Mom Lets Me Touch Her Ass Pt. 06

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tagIncest/TabooMom Lets Me Touch Her Ass Pt. 06

"Oh god, Yes! I would love your help with this. "I answered."
"What you like me to do for you?" She asked inquisitively.
"Well for starters" I pulled her gently towards me into a hug so that my boner pressed into her, and with my hands on her back, I slid both down to each of her ass cheeks and squeezed. I looked down behind her and watched my hands caress every part of her big juicy booty.
"Oh, what a shock!" Mom laughed as she held me tighter, allowing me to continue groping her butt while I kissed her neck. My fingers dug in and kneaded the flesh from her meaty cheeks. She played with my hair and I gently pushed me penis into her. My kisses moved to her cheek and in response she turned her face towards me; our lips meeting. We held a mixture of short and long kisses for a few minutes. If this was going to be a sexual favour from my delicious mom, I wanted it to last as long as possible. She pulled from the kissing and looked away from me for a second. I asked if something was wrong. My hands moved up to her upper back and I rubbed her in a similar way to how I started our massage.
"You know," She hesitated for a moment, still not looking at me, allowed her hand to move up my arm and lightly grip my bicep. "Now I'm used to you touching my butt, it doesn't feel so bad. I kinda like it actually."
"Yeah?" I asked.
"Yeah?" She smiled. I kissed her again.
"You like having my hands on your ass." I asked? I moved my hands over her cheeks.
"Yeah, I do." We kissed again.
"How about when I squeeze your ass?" I gripped both globes tightly.
"Yeah, it feels nice." She replied, giving me another kiss."
"You like it when I do this?" I opened my hands and used them to jiggle her cheeks. I looked down her back to admire the ripples that showed through her shorts. She giggled into my chest.
"I like it because you like it. She smiled. Kissing me again. We shared a few more kisses until she opened her mouth to allow my tongue inside. Our tongues slowly played with each other in between smooches. My hands kneaded her booty throughout.
"Damn, Kyle. You're really good kisser!" Mom told me before admitting that was something, she never thought she would or should know. We kissed again.
"You like kissing your son?" I asked. She told me not to refer to myself as her son but confessed her liking for locking lips with me and gave me another kiss. "You like grinding on my big dick?" I asked. Without saying anything, Mom turned round and back her butt into me. I put my hands behind my head and allowed to wiggle her ass against me, rolling her cheeks up and down my cock. I tried not to grind and let her do the work. She bounced her booty into me and clenched on my cock, bent down and twerked we big jiggling cheeks for my viewing pleasure. She backed fully into me, move my hands to her hips and placed her hand behind my head before pushing her full weight into me. I gripped her hips tight as she leaned into my ear.
"I love grinding on you." She whispered, lustfully. "I love to run my big ass against your huge dick and it's even better when you grind on me." We kissed with lock lips while we grinded on each other. This was unbelievable. Mom and I were making out and not only was she grinding on me, she was telling me how she found it when we grinded on each other. My kisses moved back to her neck while I caressed her meaty thighs. My hand moved inward up towards the heat that exuded from her pussy, which had to be wet, given the moans she let out when I lightly humped her crack. However, her hand met mine and stopped me from sliding any further up her leg. It seemed that her pussy really was off limits at this time. I moved my other hand from her hip to her midriff and under her top as her booty bounced my way; my fingers made contact with her naked C cup breast and gently squeezed. Mom stopped the fun immediately and turned round, pushing me off her so that I landed sat on the couch. I was hoping this was going to lead to the next sexy stage but, instead, Mom looked serious.
"Don't touch my breasts. That's a no-go area. We have to limit what we do. So, no access to my vagina either." She directed. My head and heart sank. "But you have unlimited ass access." Turning back around and shaking her large delicious booty at me.
"Oooooooh!" I moaned, stroking my dick as I watched her cheeks jiggle at me.
"I wanna fuck your ass, Mom!" I blurted out.
"Oh I don't know. She replied reluctantly. I've never had anal intercourse before. I never let your father do that; not that'd he was ever interested."
"Awww, pleeeease!" I begged. "I'll go slow, I promise!"
"Honey, I don't think your huge dick could fit in my ass." She cooed.
"I'm determined to make it work, mom! It's the holy grail!" Mom burst out laughing. We just have to lubricate all the areas.
"Sorry, but anal lubricant is not something I would ever have in the house."
"Well…there are other ways" I hinted. She turned to look at me with her hands on her hips and eyebrow raised.
"What are you getting at, Kyle?" She asked me sternly.
"We could use our mouths." I suggested. Mom's eyes widened.
"How 'bout you sit on my lap and we can discuss this?" I proposed cheekily. Mom looked at me without saying anything for a few seconds before slowly walking towards me. Once she stopped in front of me, she turned back around and stuck her ass out and I watched her in awe as she slowly descended her big heavy booty onto my lap; her cheeks on either side of my cock. She turned to look back at me.
"Like this?" She asked, slowly wiggling her ass on my junk, grinding back and forth. I leaned my head back and grinded against her. We grinded together on the couch and my hands rested on her ass as she rubbed against me. My hands moved to her shoulders, like when I massaged her. She put her hands on my knees and pressed the full weight of her butt back into my crotch. She pressed her hands onto my knees and lifter ass up, twerking her bug booty in front of my face. I held her ass as she jiggled her cheeks, inches from my salivating tongue. I leant my forward to bury my head in her shorts. I moaned as my mom jiggled her big cheeks on my face and I motorboated her crack through her shorts; only for second or two because she used her big booty to push my face away from her.
Mom turned around to face me. I looked up at her with my dick at the fullest of masts. She looked down at my dick and back to me. She held out her hand and I took it. She pulled me off the couch so I was stood up, looking to my dick again and back at me, before reaching her hand behind my head and pulling me towards her; locking our lips. We kissed for thirty seconds before told me to take of my shirt, to which I obliged immediately; throwing it to the side like it was on fire. Mom's kisses moved to my chin, then slowly down my neck and onto my chest. She then bent down as she slid her tongue down in between my pecs and kissed down my stomach right to the bottom of my shorts.
She took her lips off me and lowered her face and body so that she was on her knees with her face right in front of my poking erection. She leaned her head forward and open her mouth so that the head of my dick was positioned in the space between her lips. She exhaled onto my cock, which caused me to thrust forwards towards the inside of her mouth. Her face moved back to my chest for more descending kisses until she got to my basketball shorts, tugging on the top with her teeth as if she were trying to pull them down. I placed one hand on top of her head and used the other to push my shorts down to my ankles. My enormous erection pinged out upon release from my clothing, causing Mom to dodge the spring of my member from hitting her in the face. Mom looked took my hand from her head and interlocked the fingers before looking up at me.
"Use our mouths, you say?" Mom asked.
"Yeah, it'll be easier for me to fit in your butt if I'm wet."
"Don't get ahead of yourself!" Mom looked at my cock and slapped it in annoyance, which inflicted minimal movement from my member. She looked back up at me with a stern expression.
"I'll suck your dick. Let's start with that."

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