Mom Runs Interference Pt. 01

tagIncest/TabooMom Runs Interference Pt. 01

Barb was 47 and lived with her two adult kids, Lisa 24 and Don 26. They have lived together for the last 15 years since her divorce. After getting his degree, Don got an engineering job at the same place where his mom worked as a tax analyst. Lisa worked out of her home office as an insurance adjuster.
This Saturday morning was like any other. After a shower, Barb did some laundry and went into Don's room with his folded clothes and put them on his dresser. As she looked up in the mirror she saw Don was still asleep. She wasn't prepared to see that he had a morning erection that found its' way through the fly of his boxer shorts.
She knew she shouldn't look and should just quietly leave, but her feet wouldn't move, and she couldn't take her eyes off his cock. Don was long, thick, and straight, all the colors in the happiness rainbow. Barb licked her lips and realized she was actually lusting over her son's cock. She shook her head and tip-toed out of his room.
Barb went back to the laundry room and was putting things away. She reached up to put the dryer sheets on the shelf. Doing this pressed her mound against the edge of the washing machine. She felt the seduction of the spin cycle vibrating against her clitoris. The sensations shocked her at first but she didn't move away. She placed her hands on the lid to steady herself while still holding her mound against the edge of the washer.
Her mind's eye drifted to the sight of Don's hard cock she saw a couple minutes earlier as the washing machine stimulated her clitoris. It took several seconds for her to realize what she was doing and stepped back. She needed something to take her mind off this – and fast.
Barb went to clean the kitchen. A few minutes later Lisa had just gotten out of a shower and came in and made a cup of coffee and sat at the counter to chat with her mom. Lisa noticed something was bothering her mom.
"What's the matter, Mom?"
"Nothing," Barb replied, not looking up from the sink.
There was silence as Lisa watched her mom. She could tell something was bothering her mom. "Really, Mom. What's the matter?"
"Oh, nothing," Barb replied. After another pause "I'll just say you probably shouldn't go in Don's room in the mornings."
Lisa laughed "Smells pretty bad, huh?"
Barb didn't respond. Lisa just shrugged and left to go get dressed. Her curiosity got the best of her as she was passing Don's bedroom door. She quietly cracked the door open to peek. She saw the same thing her mom saw. Don's cock was sticking straight up from his shorts. After getting a good long look, she closed the door and went back to the kitchen counter with her coffee.
Lisa sat without saying a word. Barb kept loading the dishwasher glancing at Lisa from time to time. Barb noticed that Lisa had a far away look that told her that Lisa looked in Don's room, but still didn't say anything.
Lisa put her hand under the counter and into her shorts. Barb saw Lisa closing her eyes, then open them again with that look like she was in a trance. Barb knew that Lisa was masturbating under the counter. Barb stopped working and watched her for a few seconds, then decided she needed to help her daughter.
"Honey, come around here," Barb said.
Lisa was jolted from her trance. She didn't say anything. She got up and came around the counter into the kitchen with her hand still inside her shorts.
Barb said "Go ahead and lean on the counter, Sweetie."
Lisa leaned forward on the counter. Barb slid her hand under Lisa's ass cheeks. Lisa spread her legs further. Barb pushed her hand further under Lisa's ass and against her pussy. Lisa gasped and moaned when her mom touched her. Barb gently rubbed Lisa's pussy up and down the entire length of her pussy with he palm of her hand.
Lisa rotated her hips meeting the rhythm of her mom's stroking, then said "Can we go in your room, Mom?"
Barb detected a sense of urgency in Lisa's voice and replied "Of course, Baby."
Barb knew exactly what Lisa was feeling. In this state, nothing else mattered. She had to finish.
Lisa went into her mom's bedroom. Barb quietly closed the door and turned around. She saw Lisa looking at her with an expression like she was begging her mom for help.
"Take your clothes off, Baby," Barb said.
"Will you take yours off, too?"
"Of course."
Lisa is a fit 5'~7" with perky C size breasts. Her long blonde hair was trimmed to about the top of her breasts. Barb is the same height but had a shorter styled hairstyle. Barb was also another 25 pounds heavier with wider hips and D size breasts. This was the first time they have seen each other naked as adults. Both had thin wisps of blonde hair covering their pussies.
