Mom’s Massage

Hi, I am 32 yrs old married man. This story if of the time when I was 22 year old and in college. My sister had got married 2 years ago and my father had passed away. So me and my mother used to stay alone. My mom was 49 year old then and had a slightly heavy (like most Indian women her age) but very sexy figure. She was 38D-30-38. Very big boobs and a biggish round ass. Plus she is fair and very pretty.
Mom used to have slight backpain due to age and work (she used to work at office as well as home). A maid used to give her body massage once a week but she wasnt coming for a few weeks and mom really wanted to get a massage. One weekend I offered mom that why not I give you a massage? Mom said no straightaway. I tried to convince her that there is nothing wrong in it. She said no no let me wait for the maid another week. Another week passed but the maid did not come. I again offered to give mom a massage. This time she reluctantly agreed (after some persuation) but kept a condition that she will be wearing her clothes. I agreed to her condition. I was really excited.
I asked her to lie down on the bed. She was wearing a white kurta with orange floral design and solid orange color salwar. I got on top of her and started to massage her back with my hands inside her kurta. After massaging her for a few minutes I said that the oil is getting into her kurta so I need to remove the kurta. Saying that I started removing her kurta without taking her permission. She started protesting that I agreed she will wear clothes but I said that I didnt know her kurta will get soiled and kept removing it while arguing with her. she resisted a bit but I had removed her kurta by then. I started massaging her bare back (except the bra hook) and slowly she relaxed again. I massaged her for a few minutes. Slowly relaxing her tight muscles. applying pressure sometimes and just caressing her soft back the other times. Then I said that the bra hooks are getting in between and without giving her any warning I unhooked the bra in one swift motion. She got worried and started to rise up. But then she realised that if she rose up her breasts will be exposed as the bra will fall. So she laid back again. I immediately started massaging her back again which relaxed her and she forgot about the open bra hook. I could see a glimpse of a part of her boobs from the side which was making me really excited. My hands were trembling with excitement.
I kept massaging her back going down slowly. I was massaging her lower back now. I kept going down and started massaging till the top of the salwar pushing it slightly back ( as much as the tight nara will allow) to massage her tail bone. Then even without her realising (as she was enjoying the massage now) I loosened the naara. I kept massaging her and kept pushing the salwar down an inch at a time till it was till half her ass. Then without saying anything I removed the salwar in one swift motion. Surprisingly she did not say anything this time. I started massaging her legs and kept going up. I was massaging her thighs now and that really gave me a hardon. She also seemed to be enjoying it. I generously applied oil on her big thighs and massaged them for at least 15minutes. I enjoyed caressing, kneading and massaging her ample thighs. Then I gathered all my courage and put my hands inside her panty and started massaging her ass. She got surprised and squirmed and resisted first but then she let me do it since I had not removed her panty and tight and big panty (she used to wear tight but old fashioned panties) was giving me just a little room to go.
When I started removing her panties she quickly grabbed them with both her hands and started shouting at me frantically. She was really upset and was asking me to just end the massage. I said dont get hyper, relax and I wont remove the panties. she relaxed and I started massaging a part of her ass from inside her panty again. But after coming so near there was no way I could stop myself from seeing her round and sexy ass. I dont know what got into me but I held her panty hem from both sides and quickly and forcefully yanked it off her in a flash even before she could realise what happened. My eyes just popped out of their sockets when I saw her sexy ass. It was just heavenly feeling. When she realised what happened she started cursing and abusing me but I didnt care. Then suddenly she got up and gave me a slap and wanted to go out. I pinned her with one hand on her back (so she couldnt get away) and started massaging her ass with one hand.
After massaging her breast till my heart was content I forcefully turned her over and removed the bra that had anyways fell from her boobs. She closed her eyes and covered her pubes with one hand and her breasts with the other. I removed the hand over her breast and started massaging them and kneading them. she was highly embarrassed but in some way her body was enjoying it too. After massaging her boobs for a while I went down and started massaging her tummy. I massaged her tummy and belly button for a while which relaxed her. But as soon as I touched her pussy, she gather all he courage she had and ran away from the room and locked herself into her room.