Mine & Yours Pt. 04

tagIncest/TabooMine & Yours Pt. 04

Doesn't Tori have a fucking home to go to, how do her parents let her go anywhere she wants for as long she wants always.
Tori is sitting with Dante's hand in both of hers, at Dante's bed side, where she hasn't left since we got here and came into his room.
The rest of us have to stand around his bed where he lays slightly less that flat on the tilted bed.
'This is the coach's fault. You should never have been dropped,' Bradley is still fuming over the loss and pacing the room, 'never been injured, never missed a game, barely ever had a bad one and some chumped up pre-teen takes your spot and makes you get yourself a dislocated knee!'
'Cap!' I finish for him.
A dislocated knee-CAP, just the kneecap! A dislocated knee could have put him out of the season.
'How are you feeling brother?' Shane asks standing by my side.
Dante looks… wistful. 'It looked and felt a lot worse than it was, I'll be up and moving by tomorrow, it just feels a little weird right now.'
Tori it seems has had enough with being modest and just hikes herself up on the bed and cuddles against Dante's side in front of everyone.
'I was so fucking worried about you.' She whispers but still loud enough to hear.
Yeah, we were all fucking worried. That's why were here!
She whispers something again and it's a a lot more quiet but roughly sounds like, I'm sorry.
The doctor returns and we're told to leave Dante alone, but he'll be discharged tonight and since Tori's car isn't the most spacious Shane stays back to drive Dante home, leaving me to go back with Tori.
I try not to look in her direction as she drives, though I am curious about how to drive a car where you have to change gears yourself. I see Tori's face in the reflection of the window and it looks down trodden and on the brink of tears.
'Tori, I'm sorry about tonight.' She doesn't respond, 'Tori?'
'Huh!' Tori says blinking back to attention, 'sorry Cara, what was that?'
'I said I'm sorry about tonight, and how I messed up so much.'
'Oh,' Tori's voice sounds beaten and worn, like nothing in the world matters, 'don't worry about it Cara. I'm the one who should be sorry, I shouldn't have been so hard on you. It was my fault.'
'Cara, can I ask you a question?' Tori says breaking the silence again.
'Uhm, sure.'
'Your names,' Tori says, 'everyone just accepts them, but how the hell did you get Dante and Cara, from Donald and Caroline.'
'Oh,' that wasn't what I was expecting at all, 'they were names we gave each other, after an incident that happened when we were younger and after we moved here. I guess we never really felt like the same people, and we wanted a fresh start, something new.'
'Ah,' Tori reacts, 'I understand.'
Tori is silent yet again as we approach home, we roll up our windows as the wind begins to pick up.
'Do you think Dante… Do you think he, or that he could…' Tori sighs as she parks the car on my street, 'things with your brother, haven't been… perfect lately.'
I might actually feel bad for Tori, she hasn't done anything wrong really, but I'm still glad Dante loves me and not her.
'You're his sister, did anything happen? Did he ever tell you about… someone else?'
Oh crap, what do I say to her? I have to admit that this is uncomfortable and I can't imagine what it must feel like to have Dante and yet never be able to be with him.
'Tori,' I actually kind of wish I could tell her the truth and ease her suffering, 'I think, the only person Dante truly wants to be with is in this car right now.'
Tori smiles happily and then reaches over the and warps me in a tight hug.
'Thank you so much Cara,' Tori chokes out, 'I'm so glad the two of us are friends.'
I get into the house after Tori leaves, mother naturally screams at me upon arrival for being later than I'm supposed to be, when I tell her it was because Dante is in the hospital she asks me why that makes a difference.
I change in a tee shirt and a pair of small sleeping shorts, feeling so exhausted in so many ways and begin not very patiently wait for my brother to come home.
Dante arrives in with Shane, who helps him up the stairs to his room before leaving himself. Mother has gone to sleep and all I want to do is see Dante but I know he can't come see me because of his leg.
I need to see him. I need to tell him how sorry I am for causing all of this, I need to tell him how much I love him and I need to know if he still loves me.
I put one leg over the ledge of the window the rest of my body still in the house, the wind is blowing heavy, and when my foot makes contact with the top of the roof I slip.
The surface is slanted and I don't have a lot of space to place both feet without having one practically falling.
