Mine & Yours Pt. 02

tagIncest/TabooMine & Yours Pt. 02

I don't know if I know what I'm doing, all I want is to explore every inch of her.
My hands roam her body, down the center of her chest to her stomach. Her body arcs into me wherever my hands touch, forcing the contact. I have a hundred questions poised on the surface of my tongue and lips and her body has every answer.
I kiss the side of her jaw, then her mouth. My hand clasps onto one of her breasts and her head shoots back, exposing her neck. I have a sudden need to taste her nape and the sweat that glistens it. I bite it, maybe a little harder than I mean to, I'm not sure.
My hips still rolling, in and out. She is panting, gasping, grimacing and every now and then a shiver will shake her entire body and I know I hit the right spot somehow.
I can't lie, Tori is amazing. Her body is fleshy and soft and so goddamn tight, and critically, she can take me all the way.
'Deep. Too deep, so fucking deep!' She looks into my eyes and I know she is close. 'God, you're so fucking big Dante!'
She holds onto my back for dear life, like I am the only thing keeping her from falling off the earth.
'Please… Dante.' My name is a gasp and a prayer she whispers into my ear.
Her breathing hot and dense between each word. Her hips now rise to meet mine, I can see her losing any semblance of control, and it is mesmerizing.
"Dante… Dante… Oh my…" Her body glistens with drops of sweat that catch the light. 'I'm. I'm. FUCK!'
Her whole body writhes underneath mine, shaking almost violently. She shuts her eyes and bites down on her lip, the sudden silence from her mouth is the most beautiful thing I have never heard. She calms a little. Then pulls me into her mouth, leading with her tongue, forcing my own out to dance.
Envious of her release, I am now desperate for my own. I flip her onto her stomach and she is immediately on her knees, her fleshy ass raised in the air, inviting me in as she buries her head into the silk sheets.
I slowly press back into her, and I hear the muffled sounds of her moaning into the bed as she clutches the sheets in her fists and bites into the fabric.
The view from this position is incredible, and it lets me imagine anyone I want with their face buried in those sheets.
She feels amazing. I am not gentle. Again and again, short fast strokes. She begs me to go deeper and I comply, going balls deep and colliding by abs against her backside, and I feel tightening when she cums again.
I'm close. I lean over her, into her ear and tell her. "You're going to make cum."
The slapping sounds get louder and I finally go over the edge, my hips moving with their own volition before I tense, holding in place while I'm in as far as the hilt. My body convulses before I collapse on top of her. Our breathing falls in sync, ragged and short.
We roll over together, taking a moment in silence while we lay on Tori's very expensive bed in her really large room, in her mansion of a home.
'What time is your dad getting back?' I ask her.
'Late,' Tori replies, 'like always.'
I've been around her place a few times now and I've never seen a trace of him. 'Do you miss him any?'
'Sometimes. I miss my mom more, even though I'll probably never see her again if she gets her stupid divorce money.'
Tori lies on my chest, humming as she draws little circles on my skin around the scars.
'You know I'm a slut right?' Tori says and I burst out laughing at how random she is. 'I'm being serious, Dante.'
'Fine, yes. I know you've been around.' I reply.
She has her leg draped over my waist, her naked body tight against mine, her black hair doing that thing where it rests over her face like it was put there on purpose.
I brush her hair from above her eye, 'Why are you asking me though?'
'Because I want you to know that I've been around a lot and…' Tori says trailing kisses up to my neck and whispering in my ear, 'you are the fucking biggest- horse dick, veiny, most multiple orgasms of my life- stud I have ever been with.'
And so far she's the best sex of my life too. 'You were okay.' I tell her jokingly.
'Fuck you asshole!' Tori laughs and hops up to straddle me above my waist. 'I am the fucking best you ever had and you know it!' Tori presses her palms into my chest, biting her lower lip, 'be honest, how many girls have ever taken your dick all the way. Because that was a fucking challenge for me.'
Well, that's not an easy question to answer, but I'd say Tori is the first to do exceptionally and with the littlest hesitation.
I didn't even know I was that much, but all the girls I've been with have a hard time taking it all. Which makes it really difficult to bust a nut.
Tori grins when she figures on my answer. 'I knew it!'
