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Chapter 02
Mother and son not only have sex but also, they fall in love.
Mother and son not only have forbidden, incestuous sex but also, something as unusual as it was beautiful, they fell in love. They didn't love one another in the way that a mother loves her son and in the way that a son loves his mother. They fell in love in the way that a man falls in love with a woman and a woman falls in love with a man. As if they weren't mother and son, as if they weren't related, Mary and her son, Seth, fell in romantic love.
Something they never wanted to happen or thought would happen, Seth fell in love with his mother and Mary fell in love with her son. Something they never expected to happen, it was something that they hadn't planned on happening. Yet, something so bizarre, so forbidden, and beautiful, it just happened. What started out with just a sexual attraction and eventually sex, ended with love. What started out with just incestuous lust, ended in romance and a commitment of never-ending love.
"I love you, Mom," said Seth leaning into her while sitting on the couch with her and drinking wine.
When his mother put her wine glass down, he put his wine glass down, too. Suddenly, everything grew quiet. He no longer heard the Christmas music in the background. Something so magical as if this was meant to be, Seth was about to kiss his mother, Mary.
He stared into her big, blue eyes while she stared back in his eyes. Then, taking a leap of faith, he was about to do something that he could never undo or take back. He was about to romantically kiss his mother. He moved closer.
Something a son would never do with his mother and a mother would never allow her son to do with her, he leaned into her, closed his eyes, parted her lips with his tongue, and French kissed his mother. He couldn't believe he French kissed her. He couldn't believe that she allowed him to French kiss her. If that wasn't enough, instead of pushing him away and rebuking him, he couldn't believe that she returned his French kiss with her deep, wet kiss.
Not stopping at just one kiss, as if they were boyfriend and girlfriend, they were making out. Not stopping with just French kissing her, while kissing her, he reached around her to feel her naked ass through her thin, sheer nightgown. Having always sexually lusted over her shapely ass, especially when she wore her yoga pants without wearing panties, he always wanted to feel his mother's shapely ass.
As if she was kissing her husband or her lover, she not only allowed him to continue French kissing her but also, she allowed him to continue feeling and squeeze her ass through her nightgown. Mary swooned in her son's strong arms. She returned her son's French kiss with her deep, wet kiss.
While still making out with his mother, he reached his hand to the front of her to feel her big, nightgown clad breast. With her not stopping him, he squeezed her big tit and fondled her breast before reaching over to feel the other one. He couldn't believe that he was feeling his mother's tits. He couldn't believe that she was allowing him to feel her tits.
As soon as her nipples made their appearance, he fingered them, too. While still making out with his mother, he pulled, turned, and twisted her nipples through her nightgown. Not that only one having sexy fun, his mother fingered the head of his already stiff prick.
"I love you, Seth," said Mary while sliding a slow and experienced hand down the front of his pajamas to feel his growing erection through his pajama bottoms.
# # #
Reread, Reviewed, Revised, Rewritten, and Continued from Chapter 01:
Looking back and thinking how the sexual relationship turned love affair with my mother first began, our incestuous, sexual, love affair started after my mother divorced my father. Clearing the path for me to move in and sexually ingratiate myself with my mother, that was the one thing that started the ball rolling. With her horny and sexually frustrated, her loneliness gave me a once in a lifetime opportunity to attempt to sexually seduce her.
'Do I dare try and sexually seduce my mother? Does she sexually want me as much as I sexually want her? How do I go about bedding my mother? Should I take her in my arms and kiss her while touching her and feeling her? Should I climb in bed with her? Should I get her drunk,' he thought?
She never would have had sexually taken up with me had my father still be around. Unless he was deliberately flashing her to his friends, he was the jealous type, an understatement. He would never tolerate us flirting, whispering, laughing, flashing, sexually teasing one another, and having sex. Yet, with him gone, and us free to do whatever we sexually wanted to do, my mother was ripe for the taking.
With my father gone, with me now the man of the house, and sexually attracted to my mother, while making my cock flashes appear accidental instead of deliberate, I was free to expose my naked prick to her. Every time that I merely thought about flashing my mother my flaccid prick, I was so horny. Every time I flashed her my flaccid prick, I masturbated myself before my flash and after my flash. With her never looking away, she seemed to want to see my naked, flaccid prick.
