Mom’s Macromastia Mystery Ch. 03

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tagIncest/TabooMom's Macromastia Mystery Ch. 03

Previously: After an incredible orgasm and literally blacking out from the pleasure, mom has let Tom know they are expecting a new member to come discuss her hyper sexuality and non-stop growing breasts.
Now, the final chapter of Mom's Macromastia Mystery.
"Morning darling", my mom called from the foot of my bed. "It's a big day today", she said with a smile while handing me some coffee.
"Is it? Oh yeah…it is!" I said while wiping the sleep from my eyes.
"Yes, you naughty sex fiend! It's time for mommy to be your pimp, but you don't mind sweetheart? You probably don't even need me. A handsome son like mine could land any women he chooses!"
"Thanks mom! I don't know, maybe…I guess." I said, while looking up at my gorgeous mother.
Her bigger than gigantic hangers were jiggling and threatening to explode through her thin silky night shirt. Her tits were so big and thrust forward that they entered the room a good 2-3 seconds before her.
"Mom, your tits have grown overnight, I'm sure of it!" I said excited.
"You're right, they have honey. It's insane, I can barely walk, I know it's hard but I'll do anything for my son, even if I have to suffer! And my big butt, has grown too. It looks like two, firm beach balls."
She shook her gigantic, heavy silk encased tits and thrust her massive ass at me and smiled.
"Oh mom, I love you…please…let me have them."
"No honey, I can't get your excited now. You need to save up, it's going to be a wild day. Besides, I thought about joining you two…let's discuss the plan, shall we? Plus, I'll let you measure me later!" She winked at me sexily.
I was a bit disappointed but the thought of two gigantically busty women pleasuring me all day sounded too good to pass up.
"Oh ok…" I signed.
"Come now, the plan." Said mom as she sat on the bed, it creaking under the immense weight of her tits. "So, her name is Lisa, she is arriving in a few hours, at 11:30. All I know is she is hyper sexual, isn't getting sex, has humongous breasts and bum and needs someone to talk to."
"I will talk to her first, help her with her issues. I mean that's why I started this group. It's only fair."
"How will I come into the picture?" I asked.
"I think maybe you can talk to her too, you know, offer a point of view from a man. Most women who have this…condition think men find breasts this big gross. So, I'll offer a chat with you and I'll step out. Talk about her, how big her boobs are, talk about how you would use them, how you would make her feel. I know with her hyper sexuality condition; she will just jump at the opportunity to be with you. Wear something tight to show off your body and your penis."
"You can call it a cock mom, this isn't a science lesson!"
"Sorry, cock!"
Just hearing mom say those words made my cock throb harder.
"Ok sounds like a good plan, but it's already 9:30, she will be coming soon. How about I measure you before?"
"Ok boob boy!" mom said playfully. "I'll go get the measuring tape, let's measure in my room."
I hopped out of bed with a massive hardon. Thick, throbbing cock and followed mom to her room. Her tits were so gigantic I could see the huge swells of them with her back turned towards me, plus with her small body, her tits bulged out wider than her waist. They jiggled with each step. Her hips were wider than her petite, thin waist and her ass cheeks were bouncing firmly together, like they were shoving each other. The ripple was hypnotizing.
We made it to her room.
She sat on the bed and looked up at me lovingly then down at my cock. "Wow you're hard already? Just from these big boobs?" She mashed them up to her chest!
"Please don't tease me mom, I might just burst!" I laughed.
She took off her top slowly (not by choice) as she struggled to get the oversized 5XL shirt over them. I watched with my mouth agape.
I warmed my hands up and grabbed the tape, and spread it around her waist. Her heavy, bulbous tits hung right down, resting gently on her waist. I had to lift up her tits in my hands to try measure her waist, but it was impossible.
"Mom, please hold your boobs up while I measure."
She hefted up her giant tits and squashed them up against her chest. I almost came right then and there. I looked at her squashed tits that were so large pushed against her chest; her tits covered part of her face. They were just unbelievably massive, but now I was about to find out how big they really were.
I shakily put the measuring tape around her waist. "32 inches mom, that's incredible! You haven't gained an inch on your waist."
"You're making me blush honey but that's good news for you right? You like slim and stacked women."
"Yeah and this is just amazing mom…" I drifted into a daze staring at the mountainous cleavage.
"Could you hurry darling, I can't hold these all day!" she motioned at her breasts.
