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tagIncest/TabooMom's Biggest Fan Ch. 11

(Author's Note This is the last chapter of MBF. Thank you to all the fans who have voted favorited and commented on the series as it went by, I appreciate all your kind words and feedback. This last chapter is dedicated to my hard-working editor and big fan, Cassandra. Thank you, this story wouldn't be half what it was without your feedback and your ideas, not to mention all the praise you give me 😀 Thanks so much for making sure that this story was more than just "enough". )
Olivia walked up the steps back to her home. It had been four days since she had seen Justine and she was just absolutely aching to see her! She had been away to record her voice lines for the Teen Space Fighters movie. Although she and Justine kept in contact through text messages and they always ended each night with a long phone call, Olivia had missed her kitten quite a lot.
She had considered herself very independent after being on her own for so many years after Gerald passed, but her relationship with Justine seemed to have sparked the need for intimacy again. She loved spending time with Justine, taking yoga classes, attending events at the aquarium… She had never had so much fun compared to the last two months and with Justine she felt young and bursting with energy and ideas. Oh and of course…there was the sex. My god that was incredible!
After they had gotten home from the yacht trip, neither of them left the house for several days! Safely in their home, away from the public eye, they fucked several times a day and usually one of those times was a fun kink scene. Once, Oliva had even dressed up with wolf ears and a wolf tail butt plug to "hunt" Rabbit Justine. With Justine, her kinky side was alive and thriving too, something she hadn't even realized that she was missing in her sex life.
She unlocked the door and went inside. Justine had not responded to any of her text messages that she had sent once she got off the plane. That was unusual, usually she was quick to reply.
"Justine?" She called out as she tossed her keys into the bowl on the side table. Where was that silly girl?!
"Welcome home, Mommy."
Olivia grinned upon hearing the term and looked up. Justine had popped her head over the wall separating the stairs from the foyer.
"Why are you peeping? Is that any way to greet your Mommy domme?" Olivia asked as she let go of the luggage handle.
Justine grinned sheepishly. "Is the coast clear?"
Justine stepped out.
Olivia's eyes widened. Justine was wearing red lingerie with red sheer stockings and as always, the black leather collar Olivia had given to her. She looked absolutely fantastic.
"Come here." Olivia said with a growl as she rushed over. Justine barely had time to cross over before Olivia swept her into a deep kiss. She ran her hand through Justine's thick, silky hair.
"Fuck, I've missed you so much!" Olivia confessed.
"Me too…" Justine said desperately between fervent kisses down Oliva's neck.
Olivia pressed her up against the wall, her body swelling with need. Justine's look, her scent, it was driving her crazy! She had fantasized about this moment numerous times a day during her time away.
The luggage lay forgotten in the foyer as they continued their heated kisses.
"Are you sure you don't want to freshen up first?" Justine asked, though she was kissing Olivia so much she wasn't even sure how Justine planned on letting her go anywhere.
"I showered on the plane." Olivia said impatiently. Nothing was going to keep her away from Justine now, nothing.
Olivia unbuttoned her blouse and unclasped her bra quickly, tossing it to the floor. She shoved Justine against the wall again, removing the red bra almost immediately. She latched onto Justine's nipple and reveled in the younger woman's moans. Such sweet music to her ears!
She was so pent, she felt like she was going to burst if she couldn't be in Justine's mouth.
She unbuttoned her pants, tugging them down. As she continued to kiss and thrust her tongue inside her daughter's mouth, she grabbed Justine's hand, shoving it down her panties.
"Feel that, feel how wet I am for you." She insisted. And Justine did, moaning into Olivia's mouth as she felt the slickness, Olivia's desire for her.
She knew with only four words she could get Justine on her knees, pleasuring her.
"Get on your knees."
"Yes, Mommy."
"I can't wait to taste you." Justine purred as Olivia pulled off her own underwear. Olivia tossed those onto the floor as Justine got on her knees. And now it was her turn to lean against the wall, legs spread as Justine moved between them. She could feel Justine's warm breath between her thighs.
And then…bliss. Finally.
Olivia felt her eyes roll back as Justine sucked and lapped at her pussy hungrily. Fuck, it felt so naughty, getting eaten out in the entryway.
"That's it baby, eat Mommy's pussy!" She said as she grinded her pussy against Justine's mouth. She was so crazy horny, she needed to come right now or she wouldn't be able to think of anything else!
