Mine & Yours Pt. 01

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Author's note.
All characters engaged in sexual activity in this story are at least 18 years old. This story contains incest and graphic sexual activity.
This is more of a slow burn story, if you don't refer longer narratives, this might not be for you. If, however, you enjoy a more dramatic and character focused tale I think you will enjoy this. It's fairly long and will contain several parts, I hope you enjoy it.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
I am 18. He is 19.
I am playing the piano. Poorly. A hand hits me up side the back of my head when my finger stumbles on a key.
I pick my head up and adjust my posture, brushing my dark curly hair to one side, and begin again. 'Yes, mother.'
We are lucky. That's what Uncle Aaron says anyway.
When the incident happened, we were already too old, even though we were only 13 and 14 in a few months.
'That's older than what most couples generally look for.' We were the worst thing you can be when trying to find a new home, teenagers. Not to mention our unfortunate family background.
Few people were willing to take us in, less willing to keep us together. A simple condition. A simple, solitary, non-negotiable condition. We stay together, no matter what.
She was a nun, in the past at least. She still was in a way, though we weren't allowed to ask why she left the convent, or if she was kicked out. Uncle Aaron hinted that it had something to do with not being able to keep certain vows and that she might have wanted children. We were her chance, I suppose, also her penance.
She was a hard-faced and chastely dressed woman. With heavy set round breasts, she wore behind what looked like a military uniform that covered her neck and became a long dress at the bottom. Her midnight black hair pulled back so tight it looked like it hurt. She was tall, more so than most men, with almost golden brown skin.
She was cold and mean and strict. Every time we met with her, she was correcting our behavior, our posture, the way we spoke. She even slapped my brother Dante right across the face once for talking back, right in front of both the person for the adoption agency and uncle Aaron.
No one did anything though, no one even made a sound. It would have ruined our chances, she had only wanted me, and no one else was willing to take in both of us.
So somehow, we were adopted. She insists we call her 'mother'.
After the incident, Dante, my brother, had become a lot more protective of me. He almost never let me out of his sight, ever. I would tell him I'm fine, and that I felt safe, and that he didn't have to shadow my every step. He never listened, and if I was being truly honest, I wouldn't have had it any other way.
After piano I have to move on to cleaning the floors, once done with that I begin preparing food to cook for supper. While cutting vegetables I look out of the kitchen window and spot Dante doing yard work in the back yard.
Silently envious, it's too apt, me indoors, and Dante in the open air. Mother doesn't let me leave the house, ever. I ride the bus to school, I ride the bus home. I am not allowed any more movement than that.
After we've eaten dinner I take a shower before going to bed. I stand under the water, watching perversely as strings glide down between my legs. My fingers are drawn to the space and shut my eyes as they begin to work. In my mind's eye it's someone else hands forcing the quiet moans from my mouth.
The person in my imagination never really has a face to them, but I know they love me, I know they want me, and they can't keep their hands off me.
I lean one hand against the wall as my rhythm picks up, my breathing is so short I'm pretty much panting. I imagine the things I would do for him, the things he would do to me. I'm so close. The person in my dream is grabbing every part of me, bringing new and different sounds from between my lips, playing my whole body like a symphony.
My tongue feels heavy and mouth is wet, I lean my head against the wall so I can knead my breast and finally… finally… I'm—
'Caroline!' I yelp at the sound of my name from mother's voice on the other side of the bathroom door, 'I hope you instead to pay for all that water you're wasting.'
I hurriedly close the taps and wrap myself in a towel, rushing to open the door of the small bathroom with the tub shower combo a toilet and sink in a space not much bigger than a large closest.
'I'm sorry mother. I didn't realize.'
'No of course not. When ever do you,' Mother stands over me in her nightgown, 'now, off to bed with you. The hour is late.'
I walk past Dante's room to my own, mother shadowing my steps, the old carpeted wooden floor creaking heavily under our weight.
Once I'm in my room, mother says good night from the other side of my door. I press my ear against the door and listen to the sound of her steps creaking to her room at the end of the hall where she typically locks herself in and begins her nightly prayers before going to sleep.
After I'm dressed I move to the other side of the room and open wide the window, removing the mesh and begin to wait. I whisper Dante's name into the night. After a few moments, Dante opens his window and maneuvers in from the outside roof into my room.