She reaches behind her ass and grabs a fist full of my balls. 'Hmm, it must have been pretty hard to drain these tanks with those pathetic little girls. I bet I'm the only bitch in the whole school who can handle you.'
'Maybe,' And maybe she'll be the last to ever find out. I wonder if Cara… 'Hey, I better get going.'
'Stay,' Tori pleads, 'just for a little while. I can make you something to eat,' Tori grinds over my half-mast, trying to stir it back to life, 'or you could just eat me.'
'I can't Tori,' I push her naked body off me as gently as I can, getting up to find my clothes. 'I told you about Wednesday.'
I lean against Tori's Porshe, parked on my street. She stands on her toes planting kisses on my neck while we hug goodbye. I can tell she doesn't want to let me go.
We left school early to have sex at her house but Cara will be back soon if she's not already and I've barely seen her lately.
Tori finally pulls away when I stop hugging her back. 'Can I just buy you a phone, it won't cost me anything.'
'I know, but I don't want you to.' That's not the problem I have. 'If I own anything, I want to have earned it myself.'
Tori rolls her eyes at me. 'Why do you have to be such a guy about this.'
I shake my head, she wouldn't understand, I know I'm proud, but when you're poor that's important, handouts are a slippery slope.
I push away from her and walk toward the house, not willing to have this fight today.
'Wait Dante, please. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Baby please, I didn't mean that,' Tori rushes in front of me with her hands out, 'I just really miss you, and I want to be able to call that's all, I'm sorry, please don't be mad. I was a bitch I know.'
'Stop Tori. I'm not mad but I don't want to talk about this right now. I'll see you later.' Cara might already be home and I need to get started with the chores so we can spend the day together.
Tori looks less than happy when I kiss her goodbye, but I move past it.
When I push open the front door to home Cara is polishing the dining table, the already looking spotless.
'Hey.' I say to her, unable to hide how happy I am to see her.
'Oh, hi Dante.' She says mutedly and not even looking my way.
Normally Cara can't be in the same room with me without rushing into my arms, but now she barely acknowledges I'm even here.
'What's left to do?' I ask referring to any chores she needs help with.
'Nothing, I'm done cleaning the house and supper is on the stove.'
That was… 'How?'
'I left school early.'
'Oh, okay cool. So I was thinking we could watch a movie again, what you say?' I move to the table and reach for her hand.
Cara flinches and backs away, and I feel like I just got stabbed in the heart. 'Actually Dante, I was going to spend time with Shane today, he's on his way to pick me up.'
'Oh.' Is all I have to say, I guess it makes sense, he must have been the one to drop her off.
Shane told me he had asked Cara to be his girlfriend, he even asked me if it was cool. Which of course it was, and Cara said yes.
Cara has a boyfriend now. My sister has a boyfriend.
Which is great. She has a boyfriend and I have a girlfriend. This is exactly normal, what was always going to happen.
So why can't I be happy?
I never thought things would change this much, I miss her. She's not just my sister, she's my best friend. I miss laying on the couch with her, even if it meant taking cold showers beforehand. I miss spending time with her, I miss laughing with her, holding her in my arms, the sound of her breathing in against my chest. I just miss her, so much.
'Okay well, then I guess I'll see you in your room tonight, been a while since we've just hung out.'
Cara is silent for a beat, not meeting my eyes, she looks uncomfortable… around me?
'Dante I don't think you should come see me in my room anymore.'
What! My heart is beating a lot faster. Is there.. did something happen?
'Cara, did I do…' I step forward to her and she looks even more timid.
What the hell is happening! What the hell is happening to us?
'It's not that… It's only…' Cara takes a deep breath, 'I just don't want you to. That's all.'
'Oh,' I think I'm going to pass out, 'okay then.' I swallow a lump in my throat, my breath is short, and my chest fills tight. I might actually be having a panic attack.
'Dante are you okay?' Cara asks, and I'm thankful for the tremor of concern in her voice which means she might still care about me.
'Yeah, no yeah I'm fine. I just—'
I'm cut off by the sound of buzzing coming from somewhere in the room. Cara reaches into her pocket and pulls out a cell phone.
When did she get that? And why didn't she tell me?
Cara notices me staring at what's in her hand.
'Shane bought it for me as a present,' she explains, 'sorry, he's outside right now. I have to go right now or mother will be home before I am.'
Cara rushes into the kitchen to switch off the stove and walks around my paralyzed body to the front door, never looking back.
