Moaning Bridge

tagIncest/TabooMoaning Bridge

Hi there guys and gals. This is my attempt at the Literotica Halloween Story Contest. This is my first attempt at any contest. This isn't my usual multi part story, just a one off story for ya. I hope you dig it. Enough out of me for now, on to the story.
Tamara "Tammy" Price, is eighteen years old. She is short, no more than 5' 3" on her best day. Tammy is justifiably proud of her long flaming red hair. Her hair flows down her back and tickles the top of her bubble butt. She wears glasses over her light green eyes and has freckles sprinkled across her nose and cheeks. When she is out in the sun, freckles sprout everywhere on her body. Tammy thinks her breasts are a too small 32A. Tammy is a self-proclaimed band geek, she has played saxophone since middle school. Her senior year she sat first chair despite heated competition from second and third. Tammy won a scholarship to the local university which has a wonderful music program.
Tammy has been on dates often, but has never progressed past some making out. Unfortunately for every boy she knows they have some serious competition. The local boys don't know, but in Tammy's mind there are no better men in the world than her twin brothers.
Timothy and Thomas (Timmy and Tommy) are a year older than their sister. The men are identical. They stand at 6' 3" and weigh a solidly muscled 225. They each have the family red hair. Timmy cuts his short in a buzz cut and Tommy wears his long to his shoulders. Tommy dated Sherrie Botts, Tammy's best friend Carrie's older sister, throughout school, but they broke up when she went to the party school on the coast. Timmy dated a couple girls in school, nothing serious, but he only went out with one girl at a time. The Price boys played football throughout their school years. In high school they were the two best middle linebackers in the state. They turned down college to stay at home and work on the ranch down the road as cowhands. Both men work hard and rarely go out partying. They have been saving their money and recently bought a brand new Ford F150.
Tammy worked out with her brothers when she could and used the school's gym when her brother's couldn't work with her. Her best friend Carrie Botts, would work out with her on cardio days.
Carrie is tall, 5' 8" with blond hair to her shoulders and ice blue eye. She is one of the drummers in the marching band and is in her senior year.
It was during one of these cardio days in early October when Tammy realized that she was in love with her brothers. The girls were side by side on the ellipticals. They were talking about the upcoming Halloween party they were planning on attending.
"Are you going to ask anyone to the party?" Carrie asks.
"No, there is no one I want to go with." Tammy replies "What about you?"
"I'd ask your brothers if I could. But they wouldn't go out with me."
"What? You'd want to go out with Tim or Tom?" Tammy asks.
"Hell yeah! Sherri said Tommy was awesome. He is so sweet and romantic. And apparently he has a big dick and knows how to use it!"
"What!?!! I don't need to know that!!" Tammy blushes and almost falls off the elliptical when she misses a step. "How do you know?"
"How do you not? If I lived with those twin hunks, I'd be checking them out all I could." Carrie smiles "Besides, Sherri told me. She called last week and said she missed Tommy. She knows there was no way they could have stayed together from that far apart, but there is no one at school who measures up."
"Carrie!! Those are my BROTHERS!"
"So, this is 2020, the world almost ended a couple times, still has a chance to end at any minute. I say fuck what anyone thinks. Be happy and have fun." Carrie declares. "You know, unless you will punch me, I'm gonna ask them to the party."
"I'm not gonna punch you. You know I love you. However, the boys are working that morning and they don't like going out after a long day."
"I'll ask anyway. All they can say is no. And those guys are too sweet to make a no hurt." Carrie laughs. Tammy shakes her head with a smile. The girls continue their chat and finish their run.
On the way home, Tammy was thinking about Timmy and Tommy. First, as usual, she thought her parents really hated all three of them for giving them these names and then she thought about her brothers. Sure, they are muscular and handsome, anybody can see that. They really were the sweetest guys too. She thought about how nice it would be if she could find a guy for herself like them. Then she started thinking it would be awesome if she had a guy not LIKE them, but actually them.
The next few nights she dreamt of her brothers and what it would be like in their arms. A few times she dreamt of being with both of them at the same time. She sees her brothers looking at her around the house and at the gym and she wonders if they ever think of her like that. Her dreams get more and more steamy and she has woken up with her fingers in her pussy on more than one occasion.
