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The spell is broken by the sound of keys dropping to the ceramic tile floor.
I turn around and see Megan by the front door, all six athletic feet of her on wedges, leaning over at the hip to pick up what she dropped. You smile at me, then her and say "see, I told you he would!"
Megan responds with a flustered giggle, clearly unsure what to do, not just with the keys in her hand. Her response makes me acutely aware that you and I are not wearing any clothes from the waist down. "How long have you been there?" I ask. "Oh, long enough" you answer for her, beckoning her to come towards us.
My cock, not fully erect, but heavy and unrelieved, twitches as Megan approaches. "My, you ARE glad to see her, aren't you?" you say wryly, as you take a step towards her and reach for her hand. "We spoke about you last night," you continue, looking back at me: "Megan said that I was making it all up in my head…" "I did not", comes a quiet retort: ""I said it was a nice fantasy. Very nice!" she smiles shyly as you bring her closer to us.
"Turns out Megan here has had a crush on you for over a year. Being a little shy is no joke around you, but we compared notes and came up with a brilliant evil scheme," the two you look at each other, turn to me in showgirl poses and giggle: "what do you think?"
"It seems a little unreal," I say humbly. "Oh, it's real enough" your face lights up as you grab her hand again and guide it to my crotch: "WE have agreed, for this to work WE are both yours!" Megan's hand is cold, it brings short relief as blood yet again rush to my cock and it grows fully erect.
You watch as her fingers close around my rod: "Oh come on! I needed both hands to do that," you make fake pouty lips, which I kiss softly, run my hand down the front of your skimpy singlet and cup your round breasts through the fabric, pinching each nipple between my thumb and index finger. Megan smiles cautiously from the reaction her clenching action provokes; her eyes laying bare lust and intimidation in equal measures. She turns towards you and speaks in a soft voice: "you are right, it is massive."
"We'll figure it out," you reassure her as you reach up around her shoulders to kiss Megan on the lips. She seems a little taken aback by this show of affection, but quickly lets go of my cock and respond in kind. Her hands rub your shoulders and slide down your back, pulling you closer. Stretching on your toes like this, your beautiful bubble butt is completely exposed.
I drop to the rug covered floor and watch your petting intensify. Reaching up, you stroke her hair, kissing her intently. Her hands, exploring your body, comes to a rest under your butt-cheeks. I realize I am not completely ignored when she lifts and turns you slightly to give me a direct view of your ass. A quiet smile from over your shoulder signals her objective. I nod in approval and lick my lips as she pulls your cheeks apart and let me take in the view of your perfect bud and your full and puffed pussy lips from the rear.
As your cuddling becomes more involved, I feel like I am in the dream I had less than half an hour ago. I can't help cradling my heavy balls and cock from the display in front of me. Her long fingers playfully run the length of your crotch, parting your aroused lips glistening in the afternoon sunlight. Pre cum forms at the tip of my bulbous head as I take in the sexy scene of your body twitching in response to her lightly probing your puckered bud with her index finger; entering as you thrust yourself up against the protruding digit.
You pull away slightly, forcing your ass free from Megan's hold, and drop your arms from around her neck. Her big eyes lock with mine and opens even wider as your hands make their way down the front of her dress.
Moving behind her for my benefit, you grab her breasts and cradle them. They are small and perky; even wearing a bra her erected nipples point through the sheer fabric of the turquoise sun dress as you playfully run your hands over the fabric. Her gaze now on my cock, you rub them lazily and she responds with a quiet moan, exhaling deeply, relaxing further into her desires.
You have more pressing matters to attend to, as you let go of her breasts and your hands glide further down the front of her dress, arriving at the hem. You catch my attention from out behind her, and beam: "Do you want to do the honor?"
Her steel blue eyes shine as you lift her dress up. You crouch down, resting the hem on top of her hips as we are on our knees either side of her. I start kissing her abdomen, poking her belly button with my tongue, her muscles contract and she tries to wiggle away. She laughs out loud and grab my head for balance as you hold her in place, sandwiched between us.
Her tail shooting out, you burrow your face in between her butt cheeks, stretching the front panel of her panties, provoking more wiggles and yelps of delight. Her arousal from the attention we shower on her is clear as I inhale the lustful scent of her. Rolling the simple white lace panties down her thighs. I freeze and break out in a wide grin realizing her mound is clean shaven. I look up at her face, she titters and pulls my face back to her crotch "I knew you would love that," you comment casually: "wait until you see the rest."
I kiss her protruding pelvic bone as I slowly keep rolling her underwear down. They are wet with her desires as the panties come to a halt at the bottom of her crotch. I lean back from her grasp of my head and marvel at the sight of her beautiful pussy: very prominent inner lips crowned by a pinky-sized pink pearl protruding past the clitoral hood. It takes all my concentration to not cum just from the sight of her arousal.
