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The first time I saw “Blue”, she was a college cheerleader studying nursing at our university. I wasn’t heavily into sports, but I started watching basketball in my freshman year, and noticed she was on the cheer squad … and … had nice legs!

There were some really attractive and “fit” girls on the squad, and Blue was one of them, but she didn’t stand out until her junior year. She was unpretentious, and didn’t flaunt her body.

In classes, she dressedfortably, sort of blending in.  Looking back, I’m surprised I wasn’t drawn to her sooner.

I had casually met Blue through my friend, who also was in the nursing program. Then, late in our senior year, there was some kind of dance event for nurse students. My friend asked me to be her “date” that evening, so I thought it might be fun.

At the event, I didn’t even recognize Blue at first. She looked, well, different.  She now had highlighted hair, and her high heels really accentuated her legs … great legs! (Have you figured out I’m a “leg man”?) She told me later that her friends picked out her “above the knees” dress that Blue looked awesome in.

That’s when I started to be super attracted to her.  Blue seemed to have every fella there asking her to dance. Well, my date had intermingled with her friends, so after a couple of cowardly attempts, I garnered the courage to ask Blue to dance. She smiled, looked at me with beautiful jade green eyes, and quipped, “Sure, I’d love to.”

As we became acquainted, I was impressed by her demeanor, yet I had a feeling that inside, there was hidden  passion in this beauty, maybe that she was just now discovering.

What surprised me was when she said she had always wanted to get to know me but was too shy to pursue it. Tonight though, we had immediate chemistry, and the attraction grew through the evening. And I was the only guy she wanted to dance with.

*Okay, confession time: Later, I was walking toward her with refreshments. She had dropped a piece of pastry, and as she quickly stooped down to clean it up, her heels caused her to get off balance.

Her ladylike attempt to keep her legs together failed!

A knee touched the floor, her legs opened slightly, and her dress rode up and revealed red lace panties that weren’t exactly “modest.”

It was an accidental (but inspiring) exposure of her most guarded, intimate areas. The black shade of her pubic hair could briefly be seen through her panties.

I had seen the same legs on the basketball court, but it’s somehow different when a dress rides up, accidentally exposing them. Silly, I  suppose, but perception is everything. Anyway, the “upskirt” view was amazing!

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I’d like to say that I immediately acted honorably and turned my head, but in truth, I let that image burn into my memory, in case it was a one-off! Actually, I was embarrassed that I stared … and that I got a sudden erection!

Unaware of her inadvertent flashing, Blue stood up. Noticing my blush, she touched my forehead and asked if I was alright.

Holding my cup in front of my bulge, I cleared my throat and said, “Uh, never been better, believe me.”

(We’ve laughed about that accidental peek ever since. )

So it turns that I later married a young woman who was pretty inexperienced. In our weakest moments, we had almost had sex, and at most, I had finger “f’d” her a few times but somehow managed to hold off. Now we’re so glad we didn’t so that, from experience, we can advise others to use self control. It definitely makes married sex more intimate.

What we’ve since discovered is that Blue had a natural propensity for sexual expression. I mean, she took to it wholeheartedly! Her sex drive is out of this world, and she has a vivid and creative imagination.

I remember the first time she used a sexual expletive during an orgasm and how embarrassed she felt. But I assured her that it was just emotional expressions between us, and she felt relieved. Behind “closed doors,” it actually turns me on.

Two months after we were married, I told her about the “flashing” she gave me at the nurse’s event and how it affected me. She laughed to tears! But she asked me if I liked it.

I said, “Of course! I mean, with your body, what man wouldn’t have? ” Turns out it was a good answer!

You see, in her creative mind, she decided to duplicate the flashing and then to seduce me at her cousin’s wedding reception that weekend—the vixen!

In her scheme, she wanted what her friends call “reception sex”!  Well, the repeat upskirt was intentional and did have the same effect, giving me a massive hard-on.

So during the speeches, Blue led me by the hand, took me to a storage room, and locked the door. She sat me down, pulled my dick out, and straddled me. That sweet, unpretentious young wife screwed me like a sex-starved MILF! Seriously!

Throughout the evening, we smiled every time we looked at each other, recalling her scheme. But that’s my Blue.

The ride home was interesting, and needless to say, when we got home it was a great night!

Soon, Blue will share her own account of how we met. I can’t wait to read it. I’m thankful every day for who she is inside and for what we have together.