Meeting the Neighbor

Neighbor Sex Stories » These trails through the woods seem to change a little each time I take a walk. The storm coming in makes it darker than it should be at this time. A distant thunder rumbles over. A few sprinkles finding their way through the leaves are dotting my t-shirt. This keeps up, I’ll be a hot mess by the time I find my way back to the cabin.

The rain steadily comes down the closer I get to the lane. I can see the neighbor’s lights so I’m not too far now. Stumbling up the walk, I noticed the neighbor guy watching out his window. He isn’t bad looking for his age, I guess. I don’t know too much about him other than what he looks like. We occasionally waved to each other going down the lane. This is the first time I’ve seen him in the last few weeks.

I fish through my pockets looking for the key. Nonchalantly glancing over my shoulder to see if he’s still watching me. Kind of creepy, also kind of flattering.

I go straight upstairs to get changed out of these wet clothes. My bedroom window faces the neighbor’s house.

I raised the blinds, “If he’s going to watch, I’m going to give him something to look at!”

Immediately, I start pulling my soaked t-shirt over my head. My hair still dripping. Unbuttoning my shorts and shimmying them down off my hips. Standing there in my white lace bra and pink thong, turning to the full-length mirror and checking my shape. I pull my hair back, drying it slowly with the towel. Casually peeking out the window to see if he’s still watching. “Of course, he is.” I mutter to myself.

With my back to the window, I unhook my bra. “What a perverted old man, watching a woman half his age, undress” …I laughed, knowing I was about to give him a show worth paying for.

With a little extra sway in my hips and an arch in my back, I made sure he could get a good look at my curves.

“Everyone loves a little side-boob.” I giggled and to be honest, I’m getting slightly excited knowing someone is watching me.

I turn to the mirror again, this time checking my breasts. My hands glide up my ribs up under them, cupping slightly, tweaking my nipples as I always do when I’m naked just because it feels good. My little brown nipples standing erect now, circling around the areolas with my finger tip a couple times. Cupping them one last time to give them a jiggle to see them bounce.

“Oh, don’t go away yet, I have more for you…”

Inching my panties down off my hips, a little at time, bending further over the closer they got to the floor, making sure I gave him a great shot of my ass.

Sitting on the bed, and glancing over to the window. Yep, he’s still watching.

“Surely by now, he must know I’m doing this for him.” I brush my hair back from my face to give a sly grin his way.

Stretching down into the drawer in the bedside table to get my favorite little friend. I give it a test click, yep, good batteries.

Leaning back on the pillows, my knees up, my legs open.

“He has to be loving this!” I reached down with my left hand concealing my pussy lips. Licking my fingers and opening my pussy, I can feel the heat coming from my own excitement. Slipping two fingers in, then three… teasing him… teasing myself. Circling my clitoris with a silver bullet. It only takes a couple seconds of that before I dig into the drawer for the larger toy. Sitting forward, my nipples pointing towards my audience, I slide my tongue all the way up to the top and circle the tip… my eyes gazing directly at him. I can almost feel his rough hands caressing up my thigh as he watches.

Spreading my lips with two fingers, opening the path to let this giant red, ridged dildo glide up in me. Pushing it deliberately deep and all the way back out.

“Damn, that feels really good…” my eyes roll back.

Holding my silver bullet tight to my clit. Stroking Big Red back into my pussy, a little faster now. Arching my back, throwing my pelvis forward. I need to feel it deeper if I want to get off.

Crawling up on my knees, sliding Big Red in and straddling it to hold it deep. Full on facing the window, tits pointing right at him; bouncing side to side… My cunt screaming to be pounded. I rock forward and back, a slow grind, working it as deep as it can go; pressing a pillow up close to hold my silver bullet snug to my clit leaving my hands free to fondle my breasts, squeezing my nipples. Cupping my breast, pulling my nipple up to my mouth. Biting down slightly…

The slow grind turns into a quicker rock; forward and back, to the front again.

This isn’t just for him anymore… I want to get off. I NEED to get off.

Fucking my dildo hard, wishing I had a real cock thrusting deep inside me. Rocking back, banging against my g-spot. I am close, I can feel it welling up. I tap the speed button up on the bullet. Rocking faster, grinding it deep; driving me to that rapturous moment.

Floodgates open, my mind spins, gushing… soaking my bed. Collapsing in exhaustion, I glance to the window. I can’t see him watching anymore. He probably just shut the light off.

The next afternoon, I bumped into the neighbor lady across the road.

“I’m sure going to miss that older fella, Jack.” She seemed genuinely sad.

“Who?” I asked puzzled.

“The guy that lived beside you, your neighbor. He passed away about 2 weeks ago now.