and came 69 on her and started lapping her cunt lips by spreading them wide open. I inserted my semi hard cock in her open mouth and gagged her. She had no choice but to suck it to make it harder. My tongue was entering deep inside her cunt and I had spread her thighs wide open. Sandhya was sucking my cock. Rather I would say that I was fucking her mouth just like I did with her cunt. I gave long and hard push in her mouth. She was getting gagged by my long lund “mmmmm….mmmmmm” were the only words that were able to escape from her jammed mouth. I kept on pushing my pole for 15 minutes and it had become monstrous now . I again turned and entered her with force. She was pleading me shyly not to fuck her and rape her in this manner. I kissed her deep and silenced her voice. I started fucking her hard. She again started enjoying it after an initial hesitation due to shame. She was lifting her ass to meet my cock as it was entering deeper and deeper. I started kneading her boobs wildly. Her nipples must be twitching by now. She was becoming restless. I started fucking her slowly. Getting my prick completely out than inserting it completely in a very slow motion. I was enjoying the rubbing of her cunt walls around my moving prick. I fucked her again for 1 hour which is a sort of record for me. I have never been able to last so long before or after this incident. I emptied my balls deep inside her and she hit the climax 4 times in the course of this 1 hour of slow fuck. She was now almost unconscious. Her body was dripping with sweat.

I got up from her love mound with my cock dripping with love juices which I wiped it on her boobs. I caught both her boobs and pressed them together placing my cock in between them. I moved coke to wipe all my cum on her titties.

Then I made her sleep on the sides and pulled a blanket on her. I saw the watch, I was fucking her for 3 hours and was feeling very tired. I went to my room and slept. I got up in the morning around 7 am. And went to dinning room. I saw Raj sitting on the dinning table. He asked me to join him for a morning tea. He must have come early morning completely drunk after I had raped his lovely wife. Sandhya must have opened the door for him and guided him to the bedroom naked? Who knows? Raj was surely not in a condition to notice the change in behavior of His wife. He must not have noticed bruises on her breasts, teeth marks on her thigh and on her ass, dripping of cum on the silky pubic hairs and some cum stains on the bed sheet on which he slept happily clinging to her.

Sandhya walked out from the kitchen with a tray of tea cups in her hands. She must have taken bath just now as her hair were wet and tied nicely at the back. She was wearing a blue color house gown which was showing all the curves of her body. Her lips and shoulder were bruised by my bites however she was trying to show nothing has happened. Initially I noticed a bit of shivering in her after seeing me but quickly she overcame her emotions. She bit her lips and sat next to me on dining table. We drank tea almost silently. Then I said I had to leave that afternoon. In the afternoon I bid goodbye to Sandhya and left their village for Bangalore. But before I left their house Sandhya came to my room. I had completed my packing.

“It was not fair….not at all fair. We are married to someone else.

But still……. ……… I ENJOYED IT”

That was the word I will never forget in my life. We never had sex again but exchanged over love to one another whenever we got a chance by a simple kiss or deep hugging. We knew our limits.

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