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Author's Note:
All characters engaged in sexual situations are eighteen years of age or older. All characters and events are fictional. Any similarities with actual events or persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental.
This is a work of fiction, and as such, certain events or situations may be improbable, and certain details may not correspond to real life. If you're looking for strictly likely situations and exact reality, I suggest you skip this.
WARNING:This story is far from my normal writing. Just read, enjoy, then masturbate. Maybe not in that order, but probably. This will never, ever be a series.

I smiled at my sister in the door of my bedroom, regardless of her request, or how much I wished she would just freaking grow up.
She did have one redeeming quality that I would be forever grateful for though.
Her existence guaranteed that I would never be expected to attend to the needs of our two, even younger sisters.
But right now, her needing help, again, with her math homework annoyed me to no end.
I had been in seventh grade five years ago; how the hell was I supposed to remember useless stuff like math from that long ago?
It did help somewhat that this made four days in a row she needed assistance, so I had reviewed what I needed days ago.
I could, in fact, get her through this again.
I just worried about how she would make it through a test on the material.
I got her headed in the right direction with some less-than-gentle reminders of what we had talked about the previous few days, then finished my own homework just in time for dinner.
With my homework done, I would be free, after the obligatory family dinner, for video gaming and television watching.
I considered us, my family, to be remarkably average. I'm certain that if anyone ever actually somehow noticed us, they would remark on how average we are.
My parents both had jobs that weren't particularly special, or lucrative. They had graduated high school the weekend before they got married, likely because I showed up a scant five months later.
We lived in a hundred year old house in a bedroom town. It being that old was fortunate because the rooms were large enough to divide the second and third bedrooms to make a total of five.
This was good because they had, over the years, produced four offspring. I was eighteen, and my sisters were thirteen, eight, and four years old.
A few years ago, Dad had developed some health issues that resulted in a horrible snoring habit, which resulted in my baby sister and the next youngest to move in together, and Mom to take up sleeping in the now empty bedroom next to mine upstairs, leaving number two, the thirteen years old, in the other room of the four upstairs.
Dad slept downstairs in the master now, alone.
Thing One and Thing Two had worked for me as labels for my siblings until Thing Three, which made it just slightly awkward. I didn't care though, so that's what I called them.
I did wish we weren't so remarkably average. I had a girlfriend, but had settled on a girl I had gone to grade school with who was, on a good day, almost as average.
It seemed there were more guys my age above average than average, so my choices were limited to the below average girls.
It wasn't very fair, in my mind.
My parents had been average, in high school, but because of Mom's dedication to a healthy lifestyle, their averageness hadn't declined while their classmates had done the reasonable thing, and aged less than gracefully.
Dad's clothes fit me perfectly, and mine him. He still weighed one hundred seventy-five, like when he graduated high school. He had all his hair. He looked a good ten years, or more, younger than his thirty-six years.
Mom, on the other hand, might look twenty years younger than her contemporaries.
I often wondered why I was relegated to a girlfriend that didn't look as good as my own mom, and of course, she had to be waiting for "the One" to pop her cherry.
My own remarkable averageness was about the only thing about my life I had to complain about because any other troubles I had could be blamed on that.
Maybe my thirteen year old sister needing constant help with math couldn't be traced to my averageness, but I could see a day coming that would be over.
I would be graduating in the spring, then off to the average state university an hour drive away.
"Maddie, did you…"
I tuned my Dad's voice out immediately. He always wanted to have "family" discussions at the dinner table. I didn't fault him for that, but his idea of a family discussion was to talk to Mom about bills, schedules, and other stuff they needed to talk about. Now was a perfect example.
I didn't listen to the conversation, but I must have been watching Mom, specifically her lips, as they talked.
Her lips were perfect to go with her perfect teeth, and as my mind drifted back from wherever it had been, I realized my cock was hard as a rock in my pants.
Just as I squirmed to adjust my erection, my Mom looked at me and smiled.
"You okay, Jerry?"
Her blue eyes, high cheekbones, and perfect mouth worked together to make my dick twitch before I could get it arranged better in my pants, and I probably grimaced.
"Fine. Why?" I questioned her.
"You looked like you might be upset about something."
"Just, um, thinking about something…"
That was my virgin girlfriend, and I guess I might have been thinking about fucking her, cause I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be thinking about doing that to who I was actually looking at.
I nodded.
"Harold, do you have any advice you can give your boy? I think maybe his girlfriend still isn't putting out, and if I remember right, you have some game."
Mom was always trying to make it sound like Dad had really swept her off her feet.
"If she's not putting out, I don't know what to tell you, son. That's all your Mom ever liked about me."
I really didn't want to hear that. Not only didn't it help me, picturing Mom getting nailed in the backseat of a car wasn't helping with my hard-on.
Mom looked hard at me
"I like your haircut, Jerry."
"Thanks, Mom."
I didn't believe she could actually tell I had just gotten it cut.
It was even more remarkably average than anything else about me, and hadn't changed since childhood.
"It matches Dad's," Thing One announced.
I finished eating as quickly as I could. Between Mom and Dad talking about Mom and Dad stuff on one side and the Things talking about little girl stuff on the other, I just wanted some peace and quiet.
I could see Thing One follow me with her eyes when I headed for the stairs after rinsing my dishes and leaving them in the dishwasher.
She made me a little uncomfortable sometimes, especially the last year or so.
Finally in my room, I settled in for some Black Ops, but none of my friends were online, so I lost interest pretty quick, and turned the game off.
