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Mom's agreement — Part 1
Chapter 1
I just finished my freshman year at at a local community college. I work a part-time job loading trucks for a large distribution center. It's hard and dirty work, but the pay is decent for my age, so it's hard to beat. I'm a fairly skinny guy. However, the physical aspect of moving boxes all day has built some muscle on my otherwise skinny frame. This has given me a little more confidence in my appearance.
This has brought out some rather unusual urges in me. For reasons I don't really understand. Over the past couple of years my Mom has caught me masturbating a number of times. She never said anything should would just close the door or about face without anything further.
During that time I began to really like the thrill of being caught. What was at first accidental, now became a practice. So I would jerk off at times she would likely catch me. She caught me several times recently and some times watched for a little bit when she thought I didn't notice her. I would make it so she couldn't fully see my cock, but could easily tell what I was doing. The thrill of her catching me or watching me jerk off makes me cum harder. I really enjoyed the exhibition and excitement of it.
My Mom (Lauren) looks like an average mid 40s Mom, though she is tall for a woman 5'9" with long brown hair. She is attractive, a few extra pounds at most as she keeps in shape. So a bit better than your average Mom. She likes walking, yoga and some other new age shit I can't remember the name of. One thing is for certain, her legs are beautiful.
For a Mom in her mid 40s, she looks hot in yoga pants, if that is any measure. She is very proud of what I assume are C cup boobs and she likes to joke about them getting in the way all the time. My friends really like her and tell me she's hot. They like to tease me about it often.
One evening, when I got home work sweaty and dirty. I went into the bathroom my sister and I share to take a shower. There was a pile of clothes right in front of the sink, a pile of workout clothes. Curious, I picked up the shirt on top and right under neath it was a sexy pair of purple panties. Victoria Secrets panties to be exact. Those are definitely Mom's, they are too big to be my sisters, my sister is petite by comparison. Which is kind of odd, as my parents have their own bathroom off their bed room. They never change or shower in the main bathroom. The crotch was open in plain view with a large damp spot and lots of feminine secretions on the crotch. Unable to help my own curiosity, I picked up the panties and gave them a whiff from a short distance away. Holy shit…they smell really good! I brought that damp spot right up to my nose, I inhaled deeply and wow! Oh my god did they smell fantastic! Instantly my cock was rock hard. I reach down and rubbing my cock through my shorts. Just then there was a knock on loud on the bathroom door.
I nearly shit myself! That was my Mom at the bathroom door and she just startled the hell out of me! I had no idea she was right outside the door. Lost in my discovery I was oblivious to anything else.
"Yeah!?" I called back.
"Hey, your Dad and I are headed out to dinner for the night. I left some thing you might like… and there some left overs in the fridge as well if you're hungry. There is also money on the table if you want to order out. You sister is working late and we'll will be back around 9PM, love you!"
"OK Mom, enjoy, love you too."
Mom is subtle in some ways and very blunt in others. However, her words always have meaning. "Some thing you might like," is that what she said? What did that mean? Did she leave these here on purpose? I really didn't give it much thought beyond that. As my hard cock was causing me a serious distraction from cohesive thought. I buried my nose back into the damp crotch of her panties and inhaled deeply. My cock throbbed, I pushed my shorts down, my cock getting caught on the waistband slapped against my body after being freed.
The rest is kind of a blur, I was beyond horny. I know I went down on my knees and started stroking my cock like never before. While I sniffed and licked the crotch of Mom's panties. Savoring her smell and taste. Which is new for me. I've sniffed Mom's panties before, plenty of times. Never before have I had the urge to lick her dirty panties and taste her cream. But oh my god! She taste as good as she smells! However dirty or wrong it was, I couldn't care, my mind is being overruled by my hormones.
I stroked my cock hard as sniffed away. Fantasizing about her standing there over me. Watching me jerk myself off to her dirty panties. Encouraging me, telling me she wants to see me cum. Telling me, that all of my cum belongs on her panties. Instructing me to sniff her scent until I get close. That she was going to watch me until I came and shot my load all over her pretty panties. Staring intently as I shoot huge ropes of cum all over her sexy panties.