She beams satisfactorily, grabs my head again and lead it to the promised land. My lips landing on her exposed clitoris, I flutter my tongue over her pleasure point, before sucking the nub, resulting in a high pitch squeal and convulsions. "A little too much too soon?" you grin wickedly, steadying her from tipping over on her wedges.
You pull her panties off, and she spreads her legs as I ease my approach: kissing and licking along her labia, returning now and again to her swollen clitoris with a yelp in reply. The taste of her fresh, as I slowly explore her unique womanhood: her inner lips becoming meatier as I drink the moistness off them. Parting her lips with my fingers her pussy opens up like an O'Keeffe painting and I lick the length of her wetness.
She squeals again, and her knees buckle in response to your activity on her other side. "You love it, don't you, when I eat your ass?" you egg her on. "Yes, yes, yes!" comes the response. I pull back a little, and she leans over, placing her hands on my shoulders, to steady herself though the excitement. Her feet further apart, you put your hand through her legs and glide two fingers from her clitoris, between her flabby lips and dip them into her vagina. You slowly pull them out and probe once more.
You enter her again, adding a finger. This time you sink deeper into her and press against the front wall of her vagina as you slowly massage your way out. She shudders and moan into my ear as you repeat the motion: "Oh fuck, fuck fuck." "You, fuck me!" Her demand is loud, and clear: you pull your fingers out of her, get to your feet and kiss her. I remain on the floor and watch as you let her catch her breath and compel her to lick your fingers clean. You continue kissing her as you pull her dress off, her tiny breasts get your attention next as you suck each of her nipples through the translucent bra fabric, but she is too aroused and impatient to respond.
She confidently pushes me on to the floor. Straddling me I am invited to quite a sight as she stretches back, unclasping her bra: strong legs seemingly going forever, leading to a clean-shaven paradise, a well-toned abdomen, small perky breasts with disproportionally long nipples set on puckered areolas, and way at the top: big eyes and an impossibly wide smile framed by a blond curly bob.
"Oh my god, you are gorgeous!" I exclaim as she bats her eyelids at me. You come back into view from somewhere behind me, feigning outrage: "What about me?" you hit me with a pillow and kiss her. "You are divine!" You seem satisfied with this classification, and place your weapon under my head. You turn to her: "Babes, you are gorgeous, and he is all yours," she smiles nervously as you kiss her again, and then kneel behind my head.
Eyes fixed on me; she squats on her wedges over my semi erect cock laying flat on my stomach. She grabs it, sweeping the bulbous head the length of her groin a couple of times, covering it with her juices before carefully guiding it into her dripping wet pussy. Engulfing the first 8 inches, my cock seems to finally figure out what is happening: her eyes pop open as it grows inside her: she lets out a sharp squeal as she falls forward, planting her hands on my chest, taking a deep breath.
She lets out a deep moan, and I can feel her inside relaxing a little from the initial shock of being literally filled up. Pushing off my chest and determinedly moving back into squatting position, her inner lips get pulled into her as she carefully continues sinking the length of my manhood in to her.
Her thin outer lips are exposed, along with her clitoris as she comes to a halt with my now full-size cock all the way inside her. Anchored this way she leans back, her hands on the floor behind her. This pushes my cock against the front wall of her vagina and I can feel her contracting. She closes her eyes, her face contorted as she moves her hips slowly: "you are too big!"
From your front row seat behind my head, you stop stroking my hair and lean towards her. Your pussy brushes my face as you straddle me on your knees whisper something in her ear, and she nods. Your tail shoots up in the air when you place your mouth on her clitoris just above my cock. I feel her every deep-seated response to your oral stimulus, fluttering your tongue around the pearl of great price, sucking her off until her body goes completely still.
You pull back to a kneeling position behind me, wiping your mouth on the back of your hand, and the room momentarily grows quiet as all of us seem to hold our breaths.
She opens her eyes; I try to get a visual confirmation everything is fine, she determinedly fixes her eyes on me, slowly nods her head, exhales and inhales deeply before she lets out a visceral cry: Pleasure and pain, aroused joy, mixed with the exhilaration of achievement. Solidly anchored to my cock, her orgasms come in waves, her vagina tightening and relaxing around by rod, her lower body shuddering as she releases her pent-up satisfaction. No one is ever as religious as when they delight in bodily pleasures in my experience: "Oh my god, My God, MY GOD!"
Sweat drips from her forehead, her mascara running, as one last wave runs through her whole body, she closes her eyes and throws her head back with a delighted yelp: "OH MY GOD"! She is glowing, a self-satisfied smile on her face.
You rustle behind me: "That was the sexiest thing I ever saw. I came just watching you come." You lean over towards her and kiss her again. My cock glides more easily now that she has come, but remains engulfed inside her as she moves onto to her knees from the squatting position. You move back and draw her to my face, allowing her to kiss me gratefully and whisper nonsense in my ear.
From this position, now slowly gliding back and forth on my cock, she looks up at you and smiles mischievously: "he hasn't come yet!"

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