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This will not be my most delicate story. The build up is short and steep, right to the pinnacle of debauchery. What it lacks in realism, I hope it makes up for in hotness.
The story features incest, as the title subtly gives away.
All characters are over 18, which is mentioned in the story too.

20 April, 2019. Midnight. I had turned eighteen for just a couple of days when, on this warm spring evening, someone knocked on my door. I got up from my desk, where I had been sitting listening to music, and opened the door.
It was Mitch, my older brother, with an excited look on his face.
"Dude, dad just asked me to get you and to go to their bedroom. They have prepared a surprise."
"OK." I said, puzzled. A surprise? What could it be?
I turned off my stereo and followed Mitch up the stairs to the attic where my parents slept. The house was silent except for the creaking stairs under our feet.
"You any idea what it could be?" I asked my brother. He just shrug his shoulders.
At the top of the stairs, there was a little hall before you entered into my parents' room. We found dad standing there in front of the door. He did not seem to be fully at ease, but it was hard to tell as it was quite dark here. I swore he had a smirk on his face.
"What's up, dad?" I asked, curious about what they might have in stall. "What kind of surprise do you have? It's already been my birthday, you know!"
"Yeah, what you got in there, old man?" Mitch asked, pointing to closed door behind which the bedroom lay hidden.
"You'll see in a bit." dad answered with a grin, looking us both in the face. "I am sure you boys will be happy with it."
I looked at Mitch, but he seemed just as ignorant about what would happen as I was.
Silence fell as dad looked for the right words. Which he couldn't straight away.
"OK, can we have a look, then?" Mitch asked impatiently. "We'd like to know what's up…"
Dad scratched the back of his head. "Ok, let me prepare you bit." He cleared his throat. "This night… you boys can use your mother."
"Use her?" I asked. "For what?"
"Yeah." dad answered. "You see… Well…"
Mitch and I looked at one another puzzled.
Dad continued. "Two things have come together. First, well, after my operation of last year I have suffered from erectile malfunctioning…"
Was he just admitting this out of the blue to us? Dad never talked about his sex life… I got an uneasy feeling as I connected the dots. Use mom…?
"… meaning I can't get it up. Which has been rough for me but also for your mother, who has quite a libido."
"TMI!" Mitch mumbled.
"… so, lets just say she needs this. A lot." Dad continued, as he looked to the floor, embarrassed. "And the other thing is that this week, I have been updating the internet router. This apparently had been tracking your search histories."
A shock cold as ice ran through my body. My God… Did dad know that I had watched those taboo video's? I had taken care to delete my history, but I hadn't thought that the router saved it too… Nervously I glanced at Mitch, as I felt so exposed. The similarly nervous glance he threw at me betrayed that he too must have watched similar videos.
"So your mom and I thought: 'one and one is two.' I'd prefer it to be you who fulfill her needs rather than some stranger, and I am sure you two will enjoy this…"
"Relieve mom's needs?" I asked. "Dad, are your for real? What is this?"
"Yeah, she is ready for you boys." Dad pointed to the room behind him. "I realize that all this is kind of awkward. I fully understand that." Well, that was a euphemism if I ever heard any. My parents had just figured that my brother and I were depraved enough to fuck our mother. Surely, that was a big mistake! But why did I feel a pulse starting in my crotch? Dad continued his instructions to us. "There are three rules. To make it easier on you and your mom. First, don't talk about this to anyone. Obviously, it would be quite a disaster if this news reaches beyond this family. Second, mom will not speak to you as you two… have your way with her. This will all be as physical as possible. Let's just reduce it to the bodily act of responding to her and your needs. Third, after you're done, just go back to your rooms without a word… I mean, this isn't some romantic night out or anything. It is just to give your mother what she lacks, okay?"
I heard Mitch swallow nervously. "So, you are saying we will have sex with mom?"
Dad nodded. "She is waiting for you, boys. You can do what you want with her. But your mom would really appreciated if, well, you'd at least penetrate her too. That's what she really misses." Mid-sentence dad stumbled over his words. Apparently this all had been really painful for him. As we hadn't lit any lights, I still couldn't discern his face, but I was sure that I would have seen a mix of worry and shame. "And if she likes what you have done to her, perhaps we can do this more often." Dad opened the door. "Now get in there!"