'Hi.' I say once he's inside.
'Hey.' He pulls me into a hug and I sink into him, the tension I did not know I was carrying ebbs away, and I feel his embrace tighten. His strong arms closing around me. I breathe in his scent.
This is our little ritual for some time now. Whenever mother, goes to bed, I will open my window and Dante walks on the roof outside our bedroom windows on the side of the house and comes to see me.
If we use the hallway mother hears the creaking of the floor and the last time she found us spending time together she kicked Dante out because she assumed we were doing something terrible, something awful.
We were playing cards.
I had cried and begged her to let him back in. I don't know why she seems to have always cared nothing for Dante and made me out to be something of more when really the opposite is true.
It took Uncle Aaron driving here in the middle of the night to talk some sense into her before she let him back in.
When Dante is in my room, we hug and tell each other about our day without letting go, and frankly, this is the only thing that keeps me sane.`
'How you doing?' He asks without letting me go. His voice is heavy and sounds tired.
'Good. How are you?' I ask, trying to move closer to him.
I haven't seen him since morning and I have missed him, so much. Sometimes we might not see each other for a whole day.
Between our chores, practice and his part-time job, we are always busy and it slowly kills me. It feels like lately there's something unsaid, like a wedge that's keeping us from being as close as we used to be. I don't what it is, but I can sense it, and a part of me just hopes it's that we haven't spent that much time with each other lately.
He's here now, I remind myself, and that's what matters.
I move my arms across his back and close my eyes, I don't want to ever let him go. He is safe, here in my arms, as much as I am safe in his. I pull away, touching his face with both hands.
He's finally just gone and shaved his hair with a buzz cut, it looks good. He looks good. I count the tiny scars that disappear down his shirt. His brown eyes look so bright, even against our shared light brown skin tone. My big brother.
'Hi.' He says softly.
I'm smiling so hard my cheeks hurt. 'Hi.'
We spend the night like we have countless others, lying on my bed and cuddled enough to keep warm, it is innocent and pleasant.
Dante groans as he stretches. 'Fuck, I'm tired.'
'Language,' I scold him, 'if mother ever hears you talk like that she'll kick you out. Again.'
'What should I say instead?'
'Hmm, how about… shoot.'
'Okay, shoot mother,' Dante says and I bury my head in his chest to hide my laughing, 'shoot her right in the shooting face.'
I'm laughing so hard my whole body shakes. 'Stop it.'
We talk about everything and nothing, about his work, about mother, about piano practice and chores, about school—our final year is starting this week. We talk about how he is thinking about asking for captain this season because it's sure to look good to scouts.
We have only limited options for schools, our hopes lie almost entirely on Dante getting recruited for soccer and me being granted a scholarship to the same school, or we go to a small community college nearby, whose first year Dante can afford with his savings and then I could maybe get a job to help, but if that happens, we'd have to continue staying with mother.
No matter what though, we stay together.
We talk about how he will probably have to quit his job at the garage because there's no way he'll be able to go to school, train, work and have time to do his chores all in one day.
We talk about how Tori Andrews, of all people, asked one of Dante's friends for his phone number, not knowing that neither of us can afford one.
'Oh god, my big brother friends with Tori Andrews.'
'What's so wrong about that?'
'No, no nothing, just like there isn't anything wrong with selling sex in a church,' I answer, 'or Tori Andrews in a church.' Dante laughs and the sounds warms my whole body.
We joke and laugh together, and all at once, my soul is at peace.
He falls asleep in my arms. I know he'll be upset with me in the morning for letting it happen again, but I can see how tired he is. I set my alarm clock and fall asleep by his side.
In what feels like half a second after I close my eyes the alarm goes off, and I gently stir Dante from his slumber. He is slightly cross at me for risking letting him sleep in my bed. He forgives me in his next breath.
We both get up and hug for as long as we can. I don't want to let him go. He kisses the top of my head, and breaks our embrace, then climbs out my window to get back into his room.
For a while I am unable to move, I am left vacant, and so alone it hurts. A few minutes later, mother unlocks my door and opens it as wide as it will go, finding me sitting up in my bed.
"Get up. It's time to start the day."
