Meeting the Brothers Ch. 02

tagIncest/TabooMeeting the Brothers Ch. 02

This is a sexy tale of one woman enjoying and being enjoyed by a family of seven men, so if this not your thing…
My brother-in-law Jonas and I were still giving each other sly grins after what we'd just shared together in his bedroom — that I've got to say, was nothing short of amazing. We walked out to the patio, naked of course, side by side, with his fingertips playfully ghosting my ass, making my breath hitch and my nipples harden as we made our way outside to where the family had gathered for lunch by the pool.
I looked over surprised to see my father-in-law walking out of a sliding door I hadn't noticed before that opened onto the patio, pushing a trolley loaded with platters of delectable looking food. Jonas leaned in and explained, "We have an elevator that's mostly just used for bringing everything down here by the pool. It saves us from having to walk it all down that long staircase from the kitchen and then having to carry everything back up again once we're done."
I nodded, surprised at just how wealthy they actually were, if they had an elevator in their house mostly just for the convenience of dining outside on the patio by the pool.
Then when I turned my head, I felt my jaw drop when I saw two white-blond identical uber buff twins wandering down the stairs, talking with my hubby Trevor, who I assumed were his twin brothers. And wow, were they ever good looking.
Trevor smiled when he saw me, and looked over at his brother Jonas who made him laugh with the dramatic eye roll he gave him, obviously having enjoyed himself in his bed with me.
Then he turned his attention to the twins. "Candace, I'd like you to meet my two youngest brothers." Travis nodded at the pair of them. "This is Brody and Cole, and even I have a hard time telling them apart. And guys, this is my new bride Candace."
Brody's eyes widened appreciatively as he looked me over from the top of my long dark hair, right to the tips of painted pink toe nails, getting me tingling all over again. Extending his hand, he said, "Good to finally meet you, Candace. And my brother's a lucky man, you are one beautiful woman."
As he unashamedly ate me up with his pale ice blue eyes, I did likewise, seeing as he was yet another amazingly good looking, well hung brother, and naturally so was his twin, my pussy already clenching as I imagined they'd be two times the fun, once they got me alone.
I was just getting used to the idea of being surrounded by the five of them when two more big, tall musclebound hunks wandered down the stairs, of course naked as well, and looking so hot with their long, thick cocks dangling between their legs, I had to clench my thighs together and try not to whimper.
After Trevor had introduced me to his hunky brothers Zach, and Eli, as they both took their time sliding their gazes over every inch of me, Trevor laughed and said, "Got to eat first guys, then you can play."
Good god it was like stud city, with seven big, hard gorgeous naked men, all at my disposal. And all of them so amazingly well hung, they literally had my mouth watering. Wow, this was turning out to be some holiday, far more arousing than anything I'd ever enjoyed on a typical beach vacation, where all I had to worry about was getting burned and keeping sand out of my crevices. But now I had to wonder just how much I could handle from seven big hard studs like these. And I also realized that I was turning out to be one very lucky girl, knowing that no matter how crazy it got, I'd be enjoying every last one of them, and soon.
When my father-in-law Jacob announced that lunch was ready, I couldn't believe the spread he'd laid out on the table: steaming roast chicken succulent looking steaks, golden roast potatoes, a platter of cold meats, salads, breads, fruit, pastries, you name it, they had it. But I guess with so many men to feed, he made sure that everyone had more than enough to eat.
When I'd offered to help, Trevor had told me that his father loved to cook and didn't like any interference in his kitchen. So, unless he asked, everyone knew it was best to steer clear.
Trevor sat across from me at the long glass table, with his twin brothers Brody and Cole positioned on either side of me.
Conversation was soon flowing, and everyone was laughing and teasing, as they passed around the food, just like your average family, except without any clothes.
But when Brody asked his brother Jonas how his last deployment went, I noticed Jonas instantly stopped laughing, looked fairly pensive for a minute then he shrugged and said, "It was okay, I got through it."
I had a feeling he wasn't exactly eager to share with anyone what it was like to be deployed in a danger zone, not even his own family. So, I looked up and down the table and asked, "So, who do think's going to win the election?"
When Jonas looked at me again, I gave him a little smile and he nodded back, I guess glad that the conversation had moved onto safer ground, except that now the family was split over who should win, and things were starting to get a little heated.