Always horny, every morning and every evening, I masturbated over my mother seeing my exposed cock. I masturbated over imagining flashing myself to my mother again. I masturbated over what she was wearing or not wearing. I masturbated over all that I was seeing or imagining seeing of her beautiful, naked body. I masturbated over imagining my mother naked and having sex with me.
Taking my sexual imagination to the limit, I imagined my MILF of a mother stroking me, sucking me, and fucking me. I imagined her allowing me to finger her pussy, lick her pussy, and fuck her pussy. I imagined masturbating my mother. I imagined licking her cunt and eating her pussy.
I imagined making slow, sweet love to her. If she'd willingly to have consensual sex with me, I was more than willing to have consensual sex with her. How hot would that be to finally have sex with my mother?
# # #
Sexually teasing her, while hoping to temp her and sexually arouse her, I constantly walked around the house in my boxer shorts. With my pee hole opened wide, my flaccid cock and pubic hair were clearly visible. By deliberately throbbing and pulsating my flaccid cock into a full erection, my stiff prick continually made surprise appearances. Never would I have flashed my mother my naked prick if my father was still around.
Yet, beyond being curious to know how she'd react to seeing my swinging, naked prick, there was only one way to know. I needed to deliberately flash her while making my flash appear accidental. I wanted to show my mother my naked cock. I wanted her to see my naked, erect prick. With her leaning forward at the breakfast table, when I leaned to serve her coffee, I stared down her opened nightgown top at her naked breasts.
My mother had nice C cup breasts. So firm, so full, and so shapely, they barely sagged at all. She had big nipples, too. Seemingly, as if she was always cold or always sexually excited, her nipples were always erect. As much as I loved seeing my mother's naked tits, I loved seeing her erect nipples, too. While imagining touching and feeling her naked tits, I imagined sucking her nipples, too.
Not taking much encouragement on my part, my prick constantly and continually fell out of my boxer short pee hole. Directly in line with her sight of vision, watching for her reaction, I knew she had seen my prick. With her not looking away, I watched her look over at my flaccid prick but not snapping her head back, she stared at my penis. I couldn't believe my mother was staring at my naked cock in the way that I was staring at her naked tits.
Even though I dared myself to reach my horny hand inside my mother's opened, nightgown top, I was unable to muster the courage to do so. Instead, I hoped she reached out her hand and wrap her fingers around my naked prick. I wished that she'd stroke me before taking me in her mouth to suck me. I'd love nothing more than for my mother to give me a breakfast blowjob for Christmas.
Yet, even without having to deliberately flash her my naked prick, every time I merely thought of flashing her my cock, I masturbated while wondering what her reaction would be to seeing my flaccid or erect, naked prick. Would she look, would she stare, or would she look away? Would she want to see my naked prick as much as I wanted to show her my naked prick and as much as I wanted her to see my naked prick or would she be turned off and disgusted that I flashed her?
Difficult to know, with me a horny, young man and my mother, a mature, older woman, would she want to see my naked prick as much as I wanted show her my naked prick? Would she want to see my naked prick and as much as I wanted to see her naked ass, her naked tits, and her naked pussy? I read about women being horny at her age. Men sexually peek early, in their twenties but, fortunately for me, women don't peek until their late forties to early fifties.
Sometimes, when horny enough, taking my flashing to an extreme, I deliberately allowed my mother to catch me naked. I've deliberately allowed her to catch me masturbating. With no one there to stop us and to judge us, just as she was free to sexually flash me, sexually tease me, and sexually seduce me, I was free to sexually flash her, sexually tease her, and sexually seduce her. Unable to control myself from showing her my naked prick, yet, never had I been as sexually excited exposing myself to my MILF of a mother as I was now.
With her no longer having a husband or a lover, my mother was limited to having sex with herself. Whenever she was horny, which seemingly was all the time, she masturbated. If I listened closely at her bedroom door, I could faintly hear the buzzing sound of her vibrator in the distance. Tempted to burst open her bedroom door and catch her with her nightgown hoisted to her waist and her legs spread wide open, I wondered if she needed my help. I'd love to offer her my finger, my tongue, and/or my cock.
