Mom Permission To Uncle To Deflower Me

Hi Smita, this is Kavya telling you my first incident which happened because of other women and you will surprise to know who the other woman was. I will tell you with my story and you will come to know. We stay in Jogeshwari E in one bedroom flat. Yes we were and are a middle class family. Father burdened with loan because he was partner with one of his long distant cousin brother who died in an accident and 
We had our difficulty financially I had another cousin uncle who happens to be my dad’s first cousin. In fact he was very young at that time. But he took most of Dad’s expenses in fact our housing loan most of the time was paid by him. He was having some business in Dubai use to get imported items from other countries.
Smita I don’t know how to tell a story but telling my stuffs. Ok my uncle Ritesh was pretty close to my family he stayed in Bangalore he had has his shop in Bangalore but every month or every alternate month he use to come to Bombay ok this incident happened when I was blooming teenage girl. Ramesh uncle was very young 21 or 22 he started doing his business when he was teenager and was pretty well off.
In fact he had gifted us an air conditioner in this Bombay heat. It was there in our bedroom and when uncle comes I use to sleep on the bed with uncle and Mom my 1 year old brother and dad use to sleep down as this room had air conditioner. Father was working in a company and he had shifts morning afternoon and evening shift. Ok mother Reena too had early marriage she was just on her teen age days when she got married and I was born with in a year. 
So this incident happened in 1995 I was growing up dad was having night shift and he leaves around 11 pm. Ramesh uncle had just come in the afternoon. He went out in the evening and came back at a night. We had our dinner and I went to sleep. I was considered as a Kumbhkaran as I go to sleep I don’t get up let it be anything till I am woken and in the same way as Kumbhkaran.
But luck or unluck or whatever that day as dad was about to leave something fell and I got up but kept my eyes closed. Ramesh uncle was sleeping next to me. I was sleeping on my back and I use to have a blanket as the AC use to be full on when uncle comes as he sweats a lot. I felt mom sit on the bed and Ramesh uncle saying are you sure she won’t get up. Mom told she is Kumbhkaran if you drop a bomb too she wont get up. I didn’t know what they were up to. 
I just slowly opened my eyes and I was shocked to see mom on top of Uncle. I at that age of young age in Bombay knew ABC of sex and I was even molested many a times while going to school. I didn’t tell to anyone, but I loved it. The guy who molested me was from the nearby building. He too didn’t have the courage to have sex with me. I became friendly with him because of dhandiya function.
I had being kissed by him and finger fucked and he made me hold his cock and jack him off. I was young but because of my mom, I had height and hot figure. My mom was 5.7 and I’m a tall girl. I was afraid to open my eyes but when I again slowly opened my eyes mom was below between Ramesh uncles leg 
I didn’t knew at that time, but came to know she was sucking of his dick. I had all kind of Goosebumps. I was getting wet hearing their low moans. I shut my eyes again and when the bed started jerk I saw mom was sleeping on the other side and Ramesh uncle was fucking her and I could literally hear mom say aaahahhhh uuuhhhmmmm.
Rameshhhh chodo jor jor se ab kit din ke bad chodh rahe hoon and this went on for 30-45 min I could feel as I am sleeping on vibrating bed. Then they both went inside the bathroom and came back when I didn’t know as I waited for more then 20-30 min and then went off to sleep. Most probably they were again fucking in the bathroom.
In the morning when I got up I saw both mom and Ramesh uncle weren’t there and when I tiptoed outside I heard they were in the kitchen mom was standing and doing something and Uncle was fucking her from behind lifting her gown. This was really my first view of live sex in daylight.
For the next 5 days daily uncle fucked mom whenever they thought they were alone not knowing I was viewing them on the 6th day dad had a holiday so that night nothing happened but something else happened. I was almost sleeping but I could feel uncle roaming his hand all over my body and inside the blanket and he had pushed one of his between my leg lifting my gown. His hands too were inside my gown. 
I was mad literally feeling him. I could feel his dick hard on my ass I could feel as if he was dry fucking me. He thought that I sleep like a Khumakaran so I don’t know anything but I enjoyed each and every bit. I was really afraid too as below both my parents were sleeping along with my one year brother. In fact after that incident after 
For almost 6 months uncle did come but he didn’t stayed as he had left to Dubai for 3 years he was not there. I still remember that night as it happened very recently. I did go out with guys I did had a steady boyfriend who was two year my senior. Joseph and I were pretty close but he was very introvert and sex other then kissing nothing happened between us.
