Melisa’s Report – Specim 406 Breeding

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By Melissa I am known to have many dreams some vivd and some not so vivd.

Melisa’s Report.

Hi am Melisa I am 16, welcome to my dreams….

Dream One….

I thought to myself the way specimen 406 stares at me, I could swear that he has a complex thoughts…. or maybe he’s just curious about the shape of my body. After all, we humans are the aliens, this was there space. After a few days of studying this life-form, I often found myself daydreaming while I was watching the alien, sometimes.

I was certain that I could hear specimen 406 talking too me but I knew that was a ridculous notion, I must of been dreaming again as I need some sleep but there’s no chance of that happening, there to much work to be getting on with its getting close to lunch time where I will try and have a little rest in the station’s canteen or I hope too.

The scanner had detected some subsonic waves radiating from his cranium from time to time, but they weren’t nearly as organized to form words or a coherent pattern. In any case, I believed that I was spacing out because of tiredness, I had been working all day without taken a break, it was time to go to bed, in fact I had been feeling an encharacteristic tingling in my pussy that needed some attention.

As soon as I closed the door of my room, I started to remove my uniform and threw myself on my bed. I had been feeling lonely since my girlfriend left the station to attend to some family matters, and she wasn’t returning until seven months. We had onlt been dating for a few weeks before she had to leave, I missed the steamy nightswe spent together.

I moved my hand between my legs and started rubbing my clitoris, using my own fluids as lubrication, while my fingers increased the pace, I imagined her tongue circling aroundmy sensitive nub. A sensual moan escapedmy lips, I then pictured her body climbing on top of me, she pin me down on the bed, I started to imagine her hand all over my body making me all wet.

An instant later, she had her fingers deep inside my wet pussy, feeling my clit I was in heaven then someone knocked on my door, I went to open my door and it was my colleague she said the alien is starting to moan. I got dressed and went to the medical room on the space station to see what was happening my job on the station was to breed with the alien, see if we were able breed.

My colleague wanted outside while I went in the and checked the specimen 406 vitals over and my colleague was right it was like the alien was dreaming also I thought I would get ready and get undressed then wake the specimen 406 up, with in miuntes I started to suck his huge cock it must be about 14 to 16 inches long and it was the thickest cock I have ever seen before.

Several lMonths Later….

I have been given specimen 406 a blowjob for about ten minutes now, there’s no sign of the alien coming too then as I was just about to given for the day he came too, I backed away from Specimen 406 as I didn’t know if he was going to be violent as we have had him in a deep sleep for several months, so I had to be carful because he’s about 8 to 10 feet tall and very muscular alien.

Specimen 406 asked me where is he and said that there’s know need to be scared as he won’t hurt me, he then asked why is he naked and why am I naked. So I told specimen 406 both his race and my people wanted to see if we could mix breed with each other, I then told him if we could his people would back us if we came under attack from other alien races.

Over the next several months we got to know each other as for my girlfriend she sent a message saying she’s not coming back as she’s found someone else, I was fine with that as both myself and specimen 406 are starting to become close. We often take walks around the station together we haven’t started breeding as yet as there’s more tests we have to do on specimen 406 and myself

A few days later I got the all clear to start breeding with Specimen 406 but he’s still waiting for his all clear, I was starting to get anxious I wanted to start breeding with specimen 406. I told by my superiors not to get attached as it was an experiment but its hard not to after all we were going to breed with each other.

Maybe if I fall pregnant with specimen 406’s baby its going to be half human and half alien the first interstellar alien/human baby, later that same day specimen 406 got the all clear from the scientists so the next day and under the guidance of both sets of scientists we will start to breed with each other, I was starting to get excited about breeding with Specimen 406.

There’s going to be around six of our scientists annnd about four of specimen 406’s scientists and two squad’s of armed security offices just in case something goes wrong, I asked the commander if that’s really needed. Specimen 406 said its ok there only looking out for you, I asked specimen 406 if he wanted to pull out as I don’t want anything to happen to specimen 406.

He told me if he pulled out his race would kill him so he said its not an option he carried on saying that he has to go through with it as I would bring shame on his race, I asked everyone if I could have a couple of minutes along with specimen 406 so we could have a talk. My commander said ok ten minutes so we had a chat and I said to specimen 406 if I fall pregnant I want him to be part of his life.

Two Months Later….

I had a pregnancy test this morning from one of my own scientist and one of specimen 406’s scientist and they both came back the same ???? yes I was pregnant with specimen 406’s baby my commander said once I gave birth if I wanted to give the baby up then they will take the baby away and I would never see tha baby again, but I said that’s not going to happen.

In fact I asked my commander if he could talk to specimen 406’s commander about the two of us bring our baby up together, I told my commander I specimen 406 with me as his partner. My commander asked me if I had falling for specimen 406, I told my commander yes months ago and he felt the same way also so my commander said ok I’ll talk to his commander.

Later that week specimen 406’s commender came to talk to me and asked me if that’s wanted, I told specimen 406’s commender yes its what I want and its the same for specimen 406. Specimen 406’s commender said ok we will agree but only if there’s a civil parmarriagetnership between the both of us, I asked the commender what’s a civil partnership, the commender said its like your marriage.

I agreed so this is going to be another first a civil partnership between an alien and a human so we didn’t waste anytime, I wanted to be in our civil partnership before our baby was born. My commender give specimen 406 a job in the elite security team as a 8 to 10 feet security officer would scare the shit out of people and he knew how to be a security officer as that’s what he done in his race.

a couple of weeks later we were in our civil partnership and specimen 406 was now called Demon as that was his name, Demon was a gentle,loving, and very protective of me and his unborn baby. We moved into a bigger living quarter which we had to as a couple of months time we would have our baby and he/she would need her own room Demon was like a massive lizard type alien without a tail.

As the weeks went bye I was starting to become very, very big indeed, Demon said that our baby will be about three feet long by the time I was going to give birth, I said damn that big Demon said sorry so I give him a cuddle and said there’s nothing to be sorry for. I was starting to get very hungry so we went to have our dinner I had a raw steak as did Demon, Demon and his race don’t eat cooked food.

Am sorry that’s wear I woke up….

I hope you enjoy this story even knowing it’s not finished. If you wish for another one of my dreams please let me know thanks, Melisa