I snapped out of my daze. "S…Sure mom, sorry!" Mom and I laughed together as she dropped her tits and I carefully measured around them. Mind you, I had to wait a while for them to stop bouncing.
I started measuring. "Um, mom, your boobs have grown a few sizes since we last measured." I checked the guide again in disbelief.
"Well, don't keep me waiting in suspense!" said mom delightedly.
"Mom,you're a QQ cup!"
"Oh my god!" shouted my mom while bouncing excitedly. "I've grown huge titties for my boy! My kind, handsome, caring son!"
I lifted up mom's magnificent mammeries in my hands. They were so full, heavy and perky at the same time. My cock throbbed as I stood in silence grabbing, pulling and mashing her silky smooth, impossibly huge and heavy tits around in my hands. In just a few seconds, my arms were tired.
"Not now Tom, remember I can't help you with that." She said motioning to my crotch. "You need to save yourself for our new guest. And speaking of, she'll be here any minute." She said while looking at her watch.
I reluctantly let go of her breasts. "Alright, let's go over the plan again. You talk to her first, right mom? Then you call me in and I compliment her on her breasts and slowly start talking dirty to her to get her all hot and horny?"
"Correct!" said mom. "Then I will come in and join in the fun!"
"Got it!"
Mom and I went downstairs and while mom prepared some snacks, coffee and tea, I started the fire. It was still a freezing morning and there were very few cars in the streets. The snow seemed to be getting heavier and thicker. I hope she will arrive safely, I thought. My cock in horny anticipation showed no signs of getting soft. I was constantly hard.
Just then I heard a car pullup outside our house. I peered through the window outside. I think it was a taxi as the driver got out to open the door. He held onto his hat in the high winds and snow. He opened the door and what stepped out was just unbelievable. The driver tried to be professional but I could see him leering at the poor young woman.
At first, I thought she was severely overweight, then when I saw her large coat fly open, I noticed a slim, petite body holding two giant boulders on her chest. They were covered in a thick white jersey but shook with every quick step she took towards our front door.
Dark hair, slim waist, petite with huge tits and pale soft skin. It was a dream come true. She looked like a bustier Karla James. And her ass, her thick hips were wider than her waist. I just wanted to grab onto her massive thick hips while she rides me. How could such a slim woman have such a big ass, hips and breasts? It was impossible and only mom had a body to match her.
The doorbell rang and my heart skipped a beat. Mom hurried to the door and motioned for me to leave so I ran out the lounge and closed the door behind me. I heard polite greeting, mild laughter and stamping of feet (to get the snow off).
I listened at the door with one ear. My heart thumping, my cock throbbing.
I heard my mom's voice.
"Come in and sit anywhere you like. My son has made a roaring fire so you should warm up in no time. It's Lisa, right?
"Yes," came the soft reply.
Tea or Coffee?"
"Coffee, please." Said Lisa.
Then silence as my mom walked out. I wanted to get some more information so I would know how to get this woman nice and horny for later. I heard footsteps come back and I continued to listen at the door.
"Here we go, we only have decaf, I hope that's alright! Ever since this condition, the doctor recommended it so I chucked out the normal coffee."
"No that's fine, thanks!"
"Alright Lisa, welcome. As you know our meetings have finished for the year, but I'm glad you could make it. I meet with women every two weeks and we discuss our problems, our remedies, our ups and downs and our lives while having such enormous breasts."
"Tell me a bit more about yourself Lisa."
"Well I'm 43 years old, a single mother and have been living with this condition for a while now. My husband left me for some chubby PA around the time my breasts started growing…to this size! He said I looked like a cow and found big breasts disgusting."
"I'm so sorry to hear that. It's often men degrade our bodies and he really had no sympathy for your disease. How long ago did he leave you?"
"Six months ago."
"I see and that must have been really hard?"
"It was, he moved away somewhere with…with, her. Sorry, I just can't say her name!"
"It's fine. Please continue," said mom.
"Well, my breasts grew and grew. At first, I was happy with them, but then after my husband left, I didn't have much self-esteem left and then the horniness started becoming more prevalent. I just didn't know what to do. Basically, anything would make me horny, a TV commercial, a cover of a Men's magazine, and it would happen anywhere which is so embarrassing."
"I understand exactly what you're going through. Self-esteem is a huge part of the problem most women have with Macromastia. Your husband was a fool for leaving such a gorgeous woman, if you don't mind me saying."
"You really think I'm gorgeous?"