One day mom was speaking on the phone and was overjoyed and I came to know that Ramesh uncle is going to be back. We went to the airport to take him and seeing me telling Kavya how tall you have grown and he hugged me and my legs went weak feeling his strong body on mine.
As he was talking to dad and mom his hands was still on my hips as if I was his girl. That night as I went to sleep with my eyes awake knowing fully nothing is going to happen as dad is there, I know something is surely going to happen to me. I was wearing a small sleeveless gown and I could see Ramesh’s uncles eyes were traveling all over my body every now and then. 
The night came and I was the most desperate of all. I went to sleep Ramesh uncle was outside talking to mom and dad. I couldn’t sleep as I knew today something was wrong with me or my thoughts. I just went off to sleep and I could feel Ramesh uncle lying next to me on the bed. For the next 30-35 min nothing happened. Mom and dad too were sleeping on the bed on the floor.
I knew my thoughts were bad and Uncle didn’t have any intention and I went off to sleep. I don’t at what time but almost after an hour or two after I went to sleep I could feel something holding me. I had turned sideways towards the wall and Ramesh uncle was pretty close to me and his legs were between my legs. I could be feeling his flesh on mine and this has immediately triggered me like hell. 
My gown was hiked up and Ramesh uncle who was wearing a short Bermuda was pressing his cock on my buttocks. His left hand rested on my waist, the palm and fingers entered my gown and were on my naked stomach. Uncle was silent but I felt him pushing his hips on my butt and I could feel his huge cock which I had never seen or touched rubbing on my ass cheeks. 
Accidentally unknowingly I held his hand and he moved his right hand under my body knowing hugging me from behind as we slept and placed a kiss on my cheeks. He has kissed my cheeks many a times but this was different. His lips were on my cheeks and I could feel his tongue licking my ears the backside of my ears and I heard him whisper in my ears.
Do you like it, Kavi? (He use to call me Kavi) I didn’t know but I said hmmmm as I said he made me turn me towards his side. He made my right leg lock between his legs and his hand was on my buttocks inside my gown rubbing my bare buttocks and something fingers entered my panties from behind I was going mad.
He was pushing me more towards his cock and slowly made me lie on my back and he started coming on top of me. His both hands beneath my body and slowly started pressing his hips on my already wet cunt with his cock. That’s a different issue that was still fully clothed with out night suits. Do you like it? Uncle asked me hmmmm yes I whispered in a moan
For few min he kept on humping me slowly kissing my face neck and kissing my forehead. Then slowly his lips came on my lips and I opened my mouth and that was the most wonderful kiss I ever had. He was very slowly chewing my lips with his lips and then slowly moving his tongue inside my mouth and again chewing my upper lips and again inserting his tongue in my mouth. This was wild for me and it was wilder as both my mother father and brother were sleeping right below the bed where 
I was sleeping and top of me was my father’s cousin brother. His mouth locked on my mouth for pretty long and his hips was rubbing on my crotch from one angle to another. Uncle lay side ways still kissing and his hand have shifted down and his palm and fingers were on my naked loins. Please, uncle hmm is what I said what, Kavi you like it? Hmmm yesss uncle our mouths locked in a passionate kiss. 
At the same time uncle’s fingers caressed my cunt, stimulating me more. I raised my hips and was getting disappointed as he was just playing with it and not inserting his fingers. I know its heaven as I felt the neighboring guy who did it to me. Uncle whispered in my ears telling me, I want you baby I said to him put your finger inside, uncu.
What you really want me to do that, Yes uncut no darling. Not until your mom gives me permission or else it won’t look good. I was shocked to hear that you mean you will ask mom for permission? Yes! You think mom will give you permission and she has to why you don’t trust your uncle I giggled silently she obviously will give you, why do you say that because you already fucked her.
