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Mom and the Massage
This story is about a mother and her son; both are over 18 and are consenting adults. Hope you like it. Once again, you can leave comments and as usual I do not want people to vote I just want their comments and I enjoy when other writers tell me how to better improve my writing and if you leave a comment, anonymously then understand that I don't mistake your inability to write as informative or helpful. All I will say is if you do not like my style of writing, and then write your own! Try it you may like
Mom had just returned from the gym after her 5 days a week workout. She would run to the gym and then exercise, and then run home. It was at least 4 miles each way. Once she caught her breath, she would take a nice hot bath.
During the time she spent catching her breath, I would run her bath. It was always the little things that make our relationship work> she would do all the cooking and laundry; I would mow the lawn and help with the dishes as well as keep things picked up around the house. I went to school and she went to work. This was our relationship since dad had left us for his boyfriend three years ago.
Due to her regular workout routine, she was in great shape. I played sports so both of us were in good condition. Mom was younger than most of my friends mothers and looked a lot more healthy compared to most other women at 39. I was 19 and a senior in high school, and played baseball from the age of 5 starting with Tee-ball!
This day in particular, mom was stiff and sore more than usual. When she first entered the house, she stated, "Every muscle in my body hurts for some reason! I may have over done the gym today. Either that or I am just getting old!"
I laughed and said, "Mom, you are not getting old, just like a bottle of fine wine, you are getting better!"
She smiled and kissed me on the cheek saying, "Thanks for trying to make me feel better! Maybe after I cool down and take my bath I won't feel so achy."
She walked toward the kitchen to get a glass of water and I headed up stairs to start her bath. After I added the bath oil into the tub, I retrieved her towel and set everything on the vanity. As I headed back down stairs, I heard her moan in pain. I just hoped she would feel better after her bath.
As I was coming down the stairs, she was going up. I said, " I am going to play a video game while you take your bath. If you need anything, just holler." Her smile was enough of an answer.
After about an hour, mom still had not come back down, so I went to check on her. I knocked on the bathroom door and asked, "Mom, are you alright?"
Her reply was, "yea I am just going to soak a little bit longer. I'll start dinner if a few."
I answered with, "take your time!"
Another half hour went and I heard mom on the stairs. With each step she moaned in pain. When she came around the corner, I noticed a little limp in her getty-and-go. I felt sorry that she was in so much pain.
I suggested, "Why don't we just order Chinese for tonight? That will keep you off your feet tonight and give you some more time to relax your muscles!"
She said, "Thanks sweetheart, you take so good of your old mother!" I just laughed.
I ordered and we ate. I cleaned the table and threw away the trash. Mom had gone to the family room on my insistence and had turned on a moving. I knew mom was sore still so I went upstairs and grabbed towel and the tube of ointment from the medicine cabinet, headed back toward the family room. I made another stop to pickup her yoga mat and took them into the family room. I sat the ointment and towel on the arm of the couch and unrolled the mat in front of the TV.
Mom asked, "What are you doing?"
It is kind of obvious, isn't it?" I replied. "Come on and get over here or do I need to help you?"
She understood that I was joking and she simply smiled, pushing herself off the couch and slowing knelt down onto the mat.
She said, "Please don't use that smelly crap on me! Just get some oil from my nightstand! Make sure you get the Almond scented one and put it in a bowl of hot water to warm it up! Please if it is not too much trouble?"
I went and filled her request. While I was heating the water I put the oil in the microwave for just 30 seconds to heat it, the water would keep it warm, but cool it down so it wouldn't burn her. When I returned to the family room, mom had taken her top off but left her bra on and was lying on her stomach. I knelt at her legs and she had a pair of sleeping shorts on. So I took the oil and put some in my hands and rubbed them together so that when I applied it to her legs my hands would not absorb the oil.
I started at her feet and slowly rubbed the soles and top, making sure to use enough pressure to work the soreness out.
Mom's moans told me I had done her feet right. I moved up the back of her calves working to move the tightness up and toward the rest of her legs. I continued to massage the back of her knees and went up her thighs, stopping just below the bottom of her shorts. After that I moved to the outside and inside of her thighs heading back down her muscular legs pushing and pulling the soreness back toward her feet.
