Mia’s Special Gift Pt. 02

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tagGroup SexMia's Special Gift Pt. 02

Giselle was beside herself the whole time Mia was on her honeymoon. She had no idea how Sam would react and to be honest, she was nervous. She was nervous about how furious he would be but most of all she was nervous that Mia would come to regret her decision. Her decision to give Giselle the most precious gift of all…her virginity.
She thought of those couple of days all day long and she dreamt about them too. She was always waking up with a moist pussy and masturbating just didn't seem to take the complete edge off. She also knew that when Mia returned, she would be moving out and the thought of not seeing her every day took her to a great stage of depression. She was wearing a path on the floor with all of her pacing.
Then she heard it…..the key in the lock.
Her heart was beating even faster and as the door opened, she leaned against the wall for support as both Mia and Sam walked in. Mia saw her and ran over to her and gave her a huge hug. Giselle looked up and saw Sam glowering at her.
"How was the honeymoon," Giselle asked quietly.
Mia looked at Sam and then turned around and smiled and said "it was interesting."
"Yeah, I'd say interesting is a good word for it," Sam mumbled.
Giselle freaked and Mia grabbed her hand and gently brought her to the couch.
"Don't worry, everything is fine. I told Sam everything, how I felt about my virginity, and how I felt about giving it to him. Of course it didn't go well at first," Mia said as Sam sat across from them and she smiled at him. "But I am pretty persuasive and after we had a long talk, all is well."
Mia looked at both Giselle and Sam and said, "I love you both and I won't lose either of you so we need to figure something out." After a few moments to digest what Mia just said, she sputtered, "Giselle, Sam wants us to show him what we did."
Mia looked at her and Giselle's mouth almost dropped to the ground. "Umm, you're kidding, right?"
"No, she's not," Sam interjected. "As conflicted as I am about all of this, I respect Mia being honest with me. And I want to watch you fucking her Giselle. Come on now," Sam said as he leaned back in the chair and put his right leg over his left knee and chuckled as he said, "I'm sure you know this is every guy's fantasy anyway. But since I was denied what was mine, I want to see how it all unfolded."
"I, I don't know if I can do that," Giselle barely got out.
Mia put her hand between her legs and Giselle brushed it away, feeling in an awkward position. Mia then got on her knees, in between Giselle's legs, looked up at her and whispered, "Please. Sam knows how much I enjoyed being with you, I left nothing out. I want no more secrets. I want him to see how much you pleasured me and how much I enjoyed it. And I'm really turned on to know he's watching," Mia said as she moved in closer between her legs.
Giselle looked at Mia, and then Sam and she could not see anything negative in his face. He really does love Mia and he wants her to be happy and that made Giselle feel like the lowest form of a human ever.
"I'm really sorry to the both of you, I shouldn't have," and Mia put her finger on her lips to stop her.
"No, you have nothing to be sorry about," she said as she stood up and brought Giselle with her. "Do not feel anything but love for me and please show me. Right now. In front of Sam. I want you Giselle and I want you inside of me."
Giselle could not believe the turn of events and could not believe she might not lose Mia after all. As Mia put her hand behind her head and put her mouth on hers, Giselle could not say no. Not to Mia. Not ever.
She kissed her back and moaned into her mouth as her left arm went behind her back to push her closer. Giselle opened her eyes a bit to look at Sam and did not see anything malicious there as she then saw his hand go down to his cock. Mia broke the kiss and grabbing her hand, led her into her bedroom. Sam followed like a little puppy and glad to do so.
Mia motioned for him to sit in the chair as she went to Giselle and started to take her clothes off. Giselle immediately zoned Sam out for this was all he wanted anyway. She took Mia's clothes off as well and once they both stood naked together Mia laid on the bed.
Sam thought he must have died and gone to Heaven because never in his life did he think this would happen. To him. He casually spread his legs more in the chair and adjusting the strain in his jeans, and leaned back a bit with his hand slowly stroking his cock.
The way Mia laid on the bed for Giselle did make him jealous but it also made him want her so much more. She was so sultry and she had no idea. No wonder Giselle loved her too. With her legs spread, Giselle eagerly went in between her legs and went straight for the pussy. He could tell Mia was already wet, he saw her glistening lips.
Hearing Giselle eat his wife's pussy was so intoxicating. With the both of them moaning and seeing Giselle's sweet ass and pussy in the air, Sam was not going to make it long.