In the room, some small lights were turned on, which gave it a nice and warm atmosphere. My parents' room had thick red curtains, a grey carpet and a big, square bed in the middle of the room. In the middle of the bed, the first thing we saw was mom.
Like a dog, she sat on her knees with her ass in our direction, which she held perked high into the air. It looked enormous and fleshy. Mom rested on her elbows and had her face pushed into a pillow. A red night gown barely covered her ass cheeks, and Mitch and I could both see mom's milk white thighs, under which she wore no shoes, so that we could see her two feet with their toes pressed into the mattress.
"Fuck me…" Mitch whispered, as we heard the door close behind us with dad going down the stairs. "What is going on?"
I couldn't possibly tell him. That my parents had concocted this strange plan was beyond me.
"We should get out of here." I whispered in return. "This is too weird."
"Yeah, bro." Mitch answered, but we both remained standing a few feet away from our mother, who was basically offering her body to us. It was clear that she did not want to have any form of communication with us, so deeply had she hidden her face into the pile of pillows that lay in front of her. Her underarms rested besides her head, and I saw that mom had put on nail polish in a red color to match her night gown. Her posture indicated, like dad had said, that this was to be a purely physical act.
We were afraid to talk at first, because it felt so super weird that mom was listening to us but not responding. What could we say to one another? We hadn't left, that wasn't a good sign. I, of course, did not feel any temptation, but I would have to stay for Mitch. To make sure he wouldn't do anything stupid.
I received many a nervous glance from my older brother as we watched mom's shoulder go up and down slightly under her relaxed breathing. Mitch started to walk around the bed. "Bro, mom is really hiding her face from us." It was an awfully stupid thing to say, as this was obvious from the beginning. But I felt glad that he had at least said anything at all.
"I know." I replied. "I think that is because this was to be nothing personal, just physical." Just keep on producing words. That will make it all less strange. It was as if Mitch and I were chasing away a fear of ghosts, to see if they would respond if we spoke out loud. Feeling more at ease by the sound of our own voices. Once we were certain that mom did not react to what we said, slowly relaxed. As if we could speak about her in whatever way we wanted.
I also walked around mom. From the side I could see her large breasts hanging in her night gown. Through the arm hole I could even see the side of one of them, a big, beautiful, meaty globe. To think that I could just touch it. I mean, mom had approved. We could use her, right? I couldn't hold my thoughts back any longer and fantasies of touching mom's body rushed through my mind. My dick started to swell into a full erection as I walked around mom further. From here I could see her arched back, her spine slightly visible through the gown, which ended up there in her bottom that was presented to us to be used.
I noticed that Mitch as well seemed to get excited. He was my older brother, I figured, so he should indicate what we should do. I wouldn't be the first to touch mom, so I just waited as we paced around the bed like hungry animals.
"Bro." Mitch gestured to me and we went into the corner of a room to have a chat on what to do. "Don't judge me, okay, but I think that it wouldn't hurt to just have a look at mom's body." His face flushed red out of shame. But as soon as I had nodded, he cooled down again.
"Yes, I think that wouldn't hurt anyone, right?"
"Have you ever, you know, seen a real vagina?" Mitch whispered excited. "I mean, I haven't. And this is a good chance right. I mean, just for educational purposes. For when we get girl friends."
We agreed that he would be the one the lift mom's gown over her ass, so that her pussy would be exposed for both of us. When we neared the bed, I saw that Mitch got really quite nervous. What we were about to do was crossing a line, that was sure. It was easier for me, who could just shed off the responsibility as the younger brother.
Mitch stood behind mom, right next to the bed. With stretched arms he reached mom's gown and really carefully lifted it. First, we could see mom's ass appear above her thighs. I heard Mitch breathe loudly because of the beautiful sight. Her ass was multiple handfuls of loving mother meat. It was firm but wide, just like her hips, which gave mom a proper hourglass figure. And then, the holiest of holiest was revealed. Between mom's upper legs, and of a slightly darker, pink color, was mom's vagina. Its lips hung slightly open, although it still looked really tight. Mom hadn't shaven, and tiny pubic hairs perked up along its sides. It was lubricated with mom's wetness already. Apparently she really did enjoyed this.
As Mitch gently placed her gown over her hips, to leave her ass exposed, we both stared in silence at what we were seeing. The hole that had birthed us. Mom's cunt right under her naked ass. This was our mother, who always so joyfully made our breakfast, who bought us presents for our birthdays, who was a loving wife to dad. And now she was exposed to us like a piece of meat. We were looking at her most private parts, that no son should see, and I realized that I was getting really horny.