Before I knew it my cock erupted and I was spraying a sizeable load all over the bathroom floor. I wanted to cum on her panties, but I got lost in smelling them and my fantasizing. Either way! That was a great orgasm! I got to me feet, feeling a little lightheaded. I cleaned up my spent load from the floor and put the clothes in the hamper along with all my dirty clothes, except for her panties. They were not going in the hamper just yet. I got my shower, had a bite to eat of leftovers.
I love the fantasy of Mom watching me, but every time I get the chance, I get to shy and chicken out. This brings me back to nearly getting caught again in the bathroom tonight. What I might have done differently. I laid on my bed, thinking over what Mom said earlier and fell asleep thinking about it.
When I woke up it was well past dark. I turned on my light, Mom's panties were laying right next to me. I brought them up to my nose and my cock was growing again, straining against my boxers. I fell back into the bed, my nose in Mom's panties. I slid my boxers off and started stroking the full length of my cock.
My thoughts raced and I started to see my Mom in a new light. She has always been my Mom. But, why now does she seem so sexy to me? Suddenly seeing my Mom in a sexual way was a bit of a curve ball, and it unnerved me a little. She always smells good to me no matter what. And I don't just mean just her panties, she just smells… nice. I can't put my finger on what it is though. I didn't dwell on those thoughts for too long, as I was enjoying her scented panty way too much right now. A wonderful mix of feminine musk with some kind of floral scent, her body wash maybe. I held my hand still and pushed my hips into my hand, fucking my immobile hand, a way of mixing it up.
"Oh Mom, you smell so good. I want you to watch me cum on your panties, watch me cum for you." I moan quietly to myself, beating my cock harder again now.
Out of the corner of my eye a shadow moved outside my bedroom door. I didnt realize my door was open! The sight of movement made be sit bolt upright. My Mom's face appeared in the crack of the doorway. I moved to try cover myself and shoved the panties under my leg.
"Mom! You scared me! "
"Sorry! I didn't mean to startle you. I was just want to chat with you." She pushed the door open a little more.
"I'm naked!" I said.
"Nothing I have seen already, just cover yourself up Mr. Modest," She said teasingly. Her hair was down and flowing as she walked in, almost angelic. She was wearing a pair of pink lounge pants and matching top… with no bra… Holy sweet mother of Jesus… dick please stay down.
I pulled more of the bed sheet over my cock as she moved into the room and closed the door very quietly behind her.
She turned to face me, "Everything okay?"
"Yeah, I just didn't realize I left my door open. When I saw something move out of the corner of my eye it… just scared me is all."
"Oh, sorry about that. I just wanted to let you know were were home and your sister is spending the night at a friends. So the house is locked and alarmed.
"Oh, okay thanks."
"How was your day?" Mom asked
"Pretty good overall. How about you?"
"Not bad, I got some things worked out."
There was a long pause in the conversation. There is always something coming when she pauses like this in a conversation. The tension builds, I can feel it.
However, my dick doesn't care about the tension though. I am trying to squeeze my legs together. In the hope of keep my erection from popping up and being very apparent. I am not winning that battle.
"I see you found the present that I left in your bathroom."
So completely busted! I thought to myself. Holy shit, you should have put her panties back! Thinking quickly I decide. Well, might was well own it, you can't deny it dude. "I did" the words coming out meekly.
"Did you like my present?"
I am so dumbfounded and nervous, I can't help but grin from ear to ear. "Yeah..," I manage to get out not sure what else to say. My dick rises more, this adds to both the tension and the excitement.
"Good! I hoped you would like them."
"Holy shit…Mom…" I say in voice that doesn't feel like my own.
She held up her hand to quiet me. "I took notice that my panties were going missing or being moved from where I left them about a month ago. I asked your father, but it wasn't him most of the time. So that left you or your sister. And I am pretty sure your sister wouldn't have any reason to take my panties. Seeing that they were never touched while she was home and you were not. That left no one else but you."
"Sorry…" feeling shameful.
"Oh no don't be… I don't mind, really. Can I sit and explain?"
"Uh…. Sure…"
She sat on my bed and looked me in the eyes. "Look, I am not mad at you. When I first noticed my panties were missing or moved, I was more curious than anything else. I am young enough to know how strong a sex drive can be. And old enough to know and accept, that everyone has something that pushes their buttons. It seems there are two men in my life that really like used panties. So tonight, I left dirty panties for you to find and hopefully enjoy."
