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tagIncest/TabooMom's Assturbation Sessions Ch. 01

Chapter 1: Spousal Resistance
"Daniel seems so down today," Rachel said as she sat with her mother-in-law Sara having coffee.
"Yeah, the breakup was really hard on him."
"He's eighteen. Breakups are never easy. I had my share at his age. So many jerks," Rachel said with a frown.
The two beauties sat across from each at the round pub table in Sara's kitchen. Rachel wore skimpy shorts, while Sara was still in her short robe, both outfits leaving their sexy crossed legs exposed beneath the table. Both sets of luscious legs were strong, tan and mature, giving off a silky sheen from being freshly shaved. Their bare feet dangled, their ruby red toenails freshly painted.
Sara fumbled with her coffee cup. "Breaking up brings so many changes. It must be really tough to go from full time sex, back to masturbation."
"Oh God, that's so true. Poor Daniel," Rachel said.
"I know," Sara muttered. Her robe had crept open a bit, revealing an enormous cleavage.
"You know, they have those things call 'assturbation sessions' now. Have you thought about getting him involved in it?" Rachel asked.
Sara giggled. "Assturbation?"
"Oh my God, you haven't heard of assturbation? A lot of Moms are doing it now, for their sons, during those periods in between girlfriends."
Sara seemed curious. She brushed her long dark hair off her face. "Ok, you have me curious. What is it?"
"It's like a form of masturbation, but instead of a guy using his hand, he would use his Mother's ass."
"Really?" Sara asked with a quirky smile, "Mothers are actually doing this?"
"Yeah, lots of them apparently."
"So wait a minute, your telling me that Moms are helping their sons get over breakups, by letting them give them anal sex?" Sara asked.
"Yeah, but, drop the sex part. It's not really sex. It just a boy using his Mother's asshole to drain his nuts. Think of it as an object, like a juicer," Rachel said, pointing to the one on the counter. "A juicer has no feelings. It's only purpose is to squeeze the juice from the fruit. Your ass would basically be doing the same thing."
"So I'd just be…sticking my ass out there and let Daniel do his thing, no feelings attached."
"Exactly. It would provide so much more excitement and pleasure than just him beating his dick all the time."
Sara went back to fumbling with her cup. "Hm, I see the logic in it, unfortunately, I'm not sure Dan Senior would. In fact, he might even divorce me for even considering it," she said, making the both giggle.
"It's unconventional for sure, but husbands have to understand it for what it is. There's no need for jealously or anger, any of that bullshit. Daniel would just be using your ass, like he uses his fist when he masturbates. There's no emotional connection there. It's just an object used to draw pleasure."
"Dan doesn't even take my ass anymore. I think it's been like five years. Not sure what he would be jealous about," Sara said.
"Well, it might be worth asking him."
Sara looked steadfast in her resolve. "Okay, I wanna do it," she said.
"Really?" Rachel asked excitedly, bouncing in her seat.
"Yeah, I think it would really help Daniel."
"I know it would. They have a starter class that one of my girlfriends went to. She said it wasn't creepy at all, just very clinical and informative. We should talk to our husbands, then take Daniel to a few classes."
"Wait, WE?
"Yeah, I could help out..I mean, unless you don't want me to?"
"No, no of course I do. I just…I just don't want this to cause any issues between you and Michael."
"Ohh, Michael will be fine, so will Dan. They're both big boys, so they'll have to understand. Daniel needs our help."
"I think it would…"
Rachel's phone went off. She looked at her screen. "Hold that thought," she said to Sara then answered. "Hey Jane. Hi, thanks for calling back."
While Rachel spoke on her phone, Sara became lost in her thoughts for a moment, staring off into space…
Daniel stepped towards her naked meaty ass, his lengthy erection shiny with lube. He fit the knob against the rubbery ring of her asshole. He heard her gasp and felt his big prick pushing into her ass-tract, stretching the muscled ass walls. Finally he had it all in and felt his thickness fully sheathed.
He backed his cock out until the muscled ring nipped at the very tip of his prick. He thrust his cock back in again, burying his prick to the balls between her jiggling half-moons. He began to thrust in and out, falling into a steady ass-fucking rhythm.
"Oooh,shit," he whimpered as he felt the walls of her ass licking his glans.
"Sara?" Rachel said, jarring the Mother from her thoughts.
"Yeah," Sara muttered as she returned to reality. She felt her asshole twitching and throbbing.