"Yes, I do and I'm not saying that to make you feel better! Many men love big boobs, even ones as big as yours."
"Thank you! Um…I don't know how to say this but my son has noticed them. He's 22 and I've noticed him glaring at them, then suddenly he excuses himself, but I know he's gone to go masturbate in his room. The thought of him rubbing his penis because of me, gets me…and I'm ashamed to say this, very hot. Very horny and I often have to masturbate too!"
"This is a safe space, I understand. As a matter of fact, my son has noticed them too. At first, I was ashamed of my breasts but he made me feel much better. He made me feel secure and the point of this meeting is to get you feeling happy with your body as well as giving you a safe place to talk about your feelings. I think what would help is if you and him spoke."
"I'm not so sure…I haven't spoken to a man about this…problem!"
"Well you see it's not a problem. I thought it was too, but Tom, my son showed me it isn't. I know it was the best therapy for me, so give it a go. If you feel it isn't helping, I'll come back in."
It was almost time for me to take over. My heart thumped loudly. I took a few deep breaths. I was horny, hard and ready but I had to take it slow with this woman."
"Ok then let's give it a go." Replied Lisa.
"Great! Tom…Tom! Could you come here a second?"
I waited a few seconds then opened the door. "Hi mom, you're looking for me?"
"Yes, this is Lisa." We glanced at each other and smiled. "And she needs some help with what you helped me with, remember?"
"Sure mom!" Mom got up and excused herself and shut the door. I sat down in her seat opposite this busty beauty. I heard a loud crack from the fire.
She seemed shy. "My name is Tom and I want to help you in any way I can."
"Sorry for being so forward, but did your mom and you seriously discuss her breasts?"
"Yes, we did. You see we've always had a frank and open relationship about these things. Sex was never taboo and I have helped her overcome what she thought was a problem."
"So you don't think giant breasts are an issue?"
"No, most men like big boobs, some like them larger than large."
"And let me guess you're one of those men?" she said with a smirk. I felt she was opening up a bit.
"Yes, I am."
"So, you would find, my breasts…nice?" she asked.
"Yes, I would. Big breasts are a gift, something to make you feel attractive and men like me love them because we love to worship them, especially with a body like yours, if you don't mind me saying?"
I could see my words had touched her. She relaxed a bit and uncrossed her legs, showing me those juicy thighs and thick hips.
"Tom, you're right, I was a bit skeptical at first talking to you, but now I'm feeling more confident. On my skinny body, thick waist and bum, why should I feel ashamed of these NN cups!
I gasped loudly and my cock begged to be let out. I wasn't ready for the next question.
Tell me, do you ever fantasize about your mom's breasts?"
I was a bit taken aback, but I could see a glint in her eye. Time to make this woman mine.
"Well I do more than fantasize, to tell you the truth."
"Don't tell me you have…" she drifted off.
"Yes we have and why shouldn't we. We love each other and I have shown her that she isn't the only person with something big!" I smiled as I watched this buxom dark-haired beauty lean forward slightly.
"So how big are you?"
She was mine, I just had to play my cards right.
"Nine inches long and very thick around." I gloated.
"That's bigger than…my son!"
"Oh so you have seen his dick?" I asked.
"Yes, I couldn't help myself, I spied on him. He is big, but not nine inches."
"And when you spied on him, what was he doing exactly?"
"He was watching big breasted porn…titfucking!"
A small moan escaped from her lips.
"And at that moment, tell me, did you fantasize about titfucking your son's cock?"
She blushed. "I…I…can't tell you…can't tell you that."
"That's a yes then!" I smiled. "You wanted to wrap your giant soft NN cup tits around your son's cock. Tell me the truth!" I was feeling bolder.
"Yes I did! She conceded. A small moan escaped her lips.
"Ahhhh, I'm so fuckin horny, you did this to me!" she laughed. "I need your cock…in my pussy, in my mouth and in my ass…PLEASE, I'M BEGGING YOU! I'm so hot and horny now…let me please you!"
I was shocked at the sudden outburst.
I stood up slowly. "Come here," I said.
She got up and walked slowly towards me. I could feel the warmth of the fire. She lifted her arms and slowly put them around me. She crushed her massive breasts into my chest and I looked at her soft delicate face. Her skin was smooth, warm and barely a sign of any wrinkles. Her tiny, petite body felt incredible next to mine.
I kissed her neck and she moaned in my ear. My hands held onto her huge hips. I squeezed and felt the thick jersey and her hips squash between my fingers. Her tits quivered on my chest as she moaned while I sucked and kissed her neck and stroked her face.
