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This is a work of fiction, a fantasy. Author and all characters are 18+. This is written for an adult audience. It is incest themed. If such themes offend you, it may not be the story for you.
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Neil returned home from football practice. Exhausted, mucky and sweaty after training on a hot summer day, he dragged his gear and slowly made his way upstairs to hop in the shower.
His Mom, Kate, was in the kitchen preparing dinner and made her way to the hallway to greet him before he was out of sight. She was wearing a white tank top it was sheer as you could see her black bra underneath. It was a top that complemented any woman's large bust and inviting cleavage. She also wore slim-fitting blue jeans that complemented her firm round ass and long legs.
"Hi Neil. How was training?" She asked with a smile on her face, as always when she greeted her son. She lifted her hair back. It was black and her bright blue eyes kept looking at him.
"It was a tough session today, Mom. I'm just going to have a shower now." He continued to struggle up the stairs.
"Don't forget to bring your dirty clothes down, Sweetie. I'm just about to put on a wash."
Neil made his way to him room while his Mom returned to prepare their dinner. Neil grabbed a towel and made straight for the shower, desperate to relax his muscles. As he waited for the water to heat up, the placed his filthy gear by the door, then hopped in the shower.
Downstairs, Kate was just making sure everything was ready for dinner. She had the chicken in the oven, but was delayed as she was on the phone with her sister prior to Neil returning home. A few minutes went by as she heard a loud noise coming from upstairs. She hurried to the hall to shout up to Neil.
"Neil! Are you okay? Did you fall?" Concerned, she made her way up the stairs anyway.
"Ehh. Yeah, but it's okay. Just slipped. Not a big deal."
"You sure? Actually, let me grab your dirty clothes while I'm here." Without any notice, she opened the bathroom door and looked around for the clothes pile. While looking she caught a glimpse of her son washing his young, athletic body.
She was surprised by what she saw and started getting turned on. Her nipples grew hard and she started blushing. She never saw her son in such a way.
"Mom, what the hell?" Neil faced away from her and turned his head around with a confused look on his face.
This caught Kate off guard. "Oh Neil. Come one now. We're both adults here. Nothing I haven't seen before anyway." She gave him a cheeky glance and winked at him before returning downstairs to put on a wash.
Later, Neil came down stairs to watch TV and Kate thought she'd join him. She sat right up next to him on the couch. She noticed how Neil was still a bit wet from the shower as his t-shirt was quite wet and he was wearing shorts to help cool down.
"What are you watching, Neil? … Oh, and sit up properly, you'll need to take care of your back ahead of the college season next year." She moved some cushions around.
"Just some sitcom until dinner is ready." He started moving around to improve his seating posture, but was visibly struggling with stuff muscles and exhaustion.
"It seems Coach has you working pretty hard, huh? You know what… lie down. I'm going to give you a massage, it'll help with recovery.
"What? Mom that's weird. I'm okay though, really."
"Neil. Come on. Loads of athletes come into work looking for massages. I'm sure all the top NFL guys do too. Now, lie down and let me work my magic. You'll feel so much happier. Better, I mean better."
Seeing that there was no point in arguing, Neil lay down on the couch. Thankfully it was long enough to lie down fully and wide enough so he wasn't at all cramped. Lying face down, he closed his eyes and began to enjoy his mother's massage.
Kate started massaging her son's feet, she could feel the stiff muscles even there. She made her way up his legs, massaging the calves.
Neil groaned with pain and discomfort, but the good kind. He shifted his body around to cope.
She started to massage his inner thighs, but noticed that he kept moving about the further up she went. She took this as a cue to slow down and to give a softer massage. She slowly grazed her hand from just above his knee to about halfway up his thigh, and back down again, occasionally dragging her fingernails.
While Neil still shuffled about, it was much less so and she took this as a sign that it was working. He was completely silent now, meaning he was in the moment, enjoying it. What his Mom couldn't see though, was her son's raging hard cock.
She moved up to his back and started from his shoulders and moved down. She was getting turned on even more now. Feeling her son's firm, muscular body just made her more attracted to him. She used this time to lightly trace her fingers all over his back, a sensual touch. She knew she was making her son rock hard, and she liked it. She wanted it.
"Neil, Sweetie. Time to turn around." She put one of her hands on his inner thigh, softly moving it up and down until he turned around."
"Uhh. Actually, Mom. It's okay. I can feel myself, umm, recovering."
"Listen here son… I can't do no half-assed massage."
He nodded in defeat before turning over. He held his hands over his crotch to hide his throbbing, erect dick.
His Mom started massaging his calves again, knowing he was watching every move she made. She knew he was hiding and erection for her and it made her feel good knowing she could arouse such a young guy.
She made her way up to his thighs and she started with the inner areas. With both hands, she slowly grazed them up and down, right into the crotch area and back out.
Neil was now breathing quite heavily, struggling to say anything.
Kate rested her hands near Neil's crotch area. "Do you like how that feels, son?" She bit her lip and smiled as she waited from him to respond, looking straight into his eyes.
"Uhh. Yeah, Mom. Feels good."
"I bet it does, Neil, Sweetie." She held of each of Neil's wrists and pulled them apart, with little resistance from Neil. "Wow… I can tell you're really enjoying it." She gave him a cheeky laugh as he went all red-faced with embarrassment.
She placed her hands on his shoulders, making sure to lean over him, providing him a good view down her top. She brought her hands down to his chest and circled them around pecs, occasionally focusing on his nipples.
"That feels so good, Mom." Neil started to breathe a little heavier. As his Mom moved her hands towards his torso, he shifted a little, a reflex from all the sensual touching.
"That's good to hear, Sweetie. But something tells me you're still not relaxed." She gave a small cheeky laugh and turned around to his side. She started caressing his torso, ever so slowly moving her hands lower and lower.
Eventually, she reached the waistline of his shorts and she looked at him while she slipped her fingers underneath and slowly moved her hand side to side, teasing him that she'll go further.
"You know… I have an idea to help you relax a bit more. Do you want to relax more?"
Neil, not able to speak at this point, nodded. He watched in amazement as his mother, grabbed his short and slid them down his leg. He managed to kick them off, onto the floor.
Kate dragged her fingers back up her son's legs and cupped his balls ever so slightly. She admired her son's large hard cock as she could see it throbbing and twitching. With one hand she started massaging his balls and with the other, she wrapped it around his shaft and began stroking it, slowly at first.
"Do you like it when Mommy strokes your dick, son?" She looked at him and licked her lips. She wanted to suck it so much, but these feeling for her son were new, so she restrained. "Do you like it when Mom strokes your big hard cock?"
Neil moved his head back and closed his eyes in pleasure. He then looked back at his mom, and couldn't believe this was happening to him.
Kate saw how happy her son was and took this as a cue to stroke faster. "That's it, Sweetie. Mommy just wants you to relax."
Neil's breathing became a lot heavier; he was getting close.
"Come on, Neil. Cum for Mommy." She stroked her son's cock even faster; she knew he wouldn't last long. "That's it. You're such a good boy."
Neil thrusted his hips upwards.
"Come on, Neil. Mommy wants all your cum." Kate kept stroking her son's hard cock.
In one final thrust, Neil groaned as he erupted with cum all over his stomach.
Kate noticed some of her sons cum had landed on her fingers. She stuck out her tongue and licked it off, sucking on her fingers to make sure they were clean.
"Mmm. Your cum is delicious, Sweetie. I bet you're very relaxed after that, aren't you, son? Now, go and get cleaned up; dinner will be ready shortly."

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