'Would you like me to masturbate you, mother,' I thought? 'Would you like me to eat you? I'd love to finger your clit while fingerfucking your pussy. I'd love to lick your naked cunt.'
My father was no longer there to stop my mother from flashing me or to stop me from flashing her. He was no longer around to make her feel guilty and to judge her whenever she did or whenever I did. With her clearly, sexually attracted to me, she was free to flash me whatever and whenever she wanted me to see of her nightgown clad body, her underwear clad body, her topless body, or her naked body.
With me constantly and continually flashing my mother my flaccid, naked prick, while making my flashing appear accidental, never have I flashed my mother my naked prick so very many times. My sexual fantasy come true, never have I seen as much of my mother's bra and panties, her nightgown clad body, and her naked ass, tits, and pussy as I was seeing now. I only wished that I could fuck my mother. I'd love to watch her and hear her cum.
'Show me your tits, Mom,' I thought while masturbating myself after seeing her long line of sexy cleavage and the shape and size of her big breasts and the impressions of her big nipples through her sheer and sexy nightgown.
# # #
Returning my flashing favor, my mother continued flashing me up-nightgown peeks of her naked pussy and down-nightgown views of her naked tits. Playing her sexual teasing, flashing game, she constantly and continually flashed me while making her flashes appear accidental instead of deliberate. She exposed her naked breasts and her naked pussy to me while wearing her short, low-cut, and sheer nightgowns without having the modesty to wear a robe over them.
Something she never would have done had my father still be around, she flashed me every day. After my mother walked around me flashing herself while wearing her sexy nightgowns, I was ready to return the flashing favor by flashing my naked prick to her. Only, I didn't know if she'd welcome my sexual advances as much as I'd welcome her sexual advances.
Innocent enough but diabolical in my intent, I had an ulterior motive in wanting my mother to hear me masturbating. I wanted her to know that I was masturbating and cumming over her. It all started when my mother heard me masturbating over imagining her naked and having sex with me while I was alone in my room. No surprise there, my favorite, sexual activity, I was always masturbating over her while alone in my room.
Only, this time, I had an ulterior motive. While hoping that she'd burst in my bedroom without knocking and catch me masturbating, I made my masturbation session louder and more vocal. Suspecting that my mother was right outside of my bedroom door listening, not wanting to disappoint her, I wanted her to hear me masturbating. I wanted her to know that I was stroking my prick over the forbidden thoughts of seeing her naked and having sex with her.
I loved my mother's sexy, sheer lingerie. Hoping that she would, while holding a pair of her used, sexy panties, fondling them, and sniffing them, I wanted her to open my bedroom door and catch me masturbating over her. I wanted her to catch me holding her panties while sniffing, touching, and feeling them. I wanted her to know that I was sexually attracted to her.
I wanted her to catch me stroking myself. I wanted her to see my naked cock as much as I wanted to show her my naked prick and, hopefully, see her big, naked tits. I wanted her to watch me cum over the thoughts of me imagining her naked and having incestuous sex with her naked body. What a better Christmas gift than that? I loved my mother and wanted to have sex with her with her beautiful, naked body.
While making sure that she knew that I was masturbating over her and making sure that she heard all that I was thinking, that was when for her benefit that I added sexual dialogue to my masturbation sessions. I wanted her to know what I was thinking when I was stroking my prick harder and faster for her benefit. I wanted her to know that I was masturbating over her. I wanted her to know that I sexually wanted her enough to masturbate over the thoughts of imagining her naked and having sex with her.
"Oh, Mom. I want you. I love you. I need to see you naked. I need to touch and feel your beautiful, naked body everywhere," I said loud enough for her to hear me through my bedroom door. I need to feel your naked tits, finger your naked pussy, and squeeze your naked ass."
Rattling the windows, vibrating the doors, and literally shaking the whole house, I masturbated myself harder and faster. I wanted her to know that I was playing with myself. I wanted her to know that I'd fuck her just as hard and just as fast as I stroked my prick. I wanted her to know that I'd make her cum as much as I would make myself cum.