Halloween rolls around and Tammy is getting her costume ready. Carrie is coming over shortly and they are going to help each other. Unfortunately for Carrie, Tammy was right and the guys are unable to go to the party tonight. They are going to pick the girls up after the party though to take them home.
Carrie arrives and the girls get ready. Carrie is dressed as an angel. She has glittered her hair so it sparkles and her halo floats just above. She has her wings and white toga just right. Her toga drops to mid thigh showing lots of long smooth leg. She has sandals which wrap around her calf. Tammy is wearing a red corset which hugs her small athletic chest and she is wearing a red leather skirt that falls to mid thigh. She wears red hose on her short muscular legs and tall black boots. Tammy has red face paint and two horns poking out of her mass of hair. A small plastic pitchfork finishes out her devilish costume. Tammy's father Earl takes pictures of the girls and they pile into his truck. Earl drives the girls to the party and drops them off.
"If you need me, don't hesitate to call. I'll be happy to pick you up. Don't ride with any drunks." Earl says.
"Don't worry Dad. The twins are going to pick us up."
"OK. I'll be up anyway. Call if needed. Have fun."
"Thanks Dad." Tammy says and kisses her dad's cheek as she climbs out of the truck.
"Thank you for the ride Mr. Price. Have a good night." Carrie says and gives him a peck on the cheek as well.
The girls head into the party and Earl drives off.
Tammy is sitting with Margo and Raquel telling scary stories. Margo, a tall painfully thin blond with hair down to her ass dressed as vampire just finished telling them the old 'He is in the house on the other phone' story. Raquel, 'Rocky', dressed as a sexy pirate, asks "Have you heard about 'Moaning Bridge'?"
"No, what's that?" Margo replies while Tammy shakes her head.
"Oh man, my older sister told me about it." Rocky says. "There is a bridge not too far from here. It is right next to the Johnson's ranch. It crosses over the river. Well, Payton told me that about twenty years ago a car was driving around down there after a Halloween party. Both couples in the car were drunk and horny, the legend says. Turns out the driver was getting road head and as he came he lost control, clipped the edge of the bridge and went over the side. Now every Halloween the spirits keep trying to get off. If anyone drives down there during that night the spirits will take over and try to fuck."
"Bullshit!" Tammy says. "That is the ranch my brothers work. They never said anything about a bridge like that."
"Really! Payton told me that she and her boyfriend went down there a couple years ago. He almost lost control of the car when she jumped into his lap."
"Well, you sister is a slut. She doesn't need spirits to help fuck." Margo says with a laugh.
"That is true. She's probably not a credible witness. She does swear it happened though." Rocky laughs
"Maybe I'll ask the guys if they ever heard of it one day." Tammy says.
"Mmmm, I wouldn't need a ghost to help me jump one of them." Margo says.
"No shit!" Rocky agrees.
"I'm right here. Those are my brothers you are moaning over."
"I'd rather moan under them." Rocky says to Margo with a wink. Margo giggles and Tammy just shakes her head at her friends.
"You two are just as bad as Carrie." Tammy laughs. "Where is she anyway?"
"I think I saw her making out with Frank. He's dressed as Frankenstein right?" Rocky asks and both girls nod. "Yeah, Frank."
Tammy pulls out her phone and sees the time. It's late and she texts Tommy that she's ready to go. She then sends a message to Carrie telling her the twins are on the way.
Tommy answers back first. 'Got ya Sis. Be there in 15'
Carrie answers 'Frank offered to take me home. Mom says it's cool. We didn't drink. Well, no booze. Just cum. :p'
'TMI Carrie!! Be careful, have fun. Slut! :D' Tammy replies
'It'll be just me. Carrie got a ride.' She sends to her brother.
'OK, I already have. I just plan on having more. Still wish it was Tim or Tom. You have fun on the ride home. ;D'
Tim replies 'No problem. Hope she is safe and has a good night. We are about 5 out. We'd be there already if I was driving. :D'
'Tim says be safe and have a good night. I agree. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Be good slut :x'
'Fuck! They are the sweetest!!! Also you missed a letter. It should say Be A good slut! :"D'
"The guys are almost here. I am headed home. Are you two good? I'm sure they would take you home if needed." Tammy says to her friends.
"I wish, but I rode with Margo and I'm staying with her tonight." Rocky says.
