Mom Nurses My Injured Manhood

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tagIncest/TabooMom Nurses My Injured Manhood

This is a very short story – loosely based upon fact. I'll allow the reader to pick out what is fact and what is an embellishment. Please enjoy.
The summer of 1957 was extremely hot. I worked on one of my motorcycles until mid-afternoon, then decided to take a short ride on my 125cc Harley to cool off. I wore only a pair of moccasins and my gym shorts – no shirt or helmet and no jock strap under my thin shorts. I did not expect to be gone too long so I did not tell Mom I was leaving.
Mom and I live in a modest bungalow in a small west Texas town. Dad was killed in the War, so it was just the two of us. That summer I was between the eleventh and twelfth grades – although already nineteen years old; I suffered illnesses as a child and was held back a couple of years in school.
I rode only a few miles, and while negotiating a curve on a mostly deserted country road, the bike slid out from under me. Although not traveling at a high rate of speed, I skidded several yards across the concrete roadway, losing my shorts and moccasins in the process. I retrieved the shorts, and although they were ripped, they preserved my decency until I could get home. I took stock of my injuries: severe friction burns on my forehead, chest, abdomen, and knees; but most painful was an abrasion to my pecker.
My bike was not severely damaged, so, although I was hurting badly, I rode it home. Using a garden hose, I washed the dirt off my skin before going in-doors. Mom was sitting at the kitchen table reading a book. She looked up and saw my injuries.
"Buddy, what happened?"
"I had a minor accident on my bike. Can you tend to my injury?"
Mom works as an emergency room nurse at the local hospital and maintains a well-equipped medicine cabinet in our bathroom. She ordered me into the bathroom and after drawing a bath she commanded me to strip and get into the tub.
"But Mom, I don't have anything on under these shorts."
"I've seen you in the 'all-together' many times – now step out of those bloody shorts and get into the tub."
I complied; I dropped my shorts and stepped into the tub. Mom used an old, soft diaper cloth to wash my wounds with Phisohex. She carefully washed the abrasions on my face, body, and knees, occasionally using tweezers to remove grains of sand from the cuts. She held the head of my dick in one hand and washed the shaft, pulling a few grains of sand from the open skin. She moved my dick from side to side to inspect the scrapes – her activity caused me to experience a major boner. Mom, in a very professional manner, continued her care of my tool and said nothing about my raging hard-on.
She told me to stand in front of her while she dried my wounds with another soft cloth. She staunched the bleeding from my forehead and knees, and tenderly dried my pecker.
"Stand still Buddy, I'm going to put tincture Merthiolate on these abrasions to prevent any infection."
I knew that medication would create a severe burning sensation as it was applied, but Mom, as she had done since I was an infant, softly blew on the areas in which she applied this antiseptic. She held the head of my dick and moved it slightly to the side to apply the Merthiolate to the injured area. Still holding the tip of my dick, she moved her head to withing two or three inches of the shaft and blew for several seconds to lessen the pain from the application of the antiseptic. I was mesmerized watching Mom's puckered lips so close to my cock. I wished she would put my tool into her mouth, but I knew that was not going to happen. My dick was as hard as I had ever experienced and was now leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. Mom continued her nursing of my injuries seemly oblivious to my erection.
Mom is a gorgeous woman, with deep blue eyes and long, curly black hair and a fantastic figure. She never dated after Dad was killed – most men in town, both married and single, have made efforts to take her out, but she has refused all. She was frequently called the "ice queen" by some of her rejected suitors and some would call her "tight-assed".
My dick was throbbing and leaking pre-cum, but Mom did not seem to take notice of my situation.
She gave me two aspirins to lessen the pain I was suffering and told me to lie down on my bed.
She ordered, "Don't dress or cover up. Those abrasions must be exposed to the air to heal properly."
Mom left me alone in my room for a while. My dick was pointed straight at the ceiling. I wanted to relieve myself but knew I must wait till Mom left for work.
She checked in on me as she was about to leave for the hospital. She looked sexy in her starched, white nurse uniform and my boner got harder.
"Buddy try to rest. I left a ham sandwich on the kitchen counter covered with wax paper to protect it from the flies. I'll be home at mid-night, but if you get to feeling bad call me at the hospital."
