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By Sexy gurl When i was 12 year old my mama hired this molvi who was 43 at that time to teach me he used to give me private tutoring but he used to tutor me alot
I did not know atfirst what was he doimg but now i like it very much so i used to sit beside him on the sofa the room was at first floor my mother used to be on 2 floor
One day i was wearing light yellow colour dress and red colour bra i had medium size tits bavk then my bra was visible when i entered the room i said assala he looked at me with a smile he said to me that i am looking very beautiful today i got happy and said thank you molvi sabhab then i sat beside him i was learning my lesson when he put his hand on my back i was shock at the moment but did not said anything he startes rubbing my back and i was feeling good the whole tutoring period he was rubbing my back he placed his hand on my bra and said to me this colour bra look very pretty but dont wear bra tomorrow i ask why molvi sabhab he said you should only wear bra outside never wear bra at home they stop your boobs growth i said ok
Next day i was not wearing any bra my boobs were on display i was wearing white volour dress molvi sabhab started to rub my back again but they stop their hand near my boobs from the back i did not remove their hand because i was afarid of him he took my both boobs in his hand i asked him what are you doing molvi sabhab he said i need to check your boobs so they are healty i said ok he started rubbing them and fondling them i really liked this feeling he pincided my nipples then he put his hand under my dress he started rubbing my boobs in circular motion ahh umm the only sounds i was making he said beti remove your dress i removed it now i was nude in front of him he made me stand then took his phone out and made me do dirty poses and took my pic snd vedios then he made me sit on his lap facing him he started sucking my boobs ummm ahhhh mhmmmm then he laid me on the sofa and started kissing my pussy but my mom walked in and she told me to leave i dont know what happened with molvi

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By Sexy gurl #PreTeen #Virgin