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Dear All.. I am Raj.. this true story is for you all.. kindly reply me if you like & please send your suggestions. I was studying for graduation, in a College in north India, staying in men’s hostel and I am from South. I had heard that our Hindi professor’s both the daughters are ‘hoties’. I was an above average student both in studies and extracurricular activities – I was broadly known as a ‘Good BOY’- a semi-shy – decent ‘boy’. These girls were studying in a different college, but Prof. with family was staying in our Staff quarters, in the same campus of our hostel. I had seen both these girls going in/out of campus and seen them close in Super market, a couple of times. In fact, my senior, who left the college told many stories about his relationship with them. But I had no chance to talk to them. Preeti (elder) is voluptuous where as Priya is slightly lean – but both with great assets – very fair -very large upper melons & lower melons! (All names changed) In the college annual day, I was a member in the College orchestra and I got a chance to conduct 2 fusion songs. For the function, Prof. came with family. To my luck, both the Fusion Songs were grand success. I got long applause for the audience and I was given a special memento, by the principal. Next day Prof. called me to dept and congratulated me and told me that his daughters are interested to meet me getting some idea for their college festival. Great opportunity, I thought. The same day evening, I went with Prof. and met both of them, at his quarters. After introducing & a tea, Prof. went upstairs. We started talking and within a short time, they were talking very intimately – they told me that they knew me through Dr. Manju, another Prof in Hindi and a professional singer, who admired me a lot. In short, our friendship grew very fast. They wanted me to choreograph their fusion dance – In this process, we were meeting – with the permission of the family. Preeti & Priya used to be very friendly with me – but I could feel what my senior told me may be right, as they were taking with much more freedom than in a normal case. One day, Preeti called up told me that they want few hours from me the next Saturday for finalising the theme of fusion dance – they told that I can meet them in their house, as Prof. & Aunty (wife of Prof.) I also thought it may the decision of God. As decided I reached their home by 10 AM. They were ready – they were in tempting – We sat & discussed the songs – we made some combinations of Bombay Jaysasree. Then we discussed the theme & they got ready to dance. With their imagination, they both danced with the music for 3 – 4 minutes – Very good, they danced very well! While watching the dance, I was also exploring both the girls’ assets. They both, purposefully were wearing ‘exposing’ dress. We paused and I started correcting the theme and their steps. Then Priya told me: Why are you sitting and telling – Please come & show us. I went to them and started correcting their posses. The smell of their perfume & the sweat, started making me mad. I was sitting on the floor & explaining a twisted leg-pose, Priya lost balance and fell on me. Losing my control, I too went flat on the floor and she fell on me. Preeti came rushing and helped Priya to get up and then me. Priya told that she will take little rest & join – she left to her room. Preeti and I was alone. She came sat next to me & started talking. Immediately, she went & locked the door and came & told me – now anybody comes, please wait in my bedroom – I will call you, once they leave – just as a caution. While discussing, she put her hands on my thighs and just pressed. I did not show any reaction. She came further close and started boosting me for my performance & ideas. She came further close, almost touching me. Now, I understood fully.. I also started advancing. The smell, the feel of the probable things to happen .. made me to put my hands on her shoulder. She came sloping on my body, looking down, pressing her big boobs on my body! Fantastic feeling..I hugged her tightly for some time. Then, telling something, she looked at my face, started to bring her lips to mine! I could not control..I gave a strong kiss on her lips, which extended for few minutes, while my hands spread to her large breast. She got wild & pressed her lips on mine & I thought she may cut my lips. She suddenly stood up & pulled me up to standing pose, like a wild horse – we both, while standing, were exploring all our body, mutually. I ran my hands over all her assets. Her breasts were large, bigger for her age, but firm with small nipples – even those nipples were stony-hard. Thighs were very soft – felt like leaking in between her thighs – that good. Buttocks were more tempting – I squeezed like a hungry tiger. Immediately, she dragged my hands ands & kept it on her breasts. So I shifted my concentration on that. I positioned myself to her back & massaged both her boobs with both the hands – she was shivering. I was pressing to such an extend that I felt that it may pain her – but she again kept her hands on mine and gave further pressure .. oh..shit …what a whore.. Daringly, she drove her hands down to ‘pat’ my tool, over my pyjama – she started pressing it. I was losing my control, although I was thinking – what will happen, if Priya comes down. But, Preeti was so hot that I could not even ask anything. She dragged me in that pose to her bedroom – after closing the door, she pushed me on her bed. Then she jumped on me & started whispering .. Please do it.. please do it.. I started opening her top and within seconds, with her help, I could remove her top. Seeing large melons, I smiled .. She, straight away took out one of the breast out of her bra and pushed it into my mouth. Oh..geeaaaat feeling. I started sucking & she started moaning loudly. Then I told her that Priya may hear the sound & come – she replied – let her also come – I don’t care – I need you – pls suck me … Pls dont stop. (felt like she is breast-girl) By the time, she started pushing my Kurta up and Pyjama down – looked as if she is an experienced one. In seconds, she managed to remove my Pyjama & Kurta. By this time, my tool was throbbing inside my underwear and she could feel the full vigor thru my underwear. Without any delay, she pulled my undy down, freeing my tool, which jumped out & stood perpendicularly. Again, she came & pushed her other breast into my mouth & started massaging my tool with lot of pressure (in fact, it was paining) – I sucked one breast and massaged the other. After a few minutes, she pushed her back, positioned her and started pushing my toll into her pussy! Oh.. lord.. I could not imagine such a fast action. Of course, although it was tight, in her furry I felt, she hurt her – but no mercy. She was making “isss…isss” sound and trying to get him full in – ALAS! then she managed. Now, as an expert, she started pumping… pumped with so much of vigour which I cannot believe (I had had few intercourse before – but nothing near this) In few minutes, she caught me very strongly and collapsed on me. She remained there for some time – but all of sudden got up & left the room. In fact, I was very close to climax, but could not release; I was confused – could not judge whether I should release it in or out – felt bad that she left me like that without giving me an orgasm.. While dreaming the door opened and she came in & closed the door. Again she came & fell on me. While touching her body, I had a doubt whether it is Preeti or Priya. Immediately I drove my hands on her breast and I was sure it was Priya (the younger one – I did not make any comment). I did not care – I too wanted to “leak out” very badly. So, this time, I started caressing her and aroused her to the top. after a few minutes, she told me – please I cannot wait any more..give me..give me.. pour it inside..we will see later..pleeeeeeeeease pour it inside me.. I want you inside.. pleeeeeeeeeaase.. More than her body, her sounds made me more wild and I pushed her down – I managed to position myself and pushed my tool which was waiting for long time. with few trials, I could send a part in .. then few more pushes, with some weeping from her I went in fully. Again she repeated.. give me fully in.. don’t worry.. give me fully.. I need all yours.. She started throwing herself up – probably she was more wild than her elder sister, punching madly from down. I could not stand.. much.. I told..I’m going to come.. please come.. She cried..I already had 2.. now I will come again.. you also come… I pumped few more.. I discharged a load of semen in her sweet pussy & then collapsed on her.. I remained there for few minutes.. Incidentally, next 2 years, they were 1st in college & inter-collegiate completions, in fusion. I too enjoyed my life with them – thanks to Preeti & Priya – I am sure you both will be reading this in KE.. If you enjoyed this, kindly mail me.. And encourage me.. I will send you further adventures I had with them & other girl friends in college – in Film Theatre – even in a car.