Mobile Suit Royal Gundam Pt. 06

tagIncest/TabooMobile Suit Royal Gundam Pt. 06

Magnolia enters the HLV and lowers the ramp. She makes her way to the Gundam, opens the chest and enters it. "I'll get it working!" She declares. She tries turning it on but nothing. She looks through the manual but no matter how many times she tries to activate it, the Gundam wouldn't start. "Damn it!"
Bernkastel was sleeping soundly under the watchful eyes of Zam Überstein when the door suddenly burst open. "Up bitch!" Selena roars.
"Uh?" Bernkastel moans, her eyes barely open and drool hanging off her lips.
"Put on some clothes! Your breakfast is waiting!"
Bernkastel puts on some pants.
"You got ten minutes!" Selena says angrily and leaves the room.
Bernkastel gazes at the breakfast with was grits, toast and some orange juice. There was also a piece of paper which had a list of chores. She sighs, "I guess my guest status has ended, I'm officially a prisoner."
Her assignment of the day was to clean all the restrooms on the ship and boy there were a lot. That would take her at least five hours or more but she had to do it.
By lunch time she was allowed to eat in cafeteria closely monitored, some paid her no mind while others glare at her.
"Alright enough with the peep show," Magnolia says to everyone. "There's a private booth set up for you in that room right there," she explains to Bernkastel.
"Okay." Bernkastel heads into the room and turns on the light and sees that it was crowded with junk and there was an old beat up table and on it said 'Reserved for the Earth Coalition Bitch' which unfazed her but then the door is closed behind her. "Huh?" She tries to open it but she was locked in.
"Magnolia, you're something else," Holly laughs.
"Hey I can't take all the credit." She nods at Serena who nods back.
"Now was that really necessary?" Captain Brax asks.
"Of course, we have to teach that bitch her place."
"She is our enemy after all," Holly adds.
"Today's enemy could be tomorrow's friend," a familiar monotone voice cuts in.
They all look up to see Überstein. "What do you want?!" Magnolia demands.
"That woman is the key to successful negotiations. What if all this changes her mind?"
"Ohhh, is the emotionless Überstein actually showing the emotion of fear?" Magnolia mocks.
"We'll fight and crush them this time!" Holly declares.
Überstein leaves.
"Weirdo," Holly murmurs.
"Agreed," a brown Mohawk woman with glasses named Abigail who sits down says.
Überstein puts his food tray down and unlocks the door. Bernkastel was surprised that it was him. "Come." Bernkastel follows behind him trying to ignore the eyes of everyone. He pulls the chair out and allows Bernkastel to sit down. Once that was done he sits down to eat.
"Um thanks." Überstein nods even though his face was expressionless and the two begin eating. The others save Captain Brax couldn't believe it but soon lost interest, he on the other hand was smiling, "Seems like he's taken my advice." Bernkastel keeps her down but couldn't shake the uncomfortable feeling of him watching her with his soulless eyes.
"We haven't fulling met. I'm Überstein, Zam Überstein. Head of Intelligence and one of the advisors to Supreme Leader Dudael."
Bernkastel looks up at him, "I'm Spacemen First Class Bernkastel Wheat."
They resume eating but Bernkastel was still feeling rather uncomfortable but did her best not show it, after all this man did unlock the door for her when he didn't have to. Despite his cold expressionless demeanor he was estatic to be sitting next to her. "You have beautiful eyes," he says monotonously. This caught Bernkastel off guard. Sweat popped from her brow. "Like Empress Zoya for she had purple eyes. You are the first person I've seen with them." Bernkastel was a little calm, the man was only comparing her to the first empress by the eyes and certainly wasn't hitting on her or so she thought. But still the man was rather strange.
"So how long have you been a MS pilot?" Of course he knew all this but he wanted to make conversation, he wanted to hear her voice.
"Since January of this year."
"And you beat Marius?"
"Yes I did, how is he?"
"He's fine but under house arrest."
"I see."
"So any family?"
"Yes, my grandpa, my bestie Adriana, my boyfriend Alexander and his mother the Chief of State."
Überstein was filled with dread upon hearing the word boyfriend, he had been so captivated by her beauty that he completely forgotten she had one. This caused him to shut down completely. There was nothing but silence between them and after some time had passed Bernkastel speaks again, "Well I should get going, got a lot of work to do, it was good meeting you and thanks again." She quickly leaves. Überstein just sat there and eventually he was all alone.