Her moans, once again, was my gage as to how well it was working. I had never done this for her before so I was new to this. When I had reached her feet, I moved to where I could pull her legs gently and work her ankles one at a time. I looked up her legs and noticed that she had spread her legs open a bit to give me more room to stretch them.
To my surprise, I saw a wet spot on her shorts! I asked her, are you enjoying this?"
A relaxed moan was enough to let me know that I was doing well. I then moved around to where her head was and checked the temperature of the water and it was still warm. I filled my hand with more oil and rubbed them together just before I reached down to the small of her back, spreading the warm oil on her perfect skin. I was really enjoying this as much as she was and it was beginning to show as I had felt a slow growth between my own legs. I was glad that her head was turned to the side where mom could not see me. As I moved on her lower back, I carefully avoided touching the top of her shorts, but I did spread my hands to cover her sides as I pulled her tense achy muscles toward me, just as I had on her legs. I had become fascinated with her tanned skin, and wondered if the time at the gym if she had spent time in the tanning bed! Moving slowly up her back I came across her bra strap and before I could say anything she reached back and unhooked it and let it fall toward her sides, letting me know that no obstructions would prevent her massage. Right off, I noticed there was not a tan line. I pulled her tight muscles toward me and then leaned in to reach her waste again only along her sides as I pulled the strained muscles all the way up to her arm pits accidently touching the sides of her breasts. As I did so, another soft moan came out of her throat most like a humming sound.
I then proceeded to apply oil to her left arm stretching it above her head. i thoroughly massaged her arm. I gently lay it on the right side of my leg and repeated the same action on her right arm as well. I worked the back of her neck and shoulders.
At this point I asked, "Does that feel better? Are you as sore as you were before?"
Once again she replied, "My backside feels great, but do you want me to roll over so you can do my front because it is sore as well?"
I answered, "That is up to you Mom! It is up to you!"
She said in an almost sleepy voice, "It felt so good on my back so if you want to do the front, I would love it!"
I said, "Let me go heat the oil and water, I'll be right back!" that would give her time to put her bra back on as not to embarrass her.
I grabbed the bowl and headed toward the kitchen making sure to hide my semi hard cock from her eyes. I readjusted my dick and wondered if I could jack off before returning, but mom called out, "What is taking you so long?"
I said, "Here I come!"
As I turned the corner around the couch, I stopped in my tracks! Mom had indeed turned over but she had left her bra on the mat and to make things more uncomfortable, she had removed her shorts but left her thong on! I had stopped so abruptly that I almost dropped the bowl of hot water.
She had lain back down and had her eyes closed. I swallowed hard and moved to her feet and knelt down placing the bowl by my side, all the while taking in her beautiful body! Her angelic face with the bright red natural lips to her perfect nose did not give away her age. Her delicate chin showed that cute dimple, and down to her slender neck. What stood out the most were the two mounds of her breasts.
Now, I am not a virgin with me being a jock and all, but I had no idea how her breasts had been hidden from my sight for all these years. How could she hide her 35 C-cup or maybe they were a small D-cup
I had never seen them after I stopped nursing on them as a baby, and of course I did not remember them from so long ago. The areolas were the size of half dollar and a darker brown than the tan of the rest of her. On top of the areolas were two nipples that were no larger than a pencil eraser and they looked as hard as diamonds. My gaze stayed focused on the excellent pair what seemed like forever! My eyes traveled downward to her deep navel taking the taunt belly to the Mons covered by that small piece of lace fabric of her thong. From what I could see or not see, was as smooth as and hairless as the rest of her further down or up from whatever the point of view, was a just a small amount of clear liquid coming from another pair of lips that seemed to be hiding inside her secret spot.
I viewed her long shapely legs and then my eyes caught sight of something I had never experienced from looking at my own mother, my extremely pronounced erection covered only by a thin pair of basketball shorts.
Mom opened her eyes and questioned, "Well what are you waiting for? Are you going to finish my massage or not?"
I stuttered,"Yea but I need to take my tee shirt off because I spilled some water on it!"