"Sorry, that was the lady who does my nails. You ok?" Rachel asked with a smile, noticing her Mother-in-law's heavy, excited breathing.
"Yes, I'm fine. Sorry, I just zoned out for a minute," Sara said, her hard nipples poking through her robe.
"Ok, so I think we should definitely talk to the guys…like, tonight."
Sara nodded. "I agree," she said.
Later, in the living room, their husbands looked bewildered.
"Are you both fucking crazy!" Michael exclaimed. The two couples were gathered in the living room. Michael's Mother and wife had just explained the "assturbation" concept and their desire to try it with Daniel.
Rachel was quick to jump to their defence. "Would you stop overreacting, Michael. Your younger brother just lost his girlfriend. Why don't you try showing some empathy," Rachel said.
"I feel bad for him. I do. We've all been there. I just don't know how him sticking his dick in you and my Mom's ass if gonna solve anything."
Rachel scowled. "Really, Michael, were you not just listening? Assturbation is designed to give a guy a higher level of excitement and pleasure, rather than just beating off all the time."
"There's nothing wrong with normal masturbation. We've all had to do it at one time or another," Michael said.
Dan looked at his wife with surprised. "Sara, are you actually serious about this idea."
She seemed a little embarrassed, hardly looking her husband in the eyes. "I had my reservations at first, but the more Rachel explained the idea of assturbation, the more it really started to make sense."
"Make sense? You're…you're talking about anal sex with your son. How could you…"
Rachel cut him off. "Technically dad, it's not the same as anal sex AT ALL."
"He's putting his dick in your ass, Rachael," her husband said.
"Ok, just hear me out. Here's an example. You work on cars, right, Dad? Rachael asked her father-in-law.
"Occasionally, when a car's battery goes dead, you use those jumper cable thingies to restart it, right? The cables are just an object, that's all. They're there to assist in getting the job done, when it can't be done the right way."
"Yes, but how is that.."
"Daniel is like a dead battery right now. He's without someone to have normal sex with. Mom and I would just be using our asses like jumper cables, to keep him going until he finds another girlfriend."
Dan and his son looked at one another and laughed.
Sara finally scowled at them. "I'm glad you two find this funny."
"I'm sorry, it's just…well, it's probably the most ridiculous idea I've ever heard, Sara..Honesty, I don't know that I'm ok with that at all," Dan said.
"Me neither," Michael added, annoyed that his own wife would even consider such a deprived act with his younger brother. "It is ridiculous."
Rachel glared at her husband. "So essentially what you guys are saying is you don't care at all that Daniel is suffering?"
"We do care. Of course we care, but your idea that all he has to do is stick his dick in your ass and everything is fine is preposterous." Michael said.
"I'm not saying everything would be fine. Did I say that?"
"No, but you.."
"He'll still have to find a girlfriend, no one can do that for him. But we all know that sometimes being single is sad and lonely. Self masturbation is sad and lonely and depressing. All Sara and I are proposing is let's give the boy some hope. Let's offer him an exciting alternative to jerking off, during this very unexciting period in his life."
Dan looked at his wife and her eyes drifted away shamefully.
Michael looked at his Mother. "Mom, If he wants something new and exciting, buy him one of those sex toys.. One of those fleshlight masturbation toys or something," her oldest son suggested.
Sara shook her head. "It's not the same thing, Michael."
"Of course it is. If he closes his eyes, he could imagine he's in some hot girl's tight ass. There you go, something different and more exciting than beating off," Michael said.
Dan Senior shook his head, clearly the old-fashioned one in the group. "Quite frankly, I can't believe we're having this discussion at all."
Michael looked back at his wife. "I'm just saying, they have toys now for these kinds of issues."
This drew in evil glare from his wife. "I have a better idea. Why don't we buy YOU a sex toy. You don't wanna respect and support mine and you Mother's ideas, then you can see what it feels like to be sexless for awhile. Maybe then you'll start to understand what Daniel's experiencing right now."
"Really? You're gonna refuse to have sex with me because I won't let my little brother stick his dick in your ass."
Her hardened glare didn't soften one bit. "It certainly looks that way, doesn't it," she said.
Sara looked at her own husband bravely. "I stand behind Rachel. Daniel's going through a tough time and until you get on board with our plan to help him, there won't be any sex for you either."
Daniel groaned in ecstasy, enjoying the squeezing pressure of her shit muscles rhythmically contracting around his thrusting prick. Her meaty tan buns rippled each time they struck his midsection.