Bernkastel resumes cleaning the restrooms. "How many restrooms are there?" She wonders and sprays the restroom cleaner causing her to start coughing. "Damn it!"
She finally makes her way to the 'pleasure section' of the ship. She gulps and exits the elevator. Her eyes widen in complete shock. There were several people getting on, all out in the open. She could see one guy wanking himself off. A woman was roughly faced fucked. She remembers the first time getting faced fucked, she wanted it rough but was expecting vaginal, it started with a simple lick and then kiss and a second later she was sucking slowly and then Alex grabbed her head and rammed his cock down her throat. It was so unexpected and yet she enjoyed every minute of it. She gagged and had tears coming from her eyes and snot coming from her nose but she managed to swallow most of it and cleaned the rest with her tongue.
"Move your ass!" A man screams, snapping her back into reality. She moves out of the way and he walk pass but then stops and looks at her. "Oh you're that Earth Coalition tant, like what you see?"
She just stood realizing that she was a little wet from her memories.
"What's the matter ain't getting any on Earth? I could show what real man is capable of!"
"No thanks I'm just here to clean the restrooms," she smiles and speeds off.
She reaches the men's restroom and to the left a man and woman were making love against the wall. She enters the room only to find all the stalls occupied with two people, obviously one in each stall was a woman judging by the moans. Bernkastel sighs and exits the restroom. She goes to the women's restroom and it was the same thing. She goes to the next two and finds the same story. She waits a bit and when a couple exits the restroom she makes her way but another couple enters the restroom before she could. She continues waiting but it was the same result. "Fuck it I'm out."
"Yo! Clean that cum up!" A man barks.
She cleans it up and then realizes that there was cum in different places. She quickly leaves before someone else called her and from the looks of it the cum was endless.
The hours pass and there was one more and that one was in the Supreme Leader's chambers. As she makes her way the guards escort her in. Helga was there eying her sharply. Bernkastel speeds on quickly to avoid her gaze.
"Ah Bernkastel, how's your day been?"
"Fine Sir, just cleaning the restrooms as ordered." She sweeps floor first and then the sprays the mirror, after that she installs toilet paper and changes the trash can and then she cleans the sink, toilet and tub. Lastly, she mops the floor. "All done Sir."
"Stand at attention, I must make sure you did the bathroom right."
"Yes Sir."
"Um Sir, may I ask a question?"
"Go ahead."
"Well um…despite what I've been taught I just wanted to know why. Why did Zoya start the world."
"There are many reasons why. During your time here you will find an answer like I did. You did clean the library restrooms, right?"
"Yes of course."
"Well the library is available so feel free, course you will be under strict guard, books only." She rolls her eyes. "Hey knowledge is power and a mind is a terrible thing to waste unless you want to remain a bimbo."
"No I do not!"
"Well start reading, besides we have to save power." A few minutes late both the Supreme Leader and Helga inspect the bathroom while Bernkastel still stood nervously. "Ok, you've done a good. You're dismissed."
"Thank you Sir." She bows and leaves.
Bernkastel enters her room and collapses on her bed, she was fortunate that she didn't have to clean all the bathrooms in the living quarters otherwise she would be at it all night long. She falls asleep.
Überstein drags himself to his room, since what happened at breakfast he had no energy but no one could tell do this his expressionless face. Before Bernkastel came back to her room he removed the cameras in the bathroom, he would no longer worry about her communicating while being in there. Before he left he assigned two hour watch shifts to his subordinates for even though she was beautiful she was still an enemy. What was worst is that he masturbated to her and even tried to make a move on her, "Oh the shame of it."
The next day Bernkastel was out and about on her second assignment which was to clean all the windows on the ship, inside and outside. After cleaning the inside she was would be put on her normal suit and head out under heavy security. "That underwater training is really gonna come in handy."
By lunch time she was in cafeteria being glared at again but she paid them no mind for she in deep thought about her assignment. "I've barely managed to finish four levels and still have eight and after that the outside, at the rate I'm going it's going to be an all nighter," she thought. Tomorrow she would be assign to the paint team, their job was to give the Hunter Zakus a fresh coat of paint, that was something she was actually looking forward to, that is if she managed to finish the windows and sure enough she wouldn't be allowed sleep until she finished. She almost wishes she clean the restrooms again for it wasn't nearly as many as it was windows.