"Yes Giselle, eat my pussy! Put your fingers inside of me!" Giselle was quick to comply and two of her fingers fucked Mia as she had her mouth on her clit.
"Yes, fuck me faster, please! That feels so damn good!" Giselle's mouth then engulfed Mia's pussy as Mia bucked her lips into Giselle's face and all Sam could hear was Giselle taking the reward.
Sam couldn't take it and quietly moved behind Giselle and stroked her pussy….her extremely wet pussy. Giselle whipped her head back but Mia begged her not to stop. Giselle was conflicted but feeling Sam stroking her wet lips soon won the battle.
"That's it Giselle, eat her pussy," Sam said as he found her clit and grabbed it with two of his fingers and teased it terribly. Giselle moaned into Mia's pussy and fucked her even faster with her fingers.
"Yes, let Sam reward you for how you make me feel," Mia moaned to Giselle and it wasn't long before Giselle was yelling herself and pushing her pussy into Sam's hand to give him what he wanted. Mia grabbed Giselle's head to keep her focused on her pussy as both of them squirted all over. Sam's hand was so wet and so was Giselle's face.
Sam didn't say anything as he went back to the chair and unzipped his pants before he sat down.
"Please, continue."
Giselle looked at Sam and saw the look of lust in his eyes as his hand released his hard cock from his boxers. His hand slowly stroked it while looking at her and Giselle gulped, remembering Mia mentioning his size.
Mia then got off the bed and grabbed the strap on with the bigger dildo. She gave Giselle a seductive smile and had her put it on. Giselle couldn't and wouldn't deny her anything. As Giselle finished putting it on, Mia had gladly hopped back on the bed with her legs spread, showing that sweet, wet pussy.
Giselle got on the bed as well and went right in between her legs and pushed the cock into her. Mia wrapped her legs around her and begged her to fuck her. "Please Giselle, fuck me! That's it, give it to me, make me come! Fuck yes that feels so good, please, faster!"
Giselle was more than happy to comply as she pummeled into that sweet treasure. Sam was stroking his cock faster now and wasn't sure how long he would last. Hearing Mia's sounds of ecstasy and her wet juices was more than he could handle. Giselle looked over as she heard him moaning and saw him stroking his cock. They locked eyes for a moment before Giselle turned back to Mia and gave it to her some more.
"That's it, make me come, yesssss!!!!!! Sam heard her juices as Giselle's cock went in and out of her and couldn't believe she was coming so much. After Mia came, Giselle slowed down and slowly stroked her, in and out, in and out. Made him feel like an amateur……not.
Giselle pulled out of her and motioned for her to turn around. Seeing that sweet ass proudly posing for Giselle was making it harder for him to just sit there. "Fuck me Giselle, from behind. Show Sam how you make me come."
At that note, Giselle pushed forward and entered Mia swiftly. The look of ecstasy on Mia's face didn't escape Sam, it turned him on even more. He stroked his cock faster and grunted as he came so hard it almost hurt.
Giselle was fucking her so hard and fast and Sam couldn't help himself as he again went to play with Giselle's pussy. He grabbed onto her clit as she was moving back and forth and his other fingers were stroking her lips and this made her fuck Mia even faster. Both of the girls were moaning with ecstasy, and hearing both of those wet pussy's was overload. Sam grabbed Giselle's clit a little harder and she slammed into Mia as she came all over his hand and her convulsions pushed her even more into Mia as she too gushed all over Giselle's cock.
Giselle leaned over Mia's body trying to catch her breath with the cock still inside of her. The girls looked at each other and couldn't help but smile. Sam put his hand to his mouth to taste Giselle's juices and couldn't help but moan himself. With his cock still hard, he sat back onto the chair.
Giselle was about to pull out when Mia motioned to her with her other hand. She had the other dildo that she used to fuck her ass. "You want more?" Giselle couldn't believe as she gladly took it from her.
"Yes, I want more. But first," Mia said as she got off the bed and walked over to Sam. "I want you to watch me ride Sam's cock."
Not waiting for answer, she wrapper her legs around Sam and slid down his cock. "Ohhhhhh, fuck yes!" Mia moaned as he head drifted back and Sam didn't wait a second as his hips drove into Mia.
"Fuck yes baby, fuck my pussy!"
Giselle heard her slapping on Sam's balls and couldn't help herself but to feel her own wetness. Watching Mia's ass move up and down and Sam's cock going in and out of her was more hot than she would have imagined.
Sam had a hold of her waist, helping to keep her going at a fast pace and then she heard Sam grunt, tossing his head back and Mia grinded her pussy on his cock to get all of his sweet come.