How do you know that? I am not kumbarkhan any more I saw last time when you did it with her, He said what before he could say anything else I started kissing him again and this time in haste I spread my leg and uncles long thick middle finger slipped inside my sloppy wet hot cunt. I opened my thighs widely. I could feel he slipping another finger inside my cunt and I had a bit of pain with his thrust but 
My hips were rocking up and down welcoming his fucking fingers. Like it? He asked, stopping the kissing momentarily hmmm love it I panted in whispers after 4-5 minutes I shuddered with orgasm. My first orgasm with uncle and my moan was getting bit louder and uncle sealed the same with his mouth. My cunt juices flowed freely, wetting his fingers and my dress. 
After a full minute my climax subsided liked it? Uncle asked, Yes, yes, yes. Love you uncu. We hugged each other and went to sleep I was woken up by Ramesh uncle around 5:15 am in the morning. Mom was in the kitchen preparing Dad’s Tiffin as he had first shift and he leaves around 5:45. Ramesh uncle said to me that he is going to fuck mom and going to take the permission to fuck her too. I was stunned by what he said.
The moment dad left Uncu got up and kept the bedroom door open and I knew it was for me to follow behind him. Mom and Ramesh uncle were in our hall with just the small 0 watts red lamp glowing. It was still dark and I was behind the curtain of the main hall. There were kissing rubbing each other like mad couples. I knew Ramesh uncle knew I was looking them so mom’s back was towards me.
He had removed mom’s gown and Ramesh uncle too removed his shorts and he was fully nude. Ramesh uncle pushed her panties down and was finger fucking her as well both were kissing. Mom’s holding his cock which still I was not able to see. I could see mom kneeling down and this time I could see what I really wanted to see. It was so big mom held his cock in both hands and started licking his dick head and pumping 
His cock she then took it in her mouth as much as she could and sucked him lovingly. I knew that means I too have to take his cock in my mouth. Mom was telling me that he is bad and didn’t think of him. It’s almost 3 years now that he didn’t thought of her and what the hell he is waiting for her just fuck her hard once let her cunt taste his fucking cock.
Uncle put mom on the diwan and moved between her thighs and raising her legs to his shoulders, he rubbed his cock head along her slit and pushed just the head in. He bent forward and grabbing her 36 C sized boobs in his hands, he raised his hips a little then rammed the entire length at one go all the way in her slippery cunt hole. She moaned and cried softly with pleasure wrapping her legs around his waist and pulling her to her.
Chodo uuuhhhh hhaaaaiiiii khoob jor jor se chooddddhhh Ramesshhhh. Kitne din ho gaye tumhaari choot chode huwe renu jan abhi 10 din roj terko chodunge. Abhi jaldi se chodo kumbharkarn utne se paheli aj to uski chuti bhi hai din bar ghar pe rahegi. Kavi ki bhi umar ho rahi hai chudwane ki kaho toh yaheen laa kar chod daaloon ussey bhi tumhare saamne hi? He had stopped fucking her for a minute to see her reaction.
Mom said to him, Paagal ho gaye ho? Wo toh abhi sirf 20 saal kibacchi hai. Kuch bhi kay soch rahe ho, Uncle played his mind game first he slapped her telling her 20 sale ki nahi hai 19 sale ke, waise terko fikar kuy ho rahi hai, tu 18 we sale mein apni choot chudwai hi hai apne mamu ke sath (mother’s brother) aur waise mein bhi uska mama hi lagta hoon. Duniya ke samne terko Reena akka bulta hoon to mein uska mama hi bangaya aur tu to 20 sale mein apne teacher ke sath bhi chudwai
I was going mad hearing the same. He was fucking her and telling her tales how she was fucked when she was young both fucked for the next 30 min with all the randy talk and in spite uncle was fucking her he was pestering mom to give permission to fuck me. Uncle told that I am growing and before someone takes me he could like to have me. Also told her that if she didn’t gave the permission he is leaving back for 
Bangalore and never come back again (Uncle in fact blackmailed her telling that. This was really damaging as mom knew which I came to know later on that it was uncle who was taking care of them rather then Dad whose 90{041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6} of the payment goes on paying his cousin brothers loan. Even the house loan which was mortgaged is taken care by uncle)
At last mom told ok that if I object he is going to walk out and won’t touch her again. To which Uncle said did you ever walk out. Uncle told to move my brother out of the room telling her that he is going to fuck me. Mom was shocked you want to have her today. Uncle was adamant telling her yes my sweet fucking cunt I am going to fuck Kavi today itself.
