Me and Vale: Aunty’s best friend! | straight story from Mat&Aunty

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Hi everyone.

After about 6 months of having periodic fucks with aunty, a very pleasant thing happened for me.That is, aunt talked about our games with her best friend, as well as colleague Valentina. She enthusiastically told to aunty that she wanted to verify this thing on her skin.Valentina: 35 years old, a woman of medium-short stature, fourth breast, slightly defined physique, a firm and soft ass and with beautiful feet.Aunty called me that same afternoon and she told me she had a surprise. I went to her within 10 minutes. I arrived and she told me that today I would not play with her but with Valentina. I was amazed but also excited because I’ve always seen Valentina as a very attractive woman and I’ve even jerked off a few times.I went into the bedroom and found Valentina, just out of the shower. Long wet hair that almost reaches her ass, two wet boobs, a totally shaved pussy and two beautiful feet.I was already practically naked when she told me to step out the door for a second to settle down. I was out maybe 30 infinite seconds.I walked back in and saw her in white Nike socks and a tight black shirt. Her pussy was bare and ready for use.She told Me to come closer. She grabbed my head and put it between her legs. I licked and the more I went on the more I felt her writhing and panting.She came in My mouth releasing a large amount of semen.She composed herself and made me lie face up, naked, and (displacing me) she positioned her two feet with her socks on my cock starting a great footjob and exclaiming ” I surprised you eh? Your aunt told me everything!! I want to make you enjoy. “I stopped her and took off her socks. I licked her feet for a moment and then made her start the footjob again.She made me sit at the end of the bed. She took off her shirt and put my cock between her nice firm boobs. I don’t know how I didn’t come right away.I took her by weight and threw her on the bed, I spread her legs and put my cock in them, pumping for some time. When I was at the limit to cum, I took off, licked her pussy again, she got up and gave me one last slap on my balls and then I cum all over her face. Two seconds after we finished, my aunt came in.Z”Are you happy now?”V” yes thank you my friend”Aunt smiled.V”ok, I’m going to change me, thanks Matteo”M”You’re welcome Vale. You great”Aunty kissed my dick and told me to take free myself for the following weekend because she will have a surprise.We said goodbye with her who stroked my cock still dirty from the juices of her closest friend.

Thank you.This is a link to the next story because otherwise some things would not be explained.