As she gets her food she notices several people frozen in place, Marius had entered the cafeteria in his orange armor and black helmet. "Geez that guy must live in it," she thought. "So why does he have the helmet on? Is he going out?" She asks a staff member.
"He suffered an acid attack."
"That would explain a lot." She watches him as he approaches the line and gets a plate. He passes right by her and finds a table. Once he sat down the people resume eating.
Bernkastel takes a deep breath and make her way to his table. She place her plate on the table and sits down drawing many eyes. She watches him eat and like what she heard from Vice Chief Glendarah, there was a mouthpiece in the helmet that opened up thus allowing him to consume the food without removing his helmet. He looks up at her. "What do you want, Bimbo?" He hissed.
"Let's talk."
"I got nothing to say to you that hasn't already been said."
"Did my grandpa throw acid in your face?"
"No but you are giving me ideas."
Bernkastel was taken aback. A second later she starts eating and the looks up at him. "My grandpa did nothing wrong."
"Bernkastel, I'm going to kill you. There's no other way around it, your grandpa, best friend, boyfriend and his mother are going to die but I'll save your grandpa for last and on that day I'll show him my face. We're done talking." He casually resumes eating.
Bernkastel resumes eating. There was nothing but silence for everyone was focused on them. Bernkastel finishes first and exits the table and walks pass him. She sits her plate on another table. She inhales and exhales and then grabs a chair and approaches Marius. "You piece of shit!" She roars and swings the chair at him which strikes him and he falls out of the seat and she strikes him two more times before getting kicked in the stomach and falling to the floor.
The people cheered for Marius. "Send her to hell! Send the Earth Coalition bitch to hell!"
He was now on top of her and gives her a punch in the face. The MPs come in and restrain them both.
"You're nothing but a delusional prick! I'm not afraid of you anymore motherfucker!"
"I'll destroy you and that Gundam this time!"
After two hours in the brig, Bernkastel is let out and brought before the Supreme Leader. Marius was there as well. "According to the security footage you struck the first blow."
"Sir he keeps threatening me and my family. As far as I'm concerned my grandpa has done nothing wrong. I've finally had enough of his shit and just wanna blow him the fuck away!"
"Sir give me a Zaku so we can finish it!"
"Enough of this."
"Just send me home to begin negotiations."
"I'm afraid I can't do that right now, you see it took us a decade to get to the edge of the Solar System and with our current engine power it will take us an entire year to make the trip back to Earth. The HLV booster enabled Marius to get here from the moon in just twelve standard Earth hours which is one day so once we successfully duplicate the technology I will release you."
"Any idea how long that will take?"
"I don't impose limits on my scientists, when they are done they are done." He pauses for a minute and then resumes telepathic communication with Bernkastel. "Your room privileges are hereby revoked, up till this moment I did my best to treat you like a guest but you're still our enemy so you'll be treated as a prisoner. Am I understood?"
"Yes Sir," she says with her head down and then she gazes at Marius which turns into a glare.
Marius suddenly feels pressure in heads and falls to the floor. "I know you instigated this." Bernkastel's eyes widen in shock. A second later he releases him and he gasps and grabs the table for support.
"Was that you?"
The Supreme Leader nods.
"With all due respect Sir," he gasps. "She came by and sat at my table when I didn't request her company and I'm not the only one who dislikes her, everyone does."
"Well who's fucking idea was to bring her here?"
Marius has his head down but then returns the glare at Bernkastel.
"No more of this! You two will stay away from each other, am I clear!?"
"Crystal Sir," Bernkastel answers.
"Crystal Sir," Marius answers.
"You get to those windows and as for you Marius get out of my site!"
They exit the door with guards watching them. They give each other one last glare. "You got lucky again, Bimbo!" Bernkastel flips him off, "Go to hell!"
The Supreme Leader sighs and leans in his chair. "Überstein." Überstein emerges from behind the curtains. "I want you to talk to him, to be fair Bernkastel did strike him."
"But Sir he was the one who threatened her, she just wanted to reconcile with him."
"One more chance, he has one more. Now go talk to him."
He wanted to say something else but doesn't.
Überstein approaches Marius' room and knocks on the door.