"Mom, I need to have sex with you. I need to masturbate you. I need to eat you, Mother. I need to lick your pussy while fingering your cunt," I said for her benefit while stroking myself faster and harder. "Show me your tits, Mom. I want to see your naked tits. I want to suck your big, erect nipples."
Taking a chance while hoping not to offend her but, instead, to sexually arouse her, I continued stroking myself faster and harder while continuing my masturbation dialog. Taking a chance that we were on the same page, I wondered if she'd welcome my sexual advances or would think me a pervert for masturbating over her, and kick me out of her house? Yet, a chance that I was willing to take, the only way that I'd know if my mother sexually wanted me as much as I sexually wanted her was to make sure that she knew how I sexually felt about her.
"Wrap your soft, warm fingers around my hard, erect dick," I said while knowing that she was still just outside of my bedroom door listening. Stroke my cock, Mom. Masturbate me, mother. Take me in your warm mouth. Suck my prick. I need to cum in your beautiful mouth while fondling your naked breasts and fingering your erect nipples," I said loud enough for her to hear.
I imagined my mother stroking my cock while sucking my prick. I imagined cumming in my mother's mouth and her swallowing my cum. I imagined her allowing me to cum all over her beautiful face and across her big, naked breasts.
"Blow me, Mom. Blow me," I said as if she was there inside of my bedroom while having consensual sex with me instead of her standing in the hall. "I need to see you naked. I need to see you with my cock buried in your beautiful mouth while stroking me faster and sucking me deeper. I need to give you a cum bath."
# # #
Chapter 02:
This was it. This was the day that I was going to call my mother's bluff for sexually teasing me. This was the day that I was going to show her my hard, erect prick. Instead of looking away in disgust, I hoped that she'd stare at my prick with sexual arousal. Instead of asking me to leave the house, I hoped that she'd invite me to sleep with her in her bed.
Making myself horny while thinking about my mother naked and having forbidden sex with her, I stroked my flaccid prick to a hard erection. Then, when my cock was hard enough and big enough, I called out to her on the pretense that I needed her to get me a towel. Taking the chance that she'd look, stare, and not look away, I was ready to flash my mother my naked prick again. My plan was, when I heard her coming up the stairs, I'd surprise her and opened the bathroom door naked, totally naked, and flash my mother my erect cock.
"Mom? I forgot to get a towel," I said calling down to her. "Would you mind bringing me one, please," I asked?
This was it. This was really it. I was finally going to flash my mother my naked, erect prick. I was finally going to show her what she, hopefully, wanted to see while hoping that she'd show me all that I wanted to see.
Having never blatantly flashed my mother before, I was as nervous as I was sexually excited to flash my mother my naked cock. Curious what her reaction would be to seeing my erection, would she look in shame and embarrassment, would she stare in sexual arousal, or would she look away in disgust? I just hoped that she wouldn't be mad at me. Instead, I hoped that she'd reach out her hand and masturbate me.
I hoped that she didn't think that I was a pervert. Not wanting to scare her, I wanted her to feel safe around me with her not thinking that I was going to rape her. There was only one way to know how she'd react and that was to show my mother my naked prick.
It may seem a bit suspicious that I asked her for a towel when she's downstairs and the towels were upstairs in the linen closet and only a dozen feet away from the bathroom. Yet, used to being spoiled by her, she wouldn't think anything of it. She was accustomed to catering to me and giving me whatever what I wanted and whenever I wanted it. Hopefully, she'd give me sex, too.
"Okay," answered my mother from the living room. "I'll be right there."
Still maintaining my erection by continuing to stroke myself faster and harder, I stood there with the bathroom door wide open while waiting for my mother to near the stairs. As soon as I heard her round the corner downstairs and start up the stairs, I closed the bathroom door. Getting ready to surprise her by flashing her, with my heart pounding, my pulse racing, and my cock throbbing, I was ready to flash my mother. I listened for my mother's footsteps climbing the stairs before rounding the corner upstairs.
I was so nervous. I was so sexually excited. Now, with her just across the hall from me and across from the bathroom, when I heard her open the linen closet, as soon as she did, I opened the bathroom door and stood in the doorway with my hands by my sides. I was naked, totally naked. Surprising her, I flashed my mother my naked prick. I couldn't believe that I had the audacity to flash my mother my naked prick.

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