Still holding to the edge of the window frame I put my other foot over and slowly stand upright in the open air, the wind seemingly taking notice and blows harder in my face.
I try to hold onto the side of the wall as I move, a small step at a time. Dante's window is only a few feet away.
I small step with the right, another with the left, not lifting either off the slippery surface, the wind is still blowing straight in my face and making it hard to keep my eyes open, and my foot slips again, before I catch myself. I'm too far from my window to grab it for safety and so I keep my hands against the wall to maintain my composure.
And Dante does this for me almost every night?
With both hands still on the side of the house I take more tiny steps. I can't fall. Besides likely breaking something, I won't be able to explain this to mother. What could I be doing on the roof at this time, at any time?
I'm practically at Dante's window but it's closed with the curtains drawn, I crotch a little and release a hand from the wall to knock lightly.
The wind, for goodness sake—
'ah!' I stupidly raise my other hand to shield my eyes and now my feet are slipping all over the place and I have nothing to hold on to. I lose balance landing on the roof on my butt, I reach up to grab hold of anything, but nothing is there and now I'm falling to—
My descent stops abruptly.
'Cara?' Dante is leaning out the window, my wrist in his hand and another pushing against the inside of the frame, 'what are you doing out here?'
'Hi,' I reply with a still fast beating heart.
Dante grunts hard as he begins to drag me up from the outside into his room and I collapse on top of him when he's unable to move his leg.
'Oh my god, are you okay?'
'Yeah, I'm fine,' Dante answers as I get up to my feet and help pull him up to his, there is a brace around his knee.
'What were you thinking? You could've have gotten hurt?'
'You could get hurt every time you come see me.'
'That's different, Cara.'
Except it shouldn't be. Why is it always like this? Why is he the one always risking everything, always putting himself in harm's way so that we can be together?
It's no wonder he would be doubting my love when I'm never risking anything for him.
'I wanted to see you.' My voice is small as I stand in front of him while he roughly straightens himself out.
'You could've waited until—'
I stand on my toes and crash my mouth against his, holding his face in my hands. He stumbles back and sits down on his bed, I keep advancing and place my knees on either side of his hips, straddling him as he sits upright with my tongue still in his mouth.
I pull my shirt over my head and descend on him again, unhooking my bra.
He turns his head to the side, 'Cara, we can't—' I drag it back to me placing his lips where they belong.
I won't hear it, I won't hear I single syllable except the moans he makes as he cums.
I reach down between our bodies and pull his waist band and reach into his underwear, thanking every god there's ever been that he's hard for me.
I push he's chest down so he lies back on to the bed.
'Cara, wait. I have to tell you some—'
I lean down and descend my mouth over his.
I'll prove how much I love, how much no one in the world will ever compare to my brother. How they all mean nothing to me compared to him.
Even if mother found us she'll know I did this, he's injured and I'm the one in his room, there's no misinterpreting that I wanted this. I wanted him.
I reach underneath myself and pull the leg of my shorts and underwear to one side, coating my fingers in the wetness of my love for him.
'Cara I don't—'
He's trying to push me off, but his arms feel weak and empty. Either from how tired he is or the pain medication he got at the hospital, but he can't move me.
I grab the length of him, he doesn't feel as big as he can get, but that only means that I can take him even better now, and he can grow inside my warmth.
I line up his length against the lips of my core and I tease myself by rubbing it back and forth. Holy fuck I could come from that much.
We're still making out but he turns his head to the side again, 'Cara, I can't–'
I pull him back. I know he'll want me, I know he already does, he's just trying to protect me from getting caught, trying to protect like he has our whole lives, always putting me first.
I push the tip of him inside me then collapse all the way down into his lap taking him all at once, and moan into his mouth. How can anything feel soo good?
Just like in my dreams, I rise and drop my hips onto him, moving my butt in little circles easily taking him from the tip to his thighs. Basking in the naughty sounds of my ass crashing against his skin and the slippery wet sounds that play. I prop up and keep riding him, hard and fast.
'Cara, listen. I don't want to—'
I'm lost in the heat of it, and place a hand over his mouth.
'Oh my god, you feel so good.' Bracing my upper body to shake my ass over his girth faster and faster, gasping out each word. 'I love my big brother's dick, so fucking much.'