"I came in them twice, to make them special, just for you."
"Mom! Really!?"
She smiled at my embarrassment. "A little different talking about it, than borrowing my dirty panties secretly isn't it?"
"Yes! A lot different."
"I am sorry, I know this is embarrassing for you. I just want to get it out in the open. First, I am flattered that you like my scent so much. It's quite a complement for an old lady."
"Mom, you're not old!"
"That maybe true, but I am not as young as I once was. And it's really nice as you get older, to still have someone appreciate… your feminine qualities. Either way, I took as a compliment"
Oh my god, what the hell is going on? I think to myself.
Your father and I had a long talk about what I discovered with my missing panties.
"Whoa!" I leaned back from her, my surprise was evident, as I was in total shock.
She smiled noticing my expression. "Its okay… relax… yes, your father knows. He isn't bothered by it either. He likes sniffing and using my panties as well. It has been that way for a long time, before you were born. So there is no mistake where you get it from. Everyone has their kink and there is nothing wrong with masturbation. There is no shame in it, if it doesn't hurt anyone. OK?
"I guess so…"
"As I said, we had a long talk tonight. Your father and I would really like you to keep your focus on school. You have a very bright future ahead of you. You don't really need any distractions right now. We know somethings can derail your progress and we don't want that."
"However, there is no escaping the hormones of a young man." "As your father put it. So we decided that I should help you stay focused. Your father gave me his permission to help you a bit, as I see fit and I am comfortable with. As long as you focus on school and do well, I will continue to help you in that way."
Whoa… This is not reality right now, this cannot be happening. My mind is whirling, I am not able to fully process everything I just heard right now. My cock doesn't give a shit though, I am fully erect now and my cock throbs without my control. Its very apparent and beyond hope of hiding.
"I know this is probably a lot to take in Jason, I can see your bewilderment. We love you and want you to be successful. We will help you to that end, in any way we can. We can talk more tomorrow after you've had time to mull this over. Okay?"
"I think that's a good idea," I say, my head swimming.
She walks over and kisses me on the forehead. "I love you, good night."
"Love you too, night Mom."
She stopped at the doorway and turned her head without looking back. "I hope you enjoy my panties" and then she closed the door.
I fell flat on my bed, detached from reality. Seriously… that was super embarrassing and not to mention out of left field. And… I was not nearly as careful as I thought I was. Dad knows that I like using Mom's panties!? My parents are really easy going, but this is new territory all together! The term she used, "help you a bit" what the hell does that mean? I guess I will find out more tomorrow. This has been a very strange and embarrassing day. On the other hand, this is kind of a win. I get to use Mom's dirty panties with her permission!? Very embarrassing "getting that out in the open," as Mom put it. But, with out question definitely a win.
Then it hit me, all of the pieces coming together. She knew I would come home from work and take a shower. That is why she left them in the bathroom I use. She knew my sister would be at work, so she would be out of the house. They left for the evening so I would be alone in the house and I would find her dirty panties! Well executed Mom, bravo!
My erection pulls my attention away. My cock is dripping precum like a damn faucet in the sheets. I uncover it and pull Mom's panties from under my leg and put the gusset back over my nose. "You do smell fantastic Mom, god I love your scent."
I start to jerk myself off to her pussy smell. Just what you wanted Mom, I'm enjoying your panties," I say to myself. Panties that she came in, just for me! No wonder they smell so damn good. I savor them a little longer now. Taking the time to lick more cream from crotch of the panties. Not long after I know I'm going to cum, despite trying to make it last.
I take the panties off my face just before I cum and cover the head of my cock with them. I want her to see that I blew my load all over her dirty panties. I want her to know how much I enjoyed it and came all over the crotch of her pretty panties. I squirt powerful blasts of cum over and over again. I can literally hear the squirts of cum as they hit her panties. Spraying my load all over the gusset of Mom's already cum in panties. I covered most of the crotch of the panties with ropes of cum. Wow! That was a lot of cum! I think to myself. Inspecting the load I left on the panties.
