Mistakes Can Happen Ch. 01

tagIncest/TabooMistakes Can Happen Ch. 01

Hello all. This is a new series that I recently came up with and with-it burning holes in my head, thus I was able to write it rather quickly.
This series contains incest, pregnancies and some sadness. Read at your own risk.
As always, a huge thanks goes out to WA001 for editing this series.
All those engaged in sexual acts are 18 years or older
I woke up that morning excited to get out of bed for once. I was going to my first big party with my two friends and since my eighteenth birthday had just passed, I was hoping to finally get laid for once. From my experience seeing other guys, the slutty girls are more willing to sleep with a guy if it is a special day. Something about sympathy that gets their panties all wet, I would guess but who knows. Either way, I was hoping to lose my virginity finally.
Irene, my twin sister, was everything I was not. When people talk about twin magic and how twins can feel when each other is in danger and whatnot that kind of thing must have looked at us in our mother's womb, laughed and turned the other way. We never had any special twin code, never had any kind of twin closeness. While I was the quiet type who was more into video games than going to parties, my sister was the party type and would say that only nerds play games. I sometimes wonder if she was this horrible to me in the womb.
Maybe the one thing that we both shared was the family trait of being attractive as my sister was definitely a pretty girl. She has dark brown hair, which she gets from our father, and brown eyes. She was a rather chubby girl with smaller sized breasts, but her face was made up like a model. Had it not been that she saw our older sister like a goddess, and our older sister saw me as a maggot, we probably would have gotten along better.
My older sister, Nina, at twenty, was the most like our mother of the two girls and when I say similar, I mean more like identical to how mom looked when she was younger. I could see the bombshell beginning to form in her. It was funny how Mom would comment how Nina looked like Mom as a younger girl so often that Mom's talk must have gone to her head and made her feel like she was the best in the family. Nina had perfect blonde hair that went down past her shoulders and gray-blue eyes. Her skin was about midway between fair and pale, though most of it was due to tanning as often as she could and she had large breasts, much like our mother. But it was not just her body that made her look more like Mom. Her face was an almost exact replica. The noses matched, the cheek bones, and even where they both had a couple freckles on their faces.
Mom on the other hand was a blonde like Nina with the same length hair and same blue eyes. Mom's eyes were just more a bright blue than the darker gray that Nina's were. Mom also never had a tan unless it was the weeks where we would spend the time at the beach. Her tan would look wonderful on her skin but would fade after about a week and she would be back to her fair/pale color. Mom also had some large breasts, bigger than Nina's, but rarely wore anything that would reveal her cleavage. I did not ever know if it were more due to Dad telling her not to dress like that or that she was worried about guys hitting on her more, but her conservative dressing would keep most guys at bay. On any given day, Mom would wear jeans that looked to be one or two sizes too large and either a sweater or long-sleeved shirt. The few times we went to the beach, she would wear a one-piece suit with a shirt over top of it and the one-piece would not show hardly any cleavage, along with a beach wrap to cover most of her legs. It was almost like she had lost her womanhood and had become just a mother and that was it.
The couple times that I got a look at her cleavage was late at night and when I was sick. On these rare occasions, Mom would wake up after hearing me coughing in my room, which was also next to hers and only separated by a small hallway closet and come to my aid. She would be wearing a nightgown, usually a silk type one, and they were generally lower cut, giving me a view of her large breasts. She did have some light stretchmarks on them, but what can a woman do after she has had four children and is approaching her forties. This was also the best time to see her smooth and silky legs as the nightgowns would stop about mid-thigh. Me being a horny teenager on more than one occasion, I had hoped to get a peek at her panties or her peach if she was not wearing them, but I was never that lucky.
The last of my siblings was my older brother Drew, he was twenty two and a textbook jock. Not overly smart but would play any and all sports he could get into. It was not that he was a star athlete that would be seen playing professional sports, but more that he enjoyed it. Or should I say that he enjoyed the attention, especially since he was always lucky enough to make it to the winning teams and not the teams that would lose most games. But like I said, it was not that he was that skilled, but more that he was lucky.