Barb stood naked behind Lisa and embraced her, holding Lisa against her body. Her right hand caressed Lisa's stomach and slowly slid down her belly until the palm of her hand was against Lisa's pussy. Lisa's knees buckled when her mom's hand brushed against her pussy.
Barb kept her from falling and whispered "We better get on the bed, Sweetheart."
Lisa crawled onto the bed and placed her head on a pillow facing up. Barb crawled between Lisa's legs and lowered her face to Lisa's pussy. With her fingertips, she spread Lisa's pussy lips and began licking inside her labia and pressing against the underside of Lisa's clitoris. Lisa moaned with pleasure as her mother's tongue explored her pussy.
Lisa lifted her hips, pushing her pussy harder against her mother's tongue.
"Yes, Dear?"
"Can you turn around so I can do that, too?"
Barb didn't say anything. She moved her body around and put a knee on either side of Lisa's head. Lisa felt her mom's heavy breasts brushing on her stomach. Lisa's arms reached around her mom's thighs. Using her fingertips, she spread her mom's pussy open. She was stunned to see that her mom had such a swollen and long clitoris.
Barb lowered her face, spreading Lisa's pussy open with her fingers. She began swirling her tongue around Lisa's clitoris then placed her lips against her and sucked her clit. Barb sucked and released the pressure over and over brushing her tongue over it between the sucking.
Lisa kept moaning as her mom sucked and licked her clitoris.
"Yes, Baby?"
"Would you …"
"Would I what, Sweetie?"
"Would you … Would you fuck my mouth with your clit?"
Hearing those words from her daughter was almost too much. She wanted to help her daughter, and now, desperately wanted to fuck her daughter's mouth with her clit. Barb spread her knees further apart lowering her pussy against Lisa's mouth. Lisa sucked Barbs clit into her mouth and massaged it with her tongue.
Barb moaned loudly and returned to sucking Lisa's pussy as she rocked her hips to fuck Lisa's mouth. She then slipped the first two joints of her index finger into Lisa's vagina.
Don had gotten up and heard strange sounds coming from his mom's room. He listened at the door for almost a minute, then carefully cracked the door a bit and peeked in. He was shocked and got an instant raging hard on seeing them. He pulled his cock out and started stroking himself in the hallway.
Lisa made several muffled moans then slapped her hands onto the bed grabbing the bedspread into her fists as she climaxed. Her body jerked and shook as wave after wave rushed through her body under the weight of Barb on top of her. Barb could feel Lisa's vagina spasm around her finger.
When Barb knew Lisa was done she started rocking her hips with greater purpose, pumping her clit in and out of Lisa's mouth so she could finish, too.
Don knew he was about to blast his load all over his mom's bedroom door if he didn't think fast. He cupped his left hand in front of his cock and pumped spurt after spurt into the pool of cum filling up the palm of his hand.
Barb squealed "That's it, Baby. I'M THERE! I'M CUM…," her voice froze as her body was racked with convulsions. She shook and jerked as she frantically fucked Lisa's mouth.
As she came down from her climax, she rolled off onto her back next to Lisa. They both laid quietly looking at the ceiling. After a couple minutes they got up. Lisa walked over to Barb and hugged her "Thank you, Mom. I don't know what came over me."
Barb knew, and completely understood what came over her. She is the same way if she allows her thoughts to go too far "Of course, Sweetheart. Thank you, too."
Barb went into the kitchen as Lisa went to her room to dress. Don was sitting at the counter with a cup of coffee "Good morning, Mom."
Barb avoided eye contact with Don "Good morning, Sweetie." She poured some coffee and took it into the laundry room with her.
Lisa came into the kitchen and took a sip of the coffee she left on the counter.
Don said "Hey. How ya doing?"
"Fine. You?" He noticed Lisa avoiding eye contact, too.
"Fine," he replied.
It took every ounce of his self control to act like nothing happened. He wanted to tell her that she looks like she just ate a glazed doughnut. Don chuckled a little to himself thinking that would be the perfect thing to say at that moment but held it inside.
"What's funny?" Lisa asked.
