Mommy Helps with a Stressful Day

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tagIncest/TabooMommy Helps with a Stressful Day

I had an absolute shit day where nothing seemed to go correctly. Then on my drive home, an accident had all major roads home tied up. Which added an extra hour to my ride home. I walked through the door to be greeted by my wife and she instantly read the state of my day.
"Stressful day? Sorry honey." she says with a slightly exaggerated sad face. "Sorry you had a crappy day," she says. She leans in close as she hugs me and whispers in my ear. "Who do you want to help secretary, nurse, stripper, stranger or
Mommy?" she whispers.
"Mommy…" I whisper back.
"You want Mommy to make you feel better?" she asks.
"Yes Mommy" I say.
"Come on then, let Mommy help you turn your day around" She leads me by the hand upstairs.
"Let's get these clothes off." she directed. Helping me undress. "That's better isnt it?" I nod to her. She takes off all of her clothes except for her panties. "Lay down with Mommy." We lay on the bed and she pulls my head to her breasts. "That's a good boy, forget all about the worries of today, Mommy is here."
She lubes up her hands and starts to stroke my cock very slowly with just her fingers on my cock. "That's it, just suck on Mommy's breasts… good boy. Mommy loves feeling you suck on her. My nipples are so hard right now keep sucking. Do you like the way Mommy's fingers feel on your cock?"
"Mhmm," I moan into her breast.
"The only thing I want you to worry about is giving Mommy all of that pent up cum. When all of that cum shoots out of your cock, so will the stress of your day. I just want you to focus on shooting that cum for me."
"Why don't you think about how good it's going to feel to have your cock in Mommy this weekend? Mommy wants to feel you pound your hard cock into her. Mommy wants you to take her in every hole. She needs your hard cock and you can cum anywhere you want baby. Focus on those naughty boy thoughts. Think about what you're going to do to Mommy. Let Mommy rub the stress out that cock of yours."
"I have something else that should help you." In one motion she lifted her hips and and slid her panties off. She folded the gusset of her panties and held the damp spot right up to my nose. "Here, you can smell Mommy's pussy too, that should help you along. Right baby? Do Mommy's panties smell good?
"Mmmm," is all I can get out.
"They are nice and damp, just the way you like them. They smell just like my pussy don't they? And you love how Mommy smells don't you?
"Yes!" I say.
"That's it baby breath me in, take all of my scent in, smell Mommy's sweet pussy. Drink Mommy's scent in, that's it, good boy. Do you want Mommy to speed up her strokes a little?"
"Yes Mommy," I say.
Do you want Mommy to make your cock cum for her?
"Mommy is going to jerk your dick so good and make her good boy cum hard. Would you like that? Will you almost ready to cum for Mommy's hand like good boy?"
"Yes Mommy!"
"Tell me, promise me!" she demands.
"I will cum for Mommy's hand, I promise… I promise!"
"Good boy! I love it when my sweet boy cums in my hand."
"Now be a good boy and pump your cock into Mommy's hand. Fuck your cock into my Mommy's hand, just like it was her pussy. That's it, give it to Mommy hard and fuck me baby. Mommy loves your cock, give it to her good. Fuck your good boy cock into her like she showed you. Mommy wants feel you deep and hear your body slap into her when you pound her. Yes, just like that baby! You're going to fuck Mommy so good and make her cum all over this cock! Good boy… good boy! "
"You're close aren't you baby? Okay, relax now and let Mommy finish you off. Mommy wants to feel your cock cumming in her hand. Mommy is going to jerk your hard now. I want to feel that cock shooting that cum. It's time to cum for Mommy. Sniff those panties and cum in Mommy's hand baby. Drink Mommies pussy scent in and give me that cum!"
"Shoot your cum for Mommy baby!"
"Smell me and cum for Mommy like your promised!"
"Give Mommy all of your boy cum right now!"
"Such a good boy! You came so much for Mommy! My horny boy really needed that. I bet you feel a lot better now. Lets get you cleaned up."

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