Mom then said, "It looks like you spilled some on your shorts as well! You may want to take them off as well." So I did and then I was totally naked. Looked at mom and her eyes were once again closed and I don't think she looked at my nude body or my 7 inch hard on!
After I had removed my clothing I sat back on my knees and poured oil into my hand and started massaging her feet tracing the path I had done only on the front side instead of the back. First I rubbed her feet and ankles, slowly moving up her calves and knees. I proceeded to the front and sides of her well toned thighs. First the tops and then to the outer and finally I ran my hands from her knees to the top of her inner thighs, centimeters' from her slit. I slowly worked my way back down to her feet gently rubbing each toe. I was stretching each leg. During this process, my eyes were transfixed on her pussy, noticing more gleaming juice dripping between her pussy, taint and into the crack of her lovely ass cheeks.
I finished her lower half and moved around to take my position once again at the top of her head, but this time, her head was facing toward the ceiling leaving me no way to hid my cock if she would simply open her eyes!
I started at her face, massaging her forehead and temples moving down the nose, cheeks, and chin. I loaded more oil into my hands and then ran my palms around her lovely neck and I rushed toward her chest. I began at the base and moved in a circular motion around both mounds and when I had covered the two fleshy parts I moved on to the nipples and I used my thumb and forefingers to gently roll them in between as I pinched each one carefully.
I moved downward to her belly button and filled it with oil and dipped my finger into it hearing a little squishy sound as I did so spilling out the oil. As I went past her belly, I came to her Mons and I slipped both hands under her tiny laced thong covering! At this point I was leaning and stretching the length of her upper body!
Suddenly I realized that my cock must be in her face! I was so right, because at that very moment, I felt a hot wet sensation on my steel hard dick! Mom had opened her mouth and taken my member into her mouth. She gently sucked, kissed and licked my dick inside her mouth using her tongue as she gently pulled it between her lips. I was in another world by this time and time had stood still!
Now my hands were still on her Mons under her thong, I grabbed the strings and yanked till they broke. I was staring at her waxed pussy in all its glory. I see her juices and smell the aroma of her cunt. I wanted more! I placed kisses on her bald Mons and kissed my way down to her hooded clit! Using my right hand, I pulled the hood back and forced the little bud out into the open and I attacked it hungrily with my tongue and lips causing her to moan as loudly as one could with a cock buried in their mouth. The vibrations caused my body to shiver! I had found the magic spot and I was determined to take full advantage.
As I sucked and licked her clit, I used my left hand to insert a finger into her love slot. The more I fingered her, the more wet she became soI inserted a second finger and then did the "come to me motion", massaging her G-spot as I kissed, sucked and licked her clit! The more I did my manipulations, the harder she sucked and worked her tongue on my man meat!
She had multiple orgasms as I ate her motherly pussy! I had gotten to the point I was going to cum and I told her, "I can't hold back Mom! I am going to cum!" Her mouth seemed to go into overdrive, sucking even harder than before. No girl had ever allowed me to cum in her mouth before, but Mom was not going to stop until I gave her my load. I did just that! I felt it in my balls rush through my shaft and squirt out the head and fill her mouth! Each time I squirted she would swallow and the head of my cock would feel the sensation from her throat muscles contracting on it. Just as the last of my juice shot out, her cunt contacted and she squirted as well.
Her ejaculation covered my face and hair as well as her legs and the mat. Her body shook as if it was an earthquake!
Once Mom had settled down she gently removed my cock from her mouth and said, "Honey please stop, my pussy can't take much more right now! By the time you get hard again….. oh my you didn't go soft yet! Well at least give me few minutes to recuperate and then we can do some more."
I rolled off her and spun around to where we were face to face and I said, "Thanks Mom, looks like we both needed that!" I leaned in to kiss her but she instead started licking my face cleaning her juices off me and then kissed me.
We lay there for what seemed like an eternity, as we held each other as our passion rose. We kissed and played with each other until mom asked, "Are you going to fuck me with that beautiful cock, my son?"
That was 5 years ago and to this day, when mom comes home and tells me she is sore, I know exactly what to do.

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