MidMo Ballers Ch. 01

tagGroup SexMidMo Ballers Ch. 01

"Shhhhh," I admonished the young woman laying next to me under the bush when she wiggled around, making the dead leaves crackle. We'd spent nearly an hour slow crawling the hundred yards from the edge of the woods through the tall grass to get here and I didn't want to spoil all that progress. True it was only a game. If we were shot it would only sting a while, but I really didn't want to get shot, especially on the very first skirmish with this new club.
Now being empty nesters, the last of our two kids gone to college, my wife suggested we find some activities to do. We'd played paintball years ago and enjoyed it immensely. True, equipment had changed. Instead of a bolt action pistol holding only 5 balls, the new guns I'd bought were AR styled hundred shot repeaters. But the game hadn't changed all that much. Capture the flag was still capture the flag.
The Facebook post she came across for the Midmo ballers, looked like they had just had some serious fun. My wife reached out to one of the members, a young woman named Shelly and chatted online a while. They were a couples only group, which was perfect for us. Besides paintball, they apparently also had other group activities for colder weather, which could be fun. But for now, trying to slip up to the enemy fort and capture their flag without getting shot was what I was concentrating on.
I'd have preferred to have my wife laying in the bushes with me. After almost 25 years together we could complete each other's sentences, and communicate our intentions with a few hand gestures. She was a kick ass hunter and we'd stalked turkeys together many times. This wasn't all that different, except that Shelly clearly wasn't as adept at this kind of thing as my wife. She was laying next to me instead of my wife due to nothing other than she and her husband volunteered to partner with us the first time, while everyone else chose in a random draw. Breaking up couples appeared to be a club rule. No one had explained why, but I supposed it was to make things fair.
With two teams of four couples playing against each other, it could prove to be a short game. I only had one couple to take out and the flag would be ours, but I had to get closer. Even with this fancy gun, the young couple guarding the fort was out of range.
"We don't want to get shot," I whispered to Shelly.
"Or captured!" she whispered back.
I looked over at her. Captured? I'd never played where you could capture your opponent. Only killed them with paint.
"I was captured once. It wasn't nearly as much fun as I'd have expected."
To expect being captured as being fun didn't make much sense. But then I wasn't all that sure how serious Shelly was about this. She seemed much more interested in rubbing herself against me, or grabbing my butt than trying to stay quiet.
"See that bush there? The little scrubby one?"
"Yeah," she whispered back.
"Let's try for it. Nice and slow. Stay on your belly."
"I don't mind slow or on my belly. But I don't like getting dirt down my pants."
I nodded. 'Yep. Not very serious.' I thought to myself. I slowly rolled out from under the bush and started to slowly crawl towards the bush almost thirty yards away. As quiet as I was trying to be I knew the leaves were making more noise than I wanted, but then Shelly was being even louder. I wanted to turn around and shush her, but I never got the chance.
I froze in place, and stared as my wife and the husband of the woman laying next to me, Jimmy were being marched into the clearing, their hands on their heads.
"Shit," I whispered.
"Oh damn. Captured!" Shelly whispered back.
"If I can kill those four, are we allowed to rescue them?"
"Yeah. But they don't get their stuff back until you get them back to our fort."
I nodded silently. I'd have to take out the two sentries first either way. I didn't know how to get the two inside out in the open. But first things first. I started for the bush again. I had to move slowly. The tall grass moving with almost no wind was a dead give away.
I heard my wife shout something before her voice was muffled. I couldn't make it out, but I assumed they were gagging and tying her up.
Only another few yards.
One of the sentries started walking in my direction, apparently sensing something amiss. If I shot her now, I'd never get a chance at the other one. Maybe if I waited she'd turn back or her partner would walk this way too. I held my breath, hoping my camo would keep me hidden.
She raised her gun and pointed it in my direction. I'd been spotted. I quickly pulled the trigger, my gun already aimed at her.
Thwap! The distinctive sound of a paintball hadn't changed much over the years. She looked down at the bright red splatter on her shirt almost dead center between her breasts. While she was still looking, I jumped up and rushed the few yards to get in range of the other sentry. Thwap! Number two down. I ran to the fort and threw myself to the ground, hoping Shelly was following.
I could hear sounds inside the fort. A distinct buzzing or vibrating sound came from within the fort, along with what sounded like female moans. Shelly had said it wasn't as much fun as she would have thought. Were they torturing my wife in some way? The moans didn't sound like hurt, more like pleasure.