"Sorry. Nuthin'," he replied.
The rest of the day seemed like any other. Don did notice his mom at the sink that evening and Lisa walking up next to her with their hips touching. She placed her hand on her mom's shoulder asking if there was anything she could do to help. Barb turned and smiled "Thank you, Lisa. I think I'm about done."
# # # # #
The following Wednesday afternoon, Don came home from work. Lisa was home and Barb had gone to the store. Don really wanted to jerk off and thought it would be fun to arrange for Lisa to see him doing it.
He stripped naked and cracked his door open an inch and laid on the bed. He started stroking his cock replaying in his mind what he saw Lisa and his mom doing. As he hoped, a couple minutes later he heard Lisa come out of her room and was walking down the hall toward his room.
He closed his eyes and continued stroking his cock. He heard Lisa stopping in the hallway and knew she was watching him.
Lisa had slipped her hand into her shorts and started rubbing her clit as she watched Don stroking his cock. She steadied herself with her left hand on the door frame as she masturbated with him.
When he felt that he would be shooting any second, he opened his eyes and saw Lisa through the crack of the door. Their eyes met as he started shooting pulses of cum on his chest. He continued jerking until he was drained. Lisa never made a sound.
He smiled at Lisa like he was thanking her. He could see her smile back then heard her slip back into her room.
At dinner that night, Barb couldn't help but notice the few looks that Lisa and Don gave each other. It made her a bit uneasy but didn't want to push it.
That evening, Lisa and Don were watching TV. When Barb went into her room Don whispered "Did you go back to your room to masturbate?"
"Yeah. To finish what I started in the hall," Lisa whispered back smiling.
"Think I could watch you, too, sometime?" he asked smiling.
Smiling back "I'd like that."
Don thought about letting Lisa know that he saw her and their mom together the previous Saturday, but decided that whatever it was, it was between them.
# # # # #
The next evening Barb and Lisa were in the kitchen together. Barb leaned over a bit and whispered "Is something going on with you and Don?"
"Like what?"
"Like, are you having sex with him?"
"No," she replied. After a long pause "I saw his hard cock. But I'm guessing you did, too," Lisa replied smiling.
"Is that all?" Barb pressed further.
"Well. I did see him jerk off once," Lisa said, not wanting to let her know it was just a day earlier.
Barb stopped what she was doing and looked at Lisa "You watched him?"
"It's kinda hard not to watch when you see something like that, Mom."
"You watched him finish, too?"
Lisa smiled and nodded her head, then asked "Wouldn't you?"
Barb thought about the question then asked "So how did that happen?"
"I guess he didn't know I was home. He left his door open a crack. When I was walking by I could see him."
"And you stopped to watch?"
Lisa replied "Come on. Be honest. Wouldn't you?"
Again Barb thought about that question. She looked back at Lisa with a crooked grin "Well. I don't know. Probably."
"One word. Impressive," Lisa said.
"And you took care of yourself after that?" Barb asked.
"Hell yeah. I went back to my room and finished the job."
"Good girl."
# # # # #
About an hour after Barb went to bed Friday night, Don was in the living room watching a movie wearing gym shorts and no t-shirt. Lisa appeared at the hallway wearing her panties and a bra. She gave Don a head signal to follow her and went back to her room.
She left her door cracked open and took her underwear off before getting on her bed facing the door. She spread her legs open and started masturbating, hoping to see Don peeking through the crack soon.
As she was hoping Don appeared outside her door. Don was glad he was wearing just his gym shorts. It made it so much easier to release his cock. He began stroking himself with his eyes glued to his sisters naked body. He watched her fingertips making small circular motions over the top of her pussy and left hand massaging her breast, rolling and tugging on her nipple.
Barb woke up and was going to get a drink of water. As she cracked her door open, she could see Don in the hallway outside Lisa's door masturbating as he peeked into her room. Barb watched for several seconds not making any sound as she considered what she should do.
She decided that her only real option was to run interference so they don't end up having intercourse with each other. She needed to help make sure both of their needs were satisfied, and fed on a regular basis.
Barb walked up behind Don and placed her hand on his shoulder. He was shocked and instantly pulled the waistband of his shorts over his erection. She then guided Don into Lisa's room and followed him.