"Fuck," Giselle mumbled.
Mia kissed Sam and seductively got off his cock and walked back over to the bed, getting on her hands and knees, wiggling her sweet as in front of Giselle.
"See his come in my pussy Giselle?" She looked and ran her finger down the folds of her wet and swollen pussy and saw Sam's come.
"Now fuck my pussy and my ass Giselle, give it to me!"
Who was Giselle to say no? She picked up the other cock and put it in her gushing pussy to lubricate it and Sam was about to blow a gasket again as he realized what was about to happen. He watched her slowly push the dildo in and out of her and couldn't believe what a delicious vixen he had married, and he couldn't be any happier.
He watched Giselle take it out and then spread Mia's ass cheeks. "That's it," Mia purred, "fuck my ass!" Watching that dildo penetrate her ass ever so slowly was about more than he could take. As he watched, the dildo was going faster and faster and watching Mia's face took him over the edge and before he knew it, his head went back as he came all over his hand once again.
Mia's moaning grew deeper and louder as Giselle started to insert the strap on inside her fucking wet pussy and her ass and Sam had to help, he could no longer sit on the side lines.
He walked over to the bed with an extremely hard glistening cock, having taking his pants off and motioned to take the dildo from Giselle that she was fucking Mia's ass with.
"You concentrate on fucking that sweet pussy, I'll fuck this sweet ass."
Mia grunted and groaned knowing she was in for an even bigger ride. Giselle continued to pummel her pussy as Sam pummeled her ass.
"Come on Mia, I want you to come and we are not stopping until I am satisfied. Reach and play with your clit."
Mia was happy to comply with Sam. As the room filled with the sound of one sweet pussy gushing all over the place and Mia screaming like she was on fire. And on fire she was!
"Giselle, play with your clit….now!" Sam ordered.
She looked up and reached down and stroked her clit as she fucked Mia and with all the emotions going on with her and hearing Mia come again, she pushed hard on her clit when she felt that volcanic orgasm coming and it was so hard that after she pummeled Mia, she was grinding on her pussy as she was coming.
Mia's eyes popped as she felt Giselle grinding on that sweet spot and she moaned, "don't stop Giselle, please don't stop. Please……don't stop," as her pleading eyes locked onto her as her orgasm erupted as well. Sam stopped fucking Mia and sat on the bed.
Mia was still leaned over with her ass in the air and purred to Sam, "well, that pretty much sums it up," and couldn't help but laugh in which had all three of them laughing.
Much to her displeasure, Giselle pulled out of Mia's sweet decadence and took the strap on off and laid down on the bed. Both her and Mia's hearts pounding and trying to catch their breaths. Sam walked over to that side of the bed and as Giselle felt the weight of him getting on, she gasped as she saw him go in between her legs with his face. Mia smiled and then facing Sam, sat on Giselle's face. Mia was so slippery but Giselle didn't give a damn as Sam's face swallowed up Giselle's pussy. He licked and sucked at her juices and then as his teeth grazed her clit, he reaped the reward of her flowing juices.
Mia was grinding her face on Giselle, playing with her clit and Sam couldn't help but gasp at his sexy vixen. As she moaned and screamed, Sam saw her vibrate and pulse on Giselle's face and he knew Giselle was reaping that reward.
Mia was glad she had the wand ready and reached over and grabbed it. "Eat her pussy Sam." As Mia leaned forward, still with her pussy on Giselle's face, she turned that magic wand on as Sam ate her. Giselle was moaning like crazy and moving her hips and the louder she got, they knew it wouldn't be long. Giselle squirted all over Sam's face and Mia just grinded more on her mouth.
"Have you ever been fucked Giselle?" Sam asked as he got on the bed on his knees. Mia got off her face and looked at her. She said to Sam as she was looking at Giselle, "no, she hasn't been fucked. Ever." She looked at Giselle and said softly, "I know we talked about me taking your virginity but Sam wants to fuck you honey, can he?"
Mia could see the emotions drifting over her face and then Mia told Sam no. "Can he put the head of his cock inside of your pussy as I put the wand on your clit? He won't fuck you, I promise. I just want you to coat his cock with your sweet juices."
"I won't fuck you if you don't want me to Giselle but one day you will give me your gift and it will be because you want to. Because you want this big cock inside of you just like Mia does and just like you like to fuck her. But I will never do it until you tell me you want it, that's not me."
