Misty and the Poker Game

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Misty is my 19-year old daughter, who has been fucking her sweet daddy for over a year. One evening she is in her room while daddy and his friends are playing poker, and she is surprised to see me come in her room, with a really panicked look on my face.
"Baby, I need a favor."
"Sure, daddy, you know I would do anything for you."
"Well, baby, daddy has been losing money pretty bad, and I thought maybe you might be able to distract these guys a little…maybe come in wearing something sexy, serve us drinks…."
"Sure, daddy, but that's all you want, isn't it…you don't want me to…."
"That's all I want baby, just wear one of your tank tops, no bra, and some really short shorts, maybe let them pat you on the ass a little."
"You sure, daddy? That's all?"
"Yes baby, I was hoping to win some so I could get you that new car…as it is I have lost most of what I had saved for it."
Misty has really been wanting that car, since her old one is really in sad shape, so she agrees. Misty kinda likes to dress sexy and tease a little anyway. A little later she comes in wearing a tank top that shows the swell of her firm young tits, and asks if anyone wants a beer.
They all say yes, and tell her what kind. When she brings the beer back in, she makes it a point to bend over each one and let him have a quick glance at her nipples.
She asks if you she can sit on daddy's lap, and kisses me in a really teasing way. They watch, getting distracted, and I win back most of the money I have lost. She keeps bringing them beer, and one of the guys gets a little drunk and reaches out to pat her on the ass, leering at her. She slaps his hand and glares at him, so he backs off.
I motion for her to go back to her room, and she does, but when she goes to the kitchen later, she hears a couple of the guys commenting about how pretty and sexy she is, and how much she has grown.
I don't exactly tell them we have been fucking, but I hint about it and they laugh and tell me how lucky I am that she is living with me.
An hour or so later, I come back in her room, looking more panicked than before.
"What's wrong, daddy?" she asks, a little fearful of what is going on.
"I lost it all again baby, and I had to give them IOU's for over a thousand dollars….. and then, well, a couple of them suggested that there might be a way for them to let the IOUs go…."
"What is that, daddy?"
"Well, baby, I had a few too many to drink, and wound up telling them about us…..one of them suggested that if they could watch us, they would let me have the IOUs back, and the others agreed…will you do it baby?"
"DADDY!!!!!! Those guys are OLD, and well they just aren't sweet and sexy like you… I don't want to." Then she remembers that we could really use that money to get her car, and in a way, the idea of teasing those guys like that turns her on.
I start to walk away, dejected, when she stops me. "That's all, they want, daddy, just to watch us? They won't touch me??"
"Yes baby, that's all..I promise. Will you do that for daddy? I'll make it up to you, baby, we will take a special trip or something…"
"And will you get my car, daddy?"
"Yes, baby, I can work it out if I don't have to pay those IOUs."
"OK, Daddy, for you. But just this once, please?"
"Sure, baby, I've learned my lesson."
Misty strips down to her panties and walks in with me. They all smile and sit back in their chairs as she gets on her knees and takes my cock out. It is already hard, but she sucks it anyway, feeling it tense in he mouth, growing even harder for my sweet girl.
They hand me the IOUs as I lie on the floor, my cock sticking up for her.
She takes off her panties and climbs onto me, her pussy wet now, aroused by the fact that they are leering at us. She feels my cock deep in her tight pussy as she starts to move up and down, moaning softly as I stretch her with each stroke. I gasp as I feel her pussy squeeze my cock.
She is really turned on now, and cums hard and loud, hearing their soft laughter and lewd comments as she does.
"She really likes your cock, doesn't she?"
"Damn I wish I had a hot little slut like that around."
"Look at those tits bouncing, I'd pay $100 just to suck them for five minutes." He walks up beside her and hands her a $100 bill..
"How about it, baby, five minutes for $100?"
She looks at me and I nod, so she takes the $100 and he kneels by her, sucking them as she continues to ride my hard cock. I moan as I cum, filling her with it, spurting deep into her wet young pussy.
He sucks them and fondles them and she sees the other guys stroking themselves, watching. His hot mouth on her nipples really starts to turn her on, and she moans softly as he teases them with his tongue. She can feel my hot cum seeping onto her thighs, and onto me, getting us sticky.
She takes a little and rubs it on a nipple and he sucks it off, smiling at her His five minutes is up but she really doesn't care now, her tits tingling from his tongue.
One of the guys walks up beside her and unzips his pants. He puts $300 in her hand and guides her mouth to his cock.
Again I nod in assent, and she sucks him deep, tasting his precum, holding the base and stroking him like I had shown her how to do.
He is very aroused, and when she takes her mouth off him for just a moment his hot cum spurts onto her cheeks, getting them sticky.
"How much to fuck her?" the guy who is sucking your tits asks.
"It's up to you, baby, I whisper."
"Five hundred will do" she tells him, as she climbs off me and lays on the floor, legs open for him, her pussy still tingly and slippery from fucking me.
He climbs on her and climaxes quickly, so she have to put up with him for long.
"Damn, I only have three hundred left." The next guy says. "Can I cum on your tits for that?"
"Sure" she responds, and strokes his cock for him, holding it to her nipples, rubbing it on them until we see his hot cum shoot onto her. She smears it there and tells him he can lick it off if he wants.
He licks until it is all off, her tits tingling from his tongue.
The last guy has been stroking himself until he is rock hard. "I want to take her from behind while she sucks you off again." and hands you 5 crisp $100 bills.
She gets on your hands and knees, tits hanging down, and he brings his hard cock between her thighs. Meanwhile I lie in front of her so she can suck me, my cock hard again from watching them use her.
He holds her hips and drives deep into her, lifting her off the floor with the force of his thrust. His cock is thick and it stretches her wider. Her moans are stifled by my cock, but she cums hard again, squeezing his cock.
"She really loves it." He gasps as his thrusts come faster and deeper. He cums inside her, deep and creamy.
"Ohhhh baby," I moan, "CCCUMMMMINNNGGGG". She takes her mouth away, and my cum spurts up on her cheeks again, joining the other guy's. I know how much she likes that, and I smile at her.
She gets get up now and showers. When they leave, I join her in her bed. I lick her pussy until she cums once more for daddy.
She smiled and whispers. "When is your next poker party, daddy?" as she drifts off to sleep.

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