I throw my head down and feel a wave of pleasure course through my body. Then I hunker down to focus on his own release, moving my hips in circles and slapping my butt down faster and faster, and grinding against him.
I can hear him groaning against my lips but it sounds strange, not the same as before.
I can feel the pulse of size and I know he's there. Warmth shoots into me in a pure and unbridled feeling, sending me over the edge a second time and making my vision hazy. I roll off of him and let myself stretch out by his side.
My eyes feeling heavy.
* * * * * *
When I wake up, it's in my own bed. A shirt over on my body and a cover has been thrown over me and Dante isn't here. What happened last—
'Oh my god.' I put my hands over my mouth in complete shock and horror, 'what have I done?'
The events of last night play out in my mind like a sick and disgusting highlight and I press my hands against my mouth even harder as I sob in complete hatred of myself.
Dante wasn't moaning, he was crying. 'Oh my god, what the have I done?'
I am choking, upright in my bed. What have I done? What have done, what have done.
I… I… I forced—
I run out of my room and into the bathroom in the hallway to throw up into the toilet. Crying all the while.
Ever chance Dante had, he told me to stop and I didn't listen. 'Oh my god!!'
'Caroline?' Mother's voice comes from behind me, standing in the doorway.
I am on my knees, wailing into my hands. I hate myself, I hate myself so much. Dante, no no no no no no.
'Caroline?' Mother is inside and I can hear her steps coming closer, 'what in the name of—'
'GO AWAY!' I scream at her.
I'm awful, I'm awful, I awful.
'Caroline, how dare you—'
'I said leave me the fuck alone!' Tears are drenching my face.
Dante I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
'Caroline…' Mother's voice has taken a scared edge, 'are you all—'
'Are you deaf! I said get fuck away from me you hateful bitch!'
I've turned around and yelled at her with a face that must look rapid or demented or both. Mother flinches with fear and takes a step back.
'Uh, okay Caroline,' Mother says fearfully, 'I'm going to church, I will be back late. Just make sure…'
'Get the fuck, OUT!' I collapse onto the cold floor hugging myself as shake and choke on from my sobs.
'Yes all right, I'm sorry!' As quickly as I have ever seen her move mother leaves the bathroom leaves me to mourn my soul.
I cry for so long I'm not sure how much time passes.
After I have no more tears in me I sit in the tub with shower water drenching me while I am still wearing Dante's shirt.
How could I… Why, why, why?
I cry some more.
I walk into Dante's room once I'm dry and changed. It looks foreign, I'm never really in here all that much and the last time I was… I cover my mouth, even knowing there's nothing in my stomach to hurl.
I sit on his bed, the scene where I became less than human. The world is dim, and so very bleak.
My brother, my sweet, beautiful, perfect brother who's never once tried to hurt me, who's always protected me and loved me and I… I… I'm a monster.
An ugly vile evil—
A knock arrives against the open door.
'Hey,' Dante is standing in the doorway, in a white tee, sweatpants and shoes on, his brace is off his leg, his soft brown skin holding the light and sending it back as if he were angel and he looks so beautiful.
How? How could I have ever hurt someone so perfect? What kind of person—what kind of sister am I?
I get up and walk to the far side of the room, pressing myself against the wall, trying to fight the bubbling tears shaking my body and threatening to rise out through my eyes.
'Where's the old lady?' He asks casually. As if just the night before I didn't… him.
I hug myself, leaning against the wall as I lower to the floor.
He watches and moves forward toward me, 'Hey, hey what's the mat—'
'Don't,' he stops in his tracks half way in, a look of surprise on his face, 'don't come near.' I almost whisper with a weak voice, 'I'm a monster.'
I'm crying again.
'Cara,' he sighs, like the way someone would when a child says something naive, 'you're not a monster.'
'How can you say….' I choke, again and again, 'I should be in prison, I should…' I wring my hands back and forth watching as tears fall to the floor.
Dante's hands pull my own apart, when I look up he is crouched down next to my face looking unafraid and even… happy?
'Cara, I love you.'
What? 'What?'
He can't mean that, he can't have forgiven me, he shouldn't.
'Dante you can't, you should hate me, you send me away and never want to see me again. I'm a monster, an awful ugly monster.'
Dante wipes my eyes of tears in movement to soft and caring I don't know what to make of it.