Lisa was every bit as shocked, closing her legs when she saw her mom right behind Don. Barb could see that same expression of panic and desire that she saw a week earlier and knew she needed to see this through.
"Come into my room," she instructed both of them.
Don and Lisa followed Barb into her room. Barb stepped into her bathroom for a second returning with a bottle of lube.
She looked at Don "Take your shorts off and lay down."
Don laid in the center of the bed. His cock recovered from his earlier shock and was rock hard again.
Barb took her pajamas off and asked Lisa to crawl up over Don's face. Don thought he would explode right there seeing his mom's body. Don had fantasized for years what she looked like naked. He admired her wide hips and large breasts above her hourglass figure.
As Lisa was positioning her pussy over Don's face, Barb squirted some lube into her hand and coated Don's cock, then a little more in her hand and she reached between her legs to coat her pussy.
Barb straddled Dons hips positioning his cock in the entrance of her vagina and slowly lowered herself until he was completely inside her. It had been almost two decades since she felt a man inside her and it was a tad bit uncomfortable at first. She closed her eyes as she concentrated on the feeling of his flesh filling her deep inside her cunt.
Lisa whimpered and slowly rocked her hips as Don began licking her pussy. His tongue licked all around her inner lips of her labia and slipped into her vagina probing as far as he could. She moaned and shuddered, falling forward when he penetrated her vagina. She reached to hold Barb's arms to steady herself.
Barb got used to the new feeling of being filled and began raising and lowering herself on Don's cock. The familiarity this feeling brought with it was coming back to her.
Barb and Lisa were holding each other's forearms to steady themselves. She could see Lisa would be done soon, she recognized that desperate expression on Lisa's face. She felt that she needed to help her daughter to orgasm.
Lisa was rocking her hips sliding her pussy across Don's mouth and Barb was now raising and lowering herself, taking her son's hard cock deep into her vagina. Barb let go of Lisa's arm and ran her hand over Lisa's breast, massaging her flesh. She rolled Lisa's nipple between her fingers, tugging lightly and releasing her nipples to snap back.
Lisa fell forward into Barb's arms as her climax slammed her body. Don knew she was starting to orgasm. He held her hips down tight against his face as his tongue swirled around her clit.
Barb held Lisa in her arms as Lisa's body shook. Her grunting and whimpering was the only sound in the room with her whole body quivering in her mom's arms.
When Lisa couldn't take any more, she swung her leg off Don and laid her head next to his. Barb looked down at both of their faces. She saw in Don's face that he was proud and pleased he could help his sister reach orgasm. Lisa was looking back at her with a loving and glowing expression of contentment.
Barb leaned forward placing her hands next to Don's head holding her body above his. She adjusted her position a bit and found the perfect position to ride Don's cock. Her large tits swayed just above his neck. Don reached up to caress her tits, feeling their softness and weight in his hands for the very first time.
Riding her son's cock, knowing he would cum inside her soon sent Barb into a climax that she hadn't experienced in decades.
"Oh, Baby. I'm thereee," she squealed as she frantically slammed her ass down on his hips, over and over.
That pushed Don past the point of no return. Grunting, Don sputtered "Oh, Mom. I'm gonna CUM!"
"That's it, Sweetie. Don't take him out! Cum inside me!"
She lowered her head, placing her cheek against his. Her hips continued slamming her ass down on his hips. Don's hips came off the bed, meeting her rhythm.
Barb's body began to quiver as she climaxed. The fire in Don's belly rushed through his balls and began shooting his hot cum deep into her vagina.
This wasn't the first pussy his cock had ever felt, but it was the first cunt that he ever felt like it was milking his cock of every drop of semen he had. He could feel her vagina walls spasm around his pulsating cock.
They both slowed together and stopped. The weight of her hips relaxed on his. Don could still feel his mother's vagina squeezing his cock. Every time she did, his cock would twitch inside her. Everyone was quiet for a few minutes. Nobody said anything. Barb's hips still sitting on Don's hips with his cock softening inside her.
Barb broke the silence "I know it's late, so let's have breakfast together in the morning. We need to talk. Okay?"

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