My hand slid into my pants. I just couldn't stop it. I didn't care if Mitch saw me touch myself over mom, this was more than I could handle. My God. I looked at mom's juicy pussy, which glistened in the soft light, and imagined how good it would be to be in there. I started massaging the knob of my dick, which generously leaked precum to make my cock all slippery. From the corner of my eye, I noticed that Mitch had caught me playing with myself. Even without looking at him, I realized that his eyes widened out of shock, but I couldn't care less. I just had to cum. I mean, look at that. Above mom's pussy there was her tiny, tight ass hole gaping at us. We saw everything of her. I started jerking faster.
"So wrong, dude." Mitch said, looking at me, but it didn't sound as if he could muster the strength to really morally judge me. Worse, he pretty quickly turned to mom and started to touch her calves. Mom didn't give an inch as Mitch's hands started to massage her legs.
"Wow, feel this, she's so soft." he remarked. With my free hand, I touched mom's leg, while I pumped my dick with my other. It felt so good and it felt so bad at the same time. Mom's smooth skin indicated that she had shaved her legs especially to look good for us. I started kneading her right calf, which made me even more excited. Mom felt so soft and firm at the same time. I was really touching her, I told myself, I was touching my mother while stroking my cock. Precum oozed out of me as I realized what boundaries I was crossing.
Meanwhile Mitch seemed to lose control too. His hands had started to move up to mom's upper legs, as he himself also crawled onto bed. With one hand per leg, he massaged mom's wide legs, kneading her, driving his fingers into her. "Wow, bro. You should feel this. These legs are amazing." But I was too occupied with mom's lower legs. My hand slid down towards her feet and gently touched them. It felt strange to touch mom's foot, which weirdly felt more intimate than I had ever been with her. A slight layer of callus under her foot made it feel rougher than her leg, but somehow this made me even more excited.
When I looked up, I saw how Mitch had moved his hands to mom's ass. Well, that hadn't taken us more than ten minutes. His strong hands massaged it, pushing her cheeks together and then apart again. Squeezing it and then letting his hands slide over it. "Fuck. Fuck." I heard him whimper. He looked over his shoulder to see me sitting on the floor, so close to mom's feet. "I think… I think I want to do this." Mitch whispered. I just nodded. I knew what he meant. And I wanted it too.
I watched intently as Mitch let one of his hands rest on mom's delicious ass, whilst the other slowly slid towards her pussy. Soon Mitch's finger tip reached the part closest to mom's ass hole and he carefully kept it there for a while. Then, slowly, slowly, his finger started to move over the length of her slit. Mitch was breathing audible, as his finger made soft wet sounds due to mom's pussy juice. "It is so soft…" he whimpered, as if he were describing a dessert he was eating instead of the twat of his own mother who could hear everything he said. "It feels so amazing."
Then his finger drove into mom's pussy, and out again. When I looked up I saw how Mitch's eyes were bulging in delight. Soppy sounds filled the room. In. And out. In. And out. I was still jerking myself off, and this made me go crazy. As I saw Mitch lean into mom's cunt to watch up close what he was doing, I also bent forward and started smelling mom's foot. A slight, salt smell filled my nostrils as I jerked faster and faster. Fuck. I had to taste her. My tongue slid over mom's foot. Its rough surface felt weird against my tongue, but that sensation drove me further over the edge. I didn't know what I was doing anymore. My tongue licked mom where ever it could: along her heel, between her toes, I just wanted her taste deeper in my mouth. With great self-restraint I managed to stop masturbating. Panting I hang above mom's foot, which was now wet with my drool. I realized that I did not want to come like this. Mom's cunt was there to be fucked. I wanted to come inside of her.
Wet sopping noises came from the bed. Mitch was licking mom's pussy. His head was pressed tightly against mom's ass, and I guessed his tongue must be buried deep inside of her. Frantically, his hands were placed all over her legs and ass. Mitch hummed as his tongue flopped in and out of our mother. He looked to me, his face covered with saliva and fuck juice. "Oh, bro." he said, when he finally managed to catch his breath. "This taste is the best."