'I am doing none of those things, and you are none of those things.'
'But… but… last night… and you… and I… I…' don't deserve you.
'You opened my eyes to something,' he says softly, and picking me to my feet just as kindly and sitting me down on his bed, 'made me realise something important.'
I am listening in stunned silence, half in belief that this is a dream.
'You made me realise that I'm in love with Tori.'
That's why this is happening, that's why his been so forgiving. I've driven him away and now he's leaving. Leaving me for another girl. Leaving me forever because I took from him something that he didn't want to give and now I'm never going to see him ever—
'I broke up with her.'
'What the fuck?'
'Haha,' his laugh is golden and as warm as sunlight, his head thrown back with freedom, 'I've never heard you cuss when we're not getting it on. It's more cute than anything.'
'Dante, what's happening? Why don't you hate me? Why did you break up with Tori if you're in love with her?'
'I already told you,' he holds what must be the ugliest face I have ever worn and plants a kiss against my lips, full of love and feeling, 'I love you, Cara.'
'You.. what? But last night you didn't want me too… and you were crying.'
'I did want to be with you last night, what I didn't want was to cheat on Tori. I felt guilty that I was and I'm tired of feeling that way. I can't be with Tori any more.'
He looks far in the space, 'So as soon as I woke up, I ran over to her place and ended things.'
He wanted to be with me? And he broke up with a girl he's in love with.
'How did Tori take it?' I ask regaining a bit of composure.
Dante looks down to his feet and takes a deep breath.
'Not well, she said she hated me and will for as long as she lives and she'll never forgive me and she hopes the rest of my life is nothing but misery and she'd do her best to make sure it is and…' he looks at me noticing my mouth is agape and my eyes pulled wide with fear, 'well, you get the idea.'
I'm still stunned, 'I.. don't understand.'
'I want to be with you Cara, you and only you and I don't want to share you or have to feel guilty about it any more. I don't care if we have to ride a smelly bus to school everyday or go to a lousy college or never go to college at all or even have to live with a nagging she-hag with two tumours for a chest.'
I actually laugh at that.
Dante takes both my hands in his, 'I want to spend my life with you. Now and forever and let the whole world be damned if they have a problem with it.'
He kisses me again and this time I kiss him back holding his face in my hands, before he pulls away and looks me in my eyes, close and bright and alive and the only light in this poor poor world that I will never share him with.
'I love you, Cara.'
'I love you so much more. More than I will ever love anything in this life. I am yours for the rest of my life.'
I can't believe we never did it this way to begin with. We don't need mother, we could move out right now. So what if I never get a degree or Dante never goes pro, we'll have each other. Now and always.
I hold his head in my head, my eyes half closed not wanting to ever stop looking at him, we kiss and pull away again and again, whispering a million more I love yous, and all sorts of other things that make my heart feel full and my my heat as wet as it's ever been. I run my thumb across his lips, glistening with the taste of of our love.
'No matter what,' Dante whispers into my mouth, 'we'll be together.'
'Just you and me.' As mine and yours.
We fall back onto the bed. In between kisses I tell him, as soon as we're done I'm calling Shane to tell him it's over.
Let the rumours fly, who cares if they can't prove it. I love my big brother and I'm not going to hurt him ever again even if the world demanded it.
He pulls me into him as I pull him into me, feeling his the warmth of his mouth and the strength of his arms pulling my body as close to his as two bodies can be. I wish I was closer.
He holds me close and tight, so hard my upper body leans back as he kisses me, as I hold his head in place. He manoeuvres between my legs and I wrap them around his body and let him carry us further onto the bed. He's taken off his shirt and I am removing my own. Then his pants and shoes and then my shorts and my underwear and we're kissing again, my legs re-wrapping around his torso.
'Take me,' I whisper into his ear, 'take what's yours baby.'
'Fuck you're sexy.' he breathes back.
I use my feet to snake under his briefs and pull them off his perfectly toned ass. He's kissing me so hard. I love kissing my brother.
His growing length is lying lazily across my belly and it the sexiest thing I have ever felt. He props up only a little and I feel his hand pick up his girth and line in up with my heat.
'You want that dick baby,' Dante asks sending me into heat and making my hip rise begging him, 'you want your big brother's dick.'
'Baby, please.'
'I need to hear you say it.'

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