But eventually they got back to eating and let that drop, too.
I had just passed the bread, and was about to pick up my fork to try the salad and I let out a gasp. While my hubby Trevor was occupied filling my wine glass, I felt his brother Brody, sitting to my right, quietly sliding his hand up my thigh, and sneaking a finger into my pussy.
Of course I wasn't entirely shocked, since everyone in his family was incredibly highly sexed, luckily for me. Smirking, I turned and looked at him, but he just kept smiling into my eyes, and then pushed a second finger into me even deeper, till he had me thrusting into his hand, and breathing hard with everything I owned starting to tingle, once he'd managed to locate my g-spot, and started working at getting me off — right in the middle of lunch. His voice low and sexy, he leaned in and breathed against my ear, "Soon, we're going to show you just how good it can feel to get with two cocks at once."
My eyes flared and my nipples grew achingly hard in a heartbeat, not only from the dirty talk, but already imagining what it would feel like to experience two big hard studs at the same time, especially working together to make me come. I'd never been tag-teamed before, but with my unquenchable sex drive I had a pretty strong feeling that it was something I'd love and probably constantly crave from the minute they showed me just how good it could feel to have two big burly men working me over till they had me squealing my damn head off.
Within minutes Brody made me come with a gush all over his hand. Trevor flashed me a knowing smile as he watched me trying hard not to let everyone else know what his brother was up to, even after he got every inch of me tingling. As I sat silently shivering, with my breasts heaving, his sneaky younger brother finally pulled his fingers out of me, and winked across at Trevor as he slowly licked them clean.
I was glad when everyone decided after lunch to go in for a swim. I was feeling a little flushed to say the least, after Brody had me climaxing while I still eating my salad.
But I laughed when they started tossing around a beach ball, obviously so they could enjoy watching my tits bounce when I jumped up to hit it back to one of them.
Looking around at the seven of them, I decided I really liked them as men, and not only for a little sexy fun. They really were a nice bunch of guys.
I'd just gotten out of the water and was towelling off, and everyone laughed when Brody lifted me over his shoulder, gave me a little smack on the behind and carried me all the way up the stairs, into the house and down the long hallway to the red door that opened to the bedroom that the twins shared, all without saying a word. And of course his brother was right behind us, already stroking his thick, heavy weapon in his fist.
A little shiver went through me as I realized that this was really going to happen and I was about to be shared by both of them at once. My first twinning and my nipples were already so hard they ached, and my poor pussy was almost going into to convulsions, trying to imagine what they had planned for me.
Once we stepped inside, and they'd closed and locked the door behind us, Brody set me down on my feet and shook his head smiling at me. "Damn, Trevor's a lucky bastard, finding a woman like you to call his own. But lucky for us, he's been kind enough to share you."
Then he cupped my face in his hands, and surprised me when his tone softened and he murmured against my lips, "Now let's have a taste of that pretty mouth."
His brother Cole was groaning behind me, sliding his steely erection up and down my ass crack, slicking up my butt with pre-cum, with his hands on my breasts, squeezing and kneading, twisting my nipples between his fingers, making my pussy begin to drip, he was getting me so hot. Especially since his brother really knew how to kiss, I was pretty sure they'd have me coming before either of them even got inside me.
Brody's smirk was positively devilish as he led me over to one of the two big beds. Then he crawled up, got on his knees and asked, "You want a taste of this?" offering me a taste of his long hard, dripping cock, that he was squeezing tight in his fist, and pumping hard.
My mouth just watering for a taste of him, when I nodded and whispered, "Yes," he smiled back at his brother, who had gotten in behind me and started to lick at my pussy, getting me shivering and starting to moan.
Naturally with one big cock pushing past my lips while his brother was making a meal out of my cunt, I was almost out of my mind with need.
Then I groaned out loud when Cole took hold of his cock and started to push his way inside me from behind, stretching my poor pussy till it stung, he was just so incredibly thick and long, I wondered if he'd fit. Soon they had me rocking between the two of them, with one slamming deep into my pussy from behind, driving his brother's cock further down my throat with every thrust. But, fuck, I was in heaven, no matter how rough they were being having two big hard cocks all for me. I knew when I came, I'd come hard, and so would they, I realized with the noises coming out of them, both grunting and growling as one of them rode my mouth as the other one tunnelled his way as deep inside me as he could go, till I could feel him bottoming out tight against my womb, ready to pump me full of his seed, possibly even breeding me.