I crawled around the side, peeked around the corner and Thwap!
"Shit!" I cursed, feeing the paintball hit me in the middle of my back.
Thwap! Another in my butt! Apparently just for good measure. Thwap! Thwap! Two more. I didn't feel any impact so I presumed they got Shelly. I twisted around and sure enough, she was climbing to her feet, a big blue splatter on the side of her shirt and another on the side of her leg. The guy that had marched my wife in stood looking at us, the hard plastic face mask covering what had to be a huge grin.
I pushed myself up and stood while Shelly was pushed towards me. The two of us were pushed towards the fort door, and shoved in.
I stood and started, completely at a loss for words or actions.
Both my wife and Jimmy were sitting on benches, their hands tied back to the wall, a gag in their mouths. That wasn't what stunned me. They had both been stripped naked, or almost so! I looked at my wife, her feet tied out to the floor to keep her legs spread, the bottom of a large flesh colored vibrator sticking out of her pussy. The only clothing she had on were her socks and her t-shirt, which was pulled up and hooked over her head so that she was bare from her neck to her ankles. Her clothes were strewn around the floor around her, her sports bra clearly cut up to remove it.
Jimmy, equally naked, had a half dressed female standing astraddle his legs, her pants off as well, bouncing her ass up and down on his lap, clearly fucking him.
"Okay. Both of you. Clothes off," the guard said as he took off his mask.
"Wait! What the hell?" I asked, still in a state of shock.
"Those are the rules. You have to strip off where you got shot, and since I killed Shelly, she's mine too."
I looked at Shelly, who had already pulled her mask off and was unbuttoning her camo shirt. She grinned at me as she pulled her shirt off, revealing her thirty year old tits.
Shelly said, "At least we're not out fucking in the bushes."
"In the bushes?"
"Yeah. You have to strip wherever you are when your killed."
All of a sudden things started to sink in. Midmo ballers weren't a paint ball club. They were a swingers club!
"Wait a second. My wife…" I started to protest, looking over at where my wife sat on the bench, her eyes closed, whatever kind of vibrator they has stuffed in her creating sensations inside her that she was unable to ignore. She moaned softly again, her hips moving slightly in a fucking motion as her pussy leaked and dripped onto the rough floorboards clearly in the middle of a climax.
"Don't worry. I'll take good care of her!" the guy who shot me interrupted as he set his gun aside. "Now you gonna strip for these nice ladies or am I going to have to tie you up like your wife?"
I looked around and saw the woman I'd shot stripping her shirt off as well, her large tits as bare as Shelly's. I looked back to the guy that shot me, his pants now open and a large dick sticking out rock hard. He turned away from me and stepped between my wife's legs, knelt down and pulled the vibrator out of her pussy.
"Hey! Wait a second!" I protested again, starting to move towards him before I felt two hands grab my arms and hold me back. Before I could shake the arms off, he pushed the head of his cock into her in place of the vibrator, bringing an even louder moan from her gagged mouth. She opened her eyes and saw him in front of her and then looked down at his cock sticking part way into her. Her eyes got as big as saucers and she shook her head side to side as he started to force his big cock deeper into her. In moments he was stroking in and out of her, working his cock deeper and deeper into her. Her reaction was clearly a no, but he didn't seem to care. In and out he thrust until she closed her eyes again and moaned loudly.
"It's Ben, right?" the woman I shot between the tits said as she pulled me back and stepped against me, her naked body pressing against me. "Let's get these off of you. You wanna help Shelly?"
"Hell yeah," she agreed with a grin. "I've been wanting to get fucked for an hour."
I couldn't seem to look away from where my wife was being pounded by the guy that shot me.
"First time seeing your wife getting fucked by another guy?" the woman I'd shot asked softly.
"Uh huh." Was all I could answer.
"Let's go outside then," she said with a smile, turning me and pushing me gently out the door. We only moved a few steps beyond the door and she was undoing my pants. I stared at her naked body as she squatted in front of me, reaching down to untie my boots, her knees splayed wide, exposing her pussy to me.
She coaxed me to lift each foot, pulling my pants and briefs off and then sliding each boot back on.
"There!" she said, standing up now that I was as naked as she was, nude except for boots. She reached down and wrapped both hands around my dick and stroked it slowly.