* * *
Dante walks me to the bus stop where other kids from our area are already waiting. Dante waits with me up until his friend Bradley pulls up in his car to pick Dante up. The fancy silver SUV which likely costs more than a house is packed with two more of Dante's friends from the soccer team, including Uncle Aaron's son, Shane.
Shane's gotten a new hairstyle, his short kinky hair now sharp and clean with shaved sides. He looks good and pretty much like a police officer's son. Clean cut, and not so exciting but with a charming wholesome nature but with a little birthmark beneath his eye that I'm sure helps send girls falling in his wake.
Shane gives me a warm smile and a wave from the front passenger seat. 'Hey Cara.'
I return a smile and wave back. 'Hi Shane.'
Dante turns to me and squeezes my arm. 'Hey, I'll see you at school.'
I smile at him and he hops into the car before it pulls away at a speed far above the limit.
Dante once offered to let me ride with his friends too, not that the prospect of being the only girl in a car full of hormonal teenage boys doesn't sound like stimulating conversation, but there isn't any space anyway.
I would actually prefer it if we could ride the bus together like we used to, but the bus is kind of disgusting and is full of a bunch of kids from the middle school. I know Dante would join me if I asked, but I can't subject him to that if I don't have to, especially when he can be in a nice warm car with his friends.
* * *
I pick up my tray of food and walk back through the crowded cafeteria to our lunch table.
'C'mon Cara, don't you think it's just the most incredible thing you've ever seen?'
'It's the first day of school, Tabitha, surely there is something else to talk about.' I reply.
Tabitha is my closest friend, outside Dante, and she is utterly boy crazy. She's the only friend who's had… experience because she's really pretty with her short straight dark hair and always well-done makeup.
'No there isn't, don't avoid the question.' Tabitha says as we settle down for at our lunch table with our food.
'Oh my god, it's too early for this.' Angela says already seated down in the seat next to me and across from Tabitha. Angela swipes the glasses that she wears beneath her short pixie cut hair.
Tabitha's tray slams on the table. 'Answer it, answer it, answer it answer it answer it- '
'Okay, yes.' I whisper just loud enough for her to hear.
'Okay yes what?'
'Okay yes, I think Bradley James'… butt is incredible. Are you happy now you pervert?'
'Ha I knew it. I would totally be his trophy wife.' Tabitha says throwing a piece of food into her mouth.
'Yeah, you have to be a trophy to a trophy wife.' Angela says.
'Shut up, I am so a trophy, and I would satisfy his every need. I mean every.' Tabitha's eyebrows rise and fall. 'I'm going to touch myself to the thought of him today.'
'We're eating!' I yell at her.
'So? You're eighteen now Cara stop being such a prude. How did you get this far without having sexually charge thoughts.' Tabitha asks.
I actually do have plenty of sexually charged thoughts, especially lately. Maybe it's something to do with puberty, and it certainly doesn't help that I can never get any release at home because I never have time. I just can't say them out loud the way they do, and I don't like to use vulgar language which seems to be kind of requirement. In truth, I enjoy the way they talk even if I don't have the courage to join in.
'Did you hear Brad and Tori broke up over the summer?' Angela says.
'Tori and Bradley split up?' Tabitha asks, grabbing at yet another chance to gossip about anybody in school. 'Shit, that was quick.'
'Language.' I remind her.
'Tori The man-eater Andrews strikes again.' Angela says. 'I bet she cheated.'
'So Tori's done with another guy. How long was that anyway, three months? Has to be a new record. Which can only mean, Bradley must be huuuuung.'
I didn't know Tori was single either, I want to convince myself the interest in my brother has nothing to do with that, but it seems too hard.
'She was asking about my brother.'
'Your brother? Dante. He is so hot!' Angie beams. 'definitely top contender for sexiest boy in school.'
'Hmm maybe second sexiest, but yeah I would honestly let that boy finish in my mouth. Could you tell him that for me Cara, just by the by?' Tabitha says raising her eyebrows again and again.
'Please stop, both of you.'
'Yeah yeah yeah. Dante is strictly off-limits to you hungry sluts.'
'I did not call you sluts!'
'Yeah, but we both know you were thinking it.' Angie finishes.
'Walking around the place with his muscly muscles and fully kissable lips. It's not our fault you two are related.' Tabitha says.