"Can he stroke the folds of your pussy with his cock?" Mia purred to Giselle.
She murmured, "yes. For you anything."
Sam had his cock in his hand and stroked her lips with the head feeling all of that wetness. He then slipped it just inside so her lips were covering his head and then Mia turned the wand on and spreading her lips to put it on her clit.
Giselle bucked her hips a bit and yelled for Mia. "Come for me Giselle, come on Sam's cock. This is your time now for as much as you've made me come."
Mia made the wand go from a slower speed to a higher one to build her up as Sam's cock stroked the folds of her pussy. Slower then faster, slower then faster. She could tell just from the way her body was reacting that she was going to explode any moment now. That's when Mia turned it up even faster and pushed it harder on her clit.
Giselle screamed as she gushed all over Sam's cock and Sam loved every second of it. He moved his cock to listen to the wetness of her pussy and listening to Giselle scream in ecstasy was making him insane.
As Giselle came down from that massive orgasm, she looked at Mia and softly said, "I want Sam to fuck me Mia. That look that I see in your eyes when I fuck you, I want to feel that."
Mia responded with her mouth on hers giving her a passionate kiss.
"Giselle, are you sure?" Sam asked unsure. He would never take anyone unwillingly and he wasn't about to start now.
"Feeling your cock like that, I want all of it Sam. Please. "
"Your wish is my command," Sam groaned.
Mia watched Sam's cock slowly enter Giselle and she could tell when he got to that spot and as their eyes were locked, he pushed. He stopped for a moment so she could adjust and then he couldn't control himself. He pulled out and then in and the more he went, the faster he went.
Mia got the wand again and tried to put it on her clit while he was fucking her. She was so turned on by this and had to reach back and stroke her pussy as her other hand was concentrating on pleasuring Giselle.
Sam grabbed her legs, spread them and put them back to her shoulders. Giselle watched as his cock slammed into her and Mia got the wand on the perfect spot and turned it up as high as it could go. She wanted her to come all over Sam's cock so bad and she wasn't going to stop until she did.
"Come on Giselle, come on Sam's cock."
Giselle was screaming with pure ecstasy and Sam was grunting as he pummeled her even faster. "Come Giselle, I won't stop until you do."
Sam moved his cock in different directions as he fucked her. Going to the side, different angles to try and find that sweet spot and then he found that treasure spot as he saw Giselle's eyes pop.
"Keep it up Mia, don't stop, I found that spot and I'm going to fuck her with all my might!"
Sam watched her as he fucked her and concentrated on that spot and as he felt her pussy squeezing his cock he knew it was coming. "Harder Mia, she's about to come!"
And with that, Mia moved the wand just a smidgen of a hair which brought Giselle to the ultimate peak and she screamed as her pussy gushed all over Sam and Sam couldn't hold out any longer and came so deep inside of her. As Sam grinded on her pussy slowly after the both of them came down from their high, he gently put his arm out to not crush her as he leaned forward.
Mia stopped the wand and laid on Giselle's right side as Sam laid on her left. Three spent bodies and two juicy pussies. Nobody said a word as they just lay there, processing everything. Mia looked over and saw Sam's semi erect cock and climbed on top of him. As she straddled him, it didn't take long for him to get hard again as he was stroking his cock against her pussy. She slid down on him and proceeded to fuck him. Giselle watched and as she did, she didn't feel jealous anymore. She loved watching Mia feeling such pleasure.
She got off the bed quietly though, figuring the two needed some alone time right now. She thought she had gone unnoticed until she heard Mia say, "don't be long Giselle," in that lusty voice as she was fucking her husband. She smiled and went to the restroom and cleaned up a bit. As she looked in the mirror, she couldn't believe how things turned out and much to her surprise, she liked it.
She heard them both finishing up so she then walked back to the bedroom. No one said anything as she walked seductively to the bed. There were no words as Mia laid down and Sam spooned her and Mia spooned Giselle and they all fell asleep it seems before their eyes even closed.
Sam woke to the sounds of moaning and looked to see Giselle's face all in Mia's pussy and Mia coming already. How did he not hear that earlier? But that's all it took for Sam to be fully erect and behind he went to Giselle and entered her swiftly. Of course she was already wet as she was eating Mia's pussy for what must have been a while now.
Giselle put her head back and moaned her pleasure and Sam said, "eat her pussy or I stop fucking you." Sam smiled as he saw her dive back in and moan into her at the same time as Sam kept to his promise of giving it to her. And give it to her he did.

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