Mom’s Boss Raped Me In The Balcony

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By Unaware Little Girl When I was 11, I had to go with my mom to a local movie theater. She was a bookkeeper and did the owners books for him. She would do it early on Saturday before they opened. I got to run around the whole theater. I loved it I used to pretend I was on stage and was an actress plus, I would run up to the balcony and look down. They wouldn’t let kids go up there so, I felt special getting to go up there. It was beautiful, all done in red velvet.

I was playing up there one morning when her boss Max, came up there and was talking to me. He said, “You’re all dressed up, where ya going?” I said, “Mommy’s taking me shopping when she gets done.” He said, “Well, I like your pretty dress.” He sat down in one of the seats. I just smiled at him. He reached over got my arm and pulled me over into his legs. My back was against his chest and he hugged me.

He said, “I need a little girl like you to love on.” “I don’t have any granddaughters yet.” He reached under my dress and rubbed my belly, up onto my tiny titties and then, put his hand down my panties. I said, “What are you doing?”
He said, “I’m just rubbing your little pussy.” “Don’t it feel good when I do this, does it make you tingle when I play with it?” It did but, I knew nobody was supposed to touch me in my underwear.

He was sliding his fingers through my pussy lips and rubbing my clit. It did feel good but ,it also scared me. My heart was pounding. He pulled me tight against him an I could feel him messing with his zipper. He slid my panties down past my knees. Then, I felt something hard and hot against my butt. It was his dick. He’d taken it out and was rubbing it between my legs up against my butt and pussy. I knew he wasn’t supposed to be doing this but, I just let him because, it made me feel feelings that were exciting.

He said, “You’re such a good girl to let me play with your pussy, with my dick.” Does it excite you?” I said,
“Yeah.” He said, “I need you to bend over a little and lean on the seat in front of you.” He pushed me in that position and then, he put his dick right next to my pussy between my legs. He reached around the front and spread my pussy lips open and started sliding his dick through my legs. He said, “Close your legs real tight, honey.”

He said, “Ooho baby girl, that feels so good on my dick.” “Keep your legs closed tight.” I did and he was rubbing my clit when he was doing it. It felt really good to me too. He’s holding my hips and fucking me between my legs. He kept saying how good it feels and how good I’m making his dick feel. He said, “I’m gonna cum in a minute baby, just hang on. I didn’t know what that was but, he was breathing harder and going in an out between my legs real fast. He pulled my dress up in the front and went, “Ughhhgg, oh man.” He was squirting stuff out of his dick, on the back of the seat in front of me.

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He put his dick back in his pants and told me, “Now, you can’t tell anybody what we did up here or they’ll blame us and we’ll be in big trouble. I said, ” Okay but, wondered what I did they would blame me for. I felt guilty because, I liked him touching me. So, I never told anybody.

A few weeks later he caught me up there again. He said, “Hey Candy, let’s do what we did the other day.” He pulled me in front of him again and this time he took my panties off completely. I bent over and he was rubbing my pussy between my pussy lips. I heard his zipper and then, he put some kind of lotion or something on his dick and he rubbed my pussy with it too. He was rubbing his dick between my pussy lips like last time when all of a sudden he puts it at my opening and pushed real hard.

I started to squirm and yell but, he covered my mouth and pulled me onto his dick. He pushed way into my pussy and started fucking me. I’m sobbing but, he’s covering my mouth so hard, but you can’t hear me. He keeps fucking me. He said,” Oh Candy, your pussy is so fucking tight.” After awhile, it finally stops hurting so much and actually starts feeling good.

He let go of my mouth an I let him fuck me as long as he wanted. I knew what I was doing was wrong but, I liked what he was doing since the pain stopped. He said, “Candy, I can get all of my 7″ dick in your little pussy, that surprised me.” I didn’t know if that was good or bad but, I remember him saying that. He finally cums and he cums in me. He ask me if I had started my periods yet. I told him, no.

Max fucked me every Saturday for a long time. When I turned 12, I started my period and he stopped.
I actually missed the sex. He didn’t want to get me pregnant. Finally, he said, “I’ll use a condom because, he still wanted to fuck me. I think mom started suspecting something because, she told me I didn’t have to go with her anymore. I was old enough to stay by myself.

I went a coup!e more times and told Max I think mom is getting suspicious. So, we stopped fucking.
That was my first experience with sex at 11 years. Even though he raped me I enjoyed the sex. I was very interested in sex after that. I had sex with a lot of guys during my teen years. Most were boys but, I let 3 men fuck me because, they reminded me of Max. All three of them liked fucking a 12 and 13 year old girl.

They said, “Young girls have a tighter pussy and it feels great”
I lay in bed at night and remember how Max just pulled me down onto his dick when he raped my pussy. And, even though it hurt, I liked being taken like that.

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By Unaware Little Girl #Cheating #PreTeen #Rape