Justine squeezed her thighs with her arms, a determined look in her eyes.
"Go on, make Mommy come." Olivia encouraged her. She wasn't worried about not lasting longer this time.
"UGHHHH! FUCKKKKKKK!" Justine was an expert at coaxing orgasms out of her. Olivia could feel the pleasure rise as a wave up her body, like leaping into a pool but instead of cold water it was pleasure enveloping her whole body. She shivered and groaned. YES! That was exactly what she needed. She rode Justine's face for a few more minutes before she moved away.
"God, I missed that mouth." She said, planning a kiss on Justine's lips when the girl stood, tasting herself. "Now your turn."
Justine straightened up and started to reach for her own panties until Olivia shook her head. "Oh no baby, I've got something special in mind for you… Lets go to the basement."
Justine was restrained naked and spread eagled on the x-cross, her ankles and wrists bound by thick leather cuffs to the wood. The x-cross was one of many new additions to what was once the main guestroom in the basement, along with a wooden room divider for changing into outfits. It was Justine's idea to turn one of the guest rooms into a "dungeon". The guest room was spacious, with a huge window looking out onto the deck and the swimming pool and garden. It carried the air of a very public showing with the curtains open while also still being in the privacy of their home. Mom had been all for the idea, and soon they had been shopping online to buy all sorts of new kink furniture for their new space.
Mom sauntered back and forth in front of her, admiring. It was the first time Justine saw her in this leather outfit. She had on gorgeous black stilettos that made a solid clack when she walked across the hardwood floor. Her black leather outfit was essentially a harness, a criss-cross of straps across her body, encircling her naked breasts and drawing attention to them before trailing down to attach to the hips and then towards the center of Mom's pelvis where Marcus was securely attached. It was Mom's most exposing outfit that Justine had seen so far and being able to see Mom's large breasts and those sexy nipples was getting Justine excited already.
"How great is this?" Mom purred, almost to herself. She checked the cuffs, making sure they were secure. Her breasts brushed against Justine's and Justine had to hold back from arching more to feel their bodies against each other.
"I think this is the way I prefer you." Mom said, leaning forward so their mouths were almost touching. "Tied up, unable to resist."
"I could never resist you, Mommy." Justine admitted. She could already feel her nipples hardening. They had just gotten the x-cross when Mom had to leave. It was already Justine's favorite toy. Mom's eyes flashed hungrily and she put her hand on the side of Justine's neck before she moved in, kissing Justine hard on the mouth, possessively, until Justine's head spun. She thrust her tongue into Justine's mouth and Justine moaned. Mom pulled away and moved over to the sideboard that held all their favorite toys. Justine wriggled in anticipation as Mom looked in the drawers, thinking. She pulled out a pink, phallic-like toy. She pressed a button and the toy started buzzing. She turned it off. Oh no. Justine knew Mom loved to tease her with vibrators.
Mom walked back over and turned the vibrator back on, buzzing Justine's nipples, first the left, then the right.
"Mmm that feels good." Justine said, closing her eyes briefly.
"You haven't seen anything yet." Mom said with a laugh. She trailed the vibrator down Justine's stomach, then down between her legs. There it was. Justine sucked on her bottom lip as her clit started to throb, waves of pleasure traveling up her body. Then Mom stopped the vibrator.
"I don't think I want you to come so soon." Mom said in a carefree tone. "I missed playing with my toy."
She started to pinch and roll Justine's left nipple with her left hand. Justine let out a grunt. Oh fuck it felt good to be roughly handled by Mom again. With a tinge of excitement, she realized what Mom meant by toy. She was Mom's toy.
Marcus was getting in the way so Mom slid the dildo in between Justine's legs. Justine's pussy ached. She wanted Mom inside her already. Mom reached down with her left hand and rubbed Justine's pussy, stroking the outside folds. Soon the vibrator was on again and Mom started buzzing Justine's clit. Justine let out a little girly moan as Mom brought her close to orgasm again before pulling away.
"Oh fuck!" She gasped as the vibrator switched off. Mom laughed before kissing her again.
Oh Mom, you're going to drive me crazy!