Either way, he is not really in the picture as much right now since he went off to go to the University of California for college to play football. Dad had even convinced him to be the scapegoat of the family, as I called it, since he was going to follow in his footsteps and become a lawyer as our Father was and join his firm. Perhaps that is why I got out of my father's bad graces. I had no care to become a lawyer and at this point, I did not even know what I wanted to do. All I really knew was that I wanted to make a lot of money and fast as I enjoyed my free time. I was not about to become a lawyer and work ten to fourteen hours a day for some stupid case and come back in for another shift just like it all so I could feel a little bit of pride, fuck that shit.
I finally rolled out of bed and headed to the shower. I was not in there more than a couple minutes when Irene was banging on the door, "Hurry up in there!" she yelled, "I need to get ready and you are in my way!"
"I just got in here, go use the other one," I yelled back, not caring whether she needed the bathroom or not. We had three bathrooms in our five-bedroom house with two of the bathrooms on the second floor, the hallway one and my parents in their room, and the third being on the main floor near the fifth bedroom. That room was my older brother's before he moved out, but Dad, at forty eight, had turned it into an office so he could do extra work from home if the need arose, as if he didn't work enough hours already. Not that I knew it at this time, but he was seriously neglecting mom; but I'm getting ahead of myslef.
"Uggh! You are such a pain in the ass. Just hurry the fuck up loser. It's not like you have anyone to impress," Irene replied as I heard the anger in her voice.
I did not want to hear anything else from her or my other sister, so I quickly finished, not that it took me long to shower in the first place. Once I finished in the shower, I quickly brushed my teeth, wrapped the towel around my body and left the bathroom. I ran into Nina on the way and she just broke out laughing, her being the one that teased me the most. "I'll bite," I sighed turning around, "What's so damn funny?" I asked, seeing her wearing shorts and a tank top with bikini ties coming out of the top of her tank top and the sides of her shorts.
"If you weren't such a scrawny little shit, you may actually find a girl that would want to fuck … well whatever that is," Nina laughed before turning, flinging her hair like I was a fly on the wall, and heading downstairs.
As I got to my door, I heard Nina call out, "Mom! I'll be by the pool tanning. Please make sure that Matt doesn't start creeping on me. You know it disgusts me when he looks at me in my bikini."
"Nina!" Mom scolded her, "Leave your brother alone. You know you and your sister tease him way too much and I don't like it."
"Uggh! Whatever Mom. It isn't our fault that the guys a freakin' loser," Nina replied as I heard the sliding glass door open downstairs.
"NINA!" Mom yelled, "You take that back right now!" But the sliding door closed as she was finishing talking. I would guess that Nina did not give a shit about what Mom was saying as she was the only one that would really defend me or treat me good in any way. Drew was never mean to me, but also would not lift a finger to help me. My family, with the exception or Mom, would remind me of those horrible families you see in those TV shows where if I were to be dying in a ditch, none of them would bother to even call 911 to help me. Or do anything to help me and just act later like it was a horrible loss but forget about me in the coming months. Had it not been for Mom that is probably how I would have ended up, well either that or suicide.
I stepped into my room and before I removed the towel, I moved my curtains to look down at Nina. She was already staring up at my window and I flipped her the bird. She responded back with the same gesture before I closed the curtain and dropped my towel. I quickly dressed and headed downstairs to eat something quick before leaving. The party was not until around 7 or 8, but I was not about to sit around the house waiting for it to start. There were things I wanted to do first and I did not want to prove my sisters right and show I was a loser by waiting around the house.
When I was done, I headed downstairs and saw my mother standing in the kitchen. She was cleaning up after making Irene's breakfast while Irene sat eating and playing on her phone.
"Morning Mom," I stated, announcing myself as I came up behind her and gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek.
"Morning sweetie. Want some breakfast? I can make you some eggs and bacon," Mom replied, cheerful as always. Something I always noticed about her was that no matter what her mood could have been, she was always cheerful around us, that was unless we were yelling at each other and she had to get in the middle.