"Oh, fuck you feel good, Candace," Cole muttered, digging his fingers hard enough into my hips to leave marks, fucking into me like a madman as he pummelled my pussy wickedly hard and deep. Brody was growling and tossing back his head as I took him as deep into my throat as I could take him, till finally he pulled back, so I could take a gulp of air, before he slammed his cock right back down my throat, where I clenched around him, so it would feel like he was actually fucking me and not just getting blown.
"Oh, fuck, I'm coming," Brody muttered, and really started to pump in and out of my mouth as his brother sawed in and out of me, both plowing into me in tandem. Until I felt them both letting go with a grunt, both ends of me swimming in their cum as they shot me so full I could hardly swallow it all as I felt Cole's seed sliding out of me and down my legs.
Once they'd finally pulled out, I collapsed on the bed, fighting to draw air into my lungs, as they took turns lapping into me cleaning out my pussy, while I just shivered, trying to wrap my head around what we'd just shared. Grinning to myself, I knew one thing, it was a lot more intense with twins, and I had pretty strong feeling that soon I'd be back to see what else we could share together.
After a thoroughly exhausting, but absolutely perfect day spent basically getting it on with one brother after another, after I'd showered and crawled into bed with my hubby, not surprisingly, my eyes fell shut the instant my head hit the pillow.
Everything I owned ached, but thankfully mostly in all the right places. I noticed that even my jaw was tender, since I'd never sucked so much cock in my life, especially all in one day, like the most delectable blow job buffet I could ever dream of.
But coming on morning, detecting the delicious sensation of a hot wet tongue tracing a path around my nipple, my breathing quickened as my pussy began to clench, already hungry for the feel of my man pushing inside me.
Trevor ran his hand over my mound, then slid a finger inside me. "How you feeling, baby? Not too sore?"
I smirked. "No. And you should know by now that I can never get enough of my hubby."
Leaning close, he took my lips in a tender, lingering kiss, and as he slid two fingers deep into my pussy, he let out a groan. "Oh, man you're so wet. How many loads have you got in there?"
Good question. Then I couldn't get the smile off my face as I thought back on all the kinky fun I'd enjoyed with his family. "Well, you and I started the day with a bang yesterday. Then of course your father had me out by the pool. And then you had me bouncing up and down on you, and filling me up in here again. Oh, and your brother Jonas had me screaming like a mad woman in his room, when he gave it to me good and hard. And of course the twins gave me quite a going over, twinning me for the first time. So, let's see, must have been five loads, I guess, at least in my pussy.
Trevor grinned, waggling his eyebrows. "Sounds like my baby had a good time yesterday. Now how about we make it six?"
His cock already nice and hard, and delectably glistening with what was seeping from his slit, he got in front of me and spread my legs open wide, pushing my knees up to my chest. Then he looked down between my thighs and shook his head. "Wow, it's just so beautiful to see your cunt dripping like that. And I know you showered, I heard you in there last night. But I guess we gave you so many loads, you've still got a nice stream leaking out of you. And now I've got to have a taste."
I just shivered, knowing how good it felt whenever he went down on me.
He got down between my legs and moaned as he lapped at my pussy. "Fuck, baby, you taste so good, this little cum-soaked treat has got to be the sweetest thing I've ever tasted. Feeling all that hot, milky seed sliding over my tongue, knowing that all of us put it inside you, and hopefully getting you bred only makes it that much sweeter."
Running my hands through my husband's hair, he had every inch of me quivering as he sank his tongue inside me and ate into me as deep as he could go, groaning louder with every lap of his tongue. And the feel of him sucking hard on my pussy and eating out all that cum, was almost too erotic for words. Of course I'd discovered that all them enjoyed the taste of their seed, since all of them loved nothing more than to eat me up once they'd come and emptied their loads inside me.
Once he had me shuddering and nearly ripping out his hair, he got me onto all fours and slid into me from behind. And oh wow, I just loved the feel of my hubby giving it to me nice and hard as he squeezed my ass and muttered, "Damn, you feel good, baby. So wet, and so tight, I can already feel my balls getting ready to let go."