As soon as Mom left the house, I grasped my dick; it was somewhat painful to stroke, but I was able to come with only a little effort. I cleaned the cum with a tissue and laid back in my bed. I fell asleep quickly.
I do not know how long I slept, but I awoke with the room dark and could see out my bedroom window it was well after sunset. I sensed a presence in my room. I called out, "Who's there?"
A familiar voice answered, "Sssh Buddy. Lie still, I'm going to turn the lights on."
"Nana, what are you doing here?
"Your mom called and asked me to look in on you. She has to work a second shift – there was a bad wreck on the by-pass."
While Nana reached for light switch, I pulled the sheet over my lower body. Nana and Mom look so much alike they could pass for sisters, although Nana, now in her mid-sixties, was showing some gray hairs. She was a few inches taller than Mom, and her boobies were somewhat larger, but both women exuded sexuality.
"Bubby, did you get anything to eat?"
"No Nana, I've been sleeping since Mom left for work."
"She wants me to wipe your abrasions with a damp cloth, administer more Merthiolate and give you a couple of more aspirins. She should be home about 7:00 A.M. Now pull that sheet down so I can get to work."
"Nana, I don't have any bottoms on…"
"Nonsense, I've seen your little tallywag many times."
She pulled the sheet down to the foot of the bed and went to work on my wounds. She cleaned the more severe ones on my head, chest, torso, and knees and then went to work on my pecker. She gripped it, held it to the side and applied the Merthiolate, and as she had done since my childhood proceeded to lightly blow on it. Still grasping my dick, she asked if it still burned. I replied that I still felt a burning sensation, so she bent over and gently kissed my shaft. Not unexpectedly my dick went full hard-on with that kiss.
"Your tallywag is not so little anymore," she observed.
I know I possess an above-average sized cock, having seen most of my football teammates in the showers after practice. When I get an erection, it expands both in length and girth. I measured it once at seven and a half inches during an erection.
Nana administered two more aspirins and told me to go back to sleep. She said she would stay for a time to make certain I was okay. She turned off my bedroom light, left the door ajar and went into the kitchen area to read the new edition of Life magazine. I beat off before falling asleep.
When I awoke, I could see through the window dawn was breaking. I suddenly became conscience of someone in my bed with me. I looked over and saw Nana sleeping next to me in Mom's peach colored night gown. Her boobs resting against my chest combined with my usual morning erection caused my dick to get hard again. She had her leg over my groin, so my movement awakened her.
"Good morning sleepy head…"
"Nana, what are you doing in bed with me?"
I looked in on you after you went to sleep. You seemed somewhat restless, so I hopped in bed to calm you. I hope you don't mind."
"Nana, I have to pee…"
"Go ahead. I'll wait here – I need to check your abrasions and put some more medication on them."
I had trouble peeing with this major boner, but I finally relieved myself. My boner abated after my piss, so I returned to bed.
"I'm going to put some antiseptic cream on your cuts. This shouldn't sting as much as the Merthiolate."
My grandmother dabbed the cream on my various cuts. She left my dick for last. She put a generous amount of cream on both hands and sitting on the side of my bed, proceeded to apply it by stroking my dick, first with one hand and then with the other. Naturally, her stroking caused my dick to get hard once more. She continued stroking well after the cream had been generously applied and my cock became more and more rigid.
Nana discontinued her stroking, stood up and removed my mother's nightgown she was wearing. Her body was fantastic: her pubic hair was mostly black with some gray interspersed and was neatly trimmed. Her breasts were large and pendulous but with a round shape. Her abdomen was flat.
Nana straddled me and guided my throbbing tool into her pussy. I was not a virgin, but my only previous sexual experiences had been with Lisa, a girl a couple of years older than me who worked at Dairy Queen. She gave hand jobs in your car during her smoke breaks for one dollar. I frequently paid for her hand jobs – she performed these in a dispassionate manner and smoked while bringing you to climax. She usually never let you touch her while she performed. About six months ago, however, she let me fuck her after the hand job, but she was insistent I pull out before coming.
I should have objected to my grandmother's actions, but I kept quiet and enjoyed what was happening. Her pussy was tight to my dick and as she moved up and down her titties swayed from side to side. I massaged her boobs and pinched her hard nipples between my fingers and thumbs. She held her arms above her head to emphasis her tits. She rocked up and down very gently and asked if this activity hurt the sores on my dick. I replied no and she continued her motion somewhat more vigorously.