The guy still remaining on sentry duty stepped over and reached around, grabbing one of her tits.
"Uh Uh Donny!" she said, twisting away from him. "You didn't kill me, so hands off."
"Okay." He chuckled before looking at me. "Have fun! She can be a real Energizer bunny. She just keeps cumming and cumming."
"Smart ass!" she said as she pushed him away with one hand. "Come on. Let's put this someplace useful, like my pussy." She used my dick as a handle and turned me to face the wall while she moved around me, slipping between me and the wall.
"Oh fuck!" I heard a male voice inside the fort grunt out.
"Sounds like your wife just got her first load."
"Her first load?" I asked as she pushed her butt towards me, guiding my dick to her wet pussy lips.
"Uh huh," she groaned as she pushed back against me, forcing my cock into her pussy. "You fuck what you kill, but if you're captured the whole team gets a turn."
"Not as fun as she thought it'd be," I said, repeating Shelly's earlier statement.
"Depends on how you like it," the woman in front of me said, pushing her bare ass against me, trying to coax me to start pumping in and out of her. I was still thinking about my wife inside as I let my hands slide up from her hips to her big soft breasts, capturing her tits in my hands. I used them as handles as I started pushing in and out of her hot wet pussy. "I personally enjoyed the hell out of it the last time I was captured. Hadn't come so many times in years!"
"How many?"
"Guys or climaxes?" She gasped as I plunged faster into her, concentrating more on what was happening to my wife inside than fucking the woman in front of me.
"Both," I grunted.
"Six guys. Twice that many orgasms. One guy made me come four times. Wanna try and beat his record?"
My mind started to come back to what I was doing, the sensations of my cock sliding in and out of her racing through my body. A combination of images of my wife, spread eagle with that vibrator stuffed in her pussy and the feelings of the pussy around my cock were having a sudden and dramatic effect. "I don't think I'm going to last that long," I grunted.
"Your turn," the guy who shot me said to the sentry as he stepped out of the fort, a gun in one hand and a naked Shelly in the other.
"Hell yeah! New pussy!" he said as he disappeared into the fort.
"That's it," the woman I was fucking groaned. "Right there!" I could feel her body start to tremble and her pussy squeeze and grip my thrusting shaft as she started to cum. The change in sensations was all it took to push me over the top.
"Ahhhhh!" I breathed softly as my body jerked, jamming my cock deep into her.
"Yes!" she cried as my cock hit against her cervix and gushed a surge of cum deep in her pussy. Time and again my body jerked, pumping cum into her until I felt drained. I moved my hands from her tits and moved them to the wall. I let my weight press us both to the wall while we panted for breath.
I looked over at Shelly, squatted in front of the guy that shot us, one hand on his softened dick, guiding it in and out of her mouth as she tried to coax more life into it, her other between her own legs, at least two fingers pushed into herself.
I felt my softening dick slip from the pussy I'd just cum in, and the woman it was part of gently push away and slip from where my body trapped her against the wall. "I'm going to go get my piece of Jimmy while I can. You can stay out here, or you can watch Thomas doing your wife. Either way, as soon as I'm done on Jimmy, I'll come back, and you can have all of me you want!"
"Yeah, fine." I nodded as she stepped backwards to the door and turned to walk into it. I turned and leaned against the wall, thinking about what I'd just done and then what was happening to my wife. I could hear the sounds of sex coming from inside the fort and pushed away to put a stop to whoever was currently fucking my wife.
I pushed away from the wall and moved to step into the fort, the woman that had been fucking Thomas, my wife's partner for the day, stepping back through to come outside. She was still naked from the waist down and had only a thin t-shirt on above that, her perky tits clearly showing through the sweat soaked shirt.
"Uh uh. She's ours now," the woman said with a grin. "And you're mine."
I looked in through the door and saw the woman I'd just fucked bouncing wildly on Jimmy's dick, facing me, her big tits bouncing and flying just as wildly. I looked at my wife, the guy between her legs with his pants to his knees, pumping his hips to shove his dick in and out of her. I could also hear the sound of a vibrator, and realized the one she had in her earlier was no longer on the floor. I looked up to my wife's face, the gag removed, and her mouth hanging open the way it did when she climaxed at home. Her head rested against the wall with her eyes closed. I wondered how this was going to turn out, how both of us were going to feel later. I'd never seen my wife fucked by another guy, let alone two.