It didn't take long and he was pounding the living hell out of my pussy, his thighs smacking against my ass, breathlessly muttering, "Oh, yeah, baby, just like that," as I eagerly thrust back to meet each stroke.
Then it came over me like a tidal wave, rocking me right to my core and I screamed, "Oh, god Trevor, I'm coming so damn hard."
As I shook and shuddered, Trevor groaned, flexed his hips, slammed me hard and filled me up all over again. By the time we collapsed side by side on the bed, barely able to breathe, both of us grinning at each other like crazy, we actually started to laugh we felt so giddy. And I realized how much I loved sharing this with my hubby.
After lunch the next day, I was sitting on the couch in the family room watching a movie with the twins, and was so absorbed in watching the ending of the spine tingling thriller, The Shining with Jack Nicholson at his scary best, that I never even noticed where their hands were wandering. I'd grown so accustomed to having one set of hands or another stroking my breasts or sliding up my legs to finger my pussy, that until I overheard my father- in- law standing in the kitchen watching us, remark to my husband, "Look at your brothers, so enamored with your wife, Cole is watching the movie with his fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, while his brother plays with her nipples. She must be so happy to have so many sets of hands to pleasure her, to help her climax."
I had vaguely been aware of an orgasm slowly beginning to wind through my veins, but with this bunch of horny men, I was getting so used to climaxing pretty much non-stop, that it almost escaped me that they were absentmindedly getting me off, even while we were all engrossed in the movie.
But now that he'd drawn it to my attention, and I could really feel the delicious tingle starting to fire up my pussy, as my nipples hardened to lusty points, I knew I was getting close to coming all over somebody's curious fingers. I smiled, knowing all I had to do to get off was spread my legs open a little wider and thrust up into Cole's hand. And when I did, he didn't disappoint. He looked over at me and flashed me a sexy grin, and when he realized what I wanted, he dropped his head between my thighs and started to eat the hell out of my juicy cunt.
Soon he had me squealing with his brother twisting the ever loving fuck out of my nipples, both of them already hard as bricks, just oozing with pre-cum. As I came, shivering hard right to the tips of my toes, Cole just kept on lapping, sucking back every last drop I gave him, groaning as he licked his lips.
Then he lifted his head, his blue eyes dark with lust, he wiped my juices off his face with the back of his arm, and I could see just how hard he was, and knew from the wicked gleam in his eye, that I could look forward to feeling that monster packed inside me, and soon.
He nodded at the recliner in the middle of the room, and his brother smiled that he understood and nodded back. And then I was being lifted into Brody's arms, and I watched as Cole sat on the chair, took the bottle off lube off the end table, squirted some in his hand and started lubing up his huge pulsing cock, making my eyes flare as I realize that they actually planned to DP right in the middle of the family room, where everyone could see me getting fucked.
As I felt Cole sliding in first one finger and then two, lubing up and stretching my back hole to prepare me for the girth of his heavy cock, Brody dropped a kiss on my lips and whispered against my mouth, "You slide down nice and easy on my brother, baby girl, and I'll fill up your pussy and you'll feel good and tight. And then you'll be coming so fucking hard, you'll want to scream the house down, guaranteed."
My nipples throbbing, my heart pounding, hardly able to breathe, I nodded and clenched Brody's arms in a death grip as the two of them worked together, with me wincing as they carefully lowered my body onto Cole's thick, heavy cock. And fuck me, I'd never felt anything like it, the pressure was insane making my eyes water as he pushed in deeper and deeper, inch by achingly snug inch, till he had me skewered on his dick.
Once he had me fully impaled, I'd never felt anything as tight, like he was splitting me wide open from inside. But then I looked up at Brody stroking his meat in his hand, and I actually heard myself whimpering knowing that I'd really feel full to bursting once he got that monster of his packed inside my pussy.
"You ready?" he asked, with a naughty grin, as he fisted himself in his hand and got his knees on the chair, surrounding the two of us. Then he slid his cock past my lips for me to have a taste of him first, before he used his mighty weapon to fuck me. As I licked all around the meaty head, I realized that at least sucking on his brother's cock helped to take my focus off the stinging pain radiating out of my tender asshole, that amazingly was already getting me so wet, that I knew the twin driving his cock into my mouth wouldn't have to work too hard to get himself buried in my pussy.

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