"Nana, I'm about to come."
"Hold back a little longer. It will be more intense if you do."
She kissed me – I had smooched with several girls, but this kiss was the most intense I ever experienced. Nana pushed her wet tongue deep into my mouth. I pushed back with mine and penetrated deep into her mouth. We played tongue tag back and forth as we continued fucking.
I felt Nana shaking, obviously having an orgasm; but she continued our kiss.
I pulled my head away and said, "Nana, I can't hold back any longer. It's coming!"
"Shoot it to me Buddy. Let me have all your cum."
It was the most powerful orgasm I ever experienced. My dick throbbed as the cum gushed forth into Nana's cunt. We lay still for several minutes while my dick softened in her pussy. She rose off me and cum dripped from her pussy onto my abdomen.
"Lie still Buddy. Let me get a warm, wet cloth and clean you up before your mother returns home."
Nana cleaned my pecker and abdomen. As she washed my dick, it began to respond, but she "plunked" it lightly and said, "Not now." It shrunk back to its resting size. Nana rubbed more of the antiseptic cream on my cock but did not stroke it like before and it did not get stiff. She picked Mom's gown off the floor, folded, and returned it to Mom's bedroom. She came out of Mom's room dressed and completely made up.
"Buddy, I'll look in on you again when your mother is working."
She kissed me lightly on the lips and said goodbye.
Mom returned home about a half hour after Nana left. She examined my abrasions and asked, "Did your Nana put more Merthiolate on your burns?"
"No, she used some type of antiseptic cream instead…"
"That won't do… I'll have to wash that cream off and put Merthiolate on your wounds."
She cleaned the cream off most of my wounds, and when she started wiping the warm, wet cloth on my dick, it sprang to attention. She continued her cleaning, again oblivious to my erection. She put the painful antiseptic on my dick, but then holding it by the head, moved it slightly to the side to gently blow on the area where she applied the Merthiolate. Watching her blow through her beautiful, puckered lips caused my cock to stiffen even more. A large quantity of precum oozed forth and got onto her hand. Her lips were no more than two inches from my throbbing cock, and her sexy, pouty lips caused even more stiffness and precum to come forth.
Without thought, I told Mom, "I'm still experiencing a burning sensation on my penis. Nana kissed it to stop the burning."
I knew I overstepped the bounds with that statement, but Mom laughed and said, "Your Nana has always been a free spirit. There is no way I am going to put my lips on that thing. Now stay in bed for a while longer and get some air on those abrasions. They should be sufficiently healed by tomorrow."
I was not sure what Mom meant by Nana being a "free spirit". The family's oral tradition says shortly after Mom was born, Nana deserted her family and moved to California. She enjoyed a modicum of success as a supporting-role actress in movies for several years before returning to Texas after her husband died. Mom could never be characterized as a "free spirit". She was strait-laced and "no nonsense".
Mom went into her room and closed the door. I could hear her drawing a bath. After working for the past sixteen hours, she would need to sleep all day.
I did not see my grandmother for the next five days. My work schedule, Mom's schedule and Nana's social calendar kept us apart. I was horny as hell for Nana's pussy and fapped every day. Finally, I had a day off while Mom was at work and Nana was home. I called to see if she would come "visit". She told me instead to come to her house – she said she would be in the back yard by the pool. I asked if I should bring my swimming trunks. She laughed and said I would not need them.
Nana left the front door unlocked, so I walked through the house to the pool in the back. She was just coming out of the water, drying her hair. Her wet body glistened in the bright sunshine. Water was dripping off her pubic hairs – the sight of which caused my dick to stiffen.
"Buddy, come here and hug your grandmother. I've missed you these past few days."
Her body was still wet, but I hugged her. I looked down to her; we kissed and held the kiss for a long time. She rubbed my dick through my jeans and said, "Get out of those clothes and cool off in the pool for a few minutes. I have some iced tea for us…"
I shed my clothes and swam a couple of laps before exiting the water. I sat next to her on a cushioned wrought iron bench by the pool. She grasped my pecker and asked, "is your wee-wee still sore?"
"No, it's healed up nicely, but my forehead and chest have a way to go…"
I could not finish my thought since she was gently stroking my dick. I was afraid I was going to come before we could fuck so I let Nana know. She laughed.