"I'm tempted to leave my car here and ride home on one of their laps." Margo says. "You and your damn moaning bridge story, Rocky. You got me all horny. You better take care of this when we get home."
"Sounds good. Let's get out of here, too. We gotta go say hi to the twins, really get you dripping." Rocky says and stands up. All three girls walk towards the front door, saying good bye to their friends as they pass them.
The twins' truck pulls up just as the girls exit the house. Margo and Rocky each walk up to a window and say hi to the twin on their side. Tammy clears her throat and the other two girls blush, say good bye to the twins and Rocky kisses Tommy's cheek. Margo does the same for Tim. They each kiss Tammy on the cheek and wave and walk to Margo's car. Tim slides out of the truck to let Tammy climb in the middle.
"So Carrie hooked up?" Tom asks as he puts the truck in drive.
"Yeah, looks like. And those two are going to as well when they get to Margo's. If Rocky waits that long." Tammy says "And I have no idea why I just told y'all that."
The twins laugh. "Looks like everyone but the Price kids are getting some tonight." Tim says. "We didn't cock block anyone did we? Was there a guy in there waiting on you?"
"Nah, there are no guys in school I like." She replies "Hey! Have y'all heard of Moaning Bridge?"
"No… What's that?"
Tammy replies "Payton told Margo about this bridge out by the ranch that's supposed to be haunted."
"I think I know the bridge, but I never heard of it being haunted." Tim replies.
"She said they only come out on Halloween. Y'all wanna go check it out?" She asks.
"I don't see why not. You aren't gonna get scared Sis, are ya?" Tom asks his sister.
"Not with you two big strong boys around. How could I be scared of a ghost."
"Alright, sounds fun. Also, we can do some off roading out there. See how the new truck takes it" Tommy replies and makes the turn to head out to the bridge.
The three siblings are chatting and having fun bouncing around the fields nearing the river and the fateful bridge. "Look, there is the bridge!" Tammy says pointing forward through the windshield. Just then the truck bounces over a rock and jerks sideways. Tammy, to catch herself, drops her right hand. That hand drops right into Timmy's lap.
"Whoa there Sis! Be careful. Almost made me a soprano." He says as he takes her hand out of his lap. Another jolt drops her hand right on his crotch. She also slumps against his side. He feels her hand squeeze his hardening cock. "Sis?"
"What's the matter?" Tommy asks as the truck lurches in the other direction. Tammy falls against her other brother and her left hand lands directly on his crotch. He can feel her squeeze his cock. "Tammy?!?"
Tammy doesn't reply. She squeezes both brother's cock again. Tommy slows the truck to a stop right next to the bridge. Tammy turns to her brother in the drivers seat, climbs up on the seat on her knees and kisses Tommy right on the lips. Her hand moves to his zipper and pulls it down. "Tammy?! Tom?! What the fuck!" Timmy demands.
Tammy pulls Tommy's hard cock out of his jeans with one hand and reaches back and pulls her skirt up over her bubble butt. She wiggles her ass at Tim, her red thong bisecting her firm cheeks. Her hand moves between her legs and beckons Timmy to her. Tammy's other hand is stroking Tommy. She looks down, seeing the precum glistening the tip. She licks her lips and drops her open mouth around him. Tommy's eyes open wide and his head falls back against the seat. He has dreamt of his sister on his cock but never thought anything would happen. His left hand goes to her head and his right runs over her breasts.
Timmy is looking at his sister's mostly bare ass. He has noticed how firm it is during their workouts, but has never seen it quite like this. He sees her fingers rubbing over her wet panties. He looks up at his brother and notices the look of pleasure on his face. Timmy quits thinking and reaches and takes a warm bun in each hand. He leans down and kisses each cheek as he squeezes. She wiggles her ass again and rubs faster. Timmy reaches up and wraps his fingers around her waistband and slides her wet thong down her legs. Tammy's pretty pink pussy is glistening. Timmy has always wanted to see it, and now he can. He moves closer and runs his tongue along her slit. He can hear Tammy moan around his brother's cock. Timmy licks his beautiful sister's pussy until she is dripping. Timmy is enjoying Tammy's devilish taste. Hearing her suck off his brother makes his next decision easier. Timmy moves back and whips his jeans open and slides them down to his knees. He moves behind his sexy sister and slips his engorged cock into her.