'Goodbye Dante.' She says, closing the door behind her.
* * * * *
On the drive to school, Shane reaches for my hand where it rests on the side of the passenger seat of his mustang. I let him hold it and we interlock our fingers. He gives me a warm smile while he drives.
'Is everything okay?' Shane asks. 'You haven't seemed all right lately. You feeling okay?'
I feel hollow, going through the motions of living without feeling alive. It's been a full month since the first Wednesday I chose to spend the day with Shane and not Dante.
I miss him so much. He looked so hurt when I told him I didn't want him to come to my room anymore.
For all the good this is supposed to be doing for the both of us, I haven't cried so consistently every night in my whole life.
'Yeah, just…' If I tell him I'm missing Dante he might ask me why, 'I'm just sad we won't get to spend as much time together with the soccer season about to start.'
Which is almost true, all I can think about is that now I'll see my brother even less, and I won't have anyone to distract me.
I'm avoiding Dante, but I still look forward to seeing him during the day when he's around the house, or when he's doing his chores, or at the table for dinner or breakfast.
'Yeah, I'm going to miss you too.' Shane replies.
Shane has been the model boyfriend, always respectful, always kind and pays genuine compliments. Any girl would be so lucky to have a guy like him.
'I was actually thinking about that, and I thought, and just hear me okay,' Shane says with a little mischievous smile, 'you could try out to be a cheerleader.'
I raise my eyebrow. 'Shane?'
'I said to hear me out,' Shane laughs, 'first all you're really beautiful Cara, which is basically the criteria these days, seeing as none of them besides Tori are even athletic.'
That's true, even Tabitha was a cheerleader last year and in all my time knowing her I don't think I've ever seen her jump.
'We would both have to stay after school so we'd able to leave at the same, you would come to our games and…' Shane clears his throat, 'you could stay out longer if you just tell your mom you have practice.'
That's true, it would be harder to do chores and study but even a little bit of freedom from mother would be welcomed, but still…
'I don't think so Shane, it's just not me. I'm really sorry.' And I have absolutely no motivation anymore.
'Hey c'mon, no need to apologize,' Shane says sweetly, even though I can tell he's a little disappointed, 'I completely understand. It's cool, we can just find other times to hang out.'
Except finding any time is really difficult.
Shane and I have only had sex twice since the first time in the car. In Shane's room while his family was out that first Wednesday he picked me up, and this last Wednesday in my room when he came over and Tori had picked up Dante in her fancy car.
Every time, I shut my eyes and think of my brother. Just like I always do even when I'm alone.
Shane and I are getting better. I can move my hips easier over him, just like the first time in the car. I like when Shane bends me over just so I can close my eyes and whisper into the pillow or sheets without Shane noticing it's not his name on my lips.
We've done more things together, I've done more things, trying harder and harder to forget. To be happy without my brother. Despite how stupid that idea is.
'Are you sure you're okay?' Shane asks again as we pull into the school's student car park. 'Is everything all right at home?'
What, why would he-'Why do you ask?'
'It's just Dante hasn't been looking too good either?' Shane answers, 'Tori even asked me for advice on how to cheer him up. Is it you guys' mom, do you need to talk to my dad about it?'
This feels like hell. I remember when Dante came home weeks ago, he looked so happy to see me.
His whole face lit up the way it always does, and I didn't even look at him. I couldn't, if I did I would have forgotten I'm not supposed to be around him anymore and I probably would have blown off Shane to spend the day cuddled with Dante on the couch watching a movie I wouldn't actually be watching.
'No it's not anything at home, I think Dante's just…' Missing me? 'I don't know what happening with my brother, but I'm sure he'll be fine.' I hope, pray even, to any god that will answer.
And Dante's been trying so hard to spend time with me, asking me to help him study, offering to help me cook, or clean. Staying home on Wednesdays in case I choose him over Shane. All the while asking with his eyes what it is that's happened to us, and me unable to ever meet them with an answer, making excuses and lying about why I can't be around him.
I sometimes find myself staring at his arms. I can't remember the last time Dante touched me and I feel like less of a person. I miss being there, feeling warm and safe and in a place I belong. In the place that was once mine and mine alone.
Shane parks the car in the student lot and I spot Dante in the far end of the car park through the windshield.
