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It seems the other day, after we fucked my step daughter found my computer was open to BDSMLR and she read the first posted story about our ongoing affair. Unknown to me at the time, she went home and put to words her version of this hook up/affair and emailed it to me today. Here it is:
My step dad came into my life when I was just a teenager. Literally, just 13 and I thought he was cute. I also thought how, compared to my dad he was "in shape." When my stepdad and mom moved in together about a year later, I moved in with them, as well, as my time splitting between my parents was over and, I had chosen to attend the school closer to my mom. I made the cheer team as a freshman and remained on varsity throughout the time in HS.
It was first in my junior year that I noted, at times my step dad had a weird look on his face sometimes when I spotted him. I also saw him for the first time in a swimsuit, when we as a family went to Mexico for vacation. It was after that, about my senior year when they ended up in a new house and I had a year left of school so of course moved in with them.
It was at this time, I saw them engaged in sex one night. They had thought, since it was really late at night, that I was soundly out. I had come down stairs to get some drink and heard them, clearly engaged in sex in their room and I peaked in. They were spread out on the bed in a diagonal orientation compared to door with my stepdads feet towards me. My mom was sitting on his face and leaning forward, so I could clearly see her pussy being worked on by him and more to the point, I could see his hard on. I have come to find out it is about 6 inches around, at the base and nearly the same at the head and about 8 inches long. On this day his balls were hanging a bit low and he was clearly enjoying working on my moms pussy and judging from her noises he was doing a good job.
As I didn't want to be seen but wanted to see more, I dropped back from door and made sure the lights remained off, and watched as they went through the fuck session. He ended up having her suck his cock, which it didn't seem as though she was that into, but when he got behind her and started fucking, he clearly was into that, as was she. And as he came, I had made my way closer and could actually see his balls contract as well as his cock spasm as he shot his cum into my mom. When he pulled out a rather large load dropped onto the bed.
I went back up to my room and stripped out of my PJ's and proceeded to rub my pussy and clit to a very good orgasm.
Over the course of the next few months I kept finding myself thinking about my stepdads cock and more than a few times had to rub one out and had found myself wet when waking after having dreams about him and I.
My senior year we all went on vaca to Mexico again and during this trip, I worked on getting a little closer to him, as my mom had wanted that and had talked to me about the very thing. We talked a lot and messed around a bit in the pool playing volley ball in pool as well. I think I caught him more than once staring at my ass and/or tits as well. Once while in the pool, I climbed on his back and tried to dunk him, but slid off and as he had turned, slid down his face/chest. I felt flushed as I understood what had happened and had to leave the pool shortly after as I was getting wet.
The day that actually came and when we hooked up was not an accident. I had come back to live with them after my asshole boyfriend had injured my dog and I was working too hard to make ends meet. So my mom and step dad said I could move back. It was shortly after this, I had once again seen them fucking and decided I wanted some.
The night in question when my mom was gone and he came out naked, was just a matter of time in the making and I had been sitting in that chair for the previous 5 nights in hopes of seeing him naked. When I finally did, I knew it was just a matter of time. I knew, because he is a good person as well as kinda hot, that he would try to apologize.
The next morning I hoped would be my first opportunity to get him. As I had heard him moving about downstairs, I hoped it wouldn't be too long before he came up. I had opened my door a bit and then got naked and acted as though I had just awoken and was in fact rubbing my pussy and saying his name. I had done this more than once in last 3 years, only this time I was hoping he'd actually hear me. When I looked up and saw him, I was in fact a little shocked as I had got so into playing with myself I forgot about the ploy to fuck my step dad.
When he started licking and kissing me all over, it was sending shivers throughout my body and making me so hot and horny. He found areas that I had no idea would make me feel that way. I mean really, the area behind my ankles. Come on. Anyhow by the time he had made his way to my pussy, I was about to burst. As he has mentioned, I have some long/large pussy lips and a larger than some/most clit. My ex actually made rude comments about them, more than once, which shoulda been a hint. The fact my stepdad not only ate my pussy, but he clearly loves it, it so much o f why I love fucking him. The fact that he stuck his tongue into my ass, I knew at some time he was going to end up putting his cock in it as well.
While he was doing his magic on my pussy I really wanted to suck his cock, and told him so. He moved in such a manner, it wasn't a 69, but I was sucking his cock, and he was now playing with my tits with one hand and my pussy with the other. Whatever he was rubbing inside my pussy was driving me crazy and making me so wet it was weird.
After a few minutes of this, I pulled his cock from my mouth and told him to fuck me. He grabbed my thigh and spun me in a manner I was now on my back and my legs spread a bit. I could feel his cock and all my slobber on it on my leg, so I reached down between my legs, found his cock and as he pushed forward, directed it into my pussy.
While he makes it sound as though he didn't last very long, my god he made me come way more than any boy I had ever dated had. He lasted way longer than I expected and the way he moved his cock around, and hit my pussy and clit from different directions and with different timed strokes, he fucked me amazingly.
The only thing I regret about that first encounter is the fact I didn't get to eat his cum. As he has mentioned, I love the taste of his cum. I love feeling his cock contract as it shoots his cum into my mouth. I love when our combined cum is coating it as it slips between my lips on its way to the back of my throat. Fuck, I even love after he fucks my ass and drops it into my mouth for a cumshot into my throat.
I am going to write my account of each thing he has posted, and if he sees fit, I hope he posts them as well.

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