Tammy feels her brother licking her where no man has ever seen. It feels almost as good as her other brother's cock in her mouth. When Tommy gropes at her breasts, she reaches up and unzips the front of her corset. His hand slips inside and over her swollen nipple before she even gets the zipper completely open. Tammy feels movement behind her and then her brother's cock slips into her hungry pussy. Tammy is in heaven. She is spit roasted on her brothers' cocks and is cumming from the sheer ecstasy. With Timmy pounding in and out of her from behind, Tommy playing with her hard nipples and his cock in her mouth, Tammy is about to have her largest orgasm ever. She feels Timmy grip her waist tightly and he growls deeply as he pulls her back onto his cock. She can feel the molten lava from his cock splash her insides. She screams in pure joy.
Tommy watches his brother pound away at their younger sister. Tommy has his sister's tits in his hands and he marvels at how they fit perfectly. He feels her falter on his cock, but doesn't mind, because as soon as his brother is done, he is going to get his turn. Tommy sees his sister get pulled back and watches her O face as his brother fills Tammy up.
Tammy leans back into her brother's arms as his cock pumps the last of his seed deep into her. Timmy kisses her neck and then lowers her to the seat of the truck. Tammy looks up at Tommy, smiles and turns around. She gets up on her shaky knees again and puts her head in Timmy's lap. Tammy takes her brother's sticky cock in her mouth and starts cleaning it off.
Tommy watches Tammy move around and present herself to him. He grabs her sweaty cheeks and squeezes. Tommy moves closer and kisses and gives a quick bite on each cheek. He spreads them and slips his tongue between her cheeks. He runs his tongue over her starfish. Tommy pulls back and looks at his sweet sister. He really doesn't want his brother's sloppy seconds, but he does not want his first time with Tammy to be unlubed anal. He grabs his cock and slips it into his sister's sloppy pussy.
Tammy feels a hot tongue on her bottom. She wonders if Tommy is about to… She shivers in fear. Fear and excitement…
Timmy takes Tammy's bare breast in his hand and watches his sister suck on his cock, cleaning their fluids off of him. He sees his brother move behind their sister and enter her. Timmy watches Tammy come out of his lap and looks at the wonderful faces she is making as his brother pounded her eighteen year old pussy.
Tommy slides his cock in and out of his sister quickly. He knows he won't last long and he wants to fill his sister with his cum. "Yeeeesssss!!!!!!!!" He screams as his cock explodes.
Tammy feels the second load of molten cum spraying her insides. She screams in joy for a second time and falls forward onto her brother.
When Tommy squeezes the last drop of seed into her, he slides out of his sister and sits back against the door. He is panting, trying to catch his breath. Timmy looks at his sister, who is giggling softly to herself curled on the seat between the two brothers. He looks up at his brother who's face is a mix of shock and pleasure, a look Tim is sure is mirrored on his own face. Timmy feels Tammy moving around, moving to lay on her back. "If you guys don't want your seats ruined, I suggest we all get out of the truck and clean up." Tammy says. This shakes Timmy out of his shock and he opens his door and slides out. He reaches behind the seat for the towels they keep there. He tosses one to his brother who places it over his sister's messy crotch.
"C'mon Sis, slide out. I'll help you down." Timmy says to Tammy.
The three siblings are standing around each other, pants and underwear around ankles or on the ground, helping clean their sticky fluids off of each other. Tommy looks at his sister and says, "Tammy, what the hell just happened?" He sees her face cloud up as if she is about to cry and says "Of course I loved it, and I will always love you, but what was that?"
Tears filling her eyes Tammy tells her brothers the details of the ghost story she glossed over earlier and apologizes for bringing them out here without telling them the full truth. The brothers look at each other and Timmy says "I think I still feel a spirit around. What do you think Tommy?"
His brother looks at his half naked sister and grins. "Absolutely Tim. I don't think I can control myself right now. Can you, Tammy?"
Tammy looks at her smiling brothers then sees their cocks growing. She smiles and falls to her knees. "Oh no! I don't know what I'm going to do with these spirit infested hunks."
This was just a silly little one off story that was started when the three names Tim, Tam & Tom entered my head like an earworm. I hope you liked it. Let me know if you like my stories and want to see more from me by rating and commenting.
Thanks and have a good day.

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