"Nah, I'm good Mom. I'll just make some toast," I replied giving her another quick kiss before grabbing the bread and popping it in the toaster.
"You know you should eat more than toast. Otherwise, you will be hungry later and probably end up eating all that garbage fast food you kids eat nowadays," Mom stated, trying to get me to eat something better.
"You shouldn't waste your time and good food on this one. He's just a scrawny nobody that would just waste it," Irene stated out of the blue, not even bothering to look up from her phone.
"IRENE!" Mom scolded her, "Apologize to your brother!"
"Why?" Irene asked, looking up from her phone, "It's true that if he wasn't around, no one would care and our lives would be better."
"IRENE! Jesus Christ how can you kids be so mean to each other," Mom replied, turning around finally and yelling at her daughter.
I put my hand on Mom's arm, diverting her attention, "Mom. It's not worth your time yelling at her. Just ignore her like I do."
"B-But sweetie. How can you let them talk about you like this?" Mom asked, as tears started to well up in her eyes.
"Because he doesn't have a spine. He's nothing but a spineless worm that needs to be squashed," Irene stated before pushing her chair out and heading out of the kitchen. "I lost my appetite due to the company. I'll be back late tonight Mom." With that she was out the front door.
Mom turned to me and I swear she wanted to slap me, "Why didn't you stand up for yourself? You are so much better than they say but you take it and hardly dish it back out."
"Mom, those two have shown me long ago that they have no care for me to be in their lives. And between Drew not caring about anything and Dad just being himself since I won't follow in his footsteps and become a lawyer as well." I paused for a second, looking down as I noticed she was fidgeting with her hands and took them into mine and looked her in the eyes, "You are the only reason I get up in the morning. I just hope that one day I will find a woman that is as loving, caring and beautiful as you are Mom."
"Oh baby!" Mom replied throwing her arms around me and pulling me close to her. I could feel her large breasts pancake out against my chest as she squeezed me tighter to her. "I just wish you would fight back more than you do. Then maybe they wouldn't tease you as much."
"I know Mom, but I don't see it as being worth my time. I have much better things to do than to squander my time on my sisters, especially since they are just trying to get a rise out of me." One thing that always made me feel better was hugging my mother. She was always warm and made my heart start beating fast. It was not that I was in love with my mother, but more that she made me feel like I was more than what people would say. She made it so I felt like I was better than even I thought I was and that made me care about her even more.
It was also why I had gotten into two fights at school. When the other kids would talk about fucking my sisters or how much of a pussy my brother was, I would just ignore them, but if it turned to my mother, whomever said it would end up with a broken nose. The first fight ended with me breaking the kid's nose in 8th grade before we were separated but my sophomore year it ended up bad for me. After I slugged the kid who talked about raping my mother, I broke his nose and his four friends beat me down, breaking my arm, a rib and leaving me bruised and beaten in a pool of my own blood. I did not feel bad about it. Yes, it hurt like hell, but I was proud that I protected my mother's honor. I also did not mind that the group picked on me about every day since and still teased me to this day. My mother, on the other hand, was in tears as I was being treated and was close to me while I recovered from my injuries. Needless to say, I was protective of my mother above all else, no matter what happened to me.
Once we separated, she looked into my eyes for a moment and before we heard the sliding door open and she jumped back, like she was about to get caught doing something bad. She seemed nervous for a moment but was able to compose herself rather quickly as she went back to cleaning up.
Nina walked into the kitchen, not saying anything to me, but making sure to bend over in front of the fridge as she looked for something to drink. This was odd behavior for her as all our drinks were either in the door in plain view or on the top shelf. The only exception was when Drew lived with us and used to store his protein shakes in the veggie drawer, which would in turn anger Mom. Nina shook her ass a bit and from the corner of her eye, she looked back at me, but noticed I was not paying her any attention, so she just huffed, grabbed a bottle of water and returned back to the poolside.