Olivia was having so much fun teasing Justine. She rubbed Marcus in between Justine's legs, watching her squirm and strain against the restraints as she teased her clit. Justine made such adorable little whining noises every time she took the vibrator away, and the look she would give her…so obedient and yet so aroused…mmmph. She had never had a sub that made her so wild with lust before. Everything about Justine drew her in. In a way, she was just as much a slave to Justine as Justine was to her. Olivia was aware of every nerve in her own body, every breath she took. In their moments together, she never felt more alive.
"You look so fucking hot like this." Olivia said, pressing their bodies together, grabbing onto the wrist cuffs with her own hands. "I'm going to fuck you so hard; you're going to be sore for a week." She said with a growl, punctuating that sentence with a kiss.
Justine groaned lustfully, a smile blossoming on her face. "Yes Mommy, thank you Mommy."
"Good girl." Olivia moved back to tease Justine's pussy some more. A long, thin strand of Justine's excitement dripped down, suspended in the air momentarily. On the ground several wet spots showed that it hadn't been the first.
Olivia sucked in a breath through her teeth as her brain was flooded with lust.
"I love how wet you get." She growled, sliding her fingers between Justine's folds, reveling in the slickness as Justine whimpered and squirmed at her touch. " Your pussy is letting me know you're ready."
"Yes, Mommy, please Mommy." Justine begged. Olivia couldn't wait anymore even if she wanted to. She could feel desire in every inch of her body, in her teeth. It had to happen right now. She pressed Marcus' fat tip against Justine's entrance.
Justine pulled against the restraints as she felt the tip of the dildo against her opening. Oh god Mom loved to draw this part out. "Look at me." Mom demanded, grabbing her chin and forcing her to look into her eyes.
"Okay, Momm- mmmphhh…" She couldn't finish her sentence as Mom's cock past the point of no return, driving into her, filling her. Her eyes rolled back as her pussy walls quivered out in pleasure, finally able to grip their favorite object. With a quick thrust of her hips Mom closed that gap between them entirely, filing Justine fully with her cock. "Oh fuck!!" Justine gasped in bliss. That first thrust always took her breath away and made her dying for more. Mom had been watching her and had taken a deep inhale at the same time. She was grinning, delighted at her reaction. She put an arm around Justine's waist before starting to thrust in and out, pressing Justine up against the cross. Oh FUCKKKK it felt so good to feel Mom's cock inside, she just wanted more and more. Mom thrust a few more times before she suddenly pulled out.
"No!! Mommy please!" Justine gaped as her pussy clenched over nothing but emptiness. But Mom laughed and shook her head, pulling away.
"I told you, I'm going to take my time." She said, rubbing her cock on the inside of Justine's thigh. Justine let out an unhappy moan. There was no denying it, once Mom's cock was inside, she just forgot about everything else except sex. She was such a slut for Mom's cock. She would say anything to get Mom's cock back inside and moving again.
"You make the most beautiful cream." Mom said with a fond look down between Justine's legs. Justine could feel herself blush, and even now felt the inclination to cross her legs and cover the wetness that she knew was dripping from her folds. She got so wet for Mom; it was insane. Mom reached between her legs before bringing it to her lips. Justine's clit twitched as she watched Mom's tongue dart out to flick over the white substance on her finger.
"It would look even better on your cock, Mommy." She said sweetly.
A flash of arousal danced across Mom's eyes.
Mom ran her free hand up Justine's stomach, between her breasts to her neck before running a thumb across her bottom lip. Justine let out an involuntary shudder of pleasure. Mom continued to kiss up and down her body, savoring their moment together. Mom's unrestricted access to all the sensitive parts of her body stirred something deep inside of her, in the very center of her mind. Amidst all the pleasure was a very primal feeling that this was so right. This was where she belonged, in the hands of her mistress. She grew weak at the knees and was grateful that the cross was holding her up.
"I'm yours, Mommy, yours forever." She exclaimed.
Mom stopped kissing her stomach and straightened up. She pressed their lips together and kissed her deeply, thrusting her tongue inside. This time her cock slid in so easily that she buried herself to the tip in one stroke, so that Justine was penetrated on both ends. She came right then, her body so full with Mom, she was inside her, in her body, in her mind. Mom was everything.
"Oh gooood!!" Justine moaned as four days worth of pent-up sexual energy shot through her body.
Mom grabbed onto her collar as she started thrusting again even before Justine was finished with her orgasm. Justine let out a girly moan as her pussy clenched happily against the thrusting cock and her body started to climb that increasing pleasurable build towards her orgasm.
