Mommy Comes Home (Daddy series pt3)

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By Syn Mom comes home early to a shocking surprise.

I could still feel Daddy’s cock twitching as he came in my ass when I looked up to see my mother standing in the doorway. Our eyes locked and she looked disgusted, then she looked behind me to her husband who had his cock buried in her little girl and his hands full of her tits. His cock throbbed inside me and I giggled. “Hey Mommy, you wanna watch Daddy filly my holes? He still needs to fuck a load into my pussy, right Daddy?” I grabbed one of his hands at my tits and pushed my ass a bit further onto his still hard cock.

Daddy groaned and started thrusting lightly into my ass again as he held my hand. I kept my eyes locked on mom, but she was glaring daggers at Daddy as he continued fucking my ass. He squeezed my nipple with one hand and pulled me up so my back was to his chest as he fucked me and the position change was so sudden I moaned. “Don’t you worry princess I’ll make sure I cum in that pretty little pussy, too,” He said it at my ear, and I grinned at my mother.

“See Mommy? Plenty to stay and watch. Maybe you can even learn something and – oh fuck!” Daddy had released my hand and moved it to my pussy. The way he had me pinned to his chest I was on full display as he fucked his little girl. He wasted no time plunging 2 fingers into my pussy, his thumb playing with my clit. The sensations felt amazing I felt tears on my face as I cried at the pleasure of it. “Oh god Daddy yes! Fuck I feel so full don’t stop!” I felt the rumble of a laugh in his chest and he picked up his pace.

Mom was no longer looking dad in the eye, but rather was watching his cock pound my tight little asshole, his fingers fucking my pussy, and me going crazy wiggling against him begging for more. “Daddy fuck please oh my God I’m cumming!!” My arms flailed behind me to grab his head, pulling him to my neck. Daddy knew exactly what I wanted and when he bit me I screamed, squirting all over his hand and across my bed. Mom’s eyes went wide with shock and disgust.

“When I said I was tired of you and you may as well look elsewhere, this is **not** what I had in mind,” she huffed. Daddy didn’t miss a beat, pulling out of my still twitching ass to bury himself to the hilt in my pussy. He didn’t start slow, just pushed me back to the bed so he could fuck me better. I whimpered, missing the feeling of Daddy holding me close, but also because I could feel him bruising my cervix with each thrust. “You should be grateful I looked so close to home. An affair would look bad for both of us. Besides, I helped make these holes. It’s only right that I get to use them,” he smacked my ass and I jumped. “Yes Daddy all my holes belong to you! I love it when you use me!”

Mom scoffed, “So you fuck your daughter? A little girl?? You’re fucking disgusting!” That pissed me off and I sat up on my elbows as Daddy continued to pound my pussy. “If you were a better wife and actually took care of Daddy, he wouldn’t need to do this at all! You’re just jealous because he wants me more than your gross old ass!” Daddy grabbed my titties again and started pounding harder causing little moans to escape with each thrust. The hatred in Mom’s eyes must have been funny to Daddy because he laughed.

“Hear that honey? Even our little girl knows this is your fault. Now unless you want to see me pump my precious Baby Girl full of cum, I suggest you fuck off!” He picked up his pace, no more rhythm in his thrusts, just mindless need to fill this fertile womb with his baby batter. I was in heaven, moaning and panting and begging for more. “Daddy please! I want her to watch you cum inside me Daddy. Let Mommy watch you fill your daughter with your hot cum Daddy, please! Fill my pussy Daddy!!” I was nearly screaming at this point but I snaked a hand under us to cup his balls as he fucked me.

Mom just stared on in horror as Daddy gripped my hips to force his cock as deep as possible as he came. I wiggled my ass against him and used my pussy muscles to milk every drop of seed from his big daddy cock. He groaned my name and ground his hips against me, making sure his cum coated every inch inside my pussy. I barely even registered as Mom stormed off, slamming the door behind her.

Daddy collapsed on the bed next to me and pulled me close so I turned over to snuggled my Daddy. One hand stroked my hair, and another my back. He was still out of breath but I could hear his heartbeat slowing. “Your mother might cause some issues for us Baby Girl, but I don’t ever want to stop.” I tilted my head to look up at him and smiled. “Don’t worry Daddy, I won’t let Mommy keep us apart. I need your big Daddy cock too much to let her get in the way.” Daddy kissed me then, hard and deep. It seemed to last forever and when he finally pulled away I was a bit breathless.

“You are the perfect little girl, Princess. You get some sleep, I’m going to come up with a plan so that pretty little pussy can always be mine,” he said, kissing my forehead. It had only been a few weeks since we started, but this was still my favorite way to fall asleep. Filled with cum and in my Daddy’s arms.

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By Syn #Cheating #Exhibitionist #Incest #PreTeen