"Who is it?"
"It's Überstein."
The door opens. "What do you want?!"
"I came to reason with you." Despite the fact you gave that beautiful woman a black eye!
"That monster who made my life hell is finally within my grasp and you and the Supreme Leader expect me just leave it?"
"You know it didn't happen that way."
"From my point of view it did that happen that way!"
"For the sake of the remaining Zoyanese people you will cease and desist."
"Why not just label me a rogue? That way the Supreme Leader will finally wash his hands of me we both know that's the reason he sent me to Earth, he was hoping I would die."
"Then why did you come back?"
"Well stopping your revenge will prove your loyalty to the Supreme Leader."
"How many times have I heard that before? Fine," he relents.
Überstein's expression doesn't change but it became clear to him. "I'll take my leave."
"Marius' answer?"
"He knows the reason you sent him Earth."
"I see, so I guess I have no choice but seal Marius away, permanently."
"He still wants to prove his loyalty so he will abide by the order but part of me thinks he's lying."
"I will delay sealing him away until after negotiations are done."
"What if he decides to go after her before then?"
"He won't, I read both their minds, they want a mobile suit duel so they won't take any action until the opportunity presents itself. This will buy us enough time for negotiations. You may go."
Überstein heads out.
"Oh Überstein, in July I will restore Bernkastel's room privileges." Überstein stops. "You can't hide your thoughts, part of you seems to have developed an affection for her."
"That was nothing but a childish crush, she's the enemy and has someone she cares about, the sooner she's gone the better."
"Überstein, I ask you no I order you to continue being one of my advisors till death for I need you to keep on living. We will set foot on Earth together."
As usual Überstein's expression didn't change, he just simply bows and leaves.
September 1, 2098
It was finally time for Bernkastel to return to Earth. "We've packed you one day's worth of food," the Supreme Leader says.
"You didn't have to. Once I reach Beta Britannia they will resupply me."
"Just concentrate on getting home and delivering the message."
She nods and looks at everyone, The Supreme Leader, his woman Helga who didn't particularly like her, in fact none of the women's in Helga's inner circle liked her, which includes Selena and Magnolia, there were two more who chiefly hanged with Magnolia their names were Holly and Abigail. There was Captain Brax who grew quite fond of her much to Magnolia's dismay and last but not least was the creepy Zam Überstein whose expression never changed alone with his soulless eyes, the guy had become her creepy guardian angel during her time on The Ultimate, no matter where she went she always felt him watching her, even in her room. He even came to her rescue again when she got jumped, after that she was left her alone for the assailants dared not go against him because he was in the Supreme Leader's inner circle. The only one not present was Marius which in a way made her feel relived but at the same time worried for she was knew he was up to something. What if he appears in a Hunter Zaku, could she fight him? But then all doubts cleared for she knew he would wait for her to get in Royal and then they would fight. She smiles and departs.
September 2, 2098
The HLV was approaching the Beta Britannia station. Bernkastel could see mobile pods approaching her. They were round, had two human like hands and a heavy cannon mounted on the top.
"This is Commander Morris of the Mobile Pod Squadron, identify yourself."
"This is Spacemen First Class Bernkastel Wheat of the Earth Republic Space Force, I'm transmitting HLV register code."
The commander looks at the register code and her eyes widen in surprise. It was the Falcon, the stolen HLV. "I need a facial recognition." Bernkastel turns on the screen revealing her face. It was the other kidnapped passenger and pilot of the Royal Gundam. "We're bringing you in."
Bernkastel is debriefed and resupplied, her reemergence was soon known across Luna and the Earth Republic.
Two hours later she sets again and actives the booster, five hours later she was on Luna for an psychiatric evaluation and after some time had passed she sets out again for home.
September 3, 2098
Bernkastel reaches home at last. There was a crowd waiting for her including her grandpa Lorenzo Cheź, Adriana Rin, Alexander Bonaparte, Chief of State Doris Bonaparte, Vice Chief Glendarah Kits, the two MS Ensign pilots Galen and Sean, MS Chief Engineer Vulcan Roth and his Secretary Rouge Blanch.
The HLV lands and a few minutes later Bernkastel steps out and the crowd claps and cheers. She's embraced by her love ones. "Bernkastel, I never stopped searching for you. I went as far as I could but was ultimately called back," Adriana cries.

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