“Mommy said she needed a bath”

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18 year old daughter gets seduced by Mom.

This is a fictional story. Any resemblance to real people, places, or events is coincidental

Since I was little, my mom needed my help bathing for various reasons.
The biggest time I recall was when I was 12, and she needed help after the C-section with my brother.
I saw her hairy pussy and her incision. It made me feel weird, but I did it. My mom was in need, and this was my job as a daughter, right?
Only years later did I realize this was weird. I did what I was told by my mother.
When I was 18, she called me into the bathroom–just like when I was 12 years old. I was getting ready for a night out with my boyfriend.
“Honey, can you help me in the shower?? It’s just too hard for me today”
There was no physical reason that I knew of for this request. My brother was older. She was a little overweight. I thought that was it.
She spread her hairy pussy and lifted her fupa.
“The Summer’s Eve is right there,” as she showed me her hairy pussy in it’s full on glory.
“Um, why do I have to do this mom? Are you okay?”, I asked in confusion.
“I’m your mother, don’t question me,” was her response.
I took the Summer’s Eve and lathered the loofa. I started washing her butt and legs.
“You have to get up in there,” she said as she spread her pussy and ass.
I did what I was told, even as a grown adult.
I thought I heard her moan as I brushed against her clit with the loofa.
“Mom, I have a date with Andrew –I have to get going.”
I rinsed her off, and thought I was done.
“You have to shave my pussy too, honey…” I froze. My mom wanted me to wash AND shave her pussy???
“Mom, isn’t that kind of weird?”
“No honey. You came out of there, didn’t you?”
Her reasoning made sense at time. I guess Andrew could wait.
She turned off the water and stepped out and spread her thighs. She had her ass cheeks poised on the closed toilet lid.
She took the Skintimate gel in her hand and emptied a large purple colored squirt in her palm. She took the gel and rubbed it on the dark bush above her pussy lips.
I took a brand new razor and knelt between my mom’s spread knees.
Looking at her pussy at eye level was making me wet. If it didn’t have shaving gel all over it– I would give a thought to licking it.
“I taught you how to do this, didn’t I? Go ahead honey,” as I started shaving her pussy.
It was plump and swollen. I had only recently felt my lesbian sexual awakening, and here there was a hot sexy pussy in my face.
I spread her lips to shave the strays, and I myself, stifled a moan.
“I know you want to lick it honey, I know you like girls”
I stopped what I was doing and shot a shocked look at her. I must have froze for at least 60 seconds.
“It’s okay. I can tell you wanna lick my pussy.” I stared in shock again. She looked me dead in the eyes as I was knelt between her knees.
“Reschedule with that boy, honey. You know this will be a while.”
I grabbed my phone and told my date I had “family stuff ” come up. It wasn’t a lie.
My instinct was to push her back into the stall; take the shower head and wash the shaving cream off her pussy.That’s what I did.
“There you go baby, now you can lick mommy’s smooth pussy lips. You did a great job, I can tell.”
She got out of the shower, still dripping wet and got back on the toilet seat.
She spread her thighs again for me– this time her pussy lips were naked and smooth.
“Go ahead honey, lick my pussy.”
This was my mother. I was absolutely blindsided by what just happened. I already shaved her, might as well keep going.
She put her ass on the edge of the toilet and put her newly bald pussy as far out toward me as she could. I looked at it and my mouth watered. Why was my mom doing this?!
“I can tell you wanna lick my pussy honey,” she cooed as she started to put her fingers in her cunt.

I said to myself, “fuck it”.

I got down between my mom’s spread thighs and started licking her pussy lips. Her lips were plump and wet, and tasty. I got wet instantly. Her fupa rubbing against my forehead was making me even more excited. I hadn’t even put my tongue to her clit yet.
“Momma, your pussy is so wet and tasty,” I said between sucks and licks of her wet cunt. I instinctively slid my fingers into her pussy while I tasted it. She was so tight and so wet, she came almost instantly.
“I knew you were a lesbian,” she moaned as she came on my face, once my tongue reached her big clit. I looked up from between my mom’s legs, with her cum still wet on my face.
“You could have just asked me, mom!”
The fact that my mom basically made me fuck her to come out to her made me so mad—but also made my pussy the wettest it’s ever been. I was going to get mine too.
“Oh honey, that was so good.”
“Yeah Mom?”
“Yeah honey. I haven’t cum like that in years,” she said while my face was still in her pussy.
I looked up at her, over her fat upper pussy, with the tip of my tongue still tasting her clit.
“You are going to suck my pussy dry…”
She pushed me back and put her robe on. She took me by the hand and took me to her giant king sized bed. We started kissing gently, and she told me to take everything off but my bra and underwear.
Again, I did as my mom asked.
She started to touch me everywhere, and took off my bra with skill.
I felt like I needed to take control of what was happening. I jumped over onto her chest and pulled my panties to the side. I thought she was going to resist — she didn’t. She didn’t resist at all. She actually was trying to put the tip of her tounge in my wet and tight pussy lips. I was soaked. I rocked into her tongue and mouth without giving a second thought.
“Momma, your tongue feels so good in my pussy,” I moaned as I rubbed my pussy and taint in her face.
Her wet tongue expertly flicked over my clit until I came so hard—-and she shoved her tongue into my pussy hole and drank it up as I came on her face.
“Damn mom, I didn’t know you could do that “. She looked at me and gave me a half smile.
“I know how to do a lot…” she said as she pulled my panties off. Mom was still naked from the shower. She took charge just like I did a few minutes before.
She put her freshly shaved pussy lips above mine.
“I’m going to blow your mind,” my mom said as she lowered her wet pussy onto mine. For some reason her fat body was turning me on even more.
I was drenched. I started rubbing my pussy all over hers—and rubbing my precum all over her fat pussy and fupa. I rolled her over and got on top.
I rubbed my soaking pussy all over my mom until I came all over her pussy and squirted inside her lips.
We licked and sucked each other until the morning, when I fell asleep in between my mom’s ass cheeks.

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