Nowadays Tori is the one who picks him up and I suppose she lets Dante drive. We still haven't officially met, Shane usually earlier to pick me up.
Dante gets out of the driver's side of the car and Tori emerges a second later, hand brushing her hair and stretching her mouth while reapplying her lipstick.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to guess what she was doing in there while Dante was driving.
Tori is dressed in an expensive-looking quilted jacket and boots both with fur lining, with a tight pair of jeans that hugs her curvy as—butt. Dante is in his work boots, dark jeans and brown leather jacket. They walk up to the building's entrance, Dante draping his arm over Tori and she moves closer into his side.
They look like a pair of models.
I wonder if Dante is falling for her. Not, that it matters I now know. Because if it's not her it will soon be someone else.
I see now that Tori isn't really the problem as much as it is life and how it is slowly beginning to pull us apart. It doesn't matter what I do today because one day he will find someone, fall in love, start a family, move away. Leave me.
'Ready to head inside?' Shane asks from behind the steering wheel. 'Cara, are you sure you're okay?'
I stare into Shane's eyes, they are soft and kind like his dad's, heavy laden with concern, and brown. Brown like my brother's.
I lean over and Shane and I start to make out. Soft at first but then heavy, our tongues meeting and colliding. My hands drifts down to Shane's belt and I try to unbuckle it as smoothly as I can.
'Whoa, Cara!' Shane backs away. 'Not that I'm not all for that, but we can't—' I stop his protest with my mouth.
Shane is… not conservative exactly, but maybe a little too much of a gentleman for his own good. Though I've found that with enough persistence, he never says no for long.
'I want you,' I half-lie to him, 'please, I want you so bad Shane. In my mouth. Right now.'
He lifts his hips a little and we push his pants halfway down his thighs. I pull out his length from under his briefs.
I have to admit, though I don't have a lot of experience, I can't imagine Shane not falling in the gifted category.
He's already hard for me, standing at attention, warm. He does a quick scan around the car satisfied that no one is close enough around and I plunge my head to his lap and take him in my mouth.
'Holy…' Shane takes in a sharp breath as I start to work my head up on down.
It actually feels nice.
We've gone down on each other before, me probably not very good and Shane amazing, though aided by the fact that I could imagine anyone I wanted being between my legs.
The fleshy feeling isn't at all bad and I wrap my lips around Shane's length, trying to get him in as far as I can. Shane bunches my long curly hair and holds it in place. I keep coming up and down at a steady pace, not sure if I'm doing a good job, but then the image of Tori under Dante's arm flashes in my mind, and all I want to do is forget the world exists.
I come up for air, gasping and wetting my mouth, when I go down on him again I cover him with my spit, making his dick slippery. Shane groans and hums and I can't help getting turned on by him, the sounds he makes actually really sexy. I push my head all the way down as far as I can go, using my tongue a lot more.
'Oh my god, Cara.' Shane sighs. I work my mouth faster and faster, using my hand to help jerk him off at the base. 'Cara, wait. I think someone's coming this way.'
I don't care, I just want to forget. I keep going, desperately.
I pull my head off to lick the side of him, jerking him off faster with my hand, then going down again. I can tell he's close when he starts to gently thrust into me, and the feeling is finally enough to send me away.
I didn't realize it but I'm moaning and getting even more turned on. I think I might actually be enjoying this.
I feel Shane get a little bigger in my mouth and I know that means he's about to cum. He tries to lift my head off him, but I sink deeper, all the way to the hilt and warm shots of jizz hit the back of my mouth, over and over again.
'Holy. Crap. Cara!' Shane groans while his entire body goes stiff.
The taste is strange, but not as unpleasant as I was expecting. I swallow his load knowing that if we make a mess on our clothes everyone will know where it came from.
I clean him off before he dresses back up. Shane is breathless and I have to wipe off spit from my chin that lands on the seat.
'Sorry.' I say to him.
'Sorry? For what? I'm pretty sure I should thank you.' Shane laughs out, forcing me to chuckle a little, his birthmark scrunched from the lines that form on his face when he smiles, his brown eyes alive.
He really is a pretty amazing guy, but he's just not…
We get out of Shane's car, myself in my typical none exciting style, in a dress that I only realised this morning is now too short for me. Thankfully not being too outclassed by Shane's usually clean casual look.

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