Mom was shocked but she didn’t had any option she was wearing her gown I rushed back to my room my heart was skipping hard I am going to feel what a women feels. I heard Ramesh uncle telling her don’t worry Reena she is going to love it and any objection from her I wont carry one step forward. If she shouts other then the pleasurable moans you can do anything what you want to do with me. I heard the door close.
I was freezed and before anything could happen Ramesh uncle was on the bed and his hand had pulled down my panties making me turn on my back and his left hand fingers were in my cunt and he started moving in and out and he kissed me holding my hairs tightly with the other hand. He removed his finger and brought it near my mouth and told me to suck it. I said no uncle but he inserted the same in my mouth and I had to take it. 
I had done that before but this time it was different as I was sucking his finger inserted in my cunt and he started finger fucking me, one then two fingers were in. I was mad with this new thing. Uncle removed his towel and he was totally nude and what I wanted to see badly was so close to my eyes that big huge steel like rod in front of me might be 9 inches and at the same time thick my hand could hardly cover the same. 
He gripped my hairs and shoved his cock as he was playing with my breast come you will start loving it. I had to open my mouth like hell and the pungent smell made me mad. I could sense it was the mixture of his cock and moms fuck juices smeared on his cock. I didn’t know what to do but within moments started sucking his cock nicely the way he wanted.
The weird or the nicest thing was that Ramesh uncle could make me suck for 30 sec to a min and then remove his cock and give me wet kiss leaving his salvia in my mouth and again making me suck his cock was wonderful. My cunt was already oozing sensing this cock his going to hammer my cunt just like the way I saw mom getting fucked by him.
After 5-10 min of sucking his cock told so my Kavi is going to get fucked by her uncle he went on his knee placing my legs on either side and smelled it telling me that he is going to love fucking me, and his head sunk in and without any word spoken he was sucking me inserting his tongue as deep as he could and his hands were on my breast.
He kept on sucking me like hell for almost 10 min making me cum 3-4 times. Finally he got up and when I saw his face moustache nose speared with my cum. Slowly he made me bend and his lips were on mine kissing me making me lick of my own cum. Opening my lips with his he inserted his tongue deep in my mouth and kissed me for 3-4 min continuously. 
Kissing and licking my face with his tongue has forgotten me that he was my uncle. He took my hand and placed it on his cock. Holding his cock I just moved and seeing the bulbous pink head gave a shiver in my body. I was holding his cock in both my hands and still the head of cock was out that was the length of his cock. His hands came on my head and he pushed me more towards him and my mouth opened and took his cock in my mouth again. 
This time the pungent smell only aroused me more. Ramesh uncle made me lie on the bed and moved down parting my legs kept his cock near my cunt lips. Baby I am going to fuck you, Terko yeh chaiye teri chut mein” he said moving his cock. He was moving his cock very slowly against my cunt lips. Slowly he inserted his cock in my cunt and pressed it making it sunk deep in my cunt and as he fell on me I felt as if his cock was tearing me into two pieces. 
Ahhh fuck uncle ahh as I was in a bit of pain an pleasure he placed his mouth on mine so that I don’t shout more and started moving up and down slowly. I moved my hands on his back, which was filled with sweat and started rub it till his ass and move back again on top. It took almost 5-10 min of adjustment and hell of pain of his huge cock in my cunt and after that it was just pleasure and I too moved my hips to match his rhythm. 
He was kissing me constantly and I was moving my hands all over his sweat filled body. I was just moaning to ooohhh and ahhhh which only excited him more and also egged him to fuck me ahhh uncllleee its wonderful ahhhh. He fucked me hard and he too was grunting, I loved his dirty English kanada and Hindi mix Kavi teri choot to bahut mast hai, you real fucking good ahhh, you like my cock in your choot. Ohh yes uncle.
Yeh! That’s better! Love to hear the same Say it again loudly! Fuck me! I shouted. Fuck me uncle ahhhhh! Fuck me, just fuck me! He flung his head back and laughed. Then take it, baby! Take it. Kavi you really got a tight cunt you bitch, Could you like to be my bitch baby! I was stunned to hear the same, at the same time was enjoying his huge dick in me. Say it! He said keep saying you want it, whore, and keep talking! 