"You're a big boy; you should be able to control that. Let's do things a little different this time. Sit still for a minute."
I hardly moved as she placed a towel on the ground and kneeled in front of me. She put the head of my dick in her mouth and ran her tongue around it. She continued for a while and then took more of my cock in her mouth and massaged my balls. At that point I could not hold back any longer.
"Nana, I'm about to come!"
She pulled away but continued to stroke my cock. I felt the cum rising from my balls – it spurted in multiple streams onto her face and tits as well as on my legs.
"Buddy, looks like we need to get in the water again."
In the pool we each used our hands to clean jism off each other. We embraced in the pool and smooched like teenagers. I caressed her tits and pussy and she worked my dick. It responded. We left the pool and she lay down on a beach towel on the grass. I lay atop of her and she guided my dick into her moist cunt. I savored the feeling of my dick slowly entering Nana's fuck hole. I eased in and out for a short time; then my actions became more vigorous. Our bodies slapped together as we found rhythm with each other. We kissed with much passion – after a while Nana pulled away from our kiss and moaned loudly culminating in a squeal as an orgasm consumed her body. We continued our activity – Nana came again with another squeal. She then experienced a third climax – no squeal, but a load moan.
"Nana, I'm about to come – I can't hold back any longer…"
I felt the semen pass through my dick in multiple gushes. Nana moaned loudly again experiencing her fourth orgasm.
We lay in each other's arms while my dick softened in her pussy. I eased out, bringing a combination of my ejaculate and her juices oozing from her cunt onto the beach towel.
"Buddy, I've had only a few men bring me to three orgasms in one fuck, but you're the first ever to cause me to have four."
Nana and I were not able to get together for more than a month and I was extremely horny: my two a day football practices, then season starting, school starting, work, etc. together with Mom's unpredictable work schedule kept us apart. But one September afternoon everything fell into place for Nana and me to resume our sexual encounters. I called her to ask if I could come over, but she replied she was having some painters at the house and said she would come to my place. She arrived in a few minutes; we embraced, kissed passionately and, almost in a panic, undressed each other.
Nana sat on an easy chair, spread her legs and said, "Buddy, let's do something which may be new to you. Kneel in front of me and kiss my pussy."
She did not have to ask twice. I pushed my face into her neatly trimmed pubic region. I separated the pussy lips and licked the vaginal opening, inserting my tongue into her vagina. She writhed in pleasure, moaning loudly. I uncovered her clitoris and lipped it, again bringing forth moans of pleasure from my grandmother. My dick was extremely hard – I used one of my hands to stroke it, but Nana told me to stop.
She, almost breathlessly, said, "I have other plans for your dick, so don't shoot a load just yet."
I continued to work my tongue and lips on her pussy. She moaned loudly and had a slight spasm as she experienced an orgasm.
I moved up to kiss her lips – we pushed each other's tongues back and forth, and then I tried to enter her pussy. She pushed me back and said, "No, wait! There's something else I want to do first."
She coated my cock with a cream and dabbed some into her anus. She then said, "put that nice cock into my butt-hole."
"Nana, I don't believe my cock will fit into that small opening…"
"Nonsense, ease it in… keep it coming, you're almost in… there, how does it feel?"
"It's real tight…"
"Just work it in and out a little… how does it feel now?"
I worked my dick some and observed, "oh yea! It's feeling great."
I grabbed Nana's titties and squeezed as I worked my dick in her ass. She started her moaning – I knew she was near a climax and I could feel my orgasm approaching.
The door opened and Mom walked into the room.
I instantly pulled my dick out of Nana's ass, but I was so near coming, I rapidly stroked my dick and my spunk spurted on the sofa and floor. Mom was still agape but quickly processed what she was seeing.
"What… what are you two doing? Mother, that's your grandson; you can't do that."
I started to speak up, but Nana put her hand on my shoulder and said, "Buddy, let me handle this. Put some shorts on."
Mom was trembling and said, "I can't believe what I'm seeing. I don't know what to do – this is incest… oh my."
I put on a pair of gym shorts and using a towel tried to clean up some of the mess I had made on the furniture and floor. Nana, still completely nude, said to Mom, "let's talk about this. There's a lot you need to know."

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