"Here!" she panted. "Let me take this off."
She lifted her arms up and pulled off her jersey. Below was a sports bra, badly stretched and bursting at the fragile seams. It only fueled my lust seeing that. An abundance of dark cleavage invited my eyes to look at her glorious NN cup breasts. I dove my head into her cleavage while hefting up her tits, mauling them and smashing them around my face.
We heard a rip and her sports bra snapped at both straps. We both looked down and laughed. I pulled the broken sports bra off and finally her glorious exposed NN cup tits were free. I gasped. They were magnificent. They thrust out from her chest, a little bit veiny and the tops of them covered in stretch marks, showing their rapid growth and weight. They were teardrop shaped and with light pink coloured hard nipples.
I grabbed them and hefted them up. We moaned together and I stuck my head in her dark, inviting cleavage and mashed her funbags around my head, barely remembering to breathe, I was so excited.
"Suck my tits…so good!" she moaned.
I took my two hands and stretched them around her one tit. We needed at least 6 pairs of hands to handle one breast. I bent down and licked her hard nipples, flicking them with my tongue and smelling and tasting her sweet scent.
"Fuck your body is incredible!" I moaned into her tits.
Meanwhile, the door opened slowly, I don't think Lisa even noticed. Mom came in with a wicked smile and while I was grabbing and sucking Lisa's tits, mom worked hard to pull Lisa's pants over her bulging ass.
I moved lower now, while holding her tits, I kissed down her stomach, to her thick hips and thighs. I sucked, kissed, licked and felt her warm body. I was in heaven. Mom and I were either side of Lisa. I gave mom a wicked smile. She had her hands on Lisa's bum, I had them on her thighs. Her hairless cunt glistened with wetness.
Simultaneously, we dove into her pussy and ass at the same time. I could hear mom lapping at her tight hole and me sucking on her outer lips.
"Ahhhhhh FUUUUCK!" Lisa screamed. She spread her legs wider so we could get better access. I lapped at her cunt and mom continued her tongue assault on her asshole. Saliva dripped from my mouth as I lapped her pussy. After a while, I stuck a finger in and slowly added more but could not get more than two fingers in. It was that tight. I gently licked her clit while fingering her and not long after, her legs started shaking, almost buckling. Finally, with a loud scream, her knees buckled and I caught her as she collapsed while coming. She thrust her hips violently as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.
"SHIIIIIIT…FUCKING…CUNT…FUUUUUCK!" she shrieked as she convulsed on the floor. Almost as if she were possessed.
"Mom, get naked and get up here…my turn." I smiled wickedly.
"With pleasure darling but we may need to give her some time to recover.
"What you talking about? I'm ready!" said Lisa, a bit out of breath. "I need cock!"
I took off my pants and top and mom and Lisa took off the rest of their clothes.
"Wow, you have a sexy body Tom!" Lisa said excitedly. "Nice cock too!"
We smiled at each other as I made myself comfy on the sofa.
I looked up at moms' body, thick, beautiful legs, shaved pussy, slim and tight tummy, and her thick firm ass that stuck out from her thick legs. Then her tits, massive, perky, heavy hanging QQ cup tits about to be mine.
Then Lisa, with her equally impressive thick body and NN cup tits. It was a wonder how such huge macromastia tits could be so perky and full at the same time.
Lisa got up on the sofa and started kissing me deeply and passionately while I mauled her soft tits. I felt her tongue gently explore my mouth as our tongues collided several times. My throbbing cock was not left out as mom slowly licked up and down my sensitive shaft, all while having this gorgeous woman kiss me.
Suddenly, I felt moms' mouth slowly start to swallow my cock. I couldn't quite see but felt her hot tongue swirly around the underside of my shaft as she gently guided her head up and down my cock. Giving me a tight, hot and wet blowjob. Meanwhile I had my hands and arms full of Lisa's insanely humongous breasts. I spread my hands as wide as I could and gently massaged them. Our kiss was passionate and she only broke it occasionally to nibble at my ears and neck.
Slowly she kissed down my neck. "Ahhhhh!" I moaned. My neck was a very sensitive area. Mom continued to greedily gobble my throbbing cock. She now used both hands to give me a slippery handjob. While doing so she went down further and sucked my balls. I had shivers as one had my sensitive balls in her mouth and the other kissing and sucking my neck.

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