I finished making my toast when Nina was gone and not a single word was said between Mom and I. Finally, I broke the silence and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, along with a hug, and told her I would be back late or not at all due to the party. Mom wished me well and told me to be safe as I was taking her SUV and Dad would be extremely unhappy if I scratched it or damaged it in anyway. Irene on the other hand would be coddled if she did anything to Mom's SUV or Dad's car and I would end up being blamed for not driving her or some other such shit.
I met up with my friend after I left the house and we hung out for most of the day before heading to the party. It was lame but it was better than hanging around my house looking like a loser, especially if one or both of my sister's nights turned out bad. Irene was going out with her friend and Nina was set to go out to dinner and a movie with her boyfriend. Since it was Saturday night, they could not stay at home either, else they would show that they were just as pathetic as they said I was.
The party itself was pretty lame, with not many people coming. Luckily for my friend and I, there was plenty of booze and a lot of ladies were there sans dates. It did not take long for my friend to hook up with some random girl he'd never met and start making out in the corner. I drank heavily, focusing more on shots than on beer, so as to build up the liquid courage and it helped a lot as after my fourth shot, I had my tongue in some random girl's shirt and I was feeling her up, though it was only on her bra instead of her direct breasts. From what she told me, that I cared to ask, she was nineteen and a freshman at the local community college.
However, my happiness with this girl would not last. Irene showed up a few minutes after we started getting hot and heavy and I thought I might get laid. "Why are you kissing him?" Irene stated over the music as she stood in front of me and the girl I was making out with. She was currently sitting in my lap and jumped, pushing my hand out of her shirt as she looked over. "He's a fucking loser and you shouldn't bother with scum like him."
"Get the fuck out of here Irene?" I yelled, angry that the girl jumped off my lap as she ran away embarrassed, "Why are you here anyway? Don't you have some fancy party to get to so you can show the world how much of a slut you are?"
"Fuck you asshole! How dare you talk to me like that?!" She then moved closer to me, putting her hands on the arms of the chair and looking me dead in the eyes, "You know. If you were to just OFF yourself, it would make a lot of people's lives easier."
"Like I could do that. Plus, it would probably kill Mom, not that you give a shit about your own loving mother, you bitch," I growled back to her. Not that I did not think about it, but I did love my mother more than anything and could never hurt her like that.
Irene shrugged as she straightened herself, "Mom would get over it. Besides, we would be there to point out how pathetic you were and how much better everyone else would be without you." She then got an evil grin on her face, "I bet she would only be sad for about a month or less before she would forget about you and go on with her life, only keeping maybe one picture of you."
"Whatever bitch," I finally said after a few seconds, standing up and towering over her with the eight inches of height I had over her, "Why don't you go join a gangbang and get raped in an alley somewhere so you can show your true colors." I did not really mean I wanted her to get raped or get gangbanged, but I was mad and due to the liquor, I was starting to doubt if Mom would care if I left. I had not drank before except for a beer or two here and there but here I was, pretty drunk as it was and I was not about to come close to stopping.
I headed over to where the booze was and took four more shots and before I knew it, I had bumped into someone and it started an argument as I was pretty wasted by now. I do not even remember what started it, but there was a pushing match and I was thrown from the party.
So, here I sat, ousted from the party, not losing my virginity and heading home wasted as can be in my mother's car, praying that I did not get arrested or damage her car. Once I was home I crashed out on my bed and slept off the booze until morning, glad the day was finally over and hoping that once I headed off to college, I would not have to deal with any of my family members anymore, with the exception being my mother that I cared deeply about.
Mom's Point of View:
After all my kids had left, I planned to have a romantic evening with my husband. I loved Kirk, my husband, but the eight-year age gap had been a problem for us for a while. At first, when I got pregnant with my oldest, Drew, I was committed to being a mother. But after the kids got old enough to care for themselves, Drew being around fourteen at the time, I either wanted more children or to start enjoying my life outside of raising my children, and almost alone at that. But my Kirk had other ideas.

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