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We are family of four Me, my brother, my mother and my father. My brother works a American company, my father is a govt. Officer and I a call centre executive. My mother is a house wife. As the family income increased we thought of hiring a servant.

So We hired “Sonu”, a 18 year old boy, he used to take care of most of household work except cooking, my mother was very relived from the household work.

Let me tell u about my mom, She was a lady of 45 year with a fat stomach and a sexy and deep navel and two big boobs, her boobs are like giant mangoes hanging from the tree. She used to wear sarees and she has a habit of exposing her navel and boobs to everybody, from the married men’s to street boys everybody has a lust for her beautiful body. Her navel was the most sexiest point in her body when she walks she used to flash her navel to everybody.

I have sometimes seen sonu staring at my mothers big boobs and round ass, but I ignored as my has a satisfied sex life with my father.

As I was a call centre executive my timings for office changes regularly, one day I returned from the office at 4.30 pm, I knocked the door but nobody replied door was locked, I used my key to open the door, I thought that nobody was at home, but I was surprised to find my mom in her bedroom, I tried to call her but then I heard a strange sentence, my mother was asking the servant to bring some Oil to massage her, sonu brought some oil and starting messaging her foots and arms, she seems to be aroused by his tough, sonu then tried to leave, she told him to stop and asked him to apply some oil on her belly and navel, he lifted her cloth and started applying oil on her belly he was very aroused by his touch, he was also enjoying the touch of deep navel, he then started touching her boobs, she removed her bra and asked him to squeeze her boobs, he starting applying oil on her boobs. It was too much for sonu, he suddenly pull down his pants and asked my mom to put his cock in her mouth she refused saying that it was dirty act. He then placed his cock on her navel and starting seducing her he then kissed her navel, this aroused my mom, he then put his cock between her tits and starting boob fucking her boobs was already covered with oil this makes him cum early he was shouting for my mom to take it in her mouth and finally she agreed and put his dick in her mouth and started cuming in her mouth, she asked him to remove his dick from her mouth but he did not and she has to drink all the cum.

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After that my mom asked him to fuck her pussy, he obeyed the order and tore her panty, her hairy pussy was exposed, he then starting licking her pussy, she cummed all over his face. Finally he put his shaft around her pussy and starting pressing, It was desperate scene a mature women was getting fucked by a young boy, he started pumping her pussy faster, she asked him to slow down, and so sonu decreased his pace she was crying with joy, he was pumping her pussy. He also started licking her boobs, he was about to cum, mom realized this and asked him to pull out his dick he pull out his dick and poured his cum all over her lovely face.

I also attributed, after that when I went to see what is happening next, I was amazed to see the scene, my mom made that boy lay down on the bed and she started licking his dick he cummed on her face the final part was more interesting, he asked him to give her a ride she then sits on the servants dick and starting riding his dick. He was under enormous pressure and he started cumming in her pussy. She scolds him for cumming in her pussy and told him that she might get pregnant. She then put his cock between her boobs and he started pumping her boobs.

Then I saw the strange part of moms behavior, she asked the servant to fuck her in ass, he applied some oil on her ass and then slowly he put his dick at her asshole, he then starts pushing his dick in her ass, it was going in easily it seems that my father was a assaholic, he starting pumping her ass, she also started feeling joy he was pumping her ass like a animal. Suddenly he stopped moving and started delivering his cum her ass-hole. She was overjoyed.

After some time he was again ready for the act, he started this act differently he starting rubbing his dick against the boobs and belly of mom, she was aroused by that act. He then asked her to take his dick in her ass once more, this time he was looking more horny, He put his dick in her ass and starting pumping her ass. He was fucking her ass like a machine, she also started to feel pain and asked him to slow down, but he refused and she started crying in pain finally he cummed in her pussy.

He told her she was hungry whore and asked that he will bring his friend and both of them will fuck her for satisfaction. He was already in seventh heaven, and agreed.