I don't deny it, but it doesn't mean I have to talk about it.
Dante is a year older but when we started school they decided to put him and me in the same grade. We stuck together constantly and everyone avoided us like the plague.
We were underweight poor kids who didn't know how to interact socially. They called us names and spread nasty rumors about how we were drug addicts from a crack den. They said even worse things about what we did when no one was around. It was awful, but we had each other and that was enough. That was more than enough.
Then things started to change, Dante got a part-time job, and when Uncle Aaron and his family moved into our area. Dante and Shane became friends.
Shane loved sports, especially soccer, and unsurprisingly Dante was brilliant at it. Shane and Dante made the soccer team, then they made the team. No one cared about the school's soccer team enough even to attend matches, but once Dante and Shane got them to start winning- regionals, state finals -the team was suddenly the school's pride and joy.
Then Dante's looks came in, and he would stay after school to train because he hated mother. All Dante's clothes were hand-me-downs and second-hand stuff that were always several sizes too big for him, but credit to mother, she always made sure to feed us healthy and not allow us junk.
'A weak body houses a weak mind.' She would say.
Now Dante stood taller than all the guys, except a few, and because of the extra time in the school gym he now fills his clothes like they were tailored for him, and I was not the only one who noticed.
The scars on his body that scared kids away now made him look rugged and manly. People crowded around him and Shane wherever they went, the same people who once treated us like lepers.
Dante was slowly being stolen away from me because of something I realized too late I never wanted him to be, popular.
'It doesn't matter. I am asking you guys as my friends to please stop talking about Dante like that.'
'I hope none of you guys get boyfriends this year.'
Tabitha gasps painfully. 'Angel, my love, why would you say something so awful?'
'You guys would totally ditch me if you had boyfriends.' Angie says.
'Anyway, it's not like it's something we'll have to worry about, except for Cara who went and broke our unspoken rule to not grow a cup size over the summer.'
I reflectively feel the need to cover up as soon as Tabitha points it out. They're not even that big, they're just bigger than hers, which isn't saying much because Tabitha has a small chest, but you'd think it was a direct slight.
'You're both really pretty.' I say truthfully, Tabitha always looks great in whatever latest fashion trends, which these days are short shorts and girlie polos.
All I have are jeans and tee-shirts and skirts that are getting too small for me. Even now all I have on is a vee neck tee and a pair of faded jeans that weren't faded when they were new.
And Angela has really beautiful green eyes, that makes my brown eyes look boring. At least I say they're brown, Dante swears they're hazel.
Plus Angie's pixie cut is adorable whereas I have long light curly hair that I have never been given any money to get managed.
'Bitch, don't patronize me. You got hot and I hate you now.' Tabitha jokes, though I'm not so sure to what extent.
'Tabitha, come on.' Angie says.
'Do you even like guys, Cara?' Tabitha asks.
'Yeah, of course, I do.'
'Like who?' Tabitha demands. 'Name me one guy you have a crush on in school, who you've ever had a crush on.'
I don't think I've ever had a crush on anyone in school, they're all really immature and the hot guys are all just players, and besides, I don't have the time for it. Mother doesn't let me go anywhere, they both know that.
I spend the majority of my days, either studying or doing chores, which are all just things I have to do until I can spend time with Dante-which is something I will always rather do than anything else.
'Well,' Tabitha prods after I've been silent for a little while, 'who do you like in school, Cara?'
I don't want to say I don't have anyone in mind because I know that will only piss Tabitha off more.
'I think, I might like…' I can't think of anyone except… 'Shane?'
'Oh my god yes, Shane.' Tabitha practically drools.
'Wait I thought Shane was your cousin or something?' Angela says. 'Don't you call his dad your uncle?'
'Yeah, but he's not our real uncle,' I answer, 'he's just a close friend of the family.'
Family being Dante and me. Uncle Aaron was the officer who found me on the day of the incident. He had taken a special exception to our case, making sure we had a happy enough ending. Shane was Uncle Aaron's son, and now Dante's closest friend.
'Oh good, thank god.' Tabitha exhales with relief. 'Because that would have been so fucking disgusting Cara. Can you guys believe that stuff actually happens? People getting with their family.'

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