"Ooh fuck, I love your cock." She said, surprising herself with those filthy words.
Mom laughed. "And I love your tight pussy, baby." She said, adding in a rough thrust that made Justine cry out in wanton pleasure.
"Hmm…" She said thoughtfully, looking up even as Justine was melting in pleasure, pretending not to hear the raunchy fucking noises that Justine's extremely wet pussy and her fast-thrusting cock were producing. "I can't remember what our record was last time, do you remember, baby?"
"N-n-n-nine." Justine gasped as she tried to spread her legs further so that Mom could bury herself inside completely.
"Are you sure it wasn't eight?" Mom said as their breasts slapped together in their own form of intimacy, Mom's larger ones crushing Justine's in a lewd yet enticing way.
Justine shook her head "N-n-nine." Oh my god how she loved this. "Y-y-y-ou…oh…oh…m-made m-me…count."
"Oh, that's right! Well, we can definitely break that record!" Mom said with a laugh.
"Yes, please Mommy!! Please fuck me! Fuck me until you split me in half!" Justine finally broke, mad with lust from the feeling of Mom's cock piledriving her. "Use me like the cockslut I am! Your fuckslave!" She laughed joyously, her vision tunneling as Mom smiled, triumphantly gripping the x-cross and giving her the fucking of her life.
And then later, it was Mom's turn. Mom lay on the bed with Justine in between her legs as the younger woman lapped at her pussy, determined to give her just as many orgasms. This time Mom didn't tell her to go slower or to stop. Mom climaxed yet again, moaning and stroking Justine's hair, looking down at her through hooded eyes.
"See how great we are together, Mommy? No one could make you feel this good. I belong with you." Justine said as she started to lick at Mom's sensitive folds again. Mom shuddered as she ran her hand through Justine's hair.
"You're damn right about that, kitten. God…" She closed her eyes and tossed her head back.
Justine smiled. "Just relax, Mommy, let me make you come again." She bit her lip. "Let me worship you."
Mom opened her eyes at that powerful statement. "I'm yours." Justine whispered.
"Mine." Mom said, grabbing Justine by the collar and pulling her closer.
Naturally, they broke their record that day.
They continued to lie in the guest bed a few hours later, just enjoying each other's company.
"This phone is just getting so slow. Maybe I should be getting a new one too." Mom complained as she scrolled through the news, trying to catch up on events.
"Can I see?" Justine took the phone as Mom handed it over. "Let's see…OH MY GOD Mom you have like a hundred apps on here!" She complained as she started to pull up the settings to delete them.
"Noooo don't touch those, I need them!" Mom said, leaning over to snatch the phone back.
"Oh come on Mom, that one you haven't used in a year!" Justine rolled her eyes as she over to reach for the phone.
"I'm using it right now." Mom said, holding the phone out of reach and clicking on the app. "See?"
Justine put her hand down and they both looked at the pizza picture as the app loaded.
"When's the last time you've even been back to Italy?" Justine said dubiously.
"Too long ago." Mom said, leaning over to give her a kiss on the forehead.
Justine grumbled non-committedly.
"I could take you there, you know." Mom said with a faint smile on her lips. "Next summer."
Justine curled up next to her. She loved every moment of their time together, from the incredibly mind-blowing sex to the quiet moments just hanging out, doing mother daughter things.
She looked at Mom's profile, watching her as she used her phone. God, Mom was so gorgeous. She remembered in a lot of Mom's movies there were so many shots of her, the camera panning away almost reluctantly, sometimes staying far longer than it should on her face, just appreciating. She could see why the whole world was in love with her. Mom turned to look over at her smiled lovingly. Seeing Justine. Loving her.
"What?" Mom said with a smirk.
"Just… admiring." Justine said, burying her face in the covers, embarrassed. Mom must've put her phone away because suddenly she was rolling Justine onto her back, moving the blankets away to kiss her.
Justine shut her eyes, a little teary. "I don't know how I'm going to stand being without you while I'm at school." She confessed.
"It'll only be a while, and you'll be back for Thanksgiving, then Christmas." Mom said reassuringly as she showered Justine with kisses. "We'll go to Italy. I can take you anywhere, around the world. Just name it. Come on, baby. You're acting like it's the end but it's only the start of our adventures together."

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