Ohhhh yes uncle I moaned fuck me Uncle keep fucking me hard like this oooohhh yes! Yes! Unhhh!  Ohhhh yes fuck me fuck me fuck me ooohhh yes Uncle yes ooooohhhh unhhhh oooohhh! I went on yaeh! Take it! Take it! Take it!” he grunted, slamming his hips back and forth between my parted legs. Incredulously, I was orgasming, my body arching sharply under his. 
My orgasm reached a crescendo and he stroked furiously in and out of my cunt, making me gasp and groan. He fucked me giving me powerful orgasm. Finally, gasping, he pulled his cock out of my cunt and he sat on my breast. Come on whore suck my prick I want to cream in your face. I sucked his cock again, taking his cock deep in my mouth. 
I sucked him deeply, hungrily, slowly, my head rolling from side to side, moving back and forth. He gasped softly as the heat surged from his loins. I too moaned, sensing his orgasm and, holding back, opened my mouth wide under his cock yes baby come oooohhh, baby. The jizz spurted from his cock and shot into my eager mouth and spattered my face and hairs as I jerked his cock in my fist.
Uncle moved down sleeping on top of me. I could feel his cock still hard between my legs. He came close to my lips and started kissing me with his cum in my mouth. He held me tightly and moved his tongue all over in my mouth. He groaned and said, “Fuck that was good I love being orgy you bitch I said to him, you should have emptied the same in my cunt, just wanted to feel how it feels inside”.
Uncle patted don’t worry baby you will feel each and everything but for that you have to be protected so nothing happens to you. I knew why he wanted me to yell so that mom can hear and feel the pleasure too. We came out mom was bit disappointed but that day we three were in the bathroom around 11 am when mom dropped my brother Sandeep to play school. Those three hours changed our life. Uncle fucked me and 
Mom together first it started in the bathroom and then on the bed. Uncle was daring in fact he was going to stay for a week he stayed for a month that time and we were fucked if dad was there or was not there. In the afternoon if dad was there he could sleep in the hall and mom take guard when Uncle finish fucking me I use to take guard and so on.
He made us hungry for sex and hungry for him 1999 dad expired in accident in his factory. Uncle brought us to Bangalore selling of what we had in Bombay. He married mom in 2002 in spite there were lot of ifs and buts. Mom’s second honey moon was we three together at Goa for 4 days and night. My brother Sandeep had school so was at aunty’s place.
I still remember mom’s second honeymoon we had wild night wild stuffs going on out there. Uncle got me married in 2005. Every day from the time my marriage fixed till I left Uncle or my step dad house he fucked me daily. The worst or the best part was that I had sex with Ramesh uncle on my wedding day morning as well as the next day. Wedding day I was dressed and uncle couldn’t resist. Everyone had left it was me mom and uncle. 
Uncle just lifted my heavy sari and fucked me from behind. In fact next day due to family ceremony I have to come back to parent’s house and uncle didn’t let me go without fucking me. He wanted to gift me with some ornaments and nobody suspected as mom too was there. He fucked me for 30 min. In fact I cried as I was not going to get anything what I had from Uncle and mom. When we came out my husband and his family thought as the marriage was over so I was crying.
Everyone had praised Ramesh uncle a lot though I was step daughter I was married well off in a nice way. In fact our relatives too thought he was great person not knowing he was marrying of his girl friend that he loved the most. My husband Somanth is a wonderful person and a wonderful lover. But he wasn’t a beast what my uncle was. I too had became prey to a beast so what Somnath loved me hasn’t consumed my lust or passion as my uncle does to me.
Whenever Ramesh uncle and mom comes to my house to stay for a day or two we had our share of moment atleast 3-4 times I did what I wanted the most. Mother always uses to tell as if she was gate keeper for me and uncle. Smita has no regrets having sex with my step father or my loving uncle whatever. I have two kids one boy is off course because of my husband Somnath’s the younger girl belongs to Ramesh uncle.
At the same time Mom too had 2 kids because of Ramesh uncle one girl and one boy. The funny part is that my daughter’s father as well grand father is the same person. That’s really funny I hope you like it or whatever. This was a mail sent to me by Kavya restructred the same so that you wonderful readears can read the same. Please comment on the same