"Well Mom… now both of us came in those panties," I smirk to myself. I fold up Mom's cum soaked panties and put them under my pillow. I want her to see what I did tomorrow. I want her to know her "present" did not go to waste. Wow dude, kind of brazen don't you think? Well, it is "out in the open" isn't it, as Mom put it so why not? I converse in my own inner dialog.
I flop back into my bed. My mind wandering through the talk I just had with Mom. I probably had a golden opportunity there, but I was so nervous about being confronted. I think this over a bit. A long hard day and two fantastic orgasms left their toll on me. It's not long before I drift off to sleep.
Chapter 2
As I walked back to my bedroom, I regret not being able to Jason stroke that beautiful cock of his. I got hasty trying to get a better view and he saw me far too soon. I really haven't see his penis for such a long time, was very shy about when he was younger.
He is not a shower that's for sure, his size isn't apparent most times. When aroused, he is however, much longer and a lot thicker than my husband. The size, shape and proportions of it are visually perfect, what I could see anyhow. My son has an Adonis cock… What a shame I didn't see more. However, what I was able to see still has my juices flowing. I would really like to see that beautiful dick in action someday. It was very arousing to watch his cock grow under the covers during our conversation.
I would bet he is jerking off again right now. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. I don't want to rush Jason and make him too uncomfortable. And have this whole thing backfire. I am after all, doing this for his benefit and future. If I get some enjoyment out of the agreement too well, who could fault me for that?
After my nightly routine, I climb into bed with my husband (Stan) who was reading a book. Stan has been my husband of 20 plus years. He is a good Dad and husband. We've had our rough patches over the years, but every marriage does.
He looks like your average mid 40s dad, well kept dark brown hair. He has piercing blue eyes that captivate me to this day. He is taller that most at 6 feet. A bit of a gut, otherwise fairly slim with some muscle left from his younger years, overall a typical suburban Dad. As I climbed onto the bed he asked me
"Well, what happened?"
"Well… he took the panties I left in the bathroom, they weren't in the hamper."
Smiling as I tell him this.
"Cant really say as I blame him," Stan grins back at me.
"Bad boy!" She says in mock surprise.
"And, did you talk to him?"
"I did."
"How did that go?" Stan's eyebrows raised.
"He was no doubt very embarrassed and caught way off guard I'm pretty sure. I just broke the ice that I wanted him to find and use my dirty panties. His face showed surprise but his erection was clear from my view point. I explained the idea of me helping him stay focused on school. I didn't go into any real detail. I felt it best that he think that over and he and I would talk more tomorrow.
Do you think it will help? Stan asked.
"Well… I've managed to keep your attention and coming back for more for 20+ years."
"A very good point." He smiles and gives me a wink
I leaned over to lay next to Stan. My hand brushed up against Stan's erection. "Hmm… Is that from your book or from something else?" Stand lifted the book up so I could read the title. It read, Macroeconomics during the great lock down. "Well, I certainly hope that wouldn't be the cause." I pull back the covers and pulled down his boxers a little. The head of his cock poking above his waistband. I grabbed to top of his cock and started stroking him with very small short strokes.
"Does Mr. Happy want to come out and play tonight?"
Stan reached down and slid his boxers the rest of the way off. I positioned myself closer to him and got on my knees. I slipped my black cotton high leg brief panties off. They matched the black dress I wore this evening for our dinner date. I take a quick look at the crotch before I dropped the panties on Stan's chest. They were damp enough to almost be wet, with large amount of my pussy cream in the center.
"And this pair is for you sir, moist and creamy, right from the source."
"You're such a naughty girl." He says looking the panties over.
"I do my best!"
"You weren't kidding about them being creamy. All this talking we did tonight has you worked up."
"I guess there is no hiding that is there?"
"Not at all." Stan picked up the panties and held the panties up to his face. His cock bobbed while he drew my scent in. I bent over and took the head of Stan's cock in my mouth. He lets out a low moan. I flicked and licked his head with my tongue as I reached down between my legs. My fingers brushing my already sensitive clit on their way to my wet pussy. I'm so wet I easily slide two fingers in. I start to finger myself. I took more of his cock in my mouth. I started slowly sucking his cock as he sniffs my dirty panties. I pull my head back a little, so I can talk and jerk him off.

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