I got next to him on the bed and watched as he placed two fingers on mom's pussy to spread it open. We both looked closely inside the velvet tunnel of flesh that opened in front of us. As Mitch held mom's pussy lips like this, I let one finger enter her pussy. It felt so warm and soft. Much smoother than I had guessed. "Wow." I exhaled. Mitch laughed. "Told you, right? Come on, taste it! Give it a kiss." He moved his hands away, as I placed my lips against my mom's. Her labia felt so flabby in my mouth, and her taste was amazing. Somewhere between sweet and savory, with a tinge of sour. My tongue massaged mom's labia in a passionate kiss. I had trouble letting go, but Mitch tapped my shoulder soon. He wanted a turn too.
While Mitch was french kissing mom's pussy, I took my shirt off and threw it in a corner of the room. Then I unclasped by belt, zipped open my zipper, and let my pants slide down to my knees. Soft wet sounds emerged from where Mitch's tongue met the vagina of our mother. Gently I pushed him on the shoulder. He got out of the way as he realized what I was about to do. I grabbed mom's hips firmly, enjoying the sensation of holding her naked skin like this. "Her ass is amazing." I moaned to Mitch. "I am going to fuck her, Mitch. I will fuck our mother." He just nodded. In one flowing motion, I took off my shorts and my red dick sprang out. It was so ready for action. Precum hung in strands from my cock as I positioned it in front of mom's fuck hole.
I do not know how to describe the feeling when the tip of my cock slightly touched mom's pussy. I felt it in my whole body. Her soft skin against that most sensitive of my organs. Her wetness against mine. I looked down to see my cock disappear under mom's firm buttocks, into the pink velvet of her stretched vagina. This was it. I pushed forward. My dick slithered against mom's labia, until it suddenly popped into her vaginal entrance. Holy bliss. Mom's warmth surrounded me. I almost choked out of excitement. The further I pushed, the intenser the feeling became.
In front of me sat mom, bent over like a dog in heat to be fucked by us. Her hair lay spread out over the pillows, above her beautiful shoulders which were exposed to me. I realized intensely that this was my mother who I was fucking now. The first woman I had been in with my cock. I looked down and saw that my cock almost entirely had disappeared into mom. I pushed a bit further still, as I felt mom's vagina engulf me completely. I moaned loudly, not being in control of myself, before I managed to start rocking my hips slowly.
"How is it?" Mitch demanded to know. "Is it good?"
"Aaaaaah. Uuuunng." I could just exclaim, like some wild beast. My fingers drove into mom's thighs as I held her harder. Her convulsing pussy stimulated my dick so much when I pulled back. Grunting I pushed back again, as I felt how my foreskin was being moved back by mom's insides. I almost fainted due to the intensity of this feeling. I started moving my hips faster. A sinful cadence started to form, when I felt mom's body responding to mine. Back and forth. Back and forth. With an animal sound, I thrust my pelvis forward as hard as I could. Mom's ass quaked under the impact, which satisfied me a great deal. Once more I fucked her as hard as I could. And once more. And once more. I started speeding up faster and faster, while mom just lay there as an object to be used by me.
"Aaah, I am using her, Mitch. We can fucking do what we want with her." When I heard the flapping sound of my balls slamming into mom's ass, I got even more excited. Faster. Faster. My cock was on fire. I was inside mom's pussy. I was fucking a woman. I was fucking mom. Wow. I felt my orgasm approaching faster than I had hoped. The entire weight of mom's body was shook by my thrusts. It felt so hot to feel her move under the impact of me fucking her. Her big breasts heaved on the force of my movement, swaying back and forth. Before I released my cum, I groped them. The first tits I ever held. Two big meaty globes in both my hands. Even through the night gown they felt amazing. I felt the impetus of my thrusts reflected in the big mass of mom's tits, and I got even hornier than I already was when I felt two nipples prick into the palms of my hands. "Aaah. Aaah. Aah." I was panting so hard now. "I am cumming."
And I came. Bliss! Heaven! My whole body spasmed as huge quantities of jizz were shot into mom's pussy. My hand squeezed her tits firmly, and I was sure to even hear mom moan into the pillow. My pelvis pushed hard against her ass and I almost folded double over her. Streams of cum immediately leaked out of her vagina, past my dick which was still swollen inside mom. I just had to stay like that for a while, grasping for air. Steadily, cum dribbled out of mom along the shaft of my cock until, groaning, I let it slip out of her and watched as the white of my cum contrasted with her puffy, red labia. My cum got into her pubic hairs, forming small droplets. I had completely splashed mom's vagina.

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