I spent a few minutes finding an episode of Yu Gi Oh! I thought I hadn't seen.
I didn't even realize time was going so quickly until the knock on my door distracted me from the television.
A glance at my clock told me who was at the door, so I ordered them in.
Thing Three trotted over to me, as much as a four year old can trot.
"Goodnight, Jerry," she giggled, then stood on her tiptoes for her nightly kiss. She had a couple more years before she wouldn't kiss anymore.
Mom leaned against my doorway, and smiled at me after I let my baby sister kiss me.
Half an hour later, Thing Two repeated the scene, except she had only wanted a hug from me for a couple years already.
This time, Mom had already changed into her pajamas: shorts and a tee shirt.
I couldn't help but admire her legs, crossed at her ankles while she leaned against the doorway. She looked honestly happy when she smiled at me while my sister hugged me.
It took Thing One an hour and a half to follow our younger sisters, and Mom wasn't there to supervise. This was as usual.
She gave me a tight hug, then whispered 'goodnight' into my ear before trying to kiss me on the cheek, but getting it mostly on my ear.
I knew Mom and Dad were downstairs watching television.
They were old and set in their ways. I knew Mom would be coming up the stairs in a half hour.
About midnight, I switched off the television and headed for the bathroom.
My cock was already hard anticipating imagining what Ginger's pussy would feel like wrapped around me.
I would give myself an extremely average orgasm thinking about that when I got back from the bathroom.
I didn't even bother with the light in the bathroom. My littlest sisters slept with their door open. I assumed it was so Mom could hear if Thing Three had a bad dream or accident during the night.
The hallway and the inside of my bedroom were almost pitch dark, and I pushed my shorts down and off before climbing in bed.
I was already hard, anticipating finally getting myself off. I wished it could be inside a real woman instead of my hand.
"Harold, I'm so glad you changed your mind."
It was Mom's voice, and my first thought was to wonder why she was in my room.
I froze, of course.
I didn't freeze enough to not return her kiss. Ginger and I had made out enough that my lips and tongue knew what to do in that situation.
My mind took a few seconds to recognize that the woman in bed with me was totally naked, and she was rubbing her bare breasts and hard nipples against my chest. Her bare leg and crotch were rubbing against my hip and over my hard cock.
"Mm, Harold, you're so hard. Our little talk earlier has you really turned on?" Mom moaned into my mouth.
Her hand felt like heaven, soft, warm, sexy heaven, as it moved the length of my cock.
I just nodded, and she giggled before squeezing me in her hand.
"You're so hard, I don't even need to put that stunning piece of meat in my mouth first, but I will if you want me to," she growled, then moved down, kissing my neck, chest and belly on her way.
Ginger had played with my cock, and balls before. With her hands. She had never given me an orgasm, even though I had on a few occasions given her one with my fingers.
Mom's lips, then tongue and the inside of her mouth, couldn't even be compared to Ginger's hands.
My hips rose involuntarily as she made her way down my shaft.
"Your Mom has your cock in her mouth!" I heard my mind scream at me.
"Mm, baby, you like that. I can tell. You're harder than you've been in years. I need you inside me, then fill me with your cum," Mom growled around my cock between her lips.
I watched, stunned, as her silhouette rose over me, and swung around to straddle me.
My Mom used her hand to rub my harder than ever cock the length of her pussy a few times. I felt each pass over her opening, then I almost came when she suddenly dropped down and I was buried to my balls inside her.
"God, I'm glad you're so enthusiastic about this, Harold," she moaned against my mouth before she started kissing me passionately.
My hands found her soft, plump butt cheeks, and started kneading them, then pulled her tight against me when she started to raise herself off my cock.
I was afraid I would cum if she moved right then, and I wanted to get used to having my cock inside a pussy.
She bit my lip before speaking.
"Don't wait for me. I want…need to make sure you stay hard long enough to cum and fill me with everything you have."
I was pretty sure nothing at this point was going to keep that from happening.
She started to move, slowly, the length of my hard shaft, until all I could feel inside her was the tip, and I felt myself twitch when she changed directions.
I wished I could see her face, to see if she was feeling as good as was, but I knew if she could see me, it would be all over.
She raised her chest off mine and slammed herself down against my crotch. She didn't even pause, but rose up again then slammed down against me.
I moved a hand from her butt to a breast, and squeezed that in unison with the hand squeezing her butt.
"Harold…" Mom wheezed, and arched her back.
I didn't think it was possible, but her pace increased. There was a steady slap of our bodies meeting at the base of my cock. Her bed started to squeak, and my balls started to churn.
I hadn't counted, but I was pretty sure I wasn't going to last thirty seconds inside my Mom's throbbing, hot pussy.
The next slap of our flesh together brought my hips up hard off the bed, and my insides contracted as my first jet of cum left my balls to splash into the inside of Mom's pussy.
"Oh god, give it to me Harold," she growled before she rolled and pulled me with her.
I was on top of her, between her gorgeous legs, contorting with every spasm of my orgasm to shoot more of my cum inside her.
She was holding me so tight against her, I struggled to breath.
"Thanks for changing your mind, Harold," she giggled beneath me, then pushed me off her.
I felt her foot against my hip, and she pushed.
"Now get out. I can't sleep with your snoring," she ordered me as I almost fell off the bed.
I quickly felt around with my foot for my underwear, then picked it up on my way out.
"Harold…" Mom stopped me with a whisper.
"I'm ovulating, just like I said. This time we're going to have a boy. I can feel it in my belly already."

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