"Come on." I heard Shelly say from behind me. "You don't need to watch," she added, pulling me back by the arm.
"Gabe said you could have my pussy."
"My pussy. You fuck my pussy and he's going to fuck my mouth. Haven't you ever done multiple partners?"
"Ummmm. No. This is actually the first time for either of us to be with anyone else."
"Oh. Well then you're gonna enjoy this!"
I stepped out and let her lead me to one side of the door where the guy that shot us stood, still looking out over the clearing with his gun ready. "Here we are Gabe!" Shelly said. She bent over, reaching for his cock and quickly engulfed it. He started to thrust his hips toward her face, shoving his cock deep down her throat.
"She's one good mouth fuck," he Said with a grin. "You gonna take her pussy or her ass? She'll do either."
"Uh. Pussy," I answered, looking down at her, her maybe c cup tits hanging down and swinging in time with his strokes.
She pushed him away and gasped for breath before turning enough to look at me. "Waiting for an engraved invitation? After all that crawling around, the least you can do is give me a good fuck!"
"Uh. Sure," I answered. I was a bit surprised at how hard my dick had gotten already, more than hard enough to work into her pussy.
I stepped behind her and aimed my half hard dick at her clearly wet pussy. I worked my head into her opening and then pushed myself into her. I wasn't overly hard, but I could feel myself growing harder by the second as I held myself inside her hot wet confines while Gabe fucked her mouth more.
I was finally getting hard enough to start stroking and in a very short time was humping my cock in and out of her in time with Gabe's strokes. I heard my wife exclaim "Ohhhh fuck yes!" from inside the fort.
"She seems like she's enjoying it!" Shelly said after pulling off Gabe's dick to catch her breath again.
"She really seemed to like mine, once we got her going," Gabe said with a chuckle. "You'd never know she was a first timer. She put up a fight being stripped, but once that vibrator got into her all that stopped."
"Yeah," I said, wondering again how this was going to turn out. Hell, at least she couldn't blame me. This group was her idea.
I wasn't even really paying attention to Shelly, lost in my own thoughts as I continued to stroke rhythmically in and out of her.
"Ohhhh fuck yes! That's it Ben! Just a little harder!" Shelly gasped, pulling her mouth off Gabe.
"Looks like you got skills!" Gabe said with an appreciative nod. "Shelly's notorious for being hard to get off."
"Ohhhhhh fuck!" she suddenly squealed. "God I'm cuuuuummmmiiinnng!"
Her whole body seemed to shudder and tremble as he pussy clamped and released around my hard shaft. I could feel her juices leaking so heavily around my dick that they were running down my balls and dripping, or more accurately, being slung around to the ground.
"Ohhhhhh fuck yes fuck yes," she moaned, pulling off my cock and sinking to he knees. "Ohhhhhh. Fuck," she panted again. "I'm gonna need a second here."
"Sure thing. I'm gonna go give Lacy another shot," Gabe said, stepping away and walking back into the fort.
"Shit. How many times is he going to fuck my wife?" I asked.
"As many as he wants to until the game's over!" the woman that shot me said as she walked to the door of the fort.
"When is that?"
"When the rest of the team shows up."
"What if they got captured?"
"Well. Then the game ends at 6."
"That's hours yet!" I said looking at my watch.
She stepped to me and wrapped her arms round my neck and pulled her body against mine, pressing her tits to my chest and trapping my still hard dick between us. "Yeah. Lucky for us, huh?"
I reached up and gently pulled her arms from around me. "I think my wife has had enough," I told her, stepping back. I stepped into the fort and over to Gabe, putting a hand on his shoulder. He looked up at me and then back to my wife. Nodding, he pulled back, his big fat dick slipping from her pussy, leaving it gaping wide open. "I think there's plenty outside."
"Yeah. Sure," he said with a shrug. I stepped to my wife and untied her hands. She tried to move her stiff arms and struggled to try and bend them, so I helped her pull her shirt back over her head and down her chest. I untied her legs and looked around the floor for her pants. I started to slide them over her feet and she just shook her head without a word. I helped her pull her boots on and then found my own clothes, pulling my boots off before I pulled my pants on. I tugged my shirt on, not bothering to button it. I collected the rest of our clothes, leaving the cut up bra on the floor.

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