His engorged knob leaked out it's own lubricant as sliced through the slippery pink walls of her ass. His entire thick boner throbbed in pleasure as it slipped through the rubbery grip of her bowels. "Sara," Dan Senior's voice said over the sound of slapping flesh.
"Sara, are you ok," she heard her husband say as she was snapped back to reality. She was laying in bed next him.
"Yes, I'm fine, why?" she asked, her breath heavy. She was clutching her ass-muscles over and over, like she had an imaginary cock inside her.
"I was talking to you and your eyes were glazed over. You seemed a million miles away."
"I'm sorry, what did you need?" she asked.
"I was just saying how ridiculous this is," Dan said as he just sat there in bed looking at her. "We haven't had sex in a week."
"Mm-hm, how do you think Daniel feels?" Sara said.
"Obviously like I do, but it's not my fault he doesn't have a girlfriend, Sara."
Sara returned to her back and looked at him. "No one said it was your fault. We're just the parents and have an obligation to comfort our son in times like these."
"Comfort him by allowing him to penetrate you anally," Dan said, with clear frustration, "youre my wife and his Mother."
Sara's face softened a bit. "Look honey, I get it. I'm your wife and I'm sure you feel a bit territorial when it comes to my sexual parts, but we're not talking about me giving it out to some stranger here. This is Daniel, our son. What kind of parents would we be if we didn't help him through this hard time?"
Dan looked at the swell of his wife's big tits through her nightshirt. Her engorged nipples poked out, making him even more eager to get his hands on them.."Isn't there some other way we can help him. I mean, I don't mind spending the money. Whatever he needs, we can get it."
"Dan, assturbation is what alot of Mothers and Sons are doing right now. It's a growing trend. If it didn't work, it wouldn't be a thing."
Dan shook his head. "How can it work if it's morally wrong? If you did this, do you realize how embarrassing it would be if people found out?"
Sara burst out laughing.
"What? Why's that funny?" Dan asked.
"I know how to be discreet, Dan. It's not like I'm gonna make an announcement at the PTA meeting, hey everyone, guess what, I'm letting my son fuck me in the ass."
Dan rolled his eyes. "Do you have to make it sound so crude?"
"Do you have to try to guilt-trip me? I'm a grown woman. I think I can decide what's 'morally' right and wrong when it comes to my relationship with my son."
"Ok, but as your husband and his father, I think I should be able to weigh in on that decision."
"You are, clearly weighing in, otherwise Daniel and I would have already started by now," Sara said. "You don't even take my ass anymore, Dan. What's there to be jealous about?"
"You're seriously gonna ask me that?" he said, looking at her emphatically.
"Yes, I am. My ass is not getting used. I don't see the harm in letting Daniel get some enjoyment out of it."
Dan's mouth fell open as he shook his head. "You're unbelievable."
"So are you," she said.
"I'm sorry, I think the idea's sick."
"That's too bad," Sara said, rolling back on her side facing away from him. "Goodnight."
"Yes, seriously. Shut off the light," she said coldly.
Daniel groaned, a light sheen of sweat forming on his lean naked body. He continued a steady thrust, plunging his cock through the stretched ring of her asshole. He felt his knob tingle as it dug up and down the smothering ass-tube.
Even the women's buttock's now glistened with perspiration as they jiggled with every strike of his midsection. He reached down and dug his fingers into the supple ass-flesh, gripping the women's ass as he thrust his hard pecker in ass deep as it would go. "Oohhfuckyea," he snarled.
"Aiieee!" Rachel's four-year-old daughter screamed, snapping Rachel from her from her trance as the child was chased by her father through the kitchen. The Mother threw her arm across her chest, hiding the hard nipples poking through her robe.
"Bella, not so loud, honey," Rachel sighed, squeezing the counter for support as she realizing how much her butthole was throbbing in her panties.
"Sorry, my bad," Michael said, watching his daughter run off, "the tickle-monster's on the prowl this morning."
He tried to tickle his wife, but she wasn't having it. "Don't," she said in an annoyed tone. "Here's your lunch," Rachel said, handing a paper bagged lunch to her husband as she made her way out of the kitchen. Her asshole was still twitching and her cunt was sopping. She desperately needed to get to her bedroom.
"Thanks, hon… Hey," he said.
Rachel stopped and turned. She wore a short red robe, that left all her tan legs exposed. She exercised daily, which gave her strong muscular legs, which tapered down to slender ankles and cute little tan bare feet with ruby red toenails. "What?" she asked.
"Do I get a kiss?"
She glared at him, clearly still upset. "No," she said decisively, then walked away, the swell of her big buttocks undulating beneath the thin silk covering.
"Rachel…" Michael said, following after her. "Hey, stop. Can we talk a minute?"
She stopped suddenly "oh my God, what the fuck," she muttered under her breath, then turned, just as before. This time she folded her arms across her big breasts.
"I don't…" he said, then paused to find the right words. "I don't understand why we have to do this."
"Do what? You have something to say and I'm listening," she said facetiously.
"I'm talking about everything else. We haven't even kissed or hugged in over a week. This isn't fair to me."
"This isn't fair to you?" she asked with a scowl. "Well excuse me while I shed great big fucking alligator tears for you."
"Why do you have to be so mean?"
"Why do you have to be so selfish?" she shouted.
"How am I being selfish?"
Rachel faked a cry. "This isn't fair to me," she said, then got straight-faced. "Really, you feel like I'm being unfair? How do you think Daniel feels? The stupid bitch dumped him and now he has to beat his own dick to get release. You have a wife for that, so please, tell me how your life is so fucking unfair."
"So I have to feel guilty for having a wife, is that what you're saying?"
"No Michael, it's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is stop thinking about yourself and think about someone else who's going through a rough patch right now. Your Mom and I are trying to help your brother. We're trying to brighten his life a little bit and provide a way for him to get a little well deserved pleasure. Is that so bad?"
"The way you're proposing to help him is bad, yes."
"According to you and your Father. Your Mother and I both think it's a brilliant idea. Apparently thousands of other Moms do too."
Michael hushed his voice, so his daughter would hear him from the next room. "I'm sure if the rolls were reversed and it was me wanting to put my dick in some girl's ass, you'd have something to say about it," Michael said.
Rachel threw her arms in the air, making her big braless tits bobble underneath her robe. "Oh my God, you're completely missing the point. YOU, have a wife. YOU'RE BROTHER, has no one right now." Then, she hushed her own voice. "So why the fuck would YOU be asking me to put your dick in some girl's ass."
"Forget it, this conversation is going no where," Michael said, heading for the door.
"Ha. It's been going no where for a week."
"Well don't plan on that changing," he said.
His wife shouted back, as she stepped down the hallway. "Enjoy your sexless marriage."
Daniel grasped her wide hips as he squeezed his dick through her tight asshole, then down into the heat of her spongy fuck-hole. He whimpered from the pressure of her tight sphincter as her shitting muscles gripped and sucked his prick. He pulled his cock back, feeling her jelly-slickened ass tunnel drag around his receding cock.
His big knob popped from her asshole, the sphincter retracting back into a wet crinkled ring. "Ohh damn," he muttered, stroking his cock a few times.
He pressed the knob back against her anal lips and they spread open, slipping wetly over the big bell-shaped helmet of his cock. He sighed as his hard peter sunk into the heat of her ass.
"How's Daniel doing?" Rachel asked, as her and Sara sat having coffee.
"What, sweetie?" Sara asked, as if her mind had been on a journey somewhere.
Rachel smiled knowingly. 'Was you mind drifting again?"
Sara looked a tad embarrassed. "Yes, sorry."
"Well if it's anything like mine, it's drifting somewhere extremely naughty. How's Daniel?"
"He says he's fine, but I can tell he's not," Sara said.
"Lots of painful erections, I'm sure," Rachel said.
"A ton of erections, nearly every time I see him it seems like."
Rachel sighed in frustration. "That poor sweetheart. Have you seen signs of masturbation?"
"Yeah, based on how often he disappears to his room, I'm pretty sure he's jerking off about three to four times a day."
"This is so aggravating. Why do our husbands have to be so fucking selfish?" Rachel asked.
Sara looked like her mind was working. "You know, I've been thinking. We wanted to be honest with the guys, because we felt like letting Daniel fuck our asses would be borderline infidelity. Is it though?"
Rachel thought it out for a moment. "Go on," she said.
"Well, what's our intent here. Is it to seduce a hot guy and get mutual pleasure, no. If it was, THAT would be infidelity. Our only intent is to let Daniel use our asses to get release. That's not cheating."
"True," Rachel said. "the whole theory around assturbation is to just treat the ass like an object."
"Exactly, so if it's not the same as cheating, then why do we even need our husband's permission. We'd be doing nothing wrong."
"My God, you're right. I